Cobalt Blue Ch. 12


Cobalt Blue: 12 The Captive

Pelaam: June 2007.


Stewie Donovan felt his body tense as his captor continued to move around the room. As he was blindfolded, the slender blond was only able to track by hearing and occasionally smell. His captor had distinctive cologne and would come close enough for the young man to inhale the scent of his tormentor as the man closely observed his restrained prize. Stewie’s arms were stretched to their full capacity and secured beyond Stewie’s means to free them. His ankles were similarly restrained and spread. A cushion or pillow was situated under the lissom man’s hips and canted his lower body upward. Stewie could picture himself in his subjugator’s eyes; naked, spread-eagled, restrained, fully exposed and completely helpless. He tried to swallow past a dry throat. Before the blindfold had been secured, his tormentor had shown the helpless man the instrument to be used on his body. He had not been touched since and anticipation had the adrenaline coursing through Stewie’s veins with no way for the blond to be able to channel its strength. He knew what to expect and from the look in his captor’s dark eyes as he’d been blindfolded, there would be no mercy shown. The desire had been clearly evident. His tormentor was relishing his anticipated assault on Stewie’s defenceless body.

“Are you ready to begin, Mr Donovan?” The man’s soft, honeyed tones were a contrast to the assault Stewie knew he could expect and made the slender man shiver in his restraints. “Cold, Mr Donovan?” The voice came again. “Not to worry, I will soon have you sweating. But that isn’t going to be enough.” The man’s voice was in Stewie’s left ear. “You know that don’t you? It won’t be enough until I hear your screams.”

Stewie was aware of his tormentor moving away, but it wasn’t until he felt the attack on the soles of his feet that he knew where the man had gone. Stewie tried not to flinch. He was determined to make his captor work for any response that would be forced from him.

“Sensitive, Mr Donovan?” his tormentor mocked before subjecting Stewie’s feet to a further attack. By the time Stewie’s captor decided to move on, he noted with satisfaction that the beautiful blond captive was breathing heavily.

The next assault was on the tender skin between elbow and shoulder of the inner arms. Unable to move his arms in response, Stewie was soon sweating heavily with the effort of controlling his body.

“I see you’re sweating, Mr Donovan,” the voice came again. “I told you that you would soon be warm. I’m pleased to see you intend to fight me all the way. I would be so disappointed if you were to capitulate too quickly.”

Stewie bit back a cry of surprise as a hot, wet tongue swept across his collarbone. He felt his groin twitch and his buttocks clench as a voice thick with lust purred into his ear, “Let me make you sweat more.”

This time the assault was faster and more prolonged. Sensitive inner thighs were tormented and Stewie was unable to suppress the groan from between compressed lips as fire radiated from his lower body.

“You can do so much better than that, Mr Donovan.” The disembodied voice mocked Stewie as it wavered close then away again. “I will be satisfied with nothing less than your scream of surrender to me.”

Moving away from Stewie’s nilüfer escort thighs, his captor targeted chest and sensitive nipples, causing Stewie to try and buck despite his restraints. The slender man’s breaths came in gasps and hiccups as he tried to prevent the scream that was welling up inside him as he reached the limits of his endurance.

“Scream for me, Stewie,” the command was whispered as his tormentor targeted the most fragile flesh on his prisoner.

At the touch to the puckered flesh of his exposed anus, Stewie screamed, arching upwards as much as his restraints would allow before collapsing back as consciousness fled.

It took several minutes for Stewie to come back to his senses. His arms and legs had been released and he could feel warm hands rubbing at the stretched muscles of his thighs. However, his attention was more focused on the warm wet muscle that swept across his abdomen and down onto his still tingling groin to lick and suck at Stewie’s softening penis.

“Welcome back, lover” Jaze grinned as he momentarily ceased in his dedicated duty of cleansing his young fiancé of his sweet sexual release. He took Stewie’s softening organ in his mouth and sucked, gently ensuring he had swallowed all Stewie could offer. He smiled to himself at Stewie’s moan of appreciation and tenderly released the flesh, raising himself to straddle Stewie’s body and kiss his beloved blond deeply. Stewie moaned again as he tasted himself in Jaze’s mouth.

