Cloud Nine Ch. 01


He walked out of the building on cloud nine. He could not believe the opportunity he had just received. His dream would finally be happening. He could return to Italy not as a solider but as a new regional vice president for EJPT Enterprises for their offices in Italy. Yes Jason Hollander had finally succeeded. In his excitement he nearly knocked over one of his coworkers Lisa Stalworth.

Hold on big guy. You can’t just walk over me without putting a ring on my finger first. She said with the flirtiest smile she could.

Lisa had known Jason since he had been hired at EJPT. Back then Jason was a bit over weight but still tall standing 6’ 4” and his shoulders were wide which added to his intimidation factor. Lisa liked that about him the moment they met and eventually she encouraged him to work out with her in the company gym. That truly paid off for them both and they still worked out together even now.

Sorry Lisa I wasn’t paying attention.

I can see that but I guess you have earned a pass for it this time considering what I just heard from James.

I didn’t think anyone knew about it yet considering he just gave me the offer ten minutes ago.

You should know by now James is always going to tell me everything. What I want to know are we still on for the gym tonight?

Of course if you have dinner with me afterwards to celebrate?

We’ll see tiger. In the mean time you might want to ask James who your boss will be and when you leave. See you at 4:00.

As Lisa walked away Jason could not help but to notice how her perfectly shaped her ass was and with those 34c breast she was packing there was no way any man could resist her. That’s why he could not understand why she had stayed married to the punk she called a husband. He had cheated on her twice already and from what she told him he gathered that he was doing it again. She had even told Jason that her husband said she was old and gray. When Jason looked at her he could not believe it. She was only 42 and in great shape for anyone half her age. Her husband was only 45 which boggled his mind. He was just walking back into the building when his cell rang but by the time he picked up no one was there. He really didn’t want to go back in and since his boss James let him have the rest of the day he decided to take advantage.

On the way home he looked at his watch it was just past noon. He figured that his sister would be up by 12:30 since she worked late last night at the club as a DJ. He could not wait to tell her the news as he walked up to his home. He put the key in the door and went through and as he looked up his jaw dropped. His sister was on her knees bent over the couch with ropes tying her arms and hands together. Her mouth was gagged with a ball and he could see her mascara running. This put him in the mindset that she didn’t want to be in that position. When he snapped out of this thought he went into action. The guy he went after was pounding away at his sister’s pussy like there was no tomorrow. When Jason threw his punch the guy didn’t even see it coming and it hit him right in the face between the eyes. The guy went unconscious instantly. Falling back Jason continued his assault unaware that his sister was trying to move to where she could stop him. By the time she did get to him Jason had just stood up grabbing the man and literally tossed him out the door. When he turned his attention back to her she was on the floor facing up trying to get his attention. Her legs were apart but tied at her feet giving her brother the most ample view possible. Jason also noticed she had her nipples pierced and the ropes wrapping around her breast made them look even bigger.

He took longer than he realized to get over to her. He had to move her jet black back length hair out of the way to get at the gag around her mouth.

As soon as he removed it he asked Kayla are you ok? What happened?

Just get these ropes off of me hurry.

Jason quickly undid the ropes he watched as his sister grabbed a robe and ran outside. He stood there confused wondering what she was doing when she called him to help her. He went outside and saw the guy he just beaten to a pulp in his sister’s arms bleeding. She yelled at him to help get the man inside. He just looked at her like she was insane. Then she yelled at him and he remembered that she can be a real bitch at times. They helped the guy in the house and put him on the couch. Kayla went to the bathroom to get some towels for him. When she returned he looked at her questioning what was happening. She looked at him with the meanest look she could give.

What the fuck was that all about? Are you out of fucking mind? She yelled at him.

Excuse me? I just saved your ass from a motherfucking rapist and this is how you respond.

What have you lost your fucking mind, Richard isn’t a rapist. He’s just a friend with a few benefits. She said blushing but still angry.

