Coast to Coast Pt. 03


As soon as we reached our room, there was a flurry of activities. First Dawn got me free from all the restraints and helped me get out of the suit. As soon as handcuffs and harness were off, I could feel a strange mixture of feelings, a part of me, felt extremely light as if a weight was pulled from me, the other felt so unsecured and unprotected, as if all things not only blocked my access to my own body, but also the others’ access as well.

I will never stop being amazed by the winding circuits of my brain. How could I feel a longing to be trapped?

But, Dawn pressed, there was no time for mulling, since we had to prepare for dinner at Mistress’. She was crackling with excitement, and was preparing sheet, paper and a tape meter, to take the slave’s measurements.

“What should I put under the harness?” I was thinking out loud.

She stopped on her tracks.

“Well you could put some underwear, or go in the nude, like me.”

Another thing to mumble upon as I stepped under the shower. After that, I did my hair and makeup, and returned to the room dressed only in a towel.

Dawn had, indeed, carried something from the stall, and she proposed some different styles of cuffs or chains. She had displayed all of them on my bed, the harness and all, and explained to me what were the options available.

“While you decide, I’ll go for the shower.”

So there I was, in front of a bunch of metal devices that I was to wear for the next hours. My mind returned to the start of this adventure, when Dawn had to put her harness on by herself in a courtesy room in a hotel.

If I was in that situation, would I be able to do it? Well, that’s a chance.

I loosened the towel and started to understand how I could do it.

One of the things Dawn had brought from the booth were some manacles similar to the elbow ones, with a couple of links attached. Obviously they would have to be attached to other indentures in the harness. As I tentatively got them near the harness, I realized the links were magnetic to fit naturally into their recesses.

So first I laid the open harness on the bed, then I put the elbow cuffs in position. I fumbled a little with the manacles, they had some sort of mechanism to be tightened around the wrist with a screw. A screw that Dawn recovered from the stand, obviously.

With a little fumbling, I managed to put them in position, links positioned on the insides of my wrists.

I could already feel the weight of those restraints on my limbs. Last, I stepped into the tight cuffs, keeping those chains in my hands. I had already learnt how to deal with them, just pull them up until they were tight on my legs and then proceed.

Ok, now what? Now, recalling what Dawn had told me, I sat on the harness, the front protruding between my legs. Metal was cold, directly on my skin, and first I fixed the tight cuffs chains to the waist band, as she did before.

Then I tried to insert the elbow cuffs’ links in the proper indentures. It was trickier than I pictured in my mind, but after a few tries, I finally succeeded when I discovered that also those rings were magnetically charged, and I just needed to bring them loosely near to have them go in position by themselves.

This left me in a difficult situation, since I was not able to reach for the front part, so I dislodged one of the cuffs and reached out to pull it up. It was hinged in the crotch area, so I figured that it would not be difficult to align the latches once pulled down.

So,I maneuvered once again to connect the elbow cuff, and then I inspected the situation before closing it. I still had my hands free, and I was planning to lock them at my sides. But I quickly figured out that it would not be possible to manage the closure of the harness positioned like that. I figured that the only logical thing was to cross my arms and use my hands to guide in the thing.

When I placed my arms crossed, I saw that the links from my wrist cuffs fell near the middle waist bar and were pulled in position. It was supposed to be just a dry fit, so I did not pay them any attention.

I was still struggling to lower the front of the harness without crushing my delicate partes, the boobs. Once I thought the placement was perfect, keeping the suit in my hand I tried to lower it carefully.

I still was not sure I would have liked to be stuck in that position, and I thought that it would not get closed. And, more, I was planning to pick the harness up and then wait for Dawn to lock it shut.

At that moment, I heard a noise from the bathroom, and a yelp.

It startled me and I let go of the suit.

The hatches were perfect, so they perfectly executed their job. Click. Click. Click.

Holy shit. What the hell had I got myself into?

As I sprung from the bed reacting to Dawn’s yelp, I felt that all the things were now locked on me, and the weight was dragging me down. And then I was surprised how difficult it was to get up without being able to use my hands and bend my waist..

