Close to the Phone Ch. 02


[Author’s Note: The events in this story follow those in the first chapter of Close To The Phone and A Turn For The Strange, both available here on Literotica. Reading them first is not necessary, but may enhance your understanding of the characters and events herein.]

A photocopied journal article about insect population and rainfall lay across my knee. I picked it up and reread the same page for the dozenth time. Distraction kept the words from sinking in. I finally laid the papers on the sofa beside me and let my head fall back against the cushion, my eyes closed. For the dozenth time that evening, my hand drifted toward the front of my shorts. I rubbed myself through my pants, idly, thinking about where my wife was and what she was doing.

For about seven months, my wife Janie had been seeing a lover named Tony. For about six months, I’d known it was going on. Once they told me, they were rather open about the whole thing. I didn’t try to stop it. I got as much excitement out of their activities as my wife. For some reason, knowing that my wife was having sex with another man — a handsome, tall, strong, well-endowed man — was an unbelievably intense turn-on for me. His powerful personality contributed heavily to him getting what he wanted from Janie, and occasionally from me.

Tonight was one of Janie and Tony’s date nights. That’s what we called them. They usually involved the two of them going to Tony’s house and having sex. Lots of sex. Sometimes they’d go to an upscale strip club where Tony made Janie tip the dancers. Occasionally they’d go to the local meat market dance club where he made Janie, scantily dressed, grind with him and the other men (and women) on the dance floor. I shivered as I imagined Janie brushing her hand against a stripper’s thigh, tucking a folded bill into a garter. The thought of her pressing her tiny, perfectly shaped ass against Tony, or some other man or woman, was equally titillating. Her inhibitions and hang ups from an ultra conservative upbringing were melting away under his direction. His commands.

For that matter, so were mine.

The married student apartments where I attended graduate school had a free basic cable that had ten or so channels. We rarely turned it on, but I thought it might get my mind off their date long enough that my cock would stop aching. I leaned forward to turn on the television, but I was interrupted by the ring of the phone. It was after ten PM, the time I usually had the phone line tied up with the modem, so it wasn’t anyone who knew me well.

“Jimmy?” Tony was at the other end. He had only called me once before during one of their dates. That time, he had me listen to the noises Janie made while he pounded away at her. It was tremendously exciting. I felt a rush of adrenaline. I thought I was about to listen again. My lovemaking with my wife was wonderful, but she never made those sorts of sounds with me.

“We’re going to need your assistance. I want you to stop feeling yourself and come over.”

I’d been to Tony’s house before. A few times, when Janie wasn’t available, he had me come over and give him oral. I didn’t especially enjoy the act; but, in some perverse way, I enjoyed being told what to do and the feeling of helplessness in front of his commanding presence. He had a lot of pictures of Janie doing various things with him, and even a few pictures of Janie doing things with a married couple Tony knew. After I performed for him, he always let me look at the pictures. The images of her doing with them things she’d never done with me drove me to new heights of sexual arousal. It made the cocksucking bearable.

I didn’t question his request. His order. His unspoken “or else…”

“Your house?” I assumed.

“No. We’re at the Hampton Inn just south of the airport. Room 131. It’s on the ground floor. It’ll take you about fifteen minutes, so leave now.” He hung up. There was no need to wait for my answer. He was confident that I would comply.

My hands were shaking as I brushed my hair and splashed water on my face. The keys jingled as I clumsily locked the sliding glass door. He had that effect on me. He had that effect on Janie, too. I didn’t know the words submissive or dominant back then — we were in our late twenties at the time — but that’s the relationship he had with us.

I’d wanted to watch the two of them together since I first learned he had taken my wife as his lover, his submissive. I say the word ‘take,’ because that’s what he did. That was part of the thrill for Janie and me. My interest grew when Janie first told me about his huge cock, and the intensity and duration of their fucking. The mental picture of the tall, well-muscled man thrusting into my petite, slim wife was my primary masturbation fantasy.

As with most weekends, the parking lot was lightly populated. I dropped the keys twice while unlocking our ten year old, 1980 Monte Carlo. For a moment, I thought the gaziantep escort old car wasn’t going to start. The thought of calling the motel room and telling him I couldn’t make it was frightening. A black cloud belched from the exhaust pipe, and I breathed a sigh of relief. The hand-me-down car sputtered to life.