Jason was stunned and silent. He could not just believe what he just heard. almanbahis adres That not only was she not being raped but that he was just a fuck buddy. Jason could not say anything for awhile. He just watched his sister tend to Richard and his mind started to wander. He looked at the robe she had on which was almost see through but dark enough to leave enough to the imagination. He noticed her long legs as she bent to wipe Richards face. He loved how they looked in what she had on. He thought that they were perfect as perfect can be. As his sight traveled up her body his eyes fell on to her chest where she still had rope wrapped around them. Her normal c-cups looked to be bigger than they were. Her nipples were still hard from what he could tell and her piercings can easily be seen through the robe. At that point Kayla felt his eyes on her and she turned to look back at Jason. She could not believe what just happened and despite her anger she was turned on by it all. She saw the way he moved and realized just how tough he was. The military trained him well she thought as she remembered how one move flowed to the other. Yes he may have been younger than she was at 24 but there was no doubt that her little brother was a man in every since of the word. Then it came to her in a flash that she was fucking him and he was making her cum. At that thought she snapped back to reality and found her pussy was still wet and her body was on fire.

Jason! She snapped at him breaking his trance. You are going to have to call an ambulance he’s not waking up.

No we don’t but I get some vinegar and the smell should wake him up.

Although Jason did not know if this would work he had to try something because he did not feel like answering questions and being locked up especially after today’s good news. As he return with the vinegar he again looked at his sister still could not believe she was 28 because she looked younger than he was. She again gave him a mean look as he handed the bottle and she opened it. He returned her gaze by rolling his eyes. Richard snapped his eyes open and Jason and Kayla both breathed a sigh of relief.

What the fuck is your problem asshole? directing his anger toward Jason.

Sorry man it was just a misunderstanding. Are you ok?

Do I look ok motherfucker? I should call the cops and have you arrested.

Jason was annoyed by this and he knew he would not let anyone stand in the way of his goals and Richard he felt just stepped in his way. Kayla was about to speak up because she was also not about to let someone destroy her brother no matter what but Jason spoke first.

You might want to reconsider that especially since you are in my house and you were raping my sister. I hear cops don’t look too kindly upon that sort of thing and considering my connections to the police department things may not go your way.

Jason knew he was lying between his teeth but he knew Richard still may call his bluff if not for his sister speaking up.

Richard you should really drop this and not make trouble for us unless you want to go to jail for a long while.

She said as she stood beside her brother. Richard got the message loud and clear. He was gone in a few minutes and as the door closed Kayla turned to her brother.

You’re such an asshole. What the fuck was that all about?

When Jason explained why he was home early and what went on at work she instantly understood the reason for his blackmail. She started explaining how she and Richard got involved but she really didn’t like him all that much but she was just so horny from last night she decided to give him a chance.

They finally laughed about and Jason was all too aware that his sister was still in the robe. When the conversation went silent he hardly noticed he was just staring at Kayla. When she smiled back she had a wicked grin on her face.

You know when you busted in here I was pretty close to getting off. Then when you beat him up I felt even hotter.

Jason smiled at this because he knew that if his sister was anything like him this was going to be an even better day. Still he had to ask her a question

Kayla how did you get into bondage?

Because of you little brother. Three months after you left I was helping mom clean your room and I found your stash of fetish books and stories that you had written about dominating someone. I kept them hidden from mom but read all of them many times over the years. So I tried it out with a few boyfriends but it did not really make me feel the way I wanted. Then I started to dominate and found that I loved it but I loved it more when the guy made me submissive.

Ha. I didn’t know you had it in you. You’re such a slut.

You want to find out how much of a slut I will be for you?

Jason looked at her and said in a serious tone Are you sure you really want this? After all I have been doing this for a while.

I have some skill myself but can you handle my dominate side?

Jason finally smiled almanbahis adresi saying We’ll see. By the way did you clean the house any today?

