Claire’s Goes to School


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Claire Parsons walked across his bedroom and stopped to indulge her eyes. Her economics professor was lying on the bed, very much immobilized by the handiwork of her bondage. He was on his stomach with absolutely nothing impeding her eyes from feasting on what lay between his legs.

Carrying the afterglow of an intense orgasm from earlier that day, she now had to go to work. She needed to complete her plan. The naughtiness that she knew and her desire to dominate him had her more than ready. There was no turning back now.

— Earlier —

She thought back to how this whole thing came to pass. Professor Butler was a highly thought of economics and finance instructor at what Claire thought of as an idiotic, small-town, Oregon college. Her parents had insisted it was safe enough for their naïve little girl. They were worried that she wasn’t mature enough to head off to a larger school in a big city, and if she had wanted their generous offer of helping with the costs, the terms were stated as non-negotiable. Oh how she wanted to go to New York City and really experience life. This place in the woods was full of granola-eating, Birkenstock-wearing morons that all thought they were the original Hipsters. What a train wreck!

What little her parents actually knew about her. How would her father have reacted if he knew the real truth regarding her skill in using her feminine wiles? At 18, it would have been more accurate to describe her as the queen of the prick tease. Enraged beyond belief wouldn’t quite cover the extent of Daddy’s fury. Thank god he was clueless.

Claire assets were many, but they started with a body that was well toned from competitive swimming and other sports. She had a tight and well-rounded butt, firm and full breasts and dark skin from the time she spent outdoors. While her face was one of the all-American girl next door, her flirting ways were a juxtaposition to this. And the capper? Well the clothing she wore — it just made the guys drool. The tighter the better as far as she was concerned. How her parents missed all of this, she would never know.

But when it came to the physical stuff, she had always kept things on the fairly innocent side and favored guys that wouldn’t press the issue. Kissing and some occasional touching if she really liked someone, but that is where things stopped. She enjoyed getting her dates riled up but typically left them frustrated and wanting more. She got accustomed to being called a tease and relished her title taking every opportunity to enhance her standing in this area.

She loved the power that came from teasing guys by touching and stroking them just enough to get them rock hard, but not so much to allow release. Occasionally, she would relent, but only when it suited her.

Things changed after her prom however. She let things go a little too far in the back seat of her date’s car. He just wouldn’t take no for an answer and when he pushed her head down onto his cock (a first for Claire), she quickly became curious at this new found power.

His moaning and jerking of his hips thrilled her to no end. She found that by simply halting her actions, he would begin begging for more. This control over a his body gave her an amazing power-rush! It also provided a level of wetness between her legs that she had yet to feel heretofore.

To the world of a young woman still exploring all the emotions that came with sex, this was a giant escalation of the more innocent teasing she had previously been engaged in. All of his squirming, begging and pleading was actually enough to put Claire right over the edge, and without even being touched, she had her first real orgasm right there!

So when he maneuvered to get her clothes off, it was pretty much a foregone conclusion; she allowed him the full access he sought, and that was that for her virginity. Just as well as she hadn’t wanted to head off to college with that status.

But the lovemaking that night (if it could be called that) was pretty bland. Once he was inside her tight orifice, he lasted but a few minutes and the whole interaction left her disappointed and thinking that there had to be something more to what all her girlfriends spent hours upon hours talking about.

As soon as he was done, he was zipping up and ready to drop her off for the night. She realized he was probably heading straight off to brag to his friends that he was the one that had claimed her virginity. What a jackass. Claire couldn’t help but wonder if all guys were like this.

But the power that had come with this interaction had left an indelible impression on Claire that would shape her life forever. She had very quickly understood that the role of being in charge was not only acceptable to pursue, but was practically a prerequisite for her. She knew she would need Nevşehir Escort this type of emotional satisfaction to fully sate her still evolving sexual desires.

Unfortunately, now stuck at a small and conservative college, finding a willing (and suitable) partner proved too much to hope for. Sexually speaking, frustration appeared to be anchored to Claire’s college life, and for the time being, the memory of what she felt from this previous interaction was all that she had.

At college, although they were a little older than before, the guys still seemed just as immature when it came to sex. Not a lot subtlety, romanticism, or heck, even any attention toward the art of seduction. She was finished with being dry-humped in a dorm room by undergraduate students. She longed for someone that could be the partner that she knew she needed. But that was where she was utterly frustrated. Her attempts at finding someone that would allow her to run the show had hit a roadblock.

Things had briefly improved when she experimented with a female graduate assistant from one of her finance classes. As much as this woman named Penny had hated men, she certainly seemed to understand how to make Claire orgasm at will. Even though she didn’t feel a real attraction to her (or any woman for that matter), the sex was nice. Unfortunately, Claire’s desires to be the on the dominant side were soundly rebuffed as the older and more mature graduate assistant preferred that role.

Penny taught Claire the fine art of using a strap-on with another woman and the two enjoyed taking turns at this every night. Claire always seemed to prefer the role of wearing the strap-on, and her favorite position was to do Penny doggy style. She loved the moaning and howling she could elicit from her as Penny neared and meandered through her long and powerful orgasms.