Janie had the good car. Since she didn’t drink, she was the designated driver for date nights that involved out. He had a straight shift Jeep Cherokee, and she couldn’t drive it. That was okay with me. I didn’t go anywhere when they were together. I enjoyed being alone and fantasizing about the two of them. I enjoyed the anticipation of the great sex we’d have when she got home. I wasn’t allowed to touch her during the day of one of their dates, but we were free to do whatever we liked once she got home. Knowing I was getting Tony’s seconds was a big plus for me.

I waxed philosophical during the drive to the motel. What parts of the brain were at work causing me to tremble? Was this kink, this fetish, a bad thing? Had social evolution promoted monogamous marriage? Were we going against human nature? How different were our behaviors and feelings from the normal population? However, all those questions evaporated when I saw Janie’s car in the motel parking lot. I felt the thrill I’d felt when Tony first called me to tell me he was sleeping with my wife, and I felt my cock stiffen for the hundredth time that night.

I heard talking, laughing, and music through the door of room 131. It sounded like more than two people. Maybe I would get to see Janie in action with that other couple, too. I smiled at my good fortune. From the pictures, the couple was very attractive. Maybe I’d even get a little action. I was in good physical condition. Why not?

The voices stopped when I tapped quietly on the blue metal surface. Tony opened the door with the chain on, saw me, and then opened the door the rest of the way.

“Jimmy! My man!” I hated being called Jimmy. I suspected he had figured that out during my solo visits to his place.

Janie was sitting on the bed, naked. Her breasts, large for her small frame, were exposed; erect pink nipples signaled her state of arousal. The sheets were pulled up to cover her from the waist down.

A black man, as tall and muscular as Tony, stood between the two beds. I was stunned. Had he watched the two of them?

Tony’s big hands were on his hips, and his intense blue eyes bore into me. He wore boxers and a faded yellow T-shirt with some gym’s logo on the front. His hair was disheveled; from his and Janie’s lovemaking, I guessed.

“We need your help, Jimmy. Your wife, Janie, just isn’t into black guys. Or anal. I haven’t been able to threaten or bribe her into even considering either of them.”

This did not surprise me. Janie could be firm, and she had refused to even discuss those two things with me the couple of times I’d brought them up.

“My friend Derek here came over tonight expecting a little action along those two lines. And I just can’t stand the thought of him leaving disappointed.”

The excitement that had been building for the past thirty minutes instantly vanished, leaving a sub-zero vacuum in the pit of my stomach.

Derek smiled. It was an extremely predatory smile.

I started shaking my head. There was no way that I was going to do what I believed he was about to request.

I grew up in rural Alabama. Homosexuality and interracial dating were two of the strongest taboos in that region. I arrived at college a homophobe, and left only slightly less so. I had enjoyed looking at pictures of black men with white women, but I had never looked at any pictures of two men together. I just wasn’t interested. I had convinced myself that I wasn’t gay or bi for going over to service Tony; I was straight and very kinky, I told myself.

The corners of Janie’s mouth were tight; a sure sign that she was trying not to smile. Our eyes met, but I wasn’t able to hold her gaze. Her eyes flicked nervously over to Tony, waiting to hear what he’d say next.

Tony was grinning, nodding slightly, as if to confirm my unspoken suspicions. His white teeth were a marked contrast to his tanned skin and his sun bleached hair.

“No,” I said. “No way.”

“Oh, come on, Jimmy. We’re just having a little fun.” He used the smooth salesman tone I had heard at our very first meeting months ago. He made it sound like we were playing a board game.

“No way in hell, Tony.”

“Janie,” Tony said, “Tell Jimmy to help us make Derek feel better about missing out on a fabulous piece tonight. Use your womanly charm, your feminine wiles.”

“James, he drove a long way.” She looked at Derek. He winked at her.

I backed toward the door.

“Be reasonable, Jimmy,” Tony added. “We’re all adults here, buddy. We’re just having a little fun. A few laughs. Don’t be a baby.”

I put my hand on the doorknob. Tony put his hand on the door.

“What if…,” I mumbled, “…you let me watch…you know.”

Tony shook his head. “Nope. We’re not going to go through that discussion again. That’s a non-negotiable.”

“Pictures? Let me have some of the pictures of you and Janie.” I was grasping for something, anything. I knew I wouldn’t be successful.