Once on my feet I got to the Nevşehir Escort bathroom door, and once inside, I saw that Dawn’s hair was just tangled in the support of the shower’s head, and she was dealing with that with her hands.

She immediately looked at me, so trussed up, completely surprised.


I showed her my cuffed hands, she looked puzzled, and then laughed from the top of her heart.

“Get back in the room, let me finish this.”

And so, I left the bathroom to return to my bed, embarrassed. With the hands blocked in that position, reading a book was completely out of question. I was just able to turn on the tv and find something to look at, in the meantime.

I was halfway through one of those shitty reality shows, when Dawn emerged from the bathroom.

“Well, let’s see what you have done.”

“I was trying to understand how you did it by yourself. And then I got stuck.”

She came near me, and inspected how I had latched the cuffs to the harness. She later told me that it was a position like the one in which you place someone in a straightjacket, strict but comfortable.

“Are you ok, is something pinching?”

I tried to move my arms but, beside the constriction, there was not a lot of discomfort.

“No, actually I feel ok.”

“So, fine then. Let me get you some shoes.”

“You are not letting me out?”

“Nope, now, shut up.”

What the hell. She promptly put some high heeled shoes on my feet. Then she arranged my makeup and then she prepped hers as well. And in a matter of minutes she told me that we were ready to go.

“Like this? You are crazy.”

I was trying to get hold of the magnet, oblivious to the fact that with my hands locked in position there was no way I could place it on the release point, then Dawn grabbed the thing from me, she scooped up the screwdriver for the cuffs and, to my horror, she put both of them in the middle of the room’s table, completely out of reach.

“Are you coming?”

“You are a bitch, you know that?”

She swatted my ass as I was leaving the room and told me “Do not call me mama names, slave.”

I could clearly feel the shift in our roles.

We were walking into the corridor, she was dressed just in her harness, with a bag on her arm, clearly oozing power and control, I was following dressed in most of the same, feeling embarrassed and subdued by my own design.

We arrived at the door of the suite, at 8 sharp. Strolling in the corridors we got some stares, but I was more interested in exploring the limitations of my confinement. Running, between shoes and thigh cuffs, was out of question, and neither waving my hands as a cheerleader.

I could only explore my sides and nothing more. As I caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror, I could see how the harness was shaping my torso, and I could see that the breasts dome were doing more than justice to my tits.

I had judged, without being able to see them, that Dawn’s were bigger and since the metal was curved in her shapes I could feel that I had more than enough room under there.

On the other side, my waist was a little bit larger than hers, the midriff of the harness was hugging my belly a little more. On the whole, I must say that it hugged my form to enhance my curves and even if I must say that I’m not ugly, the image reflected of myself was absolutely stunning. Dawn pushed me away from this reverie.

“Let’s go. I do not want to be late.”


She knocked at the door, and after a little time, Mistress opened up to let us in.

Well, the suite was three times larger than our room, on the right there was a king size bed while on the opposite side a dining table was set up, with silverware and all the niceties. On the side there was a sort of conversation space with a couple of couches and a tea table.

There was a person seated on the edge of the bed. As I got a clear view, I recognized she was the slave that we encountered before in the dealers’ hall.

She was still tied in all the rope, and she looked calm at us.

“Ok, please be seated at the table, I need to prepare Two for dinner, it will take just a few minutes.”

Dawn guided me to the table and as we were seated, we could both have a clear view of Mistress and her slave.

“Please.” I could hear Two pleading with a soft voice.

“Do not be such a fuss. We have decided before. It will be a wonderful surprise for you. Trust me.”

These words were apparently enough to quench any protest, and so Mistress took a little container that I immediately identified as a contact lenses container. She opened it and we observed as she used a little plastic sucker to pick up one lens and with the other hand she spread her slave’s eyelids to accommodate it. The tied girl whimpered a little but her Mistress was gentle enough that there was no problem with the first lens, and then with the second.

As she started looking around, we realized that her eyes were now covered in black.

“I had these lenses made by a manufacturer, Nevşehir Escort Bayan my friend. They are pitch black and once I have put them on, she is not able to see anything, like a blindfold.”

