Christmas with My Sister

Double Penetration

Notes: My name is Jonah, I am fairly slim, white, with dark hair and eyes, and I turn 27 in the course of this story. My sister’s name is Elle, she’s 29, petite, and looks a lot like the actress Shailene Woodley. Any and all feedback is welcome and encouraged.


My sister broke up with her husband a couple of weeks before my birthday. It wasn’t planned. She had caught him cheating and, after a few years of less than perfect matrimony, it was the final straw. She showed up one cold December night at my apartment, drenched to the bone, tears and make-up dripping down her face, and a hastily packed bag at her feet.

We’ve always had a good relationship, and luckily I’m in a position where I can support her while she gets back on her feet. I’m single, but I have a good job, a fairly large apartment in a good building in Brooklyn, and no real money problems. My sister had a lot too, until it was pulled out from under her.

It was actually really nice having her around. She was understandably upset, slept most of the day, and would retreat back to her room every now and then to be alone and cry, but we got to hang out more than we had since we were kids. Curling up on the couch under a blanket, with a fire burning in the fireplace, watching movies and drinking brandy alexanders (her favourite). It was really cosy. I haven’t ever bothered hanging Christmas decorations since I got my own place, but she convinced me to get some and we spent an evening getting my place feeling properly festive. A Christmas tree, lights, candles, tinsel, holly, all that stuff. She took it upon herself to cook for me as her way of paying me back, so I got to enjoy a home-cooked meal every night, with good company and drinks. It was great! We settled into a really nice little domestic routine.

It was my 27th birthday on the 20th, and my friends had organized a night out for me, returning back to my apartment for drinks afterwards. My sister insisted I go, that she’d be fine, that she’d stay in the guest room until it was over. It took some convincing, but I eventually agreed to it. I hadn’t been out with my friends in weeks.

We took some cars into Manhattan and then trucked through the snow and the blisteringly cold wind to my favourite bar, got loaded, sung at the piano and toasted to my health. It was a lot of fun, and throughout the night my friends kept hinting at some really great surprise still to come. “Just you wait!” they’d say with a smirk. When we eventually got back to my place, we were all in really high spirits and pretty drunk. My friends got the party going in my living room while I went to check on Elle. She was watching a movie on her laptop in bed and nursing a bottle of Ketel One. She smiled at me and wished me a happy birthday, somewhat slurring her words.

“I can tell the guys to call it a night if you want some company,” I offered, but she shook her head and beamed at me, seeming genuinely happy for the first time since she got here.

“Nuh uh. I’m good. I’ve got The Notebook and I’ve got a drink izmir escort and a buzz going. Go have fun!”

A while later the doorbell chimed and a cheer went up among my friends. “I take it my surprise has arrived!” I laughed, and went to get the door, but was ushered back to the couch by my buddies, while another friend went down the hall to the door. When he returned, he was joined by two incredibly beautiful young women. They both looked Scandinavian, and their accents confirmed my suspicion. Strippers. Real original, guys. My friend whispered that they were fucking expensive, so at least they were high class strippers! They put some dance music on the hi-fi, everyone gathered around, forming a circle with the girls in the middle, and a friend distributed a stack of one dollar bills among the guys. The girls got to work, slowly stripping each other, grinding on the guys and paying special attention to me, the birthday boy. My friends had selected the girls to match my exact preferences in body type. They were fucking knock-outs. Perky little tits and perfect, round, juicy bubble butts. One of them got up on the couch in front of my and smothered my face with her naked ass, while the other one knelt down in front of me and buried her face into my still-clothed crotch. I was in heaven.

“All right, boys,” said my friend, “It’s time to give the birthday boy some privacy!” And with that they all stood and started to get their coats, despite my protests that they stay. “Enjoy the girls, Jonah. Happy birthday!” They all made their way to the door, singing and laughing and merry making, while the girls started unbuckling my belt and tugging off my trousers. By the time the door closed on the last of them, I was sitting back on my couch, naked from the waist down, with two gorgeous Scandinavian girls licking and sucking on my incredibly hard cock and aching balls. Not a bad birthday present, I’ll give them that.

I was pretty drunk by this point, my head was swimming. One of the girls got back up on the couch above me and put her pussy on my mouth, wrapping her hands behind my head as I buried my tongue as far up inside her as I could get it. She tasted and smelt amazing, and her friend was a gifted little cocksucker.

“Ohhh shit…” slurred Elle from the hallway. My cock popped out of the stripper’s mouth with a wet slapping sound as she turned to the intruder. “Sorry! I heard everyone… leave! Or… at least… I thought I did!” The other stripper got down from the couch, leaving me staring slack-jawed at my sister, with my hard cock exposed and the lower half of my face coated in a thick sheen of girl juice.

Now, I should state for the record that, as close as we were, my sister and I had never so much as talked about sex. We weren’t repressed or anything. It was just something my family didn’t talk to each other about. We’d never so much as played doctor or seen each other coming out of the shower.

