Clearing in the Woods Ch. 02


Her cries of pure pleasure pierce the silence of the forest. The trees witness her body writhing, her breasts heaving, fully erect nipples reaching towards the cerulean sky. Her lovely body convulses in the ancient dance of those in the throes of ecstasy .How lovely she looks to him now. Her body bathed in the rays of the sun, head thrown back, mouth open, face and chest flushed with the blush of desire and fulfillment, yet never would he learn to satisfy her as much as he wanted. He could only be a student of great devotion.”

He holds her there, admiring the view, his arms wrapped around her thighs, his cheek resting on her soft inner thigh, gazing at her moist lips, so full, so lush, so beautiful. His gaze travels up her body, across her quivering stomach, to her lush breasts, settling on her flushed face. He watches her until her breathing returns to normal and her body is calm and relaxed.

She runs her tongue across her dry lips, opens her eyes, and smiles at him. “That was wonderful, my darling.”

“Do you know how much I desire you?” he asked. Do you know what goes through my mind when I see you like this? Do you know what my body tells me when I drive you over the edge?

“No, tell me.”

“I desire you like no other. My desire for you is so overwhelming my mind cannot grasp it fully. If I were to Iive forever I would never forget how you look at this moment. Your image is imprinted on my mind and my soul. When I see you in the throes of orgasm the world stops for me, we are the only two people on earth. My pulse quickens, my breath is taken away by your beauty, and every nerve ending comes alive. I can’t keep my eyes or my hands off you. My cock has never been this hard and it wants to possess all of you. I want to be your protector, to stand guard over you to keep you safe from anything or anyone that will cause you harm or unhappiness. I want you to be mine for eternity. I want this moment to last forever.”

She looks into his eyes as he speaks and every word he utters touches her deeply. Tears of happiness and love fill her eyes and spill across her cheeks. She closes her eyes and feels his soft lips kiss her tears away. He lay on top of her and kisses her passionately, searing her with desire as if he were branding her. Her arms wrap around him holding him close, her hands running ataköy escort up and down his rippling back muscles and across his massive arms. His cock is hard against her stomach and she wants to feel it inside her. His lips are on her shoulder kissing their way up the side of her neck until they reach her ear, where she hears his faint whisper.

“My darling, I want you to lay back and close your eyes and feel every sensation that I intend on giving you. Feel the coolness of the grass on your back, feel the warmth of the sun on your smooth skin and feel the soft breeze caress your perfect breasts and play upon your nipples. Know that the creatures of the forest are watching and stand in awe of your beauty, as I am.”

He watches her as she stretches to full length on her back, arms above her head, feet on the ground, knees drawn up and spread wide, a smile of expectation on her lovely face.

She feels his moist warm mouth latch onto first one nipple than the other nipple, sucking hard and fast, drawing each up to full length, the hard buds throbbing with desire. When he releases them, she indeed feels the cool breeze play upon them and it sends a shockwave to her nether regions.

Soft kisses are planted on the inside of her thighs. He licks and savors the taste of their first shared orgasm. Oh she tastes wonderful. He slides his face closer to her gorgeous womanhood, stopping just short, and deeply inhales. Ahhhhhh….. the scent, the musk of his lover has captured his soul, his lust and desire fueled by her scent. His eyes take in all, her lips fully wetted and parted, each fold begging to be orally explored, her clitoris now fully engorged and glistening, waiting to be suckled again.

His kisses begin once more, first one sensual thigh, then the other, working slowly to those sweetened lips, over and around her furry mound of pubic hair, then under to the very beginning of her wet slit. Her soft moans of pleasure float in the enchanted clearing, a signal that she and her lover are yet exploring further delights.