“Please, love,” Stewie murmured softly.

“My sweetheart,” Jaze responded equally softly. “Love you.”

Jaze was always very careful when the men indulged in their bondage games. He had personally commissioned Stewie’s restraints from a respected Italian leatherworker. They were soft, black and supple cuffs with a thick padding of sheepskin to prevent marking the fragile skin of Stewie’s wrists or ankles. Their bondage games never featured pain. Both men had experienced too much of that in their lives as law enforcement officers. What the men relished was Stewie’s complete sexual surrender and Jaze’s full domination of the smaller man. Stewie’s sexual submission was in complete contrast to his normal independence and constant challenging of Jaze in their working lives.

Instead of instruments of pain, Jaze used feathers, flowers, handmade Italian gloves of leather, suede, velvet or silk, food, drink and his own hands, lips and teeth to torment Stewie when the slender man was restrained. His intention, however, was always the same. To ensure his beautiful blond lover lost the battle of control over his body as he reached a shattering orgasm and Jaze relished the scream that heralded that climax. In this case, Jaze’s chosen implement had been an ostrich feather that now lay on the bedside locker.

Jaze lowered his head to capture an enticing pink bud. He suckled and nipped contentedly until the flesh was red and achingly hard and then turned his attentions to the neglected twin. He relished the moans of pleasure from his mate and the erotic writhing of the lithe man under him. He encouraged Stewie to roll onto his stomach and refastened the ties. Although he didn’t intend for Stewie to be restrained when they made love, he wasn’t yet ready to relinquish playing their bondage game. Jaze’s hands roamed imperiously görükle escort over Stewie’s back and buttocks. He took hold of the taut cheeks possessively and growled his appreciation as he parted the globes and stared with a growing hunger at the pink rosebud that gave him access to the precious body below.

He kissed the tiny portal and then began to lick and probe with his tongue until the flower blossomed and his tongue thrust greedily inside the velvet channel. The moan from his lover went straight to Jaze’s long, thick shaft.

Despite the disparity in size between the two men, they had been thankful to find that Stewie’s smaller, slender body not only could accommodate but also appreciate Jaze’s sex inside. They had worked up to penetration slowly when they had become lovers and Jaze would take the memory of sinking into Stewie’s willing body for the first time to his grave. No matter how many times they performed this act of loving union, Jaze knew it would always be special for them. Not only was love-making desirable and pleasurable in itself, Jaze would never tire of making love with his blond angel and knew the reverse to be equally true, as for that brief moment in time the two men ceased to be separate entities and became as one in mind, spirit and body.

Jaze could feel Stewie trying to thrust back on his agile muscle, but failing due to the restraints. Not wanting to torment the younger man, Jaze pressed closer, delving deep within Stewie’s body, tasting his lover’s musk and feeling the body tremble with need and want. Stewie’s mewls of pleasure sent jolt after jolt to Jaze’s throbbing erection. Suddenly the older man could no longer wait to bury himself in Stewie’s body. Withdrawing his tongue to a wail of loss, Jaze rapidly freed his lover and flipped him onto his back. Stewie’s protest died on his lips as he saw the depths of love and desire in his bigger mate’s eyes.

“Need you, Stewie,” Jaze husked. “Need to be inside you now.”

“Yes, love, please” Stewie agreed readily. He lifted his knees up and back displaying himself to Jaze’s burning gaze and moaned at the deep growl of primal desire from his older lover.

Jaze wasted no time in covering his fingers in lubricant and as he thrust his first digit deep inside Stewie’s tightness, he kissed the younger man deeply, trying to convey the depths of his love along with his obvious desire. Pleased to find Stewie able to accept a single digit without difficulty, Jaze quickly sheathed a second. Stewie groaned as they stimulated the jewel deep within him. Pleasure radiated out and the smaller man tried to bear down to increase the sensation. Jaze reacted to Stewie needs and began to scissor his fingers in between teasing the younger man’s sweet spot.