Robbing her slave of the ability to see seemed to have boosted somehow her wits.

As she then proceeded to untie the young woman, I could see that she was actually dressed in rope. Coils and coils went down to the floor leaving her completely in the nude.

“Ok, you may go to the bathroom.”

She rose unsteady on her feet and using her hands, she reached the bathroom. She was silent and focused on remembering what was the correct route to her destination. Mistress gave her no help at all.

Dawn had a composure much firmer than mine. I was astounded about how much control the Mistress had over her, seemed total and uncaring.

And to challenge my assumption, she moved swiftly to protect her hips from hitting the table. She was caring after all, and brought her slave there to do her business. She left the door open, robbing her of her privacy. My eyes crossed Dawn’s and we made a mental discussion about the weirdness of the whole situation.

Not that we could judge, since we both had locked ourselves in a chastity armor, with limited ways to get out.

After a couple of minutes, Two was again conducted in the room we were in, and she was made to sit near the tea table. Now that it got my attention, I noticed that there were some things that I could not identify and there was a hammer and a tacking block.

They were placed like it was a sort of a show for us, and as a matter of fact, I could believe it was, aiming to make Dawn understand the slave limitations, considering the custom harness we were to discuss.

She proceeded to put her slave right hand in a sort of metal glove, which forced her to close her fingers in a fist. It was formed by two hinged halves and once closed there was a closure that went around her wrist. I was expecting a padlock to seal it up but instead she inserted a rivet and then squashed it close with the hammer and the tack block.

Wait, she had asked before if it was possible to close the harness permanently, she was not joking.

“No” protested Two in a low tone.

“Don’t be a fuss, when we get home I will drill them out. Shush.”

And then she locked the left hand.

“Just a second, we are nearly set.”

Mistress picked up a u-shaped thing and ordered her slave to open up. She then put the thing in her open mouth and proceeded to open it.

Once satisfied with her work, she then directed her slave to the table.

She was completely naked, blind, unable to talk, and unable to grab anything. I must admit that her state was somewhat arousing to me. She was free and restrained at the same time.

On top of that, the Mistress picked up some of the ropes left on the bed and proceeded to tie her to the seat with her hands securely restrained behind her back.

I realized that our situation was not that different as the Mistress presented us with appetizers and food.

There was small talk between Dawn and her, but nothing involving us “slaves”, as if we were not even in the room.

“So, you seem very focused on your job, you keep that thing on at all times?” The Mistress asked Dawn.

“It does suit me, don’t you think?” answered my friend, diplomatically evading the question.

The other was only looking at her, I could see that she had sensed that something was off with that answer.

Both were talking and meanwhile they were serving me and Two, since the two of us were not able to provide for ourselves. Without anything else to do, I noticed how Dawn was eating small morsels, and it was something that I did not happen to notice before.

The food was good, but it was undercut by the surrealness of the whole setup. I was wondering what was Two’s situation, and asking myself what would bring me to let someone control me in that kind of way.

Yet, Dawn was exerting a lot of control on me, even if it was me that had restrained myself in this way. On her part, Two seemed satisfied with her position, gloriously naked and getting little morsels without being able to utter a word. I could appraise her breasts, well endowed and her body with all its curves. She had brown hairs cut short, that went along with a sweet face.

We ate, we drank in a silent environment, except for Dawn and Mistress chit chatting. She asked politely how the business was going in the exhibition.

“Well, we made a lot of contacts, you see, these two things are really a show stopper.” She replied signaling our two harnesses.

“I’m sure they will bring you a lot of luck. After all, they are the reason you are here. Let me get your plates. Was it all good, girls?”

Even if I could talk without impediment, I simply nodded and so did Two.

Mistress stood up and conducted us away from the table in the adjoining sitting room where there were two couches and a tea table.

I followed Dawn and sat on the couch, Escort Nevşehir while she excused herself to the bathroom, since she already knew the directions. While I was left behind, Mistress ordered Two to stay on her tiptoes in the middle of the room, and approached me.

“Is it comfy?”