Kayla answered no then felt a sting to her face. Jason had slapped her with lightning quick speed. Before she could regain herself he pulled her up off the couch by her robed and ripped it from her body. In a second she was naked except for the ropes around her breast. He then pulled her by her hair to the back of the couch bending her over it. He took his hand and drew back and with a loud slap and a yelp his sister responded. He did it again only this time harder. His sister started to squirm.

Still holding her hair as he spanked her he said From now on you will have this house clean before I get home isn’t that right slut?

You can’t make me do anything you fucking bastard. She said with a grin on her face.

Jason grinned as well. His sister was going to make him work for her obedience. He turned up the assault on her ass as his spanking became harder and harder. A few more hits and he will break her he thought. Kayla started to whimper and moan as her brother continued.

O.k. you can stop now Jason please. I will do what you want I surrender please.

Too late for that bitch, there is no surrender.

He kept spanking her as tears started to come up in her eyes Jason saw this and knew he was about to break her but he wanted to have some more fun first and his hand was getting tired.

Her ass had become a cherry red color and she could feel welts on it. When she stood up with tears in her eyes her brother yanked her hair again telling her to come with him. She did not know what was coming next but as he was leading her to the back door she started to panic.

Jason where are you taking me?

You’ll see sis. This is how your training starts.

When he walked through the back door to the yard his sister was pleading with him to go back in the house and continue her training there. But he proceeded to the large tree at the back of the medium high fence encasing his backyard. He had a tether with some cuffs already hanging there from the other night. When they passed the pool he put the cuffs on Kayla and made sure she was comfortable since they were not made of metal it was easy to strap her in quickly. With her hands above her head she was still pleading with Jason to go back inside because someone may see her.

You should have thought of that before you wanted to be a smart ass.

He said as he twisted her nipples. She bit her lip trying not to scream out. Jason then got to his knees spreading her legs apart

You’re going to yell before we are done and you want even care who hears you. Jason said with a laugh.

He then began to run his tongue on her outer lips of her pussy going in circles slowly toward the middle and her clit. When he reached his destination he sucked on it with his lips circling his tongue over her clit.

Yes. Keep doing that to my pussy and clit. Yes more I want more.

Careful sis someone may hear you and take a look.

Fuck them. I don’t care anymore just keep eating my pussy you fucking bastard.

Jason kept eating his sister’s pussy while pulling on her nipples as well. He stopped in the middle to give her ass a good slap or two. The different sensations going through Kayla to her was amazing. She thought to herself even though she was older than Jason he was dominating her and making her feel as if she was just a young girl. She thought even when other men tried this she was never satisfied and now her younger brother was exceeding all her expectations. She felt herself starting to float and she knew her orgasm was close but was still surprised all due to her brother’s tongue. Jason sensed that she would be coming soon and stepped up his efforts. As he did this his sister started to get louder and louder. Jason loved this. He loved making a women yell out her pleasure and not caring who hears her.

Make me come Jason you bastard. Make me fucking come please, please master. I’ll do anything you say. Anything you want just don’t stop please.

When Jason heard this he knew he had broken her. She was now yelling her pleasure and grinding her pussy into his face with every tongue stroke he did. As he continued licking her pussy he put a finger to her asshole spreading her pussy juice over it. He circled his tongue around her clit again only this time he put his finger in her ass at that same moment. As Kayla yelled to the heavens her face went red and her body rigid. At that moment she felt her mind snap and her pussy let loose all the juices she was holding back and she let out a primal groan that could have alerted the neighbors if they where home at this time of day. As all this happened Kayla’s legs tightened around Jason’s neck nearly cutting off his air supply. Jason however did not care at this moment and kept his tongue moving over her clit and finger in her asshole. He then took his free hand and twisted her left nipple almanbahis adres while pulling it out from her chest. This set Kayla off again as the second wave of her orgasm hit her. She was now babbling nonsense as she slowly came down from her high.

