Clara Makes Her Move


She secretly slipped the drug into Val’s drink, smiled to herself, and set off across the club dance floor to the table to wait. Val didn’t even know who she was despite the fact that they were in three classes together. Clara, wasn’t the kind of girl you noticed. Val was…simply…stunning. Prom queen stunning (which she had been). Head cheerleader stunning (which she was). And plain old Clara just never could manage to run in those circles.

Val took the glass without noticing that Clara had even been there. Without even acknowledging her existence beyond a glass of something suddenly showing up in her hand. As she drank the cocktail, the music grew louder and more insistent. She felt relaxed but suddenly everything got sooooo quiet. It must be time to sleep. Thankfully someone was there to help her.

Clara looked down at Val, asleep on the bed. She had removed all of Val’s clothes and marveled at what a beauty she was. She had lusted after this girl for so long, and Val didn’t even know who she was. She had worked overtime in the research labs of the bio-chem department. Begged, borrowed, and stolen the time, equipment, and materials that had brought her to this moment. She had wanted Val so fucking bad. It just wasn’t fair.

Clara stripped out of her clothes and looked in the mirror. Her breasts were nice. Nearly C cups but nothing like Val’s. Her hips were elegantly curved. But not like Val’s “breeder hips”. Her hair was dark, not like Vals golden bounty. Val’s pussy was full and moist in a way that just needed to be touched often and passionately, Clara’s pussy was a mere slit by comparison.

Val was everything she was not, but there was something that Clara had that even the gifted and lovely Val did not. As Clara slowly pushed her swollen cock inside of Val’s pussy, she at last felt that the playing field was starting to level out. The feeling of emotional clarity and physical stimulation surpassed anything she had ever dreamed of. Even drugged and only semi-aware, Val’s body responded naturally to Clara’s sexual advances. Biology was taking its course. And tonight would be just the prelude.

Clara relished the feeling when it finally came. Val’s pussy was wet and lush and gripped her as if it had a mind of its own. Clara felt her cock grow rock hard and her balls contract as she shot the biggest load of her life into Val’s womb. It was perfection itself.

Val was confused. What had happened last night? She was at the club. She’d been talking to some undergrad frat boys who were trying in vain to pick her up. She’d had some drinks, and now here she was, naked and handcuffed to the bed. Her crotch was sore, but in a good way. Maybe one of the frat boys got lucky after all.

The door opened and someone came in with a tray of food. She looked vaguely familiar, but Val couldn’t quite place where she’d seen her before. The eggs tasted a little funny, but the orange juice… she was soooooo thirsty.

Clara was hitting her stride. Her cock was buried to the hilt again in Val’s luscious pussy. It had taken a while…five or six days, to get her stretched to the point where Val could take the whole thing, but Clara was sure she’d never be able to take a guy’s cock now and be content with it. And the course of drugs was almost complete anyway. Clara had been reducing Ataşehir Escort the sedative portion of the treatment, and now Val was almost fully aware of what was going on.

It had been five years since she’d first seen Val across the quad, and in all that time, Val hadn’t even known she existed. And Clara couldn’t tell her. Couldn’t show her. Yet she had wanted Val so badly. She knew how it would end if she just showed her. So instead she beat off daily, thinking of Val’s luscious tits, her moist and verdant pussy. She dreamt of fucking Val’s mouth with her huge cock. A cock that easily surpassed any of the guys she’d ever seen naked or in pornos. A cock that had never been sheathed in a woman’s pussy because being a futanari and revealing it was a sure ticket to outcastville. Clara was a freak. She understood that. But something had to give and she wanted Val so badly.

It had started with a graduate project that had included some genetic therapy experiments conducted on primates at the University of South Africa. The goals of the experiment had ended up being a dead end, but Clara saw something in the experiment data that she found intriguing.

She knew all too well that most futa, grew up as loners. She also knew that once they became sexually active with someone, that person would have an abnormally strong response to the futa’s pheromones. The mechanics behind that were complex, and the response could be as temporary as a few minutes or long term as in months or years. There were just a lot of factors. But the South African experiment had opened the door to a whole new avenue.

It had been expensive. She first had to deconstruct the pheromone response, and then find a delivery system. The use of a simple synthetic virus was the obvious choice, but she had found that infusion directly into the bloodstream resulted in the host’s immune system attacking the virus and killing it off before the mutagen had a chance to establish itself. So other paths had to be investigated.

It had turned out that infusion through the body’s mucus membranes, bypassed this problem nicely, and once the mutagen was present in a high enough quantity, it began to alter the subject’s actual DNA to become entirely synchronous with that of the donor. In other words the subject would be re-engineered on a genetic level to require the donor in a physical sense. Soul-mates on a biological level. As a nice little side effect it was also highly addictive, so the pheromone response was not only permanent, but also necessary for the subject to continue living a normal life. Clara considered this a failsafe at first, but the more she experienced it, the more she found it to be an actively useful feature.

The other part of the pheromone response was a plummet in IQ when directly exposed to the donor. It was a very real phenomenon, one might call “love struck”. But clinically, IQ could degrade anywhere from 30 to 50 percent. Physical arousal and emotional dependence increased dramatically as well. Clara called it the “Bimbo Effect”. It would begin as soon as physical contact was made, and would end sometime after the contact was broken, and the subject would return to a normal intellectual and physical state.