One night, about a week into hooking up with her every night, Claire had a little too much to drink. Penny used this to her advantage and convinced Claire to let her tie her to the bed. Claire acquiesced not realizing that this would consist of an elaborate systems of straps and restraints that had her arms pulled all the way to the top corners of the bed followed by her ankles being spread wide and pulled all the way up to her shoulders. This caused her ass to be practically lifted off the bed and exposed her pussy and asshole to a state of vulnerability that she had never even imagined before.

Even if she had wanted to protest, the gag that was placed upon her would have likely rendered that not very possible. Penny then took it upon herself to first spank her upturned ass, all the while telling Claire that she was very bad. The touching and licking that came next was enjoyable enough, and then Penny left the room and came back with a lubed up, red strap-on.

Looking wickedly at Claire, she took a vibrating plug and embedded into the restrained girl’s wet and aching pussy. It was at that point that Claire realized which orifice Penny had in mind for the strap-on. This made her quite nervous as she had never experienced even a finger there before, much less this red monster attached to Penny.

Kneeling between the Claire’s legs, a single finger was placed gingerly at the entrance to the bound woman’s virgin asshole. Penny slowly worked it in and wiggled it around to get Claire accustomed to this new invasion. After Claire begin to feel relaxed from the inevitable pleasant sensations, the older girl begin to earnestly wiggle and slide her way in and out.

While it begin to feel pretty nice, Claire saw the look of control that Penny had in her eye and longed for that feeling. The insertion of a second finger coupled with her clit being lapped by the older woman’s expert tongue had Claire squirming against the tight restraints. She was more than ready when the actual ass-fucking finally started.

It was obvious that this was not new territory to Penny. She seemed to know quite well how to use a both long and short strokes, in and out of Claire’s ass, combined with a manipulation of Claire’s clit and the vibrating plug in her pussy; soon she was soaring to another one of the many orgasms that she had experienced over the past several days. Physically, the level of satisfaction was nice, but Claire knew the absence of her ability to implement an element of control over someone was going to leave her unsatisfied.

After the whole thing was over, Claire knew this would be the last time they would hook up. If she couldn’t have the control that she so wanted, she would simply have to keep looking. An email the next day, and the break up message was delivered. Unfortunately, there was the small matter of Penny’s involvement as a graduate assistant in Claire’s finance class, and as it turned out, Claire would be made to pay for that.

A pissed off Penny had managed to see to it that Claire received a grade much lower than what was deserved. Claire was aggravated but considered herself fortunate that she had at least passed Nevşehir Escort Bayan and could move on without having to look back. She chastised herself to maintain control over these situations in the future.

— About a year later —

With her final year of college of now underway, her first impression of Professor Butler – well, he was just another geeky academic type. His clothes weren’t very hip. He was nothing more than another obstacle to getting to her degree. With just two more semesters to go, she was practically home free and had no plans of letting his class derail her. Out of this wretched place where the only guys that were even remotely dateable were only interested in nothing more than trying to grope her after a cheap dinner.

But if the rumors of this class were true, she would have to grind it out to make a decent grade. That was a little worrisome for someone that had never had to work very hard at school back home.

And after the first week, Claire quickly realized that the stories about the difficulty of the material were in fact not exaggerated. Damn this was going to be tough. Professor Butler seemed intent on making his students sweat it out.

When her mid-term grade came back a D, she realized she would need a pretty impressive performance on the final so as not to hurt her chances of getting away from this hellhole. But the course material that came after that test seemed to get only more complex, and Claire started to get genuinely frustrated.

With something of a flashback as to how easily she could get the guys her age to constantly do as she asked, the seemingly innocent idea of flirting with Professor Butler seemed an ideal way to get him to soften a bit when grading her test. She started this endeavor by deciding to change her attire for his class.

She decided to wear her “I just came from the gym yet still look hot” outfit. Form fitting athletic shorts that hugged her ass in a way that she knew guys just had to look, a sports bra type top and a small cover that was specifically arranged to fall off of one shoulder.

Walking into class, with her get-up in place, she headed straight to the front row. Professor Butler was not there yet. When the kid that usually sat in the seat she had claimed arrived, she just kind of sneered at him, and he hurriedly kept walking toward the back of the class.

As the prof finally walked in, he went to his desk and unloaded all of his books and notes. What a dweebish guy he seemed — Claire figured this would be easier than she had expected.

As he started his lecture on the impossibly dull topic of some European country’s banking system failure (are you serious?), she casually opened her pullover so that her form fitting sports top was openly displayed. She knew that she had luscious breasts and as her flirtatious brain went into action, a wave of excitement washed over her causing her nipples to harden. Claire knew that they could be clearly seen through the thin Lycra material.

Thinking that her actions would be more work than fun, she had not expected to feel jazzed by all of this. But arousal arrived with a suddenness that was new to Claire, and she quickly felt the beginnings of some moisture developing between her legs. She chided herself with a reminder that she was on a mission and needed to retain control.

Partway through the lecture, he finally looked her way. She flashed him her standard little cutesy smile that she knew had worked a hundred times before when there was something she wanted.

