Cleaning Janice’s Windows for Free


Cleaning Janice’s windows for free…

Feeling her suck took away all the notions that I wouldn’t get any satisfaction from a sixty year old.

I would never have entered into the situation had it not been for my good nature – although I say it myself. I just felt sorry for Janice that’s all – and even though she was old enough to be my mother I had to contend that living alone, she still had normal natural feelings like most women do – even at her age.

She’d cried when she told me about losing her hubby five years back and I felt the warmth of her face rubbing against mine.

I had been cleaning her windows for a whole year and realised Janice was a shy reserved soul – but there was always something in her eyes which said she would dearly like to befriend me.

Come two or three visits doing her windows; she shyly asked if I would like a coffee, and it all started from there.

If ever I was then asked if I could ever fuck a woman her age I would definitely have said no. I was quite happy with a younger woman called Maggy, who has a nice tight ass and a trim little figure to set me off – not an aging pensioner with wrinkles! Although, having said that, Janice’s figure looking from behind, well you’d think she was half her age, and once it did flash through my mind I could go for that – but then the thought immediately went when she turned around.

But somehow, when we got around to speaking about love and relationships; Janice’s forthrightness surprised me when she told me how she Büyükçekmece escort missed the physical side ever so much, especially in bed at night – cuddling that extra pillow she always kept beside her. She admitted she so very much missed the warmth of a man beside her at night.

I could not help but close near to her and sympathise.One thing led to another and …

“You really are handsome Philip,” Janice breathed after spending a wonderful few minutes gently sucking and enjoying my cock.

“Glad you approve!” I smiled, feeling really good about it, and also relieved that it was much better than I had ever envisaged, that the love and thrill of an older woman can be really gratifying and exciting.

“Can I do something else too?”

“Something else. Janice?”

“Yes I would dearly love to cradle you underneath, they look so nice and inviting, I remember how my hubby liked it, to be balled and sucked he used to say.”

Yes there was a certain erotica about her mature foreplay, something special and warming too.Me jusssssssst laying there liked she wanted and feeling the gentle touch of her fingers explore me. Now I felt I really was doing Janice a service as she gently sniffed and played with my cock and balls, eyes wide as she stretched it right back to expose the ripe crimson head – when she sighed and,closing her eyes,placed her lips around it and gently but firmly sucked my p-hole, driving me crazy with passion and the urge to fuck.

“MMM! Çatalca escort bayan -I love the taste, you really are beautiful and I envy any young lady who gets you”

And there was me thinking she was the shy and reserved type!

My jeans were just below my waist as she helped herself to me – my tackle popping out like a jack in the box after she;d unzipped me – but she gladly assisted me in removing them completely, me standing astride, pushing myself out for her perusal, she kneeling on a cushion to really enjoy me, the feel of her exploring fingers everywhere, the touch of her warm wet tongue and lips sucking and licking me there, as I just chilled and let this wonderful mature but sweet woman make up for lost time. It was endearing, it was lovely and put a new aspect onto the way I thought about sex and just how much it meant to Janice.

Watching her enjoy me for so long was such a joy, looking down at her as she sucked me deeper and deeper, taking little intervals to get her breath, looking up at me with those big wide smiling eyes as she took it back into her mouth again, and there was I feeling the utter pleasure and feeling of how it was like being cock sucked with such velocity and splendour.

Then, taking another breather, she whispered with obvious sexual arousal in her voice – that if I wanted I could reach a climax like this That is would be okay with her.

“You mean you would like me to cum in your mouth?”

She simply nodded, squeezing my balls, Escort Esenler stroking the length of my hard cock now, looking like she really wanted that

I was about to enjoy the most wonderful and thrilling gratification of oral pleasure since my first girl friend Maggy did it when I was just eighteen, and she was trying to prove to her friends for a bet she would do it.

But this was so very much better than any oral experience I had encountered, I guess because Janice had been without for so long, and because that is really what she wanted, that was all the better and I enjoyed it so much, just standing there and letting go, feeling the white cream surge through my cock like a volcano as she sucked and sucked each time I spurted like she just didn’t want to let any drop escape.

She swallowed and moaned, the cream was all over her face, but she seemed to relish all that, clutching my cock and rubbing it all over her face.

It was a special experience and when she said I could fuck her if I would like to – I found myself doing it like it was the most natural thing in the world to fuck a woman twenty years my senior, and she was tight too, I had to be careful, but she told me not to stop, that she would moisten herself with some cream and somehow, easing and working my stiffness into her was so warm and really soothing, a nice gentle fucking followed, she whimpering with my every thrust, she laying beneath me, her heels pressing into my back urging me on until we both reached that wonderful finale, feeling the wonder of two people enjoying each other no matter what age.

At the end of the day Janice’s fuck was my fuck and from that moment on, every time I cleaned her windows I was treated to coffee and, well yes; you’ve guessed and why not?

Of course she still got her windows cleaned for free!

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