Christmas Eve Surprise

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It was a lonely lonely Christmas Eve… Vera sighed as she looked out the window on to the street where snow was softly falling. It was 9pm in the evening, white snow was falling, lights were flickering on almost all of the houses… really it was what most people dreamed of for Christmas. Of course, most people’s husbands didn’t have to be away for the holiday on cruddy business trips. Vera made a face at her reflection in the window, and shook her short brown hair irritably. Just because Brad had to be away didn’t mean that she had to be bitter… it was Christmas Eve, time for fun and happiness and sharing. Unfortunately, she wouldn’t be with family until tomorrow, right now her mother would probably be bustling around the kitchen getting things ready. Vera didn’t really want to deal with her mother when it was time to be preparing for a holiday, it was definitely better to be alone than to have to listen to her mother’s worrying that she was doing it wrong (whatever “it” happened to be).

Finally deciding that she was feeling way too morose, the pretty 28 year old brunette got up and walked back to her room. She’d just take a nice hot bubble bath and relax and go to bed early, and try not too hard to think about her husband who was due home the day after Christmas. In their bedroom, she glanced a picture next to their mirror, they really were a good looking couple. Vera was 5’6″, slender and leggy with 34D breasts and short brown hair with lots of red and blonde highlights. Just a little taller than her at 5’9″, Brad also had brown hair but his was much darker, and he had hazel eyes that tended to turn green while hers were more of a light amber color. Still, they looked good.

Vera stripped off her clothes and looked at her body critically in the mirror; at 28 she still had a spectacular body. Only two years away from 30 and my boobs still don’t have any sag to them, she thought proudly, running her hands over the fleshy globes and down her stomach. There was a little bit of flab on her stomach, but still, nothing she was going to obsess over. She particularly liked the way her shaved mound made her look even younger, she wasn’t vain exactly, but who likes to feel old?

Walking completely naked, she went down to hall to the bathroom… usually she didn’t dare walk around the house naked unless she was in the mood to be jumped and ravished by her husband. As far as he was concerned, her naked body was an open invitation to immediate sex, although some of the time she just wanted to feel a little freer. Of course, right now she wouldn’t be adverse at all if he jumped out of the closet and attacked her with kisses. Bending over the tub in the bathroom, she was filling it with water when she thought she heard the front door open. Frowning, she turned off the water. Yes, it definitely just shut… but whoever was doing it wasn’t trying to be quiet at all… had her mother or father come over? Well, crap, her clothes were down the hall. So she just grabbed a towel and was walking out of the bathroom when she heard her name.

“Vera? Honey, you here?”

“BRAD!!!!!!” she shrieked, running into the room in complete joy and surprise, as soon as she saw him standing taking off his coat her arms went out in front of her and the towel fell by the wayside. Her naked body jumped on him, and she shrieked again as his arms went around her and cold hands touched her skin… not that she released her death grip on his body at all.

“Mmmmm… why don’t you greet me like this every time?” he asked, as soon as he could get his mouth free from her frantic kisses.

“You surprised me, I was about to take a bath,” she informed him, “What are you doing here?”

“Mmmm” his hands were moving all over her naked body, making her shiver at the cold pleasant touch, “We finished early and I took the train home rather than waiting for the plane tomorrow… I wanted to be with you tonight,” looking over her naked and excited body, “And I definitely think I made the right choice!” There was a very happy twinkle in his greenish eyes, “But I can think of a much better place to be doing this.” And with that, he gathered his laughing wife up istanbul escort in his arms like they were in a romance novel, and they kissed passionately as he carried her into the bedroom, her tongue halfway down his throat in her enthusiasm.

Once in their bedroom, he tossed her on the bed and quickly stripped off his clothes as she watched, raising her arms to him Vera leaned back as he practically pounced on her body and began running his slightly warmed hands all