“Now, Jaze, now,” Stewie begged and groaned as Jaze ignored his plea and thrust a third finger inside coaxing Stewie’s channel to relax and expand ready to accept longer, thicker flesh. Jaze coated his aching shaft as he fondled Stewie’s almost hairless sac, rolling and squeezing the sensitive orbs inside.

“Please, please,” Stewie begged again. This time his older lover answered his plea and Stewie arched in response to Jaze sliding deep inside the carefully prepared sheath.

“Angel,” Jaze groaned as he began to thrust very shallowly bursa escort inside tight velvet heat. He locked eyes with Stewie as he gently sped up his thrusts. Warm hazel locked with piercing blue, both dilated with desire and love.

“My love” Stewie whispered softly as he felt his body stretch to accommodate his lover’s length and girth. Although he always encouraged Jaze to unite their bodies quickly, the blond knew Jaze saw proper preparation as an essential part of their lovemaking. Stewie knew his fiancé wouldn’t risk hurting him for the sake of a few more minutes’ restraint.

Jaze listened to Stewie’s soft panting breaths as he adjusted to being so fully filled. He kissed and nipped at the pale skin of Stewie’s collarbone, then sucked hard at the junction of neck and shoulder; hard enough to leave a mark of his passion and possession. Stewie cried out in response, pushing his hips upwards to meet Jaze’s downward thrust. At the sign of full acceptance from the smaller man, Jaze’s thrusts became harder, deeper and faster. He slicked up Stewie’s resurgent erection and allowed the friction between their bodies to massage the aroused flesh. The men quickly became lost in their own well choreographed dance of love and desire. Jaze began to hit Stewie’s sweet spot continuously and relished the cries of increasing passion from the blond, who now thrashed in so wanton a manner beneath the older man.

Jaze pinched a nipple as he simultaneously bit at Stewie’s exposed throat. The dual stimulation finally proved too much for the aroused blond. With a wail of Jaze’s name, Stewie came for a second time. The orgasm was intense and powerful and Jaze grunted as he sped his thrusting and his flesh was brutally squeezed by Stewie’s internal contractions. Before Stewie’s climax ended, the sight, scent and rhythmic milking of his own organ pushed Jaze over the edge and he roared his release as pulse after pulse of his seed filled the still clenching channel.

Jaze continued to thrust gently even as he felt his sex begin to shrink. Due to its size, even when softening, the older man could continue to pleasure the slender blond. He smiled at Stewie’s whimpers of pleasure as the slightly smaller organ caressed his sensitive channel. As he slowed down his thrusts, Jaze settled more of his weight on his mate until Jaze was fully blanketing the slighter form. Stewie loved the post-coital heaviness of his lover pressing him into the mattress and he began to leisurely kiss whatever flesh he could reach in his restricted position. Jaze gently possessed Stewie’s mouth, allowing his tongue to dominate and capture Stewie’s sucking it into his mouth. Jaze’s moan of loss was echoed by Stewie’s as finally he shrank enough to slip from Stewie’s body. Jaze rolled them over so that Stewie now draped languorously over Jaze’s satiated form.

“Love you, angel,” Jaze whispered in Stewie’s ear

“I love you, Jaze,” Stewie replied.

Stewie nuzzled into Jaze’s neck and shoulder, licking the sweat-sheened flesh and sighing in contentment. Jaze held him tightly, Jaze’s scent, a heady mix of sweat, musk and sex, surrounded him and his lover’s taste was on his tongue. The blond was supremely happy; he was safe, secure and very sated. He tightened his own arm around Jaze and nuzzled deeper.

Jaze smiled as he felt Stewie’s weight settle a little more heavily and the soft panting breathing evened out as Stewie slipped into sleep.

“Sleep safe, my sweetheart,” Jaze breathed, kissing the blond head tucked under his chin. The older man content to simply lie, savouring the warmth and weight of his satiated mate.

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