Codi’s Family Fantasy


Incest is a powerful drive in most animals. Humans fear developmental abnormalities and weakening of the gene pool, so society has placed many taboos on family sex. In reality, with caution, most of the problems are really non-existent. The only ones that prevail are the emotional burdens cast by decades of puritanical rhetoric. If these feelings do not offend you, enjoy this fantasy experience.


Codi was home from college, many years of being away had brought her new feelings for her family members. Her twenty-first birthday was coming up and she knew what she wanted for a present. The youngest of five, and the only girl, Codi had been raised by her older brothers, for the most part. Both parents worked, and Codi came late in their lives.

Charlie, the oldest, was fifteen years her senior. He was an owner of a construction company in a town fifty miles away, recently divorced, with no children. Codi thought he was the absolute beginning and end of the world, and very handsome, too. She would lie awake at night, thinking of being taken by such a man. Fulfilling his every sexual desire in exchange for his presence. That would be more than enough for Codi, at any rate.

Thoughts of his thin blonde wife leaving him made Codi mad, and unable to understand how some women thought. Codi wasn’t skinny, on the contrary, she was ‘very healthy’ in a Rubenesque way. Her body was well proportioned for her stature, 5’4″ about 165 pounds, her 38C-cup breasts were full and firm, with large thick nipples. Her soft belly and wide hips blended well to her muscular thighs. She rode bicycle a lot in school, keeping herself from in good muscle tone.

The whole family was supposed to arrive the weekend of her birthday. Some were brining wives and children, others were coming solo. Charlie was going to be alone, and Codi had her mind set on what she wanted from her oldest brother. She remembered the sight of his naked body in the bathroom, or changing after the beach. His thick legs and muscular chest always made Codi tremble, and as she got older, wet between the legs.

At first, she thought herself ‘sick’ or ‘twisted’ to think of her brother “that way”. But she found out that lots of siblings had deep relationships that also included sharing their bodies with each other. That was to be her birthday gift from Charlie, but he didn’t know it, yet.

The family began showing up mid-week. The large house was filling rapidly, and people were ‘bunking up’ in small groups. Those with wives and children filled rooms as groups, and that left only Charlie to take the couch in the den. When he got there, Codi put her plan in action.

“Why don’t you take my room, Charlie? The bed in there is bigger than the couch.” She suggested ‘innocently’.

“I wouldn’t want to put you out, Codi!” He exclaimed.

“No trouble, at all, big brother! It will be just fine.” Codi spoke with a grin in her voice that escaped notice from listeners.

“Well, thanks, sis. That will be great! I’ll get my bags from the car.”

Codi went with, and admired her big brother’s strong body as he hefted the suitcases and carried them in. She was getting that familiar wetness between her legs watching him in her room.

Dinner happened without too many hitches, and most of the family retired to the front room to catch up and have a few drinks. Codi had worn a filmy shirt, and tight shorts with nothing on underneath. She made a point of bending close to Charlie each time she talked to him or re-filled his drink. She thought she could see a bulge forming in his jeans, and laughed to herself. Her plan was working.

She did realise that Charlie had to have similar feelings, if it was going to be as she imagined. She couldn’t tell, yet, if he did. She went to her room and quickly changed into an oversized T-shirt and panties, then returned to the group. Her bending and sitting near Charlie soon proved out her suspicions, as the bulge in his pants did grow some. She wondered if he could smell her aroused sex when she was near him. She was certainly wet, soaking through her thin panties.

Everyone drifted off to their assigned rooms, Charlie among the last. Codi waited until the house was quiet, then made her way to her room. The door was almanbahis adres closed, but she opened it anyway, very slowly. The room was dark, and she could hear his breathing. She closed the door and looked at Charlie’s body on the bed. Moonlight gave her enough to see shapes by, and she saw a large lump in the thin sheet between his legs. It looked as if his hand was covering his penis.

Trembling with excitement and fear, Codi pulled off her T-shirt and stood next to the bed in just her panties. Hot thoughts, and the sight of her brother’s sleeping body caused her to slip her small hand inside her damp panties. She began masturbating herself, slowly, as she built the courage for the next part of her plan. Just short of cumming, she pulled her wet fingers out and licked her nectar from them.

The soft moan made Charlie stir. Codi froze where she was, panties down and fingers in her mouth. She didn’t know if he was still asleep, or not. She held her breath wondering if it was too soon, if he felt the same way. Would her efforts be shunned, or gratefully accepted? She gathered her resolve and stepped out of her panties and closer to her brother’s side.

She resumed her slow stroking of her wet kitty. She could smell her strong aroused scent, and was sure Charlie would, too. She stared at the lump in the sheet, and concluded that he did have his hand around his shaft. She wondered if he still slept totally naked, so she gently lifted the sheet to see. Her gaze fell on his trim belly and chest, following his shape down to where his hand held his thick penis. Yes, he was completely nude, and a god to her eyes.