Clara had to admit that injecting the virus into her own balls was excruciating. Kadıköy Escort But she noted with satisfaction how Val would now coo in happy orgasmic bliss, when Clara would shoot yet another enormous load of mutagenic cum into her always receptive pussy.

Val could remember being straight. She wasn’t sure now what that even meant. She did know that she loved playing with Clara’s titties and licking her pussy every bit as much as she loved sucking Clara’s cock and being filled in the pussy with load after load of Clara’s gooey sweet cum. It just felt right, like it always should have been this way, and when they couldn’t be near each other for a while, Val started to feel icky. It would start with a tummy ache and gradually get worse and worse. The only thing that made it better was her Clara’s touch. She remembered boys touching her but they all had tiny cocks compared her Clara. Sometimes they would be greedy and cum too fast, but not her Clara. Clara had the prettiest nicest feeling cock there was, and fucking had never given her a fraction of the satisfaction that it did when she felt Clara load her pussy with her potent futa seed.

She vaguely recalled thinking boys were everything, but now she knew they were just like little annoying animals. They didn’t have a futa cock and if they did, they wouldn’t know how to use it. They tasted funny…all wrong…. Not sweet and nourishing like her Clara.

She was waiting until Clara walked through that door. She felt a little wobbly in the tummy, but she knew that the second Clara was with her, she’d feel warm, her pussy would get all wet and hot, and the two of them would join as one and make love until dinner time. She loved how insatiable Clara was for her and had come to be the same way…on the same wavelength.

Her parents had really been pissed off when she brought Clara home. She heard her dad mutter something about them being a “couple of fucking lesbos”. So they didn’t even try to be quiet that night when Clara had pounded her pussy for a good hour and a half, banging the headboard of Val’s Barbie Dreamhouse bed against the wall so hard it left dents in the sheetrock, and leaving the sheet a cum drenched mess. The parents still hadn’t gotten it, but it didn’t matter so much after that.

Guess daddy was a bit of a dick himself, and mom just followed. She probably would have loved having a futa cock too, but Val wasn’t about to share. Frankly, her folks had been happy to see them leave and Val had her lips wrapped around Clara’s cock before they’d even made it out of the driveway. They’d had to pull over and fucked in a grocery store parking lot. They had both needed it that bad. And once more when they were almost home. They just couldn’t keep their skirts down for each other.

When they got home, they fucked some more. Val couldn’t get enough of Clara’s cock. She loved looking down between their mashed together breasts to see her pussy fill and empty as Clara’s cock moved easily in and out, and it never failed to start her own chain of orgasms.

A couple of weeks later the letter came for her Val. It was from her parents’ lawyer and it was official notification that she was being financially cut off, and disowned. The other document was a restraining order stating that she was not to make any attempt to Bostancı Escort contact them. They had obviously thought this through.

Of course this meant that finishing school was going to have to wait. Not that she minded so much, but it was going to make things financially tight. That’s when she remembered that one of the other girls from the cheer leading squad had mentioned how much she had made over the summer dancing at a local strip club. After a long talk with Clara she went down and filled out an application.

Within just a few months she was a huge hit, and was bringing more money home in tips than she’d ever made before. What’s more her libido was kicked into overdrive and despite the late nights she’d crawl into bed as soon as she got home, wake Clara up and fuck her until they fell asleep in each other’s arms. Clara had even tried to go to the club once to see her but she said that the hard on she got from watching Val almost tipped the table over, and she had drilled no fewer than five megaloads of cum into Val’s hungry pussy until she had to drag herself off to work, still with a semi.

Word had spread about Val, and she had to secretly thank mommy and daddy for all those years of dance lessons and cheerleading camps, plus the genetics that gave her a body most men would happily spend their entire paycheck on just to keep her up on stage. Despite the fact that such attention would have gone to most women’s heads, it had made Val concentrate more about how in love with Clara she was, and how she didn’t want to rock that boat. So when a guy had approached her after a set one night and said he thought she’d be an absolute sensation in porno, she’d told him to fuck himself. But when he’d told her how much money was to be made, she softened her tones.

The offer was insane. She needed to talk to Clara.

Clara watched her onscreen, taking that guy’s dick and pretending it was the greatest thing she’d had in her pussy. Clara was as hard as a rock and jacking her cock lewdly as she watched her wife take on one then two, then three other guys. None of them came close to measuring up. Val was good, but Clara knew what she really loved and closing her eyes she blew a big load all over her own tight belly and tits. It felt good, but not as good as Val’s pussy was going to feel, and she’d be home soon and if the recent past had been any indication, they’d be fucking like newlyweds within minutes. They just couldn’t stop touching each other, not that either of them wanted to.

They were almost there. Val’s success had been unexpectedly huge. In a just a couple of years she’d manage to parlay her porn career up into production status. That meant no more on-film work, she’d be behind the camera now. And they had the nest egg they’d worked so hard for. About ten million in fact. She’d waited so long for this moment. She smiled at Clara as she grabbed her birth control pills and emptied them one by one into the toilet as she watched Clara grow harder and harder. A few minutes later she was lowering her hot slick and fertile pussy onto Clara’s steel hard cock, begging her to knock her up. It was too much for both of them and yet it was also just the start.

Val swore she could feel Clara’s sperm penetrate her egg and collapsed against her wife, spent but happy. Laughing and kissing, Clara’s cock still twitching with aftershocks, firmly lodged in Val’s loving, cum dripping pussy, they drifted in and out of consciousness just to begin again an hour or so later. Maybe one more time…just to be sure… and probably just one more time after that…

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