“I tell you what,” he said. “I will, if you do this for me, fix you up with a great girl I know. She’s just your type. Cute face, brunette, big boobs. Same height as Janie. She is always telling me how she wishes she could find a nice guy for some no strings attached sex. She wants a friend with benefits. She’s local. And she’s always horny.”

I blinked a lot, but didn’t say anything. Billy Joel filled the awkward silence, singing it was still rock and roll to him.

Janie clapped her hands together. “Yes, James, doesn’t that sound great? It’s only fair that you get a chance for some extracurricular activities. Do it, James. She sounds perfect!”

Tony took my hand off the doorknob and turned me around. His grip was firm. I didn’t try to pull away.

“What do you say, Jimmy? Do me a favor tonight, and my horny lady friend will repay you as often as you like. I’ll make sure of it. You can’t beat that, can you?”

“I don’t know.” It was hard to concentrate. My head was swimming.

Janie got out from under the covers. Her untamed wavy blonde bush had dried semen in it. She stood up and came around the end of the bed.

“Just tonight, James. Just this once.” She pressed her nude body against me. I felt her breasts, her hardened nipples, firm against my chest.

“Kiss me,” she said.

I turned my face downward. She was so damned beautiful. Her face, especially her eyes, was girl-next-door gorgeous. And her lips were so delicious. She stretched upward to meet me. I kissed her. She was so warm, so soft, so gentle. She smelled of her favorite perfume — the perfume I’d bought her for Valentine’s Day. I almost forgot there was anyone in the room other than the two of us. A hint of a familiar taste to me, Tony’s cum, was in her mouth when our tongues entwined. I felt a tingle in my groin. She sensed it, because she reached down and rubbed me through my shorts.

I kissed her more passionately. I was going to take her right here in front of the two men, I was so aroused.

She fumbled with my belt, then unbuttoned and unzipped my shorts. For a moment I was self-conscious, but I was so aroused that I quickly pushed that feeling aside. The shorts fell to my ankles, and I stepped out of them, shedding my shoes in the process. My four inch cock stood at attention as she slipped my shirt up and over my head. Tony and Derek were about to see that it didn’t take a monster cock to please a woman. I was primed and ready to plunge into her.

Janie backed toward the bed using baby steps, pulling me along with her. Our lips and tongue never untwined. I grabbed her firm little ass cheeks and squeezed. She giggled. I smiled into the kiss.

She got up onto the bed, sitting on her knees. She draped her arms around my neck and moaned as I cupped her breasts and ran my thumbs across her rigid pink nipples.

I felt a pair of huge hands on my bare ass cheeks. I tried to protest but Janie held tight and kissed even harder. She bit my lower lip and redoubled the passion she poured into the kiss.

The skin on those palms was rough. The hands, presumably Derek’s, started squeezing hard. I winced. He kneaded my ass, testing the consistency and firmness.

Tony and Derek were murmured something behind me. I caught the word ‘condom’.

Suddenly, I felt something cold and wet dripping onto the skin at the top of my ass crack. My breath caught in my throat. “James, please…” Janie whispered through a brief break in the kiss. Thick, hot fingers rubbed the wet substance down my crack toward my anus. My kiss became less passionate, more automatic, but Janie was still coming at me like a lioness. I felt the tip of the big finger press against my anus, and suddenly it was inside me.

I gasped and broke the kiss. Janie dropped her hands from around my neck and grabbed my upper arms. My legs were shaking.

“You can do this, James,” she said.

My eyes were wide open, my mouth gaping. My breathing was ragged and shallow.

Tony appeared at my side. His shirt was off. His flat, tanned stomach was covered with fine blonde hair. “Relax, man,” he said in a soft tone I’d not heard him use before. “Just relax and let everything go.”

I found that was easier said than done. My sphincter was very tight, and every time Derek moved his finger my entire abdomen contracted. He slipped it deeper; I cried out softly.

“I can’t…”

“Yes, you can, James.” Janie was smiling reassuringly. “I love you. I have always loved you. I will always love you. Thank you for doing this for me. For Tony.”

I closed my eyes. Big hands, Tony’s hands, one on my stomach and one on my back, bent me forward a little more. Derek’s finger slid even deeper. I gritted my teeth. It was so deep at that point, I had to relax to lessen the pain.

“Yeah, that’s more like it.” Derek’s baritone voice was rich and sonorous. “That is tight, man. This is gonna be good.” He chuckled.

He eased his finger out. More goo dripped onto my ass and was rubbed into my crack. Tony beside me, and Janie in front of me, held me still. They were looking behind me, and their eyes suddenly widened. “Damn,” Tony breathed.

A second later I felt a gigantic fleshy knob making its way between my cheeks. Derek moved it up and down, spreading the goo even more. Once he was satisfied that everything was well greased, he pressed the tip of his cock hard against my anus.

I cried out as a red hot poker slid deep within me, gloving itself in my newly opened territory.


When Derek finished with me and withdrew, I collapsed onto the bed. Everyone was quiet. Janie held my head. My face was in her bush, but it didn’t get my attention like it normally would. My ass was burning too badly. Something dripped down my leg. Maybe it was the lubricant. Maybe it was something else.

Again, Tony said, “Damn.” The tone was very different. Incredulous, rather than impressed. I glanced sideways and could see that he was now totally naked. And erect.

Janie stroked my hair. It felt good. She said something, but I didn’t really hear it. I wasn’t sure if she was talking to me or not.

“C’mere, baby,” Tony said. I did know who he was talking to.

“Just a minute,” Janie said. She caressed my cheek and ear, and leaned over to kiss my head. Her sweet smelling breasts pressed against my face as she whispered in my ear. “I love you. You are my husband. I will never leave you. Ever.”

“Come on,” Tony insisted.

He took her hand and tugged. She gently laid my head on the bed. “Do you want to get up on the bed, James?”

I shook my head the best I could. I just wanted to lay there, half on and half off the bed, until I quit hurting. She left me there.

Behind me, I heard Tony slap her ass, and she giggled. The bed made the noise of a couple falling on it. Tony and Janie made lusty noises. I heard Derek chuckle again; he might have been sitting on the bed beside me. But my cock didn’t stir. Soon, I heard the regular rhythm of a man coupling with a woman. I couldn’t stay awake. I fell asleep to the music of Tony’s accented grunts and Janie’s high pitched whimpers of pleasure.


I woke up to an insistent tapping on the motel room door. “Housekeeping,” a woman warned.

I was fully on the bed, nude, covered up to my shoulders with a sheet and blanket. “Just a minute,” I responded. The clock radio said eleven AM. Thank goodness it was Sunday and I didn’t have any duties at the university. I started to rise, but the slightest movement renewed the fiery pain from last night’s violent treatment.

“Can you come back later?” I tried hard to use a normal tone of voice rather than groan.

“Check out time was ten-thirty.”

“I’ll be right out. Thanks.” I heard the cart roll to the next door.

Putting on my clothes was excruciating. I left my tennis shoes untied. As I shuffled to the door, I saw a note on the desk.

“]James, I love you. Meet us for breakfast at the IHOP next door if you get this in time. Your wife, Janie. P.S. Thank you for last night. You really pleased Tony.’

The time on the note was nine AM. I didn’t think I could have eaten anything, anyway.

Next to the note was a three quarters full bottle of silicone based lubricant and a package of three extra large deluxe condoms. The package of condoms was unopened. I picked up the bottle and put it in my pocket.

The bed where Tony had fucked my wife a few hours earlier was a jumble of sheets and pillows. I picked up a handful of bedclothes, held them to my nose, and breathed deeply. I could smell Tony. I could smell my wife’s perfume. My cock stirred for the first time since Derek had taken me. I considered stealing a pillowcase, but remembered the cleaning lady was next door. I headed for my car, still tingling from the mingled aromas of my wife and her dominating lover.

A business card waited for me under my windshield wiper. It was Tony’s. On the back, he had scribbled the name “Daphne” and a phone number. His part of the bargain, I supposed, but I wondered what Daphne was really like. I suspected the sort of trickery from the Jacobs short story, “The Monkey’s Paw”. Or, worse, “The Crying Game.” I would find out soon enough.

I drove home berating myself for not taking the chance to watch Tony with my wife. If I had let Janie move me onto the bed, I’d been in the idea spot to observe. Maybe I’d been in a little bit of shock. I shrugged for my own benefit. At least I had at least another year in graduate school. There would be more opportunities, I reassured myself. So, in the meantime, I would stay close to the phone.

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