“Well, nothing pinces, but after a while you can definitely feel its weight.”

I was talking and she inspected my harness and my body underneath, first just looking then passing her finger to find out how tight it was on me. She inserted her nail inside my waist band, and I did not dare to move.

They were obviously explorations made to appraise the product, and I did not find the sensuality in it, but it was apparent to me how defenseless I was, in that position.

Dawn returned and I could feel that Mistress was staring at her.

“Shall we proceed?” Asked.

Mistress made a gesture as if inviting her to help herself to the waiting slave, and then we watched from the couch as my friend took her pad and a meter and started to measure the woman.

She had her mouth open and her eyes were shooting about trying to see what was going to happen, without being able to do so. I tried to fix my eyes on her body, and it struck something in me. I could feel my cheeks turning red. What was happening to me?

I trusted that all eyes were on Dawn measuring Two, but in a short time, I would have discovered that it was not entirely true.

I observed Dwan sketching on her pad the figure of a female body and then jotting every measure that she took. Some I understood, after all we all have been to a tailor shop, some were more difficult. When she left the pad beside me, I could see that she had precisely taken the position of both Two’s orifices, the shape of her boobs and also the distance of her areolas from the higher end of the ribcage. Seemed like an overkill.

At the end of it, I could see that Dawn was exhausted, with all her crouching and standing up, the harness and, I suspected, the two intruders were taking their toll.

Leaving Two in her position she finally sat on the couch, visibly adjusting her harness in the crotch area.

“Well, is it uncomfortable?” Mistress noted.

“Uh, no. Not at all. But it takes a while to get adjusted.”

“It will be a relief to get it out at night, I presume.”

“Err… yes. Even if I try to leave it around the less possible.” said Dawn diplomatically.

“Not even for the bathroom?”

“Actually no, Monica, if you would be so kind.” With her hands she ordered me to stand up. She went to her bag to fish a key from it.

I had seen it before, it was the key to open the outer shield of the harness. I was on my feet in front of the Mistress, my crotch area was level with her face. Dawn forced my legs as open as they could go, despite the thigh cuffs, and then inserted the key in a keyhole that was actually over my vagina. To my utter surprise, I heard a click and then, I could not see directly because of my arms crossed in front of me, some pressure was relieved from my labia. After that I could sense some air seeping by, and a metal thing passing in the space between my thighs. My eyes raced to a mirror in a corner and there I found a more complete view of the device.

The key unlocked the central portion of the harness panties section. This shield, for lack of a better word, was, I discovered, hinged at the back, so it was not detachable and had to stay on. Mistress was kneeling and looking at the space of my body revealed by the shield. In fact, she was actually inspecting my pussy and my anus, thus enhancing my feeling to be completely on display.

“So, even open, she does not gain access and penetration?” As she asked, I could feel that she was trying to force a finger in me. But apparently there was some kind of inner shield that prevented her from prodding further, I could feel just pressure but absolutely no touching. And the same went from the ass area.

“No, she can expel urine and feces, but without any access. You see, there is a slit just on her urethra, so it can flow outward without any problem. This model is not fitted with a dildo, but it can be. For the rear, this one has just a slit that permits evacuation and cleaning, it can be fitted with a sphincter dilator and a butt plug.”

Instinctively, I looked to the Mistress’ face as she was staring at Dawn, obviously trying to guess what kind of optionals were in her harness. She continued to prod Dawn for details, instead.

“So, this key serves only for bathroom breaks. There is no need to open this thing, is it?”

“No, actually, no.”

“And without the key what would happen?”

“I would guess cramps, discomfort and then pain. But this key is a pretty common one, and it can be copied everywhere. Also, it is the same for all harnesses. It is a safety feature.”

Mistress took the shield and closed me up, and with the key in hand, asked.

“So this works also with yours, can I try?”

Dawn was taken by surprise, “Err… Yes, please.”

We looked at each other, clearly understanding that in that very moment, the roles had changed and that the Mistress was taking charge of the whole thing. She had sensed Dawn’s eagerness to sell the harness and she was exploiting it to find how much Dawn was a slave herself.

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