As Jason moved his tongue slowly across her clit he removed his finger from her ass and his hand from her tit. She started to relax and he removed the cuffs from her and slumped into his arms.

That was incredible. She said in a dreamy tone.

Jason just had a grin on his face because he knew what he had done and it turned him on because he reduced an older woman to her basic instincts and emotions even if it was his sister. He stood up with her and carried her in the pool house laying her down on the sofa there. He finally removed the rope tied around her tits because they were starting to turn a different color. He removed his clothes after this and stood in front of her saying ‘Sit up.’ in a very stern voice. She quickly acknowledged his order and her mouth dropped when she came face to face with his cock. She knew it had to be at least nine inches and at least one inch thick. She looked up at him with a knowing, longing look. Jason nodded his head and she knew what she had to do. She took her mouth and placed his cock at the opening and licked from the tip to the base in one long stroke. Her hands were on the side of his legs the entire time she went back and forth on his cock. This started sending Jason all kinds of pleasures through his body with every movement she was doing with her tongue. She started to feel the need to please her brother just as he pleased her in the back yard at the tree. She knew she would let him dominate her at any time but she wanted to prove to him that he would need her as well.

She took his cock into her mouth putting it down half way then coming back to the head. As she did this she looked up to find Jason looking at her. She grinned and then put his cock back in her mouth and did not stop until it was all in and she was at the base. She kept her eyes on her brother the entire time and repeated the process again and again. Jason felt that he was in heaven and did not want it to stop. He even thought to himself that this was an even better blowjob than the one he received last night. He could not remember her name at the moment for anything and laughed at the thought. His sister was a great cock sucker as he thought to himself. The entire time as Kayla went back and forth on his cock the sensations were building more and more. Jason then grabbed her head and forced more of his cock in her mouth. Kayla did not even flinch when he did this and turned up her movements. Just as abruptly as it started it ended as Jason pulled her to her feet.

Holding her in his arms he picked her up spreading her legs his placed his cock at the entrance of her pussy. He slowly brought her down on to it inch by inch at the slowest pace he could. He looked directly in her eyes.

You sure that you want this?

Yes my darling little brother.

They both smiled as he started moving her up and down his cock. With every movement her pussy stretched around his cock. She could not believe how strong he was as he started moving toward the glass sliding doors. She remembered what Jason said from earlier about she would not care who hears her before this is over. She knew he was right as her back and ass touched against the window she did not care who saw or heard her. All she wanted at that moment was to please her brother, her new man any way he wanted. Jason continued his thrust into his sister’s pussy and with each stroke a determination to give her the most pleasure he could. He kept up a few more strokes and then took his sister off of his cock turning her toward the window. He pressed her against it spreading her tits on the glass and placing his hands on her hips prepared to enter her pussy once again. Although Jason had Kayla moaning up until this point he wanted more out of her.

Why so quiet my little bitch? You can’t take this anymore?

She knew he was trying to bait her and what he wanted but decided to make it into a show for him.

Come on bro you can do better than that can’t you? Jason thrust his entire cock in her pussy in one stroke and Kayla was still shocked by it even after knowing what he was going to do.

Ooh yeah baby. That’s how I liked to be fucked. Come on baby more please give me all of it. Yeah just like that.

Jason started to increase his tempo making his sister shake with every stroke. He thought he heard his cell phone but put it out of his mind quickly. He grabbed his sister by the hair making her arch her back and looking up.

Yeah that’s what I want Kayla. I feel your pussy gripping my cock. Yeah baby give me everything you’re holding back.

Yes baby I will give you everything any time you, want any day you want it, any hour. Just fuck me. Yes fuck me hard.

They both knew they were close and both stepped up their fucking. Kayla never felt this way with anyone or felt this way about another person in her life. Jason felt the same way at that moment and knew he had touched something deep inside both of them. He also knew at this moment he would not have to hide his desire anymore.

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