She knelt beside him and saw the clear fluid leaking from the tiny hole in the massive crown. She braved her chances and lightly licked the sweet fluid from it. Her soft moan of appreciation drew another stirring from Charlie. Her hand fell to his and lightly played across the hot flesh. Charlie’s hand dropped away, leaving only her small fingers wrapped around the throbbing penis.

In her devotion to the task ‘at hand’ Codi did not notice her brother open his eyes to watch as she slowly approached his penis with her soft lips. The velvet crown felt so hot as she enclosed it with her mouth. The aroma of his body filled her senses as the large penis filled her mouth. She had ‘sucked cock’ at school, but never one this large, or belonging to someone so special. She tried hard to take all of it, but managed only about half, before she gagged. Determined to complete the action, she tried again, and this time swallowed fast as the crown touched the back of her throat. Success! He nose touched Charlie’s belly, and the full length of his penis was safely gloved by her warm, wet mouth and throat.

“MMMMmmm! Sis!” Charlie groaned. “That feels so good.” He said quietly.

Codi jumped away, almost screaming.

“Ohmigod! Charlie! You scared me!” She whispered hoarsely.

“I’m …. I’m sorry, Codi. I thought you knew I was awake.”

“Well, …I I wasn’t sure.” She said. Charlie could hear the ‘blush’ in her voice.

“It’s okay, Sis. I … I want it, too.”

Codi leapt to his side, kissing him hard and hot. “Oh Charlie! I .. you don’t know….

I mean…” Her words trailed off, and her brother stroked her hair gently.

The initial shock of the moment wore off, and they began kissing like lovers, not brother and sister. Codi’s hand found the pulsing flesh and caressed it gently.

“Charlie! This feels so good! Did you know I wanted you?” She asked.

“No, but I’ve wanted to be with you for a long time. I watched you turn into a very beautiful woman, Sis.”

Charlie’s fingers found her wet slit and entered her. She thrust her hips towards her brother’s hand, driving her kitty onto his thick, rough fingers. Hunching on them, bringing herself near orgasm, wanting to feel her brother inside her body.


“Mmm, what, Codi?” He responded.

“Fuck me.”


“Fuck me, Charlie!…. Right now!…. I want your cock in me!” She gasped in halting breaths.

“I … uh .. I don’t know if we should, Sis! .. what if … somebody could walk in, or something!” He stuttered.

“Every body is asleep, this room almanbahis adresi is at the far end of the house, and I want you, really bad, Charlie!” She blurted out quickly, before she changed her mind. “You want to be with me, don’t you?”

“Well, yeah! … I mean .. I want to, but is it right? … you know …umm ..” he hesitated.

“..Fuck your sister?” Codi finished for him.

“Um .. yeah! Is it?” he finally replied.

“I can’t think of a more precious gift, than for you to share your body with me. I will be giving you the same loving gift, at the same time. What could be wrong with that?” Codi held her breath, waiting for the answer.

The answer was movement, not words. Charlie took his sister in his arms and pulled her on top of his trembling, naked body. He kissed her hot and held tight on her soft butt. He could feel her grinding her front on his aching penis. He had been without a woman’s touch since the divorce, almost a year ago.

Codi lifted herself to an upright position, and held the massive penis at her small kitty. She was dripping nectar from anticipation and slid her wet, hot kitty completely over Charlie’s penis in one movement. She sighed deeply as the crown topped out at the entrance of her womb, so very deep in her little body.

“OHHHHH! Charlie! … uhhhhh .. It’s so goooooddd!” She gasped.

“Damn, SIS! You are so tight! …. Godalmighty you are hot! …. OHHHh shiiitttt! … I’m gonna cummm in you!” He cried out, suddenly.

“Yes! Charlie! …. Cum in meeee! …. Oh dear brother, fill me with your seed!” She moaned.

Charlie couldn’t stop if he wanted to, the fire exploded from his penis, filling his little sister with jets of hot, thick semen. Her body writhed and ground onto him as her own orgasm began to well up in her belly. The warmth of his discharge set her own body to contracting, milking his seed from him and causing her vagina to send out its flow of girl-cum.

“G …God! … Ohhhh, Charlie!…. Fill me up! ….. ohmigod its so good!” Codi panted as she settled through her cum.

Codi fell to his chest and kissed him hot, completing her fantasy encounter with her big brother. She moved down his body and cleaned his penis of her scent and their mixed fluids with her hungry mouth. Slowly she rose and gathered her clothes. She kissed Charlie ‘good night’, thanked him for his sharing, and quietly returned to the den to try to get some rest.

When she finally settled in, Codi could feel the thick fluid seeping out of her vagina. The fresh semen deposited by her older brother felt cool as it ran out of her body and soaked the sheet under her butt. Her hand swept down to her still excited vulva and scooped up the juice. She brought the cold semen to her lips and tasted her brother for the first time.

‘MMMMMM, he tastes so good!’ She thought. ‘I want him again.’.

She fell asleep with her fingers buried in her vagina, thinking of how she was going to get hooked up with her brother before he had to leave. Charlie, meanwhile couldn’t sleep after sharing sex with his little sister. He lay awake, torn between feeling good about getting some sexual relief, and having been inside his baby sister. Years of conditioning had convinced him that incest was wrong and evil, but the past few moments made him think otherwise.