I didn’t know what to say. Had I been sober, I expect I would have alsancak escort jumped up and made a dive for my clothes, but drunk as I was, I just sat there agog. My sister, half empty bottle of Ketel One in her hand, stumbled in the general direction of the kitchen, but seemed unable to take her wide eyes off me. The strippers started giggling. One of them said “Oops!” They found the whole thing hilarious, and I guess laughter is infectious because I started to laugh too, and my sister followed suit. “Come here, darling,” said one of the girls, extending her hands to my sister and stepping towards her. Elle’s eyes grew even wider, if that was possible, and she took the strippers hand and was led over to the couch beside me. I covered my dick with my hands and stared at them, not really processing what was happening.

Elle slumped down on the couch right beside me, so close that our legs were touching, and gave me an apologetic look before looking down at the stripper who was tugging off her pajama pants. Elle lifted her butt to allow her pants to come off. None of us were saying anything. There was this weird electricity in the air. The stripper grabbed Elle’s hips and scooted her down the couch and then buried her face between my sister’s legs. Elle gasped and her eyes closed of their own accord.

To say my emotions were muddled would be a huge understatement, and I started to stand before being shoved back down by the other stripper, who took my still incredibly hard cock back into her mouth and started to give me, honestly, one of the best blowjobs of my life. It was so fucking weird, to be feeling sexual pleasure in the presence of my sister. My sister who had never shown any lesbian tendencies at all and was now being eaten out by another girl. I could feel her bare leg against mine. Her arm too. The simple fact that I couldn’t refute was that I was enjoying the hell out of the blowjob, and Elle sister was obviously enjoying the herself too.

I looked down at the girl’s face between Elle’s thighs. She was sucking on her clit, finger fucking her with one hand and reaching over and massaging my balls with the other. The girl who was blowing me climbed up on my lap, wedging a leg between me and my sister, sunk her sopping wet pussy onto my dick and started riding me. Elle was staring up at the girl’s face, her eyes nearly rolling back into her head, her mouth hanging open and gasps and moans coming out of her with every breath. Her head lolled to the side and she rested it on my shoulder. I don’t know why but I leaned over and kissed her gently on her forehead. It was all too much. “I’m gonna cum.” I said, and the stripper jumped off my cock and plunged it back into her mouth. My sister, her head on my shoulder, looked down at my dick as it spewed forth the first shot of spunk into the girl’s waiting mouth. My head rocked back as I came as hard as I ever had in my entire life. I thought I’d never stop coming. Shot after shot filled the stripper’s mouth as she grinned up at me with buca escort satisfaction. Elle was panting beside me, nearing her own orgasm, and then something happened.

When I had finished shooting my load into the stripper’s mouth, she slowly rose to her feet and climbed back on top of me, easing my still hard cock back into her pussy. She then took Elle’s face in her hands and looked deeply into her eyes. I could almost see something pass between them, so intense was the look they shared. Then she leaned in and, with her mouth still full of my hot white creamy cum, kissed my sister. Deeply. Passionately. Elle took the stripper’s face in her hands as well and let out a primal moan into her mouth.

It was the single sexiest thing I have ever seen. Hands down. Nothing comes close. My sister and the gorgeous blonde stripper kissing as deeply as two human beings can kiss, urgently, my cum snowballing from mouth to mouth, coating both their tongues, spilling out between their lips and dribbling down my sister’s cheek, inches from my face. I grabbed the stripper by the hips and started pounding her as hard as I could. I had just cum but I was spurred on and as horny as I had ever been in my 27 years on earth. The stripper moaned into my sister’s mouth, and my sister moaned back as her body rocked with orgasm. She was shuddering, her legs wrapped tightly around the other stripper’s head, holding it in place, and I saw her swallow. I heard it. I was watching it happen before my very eyes, but I could hardly believe my sister was cumming while swallowing a mouthful of my freshly shot semen. I felt tears come to my eyes, I was so happy. And drunk, don’t forget drunk.

When Elle’s orgasm finally subsided, the other stripper emerged from between her legs, holding her jaw in such a way that I knew she was holding a mouthful of girl cum. And sure enough, she climbed over my sister and without even thinking I opened my mouth to her as she kissed me and filled it with the juice from my sister’s pussy. It was still hot, and gooey, and there was so much of it. I drunk it down, intoxicated with the smell of it. The sweet sweet taste. The stripper pulled back and I licked my lips. Elle was staring at me, not believing what she had seen, or what she had just done.

The strippers stood up, collected their clothes and the envelope of money my friends had left for them, and looked down at the two of us. They looked like proud parents. “That was fun,” said one of them. “Happy birthday, Jonah.” “We’ll leave the two of you to it.” said the other one, with a mischievous smile.

When they had gone, the silence in the apartment was so thick you could have cut it with a knife. We were both slumped back on the couch, soaked in sweat (and other bodily juices), our genitals exposed, exhausted, mind-blown. The lights twinkled on the Christmas tree. I looked over at Elle, a strand of my cum glistening at the corner of her mouth. “What just happened..?” she said she a laugh, shaking her head.

“I couldn’t explain it if I tried.” I said, in a voice barely above a whisper. She took my hand in hers and rested her head on my shoulder, and we sat like that for a long while, listening to the wind outside blowing against the windows, the crackle of the logs in the fireplace, my cock slowly shrinking back to its flaccid state, the smell of sex in the air.

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