But when his only reaction was one of a smirk, she was crestfallen. She even could have sworn she heard a little cluck of disdain from him. How dare he think for a moment that he was better than her! Whatever sexual arousal had taken root within Claire just as quickly evaporated.

He was just an idiot professor that she could easily outmatch. But as the lecture wrapped up without him even giving her another look, she began to worry that she might have to take this to the next level. Professor Butler wrapped the lecture and sailed out of the room without even so much as a glance her way.

Now starting to feel a little worried, Claire headed back to her apartment and immediately begin asking around about her intended target. Coming up dry with a couple of friends, she called a woman she had met a few semesters before. Jane was now a grad student and seemed to know everyone on campus.

Without snooping, but seeming to know what was on Claire’s mind, Jane said that he was definitely not gay or married. With a little laugh, Jane said Claire should have little trouble getting whatever it was that interested her. Feeling busted, Claire blushed profusely and quickly brought the call to an end.

After the transparency with her questions, Claire felt pretty embarrassed, but her resolve was as steely as ever. She made up her mind that a visit during Professor Butler’s office hours would be required. A quick check of the syllabus and she Escort Nevşehir determined she would show up at the very end of the 3-5pm time slot that very afternoon.

She was surprised with how her mind started racing. The thought of a possible sexual encounter with her role as the more dominant one thrilled her. And with a man that was far more mature than what she was accustomed to! He clearly enjoyed an existence in a controlling capacity as a tenured professor….well her wildest dreams hadn’t ever taken her to this type of scenario before.

She thought to herself that her visit to Professor Butler’s office would require a higher level of preparation than normal. Stepping into her shower she made sure she was squeaky clean. Soaping herself, Claire took special care to clean her pussy in its entirety.

Turning her attention to shaving her toned and long legs, the razor practically took on a life of its own as it continued its journey higher. Carefully, Claire worked until there was nothing left other than the thinnest of runways above the juncture of her legs. After completing this task, she couldn’t help but allow herself the reward of a hand straying.

With her head thrown back, two fingers of her left hand inside her, and the index finger of her right hand manipulating her now protruding clitoris, Claire began to the slow ascent to what she knew would be a terrific release. Gawd she needed to cum badly, but she realized there was a task at hand, and it would be far better to wait. Better to have the element of control weaved into her physical pleasure. Oh how she looked forward to that combination.

So she forced herself to bring the shower to an end. She quickly dried her short hair, and applied a light bit of makeup. The one exception was her lipstick where she selected a rather wicked shade of red.

Looking through her closet, she selected a very short little red skirt to match the lipstick and paired it with a form fitting white tank top. To make sure her firm but full boobs were used to their potential, she decided to skip the bra. Examining herself in the mirror, she knew this would work. There was no way her dweebish professor would be able to resist the treasure of her body. The thought of controlling him to her advantage and bargaining for a grade caused the adrenalin within Claire to kick in; she knew she would have to calm herself if she was to manage the situation to her liking.

With anticipation now running practically out of control, she got dressed. It was finally time to leave on the ten-minute walk across campus. As she was locking her door to leave, Claire had a quick change of mind. “Fuck it”, she said and stepped back inside, removed her thong and threw it aside. She couldn’t believe she was doing this!

On the walk over, she noticed several guys checking her out and nervously wondered if she was over the line with the way she was dressed. Deep down, she knew she was, and this evilness excited her even more. The tank top was very taut across her nipples, and the thought of what lay ahead was having its inevitable effect. She knew people she passed had to have noticed her protruding nipples but didn’t care anymore.

Arriving at Professor Butler’s office at about 4:45, fifteen minutes before his hours ended, she knocked at his door. After a nervous wait of about a full minute, Claire had a dreadful thought that she might have missed him, but he finally opened the door.

She realized that this was as close as she had ever been to her economics professor. And even though he was wearing a bowtie and thick, black-rimmed glasses, she noticed that he was actually reasonably handsome. Mind you, not up to her lofty standards, but still easier on the eyes than what she had remembered.

She had rehearsed this part and asked if she could have a few moments to ask for some clarification on the Federal Reserve’s methods of quantitative easing. Now that she had his attention, he seemed to notice her for the first time. The long look he gave her made Claire uncomfortable as she sensed that he disproved of her clothing. This was not what she expected. God dammit, she was supposed to be running the show.

Feeling more exposed than ever, she took the seat offered to her in front of his desk. “So quantitative easing; Claire is that why you are here?” Her professor was peering in at her, seemingly trying to read her soul.

Claire hadn’t realized that he knew her name and his intense gaze was throwing her off her game. She tried to ask some intelligent questions but just seemed to stumble all over her words. This all went on for several moments and only served to increase her discomfort.

Finally, Professor Butler asked, “Claire, why don’t we cut through the crap. You show up at my class dressed like a little tart. Do you think I am that oblivious? Then you show here at my office in your slutty little get-up. You are acting like a child. Please tell me with exactness why you are here. At least give me some element of respect. I do believe I deserve that!”

Claire was enraged and humiliated all at the same time. Dammit, she had expected to control this weakling of a man, but instead, she had been completely outed. Her professor didn’t even remotely seem affected by her charms. This was not something she was accustomed to.

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