It felt good and right to share love with someone he was already very close to, and had thought about for many years. He felt the slick wetness still clinging to the sheets under him, he could still smell the intense aroma of her aroused sex, too. His penis began to react, sooner than it ever had, and he started stroking himself, thinking of his sexy little sister.

Morning came, and everyone passed through the kitchen to get coffee and toast, some lingered for a while and chatted, most went either back to their rooms or to the spacious deck in the back yard. That’s where Codi found Charlie, sitting off in a relatively secluded corner of the garden area.

She slid up next to him and kissed him. “Morning, BIG brother!” She winked and accentuated that one word, referring to his size and performance the night before. He smiled at her, but said nothing.

“Charlie, about last night….” Codi started. almanbahis adres “I …um .. It really excited me. I mean not just the sex, but it being with you, at long last!”

“You mean…. have you ….’ Charlie was at a loss for words.

“Yes, Charlie. I have had dreams of being with you for a long time. I never knew if you would do me or not, but I had to find out.” She paused for a minute. “I’m glad we did it, Charlie! Are you?”

” Well, sure, Sis! I mean … wow … you are good and all!”

“I want you again, Charlie.” She said softly as she moved closer and kissed his cheek, then his lips, and finally thrust her tongue into his mouth and kissed hot. He responded with his own tongue and they felt and explored each other with great passion, forgetting where they were. Charlie’s hands found the waistband of Codi’s loose shorts and peeled them down, cupping her soft butt, pulling her tight to his body. Codi was no less busy, opening Charlie’s pants and freeing his growing erection.

Her small hands wrapped tightly around the hot, pulsing flesh and stroked it to full size. Charlie located her tiny vaginal opening and had two fingers thrust deep in his little sister. Her hips pushed towards him and drove the fingers deeper. She moaned in his mouth as they continued to kiss hot. Without warning, Codi exploded in a heavy cum, soaking her brother’s hand.

“Uhhh…Uhhhhh… Ohhhhhh, Charlie!” she gasped. “You made me cum good!” She took several deep breaths and panted in his ear, “Fuck me.”

“Here? Now?” he asked incredulously.

“YES! Right now! …. Oh, please! Fuck your little sister! Fuck meeeee!” She groaned, humping at his still embedded fingers.

Charlie helped her on to the soft grass, furtively looking around to see if anyone was near. Satisfied they were hidden from view, he knelt between her spread legs and positioned his seven inch cock at her vulva. Impatiently, Codi raised up to try to capture her prize. She was temporarily denied as Charlie moved to get a better position.

“Put it in me, Charlie! …. ohmigod, please! …. FUCK ME!” she hissed.

Her vagina was slick from cumming and excitement, so Charlie’s first plunge impaled her soft body fully. She gasped and met his thrust, driving her brother deep into her body.

“MMMMMMMM Yes! …. That’s it, big brother! …. sooo goood! …. ohhh, fuck it! NOW! ….. FUCK MY CUNT!!!” she cried out.

Charlie smothered further outbursts with his mouth over hers, and began the lover’s dance. Thrusting and pumping, filling his little sister with his trembling knees threatening to collapse under him. He continued to plunge deep in Codi, making their bellies slap each time they met. Heavy breathing and soft groans filled the grotto as the two sibling lovers shared the sweetest gift with each other.

Codi could feel her brother getting close, his penis was swelling inside her, his breathing had changed to a hoarse rasp, and she could feel his heart beating through her own chest.

“That’s it, Charlie! … UHHH …UHHH … CUM ….IN …ME! …Filll your sister with your ….. ohhhh … hot cummmm…..ohcharlie! …..immm cummmingggg!” She caught her breath long enough to say, “Cum with me, Charlie! … ohmigod …. close … fuck me … fill me…. ohhhhhhhhh yesssssssss!! NOW! CHARLIEEEEEEE!!!… UHHHHHHHAAHHHHH!” She screamed into his neck as her body was being wracked by the intense cum.

Charlie felt her contract around him just as she started to release, and gave up his hot, thick semen to his little sister. Jet after thick jet of his essence filled her belly, making her pant and moan with each deep shot. They writhed and trembled together, grunting and moaning like a pair of woodland creatures, until at last their orgasms subsided. They kissed tenderly and stayed locked together until they calmed.

“Oh, Sis! That was awesome!” Charlie finally spoke.

“MMMMm, yes, it was, dear brother. That is the best twenty-first birthday present I could ever wish for!” She kissed him quickly and hot, then they both returned their clothes to proper positions. They sat and held each other for a long time, then Charlie heard someone calling from the house. He got up and went inside, leaving Codi to follow shortly after.

They never got another chance at sharing love that weekend, but exchanged touches and hot kisses at every opportunity they had. Charlie returned to his home, and Codi remained to finish her vacation, with promises to visit Charlie at her next break from school, alone.

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