His hands slowly snake their way upwards, around and over her spread thighs, up her soft velvety belly and coming into contact with her full breasts. They lift the supple titflesh, and then cover both breasts, feeling the growing nipples on his palms. Her moans and writhing continue, this bakırköy escort time slower, deeper, as she surrenders to his touch, his tongue. His forefingers and thumbs have both nipples firmly between them, and he is stroking each as they grow in size, masturbating them as if tiny growing cocks. Her moans deepen to his delight, and his tongue continues lapping the full length of her parted lips. The feel of his goatee on her sensitive labia makes her squirm with desire and it grows moister and moister as he licks and enjoys her taste. His cock needs to be touched, but he knows it will explode if he does, so he refrains. He looks up to gaze into her eyes.

“Please, my Darling, let me taste you, let me taste your come once again.”

Their eyes lock in a lovers gaze, both intimate and devilishly erotic.

All she can do is moan “Yes, yes, I will”

He returns to her womanhood. His tongue begins snaking its way into her and tasting her deeply while his hands still knead her heaving bosoms and fully erect nipples. In and out of her, his tongue penetrating her pussy walls as he knows his throbbing cock will be doing soon, in and out, swirling around inside her love tunnel. He probes her as he feels her writhe and hears her moan even louder, the clearing’s sun warming his backside, much as she warms his lips with hers. Her hands cover both of his for a time, mimicking and duplicating his hands motions on her breasts. She enjoys his attention to her fabulous breasts, and only moves them when she gasps with pleasure once his mouth finds her clit.

At first, his tongue circles it, first left to right, then right to left, but once his lips fully cover her hardened clit, her hands move to her lover’s head, at first only stroking the hair, then pressing his lips and mouth closer, tighter to her aching pussy. Her legs open further still, as if to pull in her lover and his wonderful lips, then close slightly and tremble, as her second orgasm draws nearer.

He is quite aptly making her forget where they are, who they are, for moments like this; it is only the two of them. She can feel his hunger for her in the way he is licking her clit, at the moans of his carnal pleasure that are now matching hers and in the hunger, that hunger they both share. She will give all; do all for him, for herself, for them.

His tongue now furiously lashes at her clit, each stroke pushing her closer and closer, and her ass lifting slightly at each brush of a particularly sensitive patch of labia, her hands both stroking and pressing his head, his face in closer, tighter. He inhales deeply, her wonderful aroma filling his senses, intoxicating him. He moans deeply, and she feels it, feels the vibration of his lips against hers, feels her lover’s hands full of her tingling nipples, and feels the sensations of his long wet tongue probing her now soaked lips and swollen bud.

Her head thrashes from side to side, her hands closing around the soft grass, finger tips digging into the earth below. She opens her eyes to the sun streaked sky above, then closes them tightly and crosses the threshold of pleasure. Her thighs shake and tremble and a flushed feeling of sweet release overtakes her as she shares with her lover the second of many powerful orgasms. His mouth and taste buds lap hungrily at her delicious juices, it drives him wild as the juices seem sweeter, hotter than the first time. He wants more, must have more, and drinks all he can.

As her moans subside, yet echo slightly through the private forest they’ve enjoyed, he pulls back only slightly to gaze, to savor, to gently touch this woman he has craved for so long. He runs his hands along and over her silk like skin, enjoying the simple touch, her sweet soft thighs, her womanhood and the wetness they’ve created, her heaving breasts, her neck, finally the side of her lovely face. Shifting his position, he takes both cheeks in his hands, and kisses her deeply, passionately, longingly, and the kiss is sweet.

He lies beside her, holding her from behind, both now stretched out in the clearing of soft, downy still green grass, her frame fitting perfectly in his arms, as they spoon and cuddle together, kissing, still moaning, skin touching, one hand cupping her breast, his hard cock pressed to her flesh.

The fall breeze, warmed by the sun, covers us like a sheet… A lazy Sunday feeling, a lover’s touch, all familiar now… For the two of us, what once was missing is now complete…

‘Two lovers, intertwined and together at last, to be…to discover…to explore…

Shadows fall, and the breeze, now with its hint of winter, cools her nipple and it grows.

Seeing this, he does as well, and they both want…more…more…more…’

Part Three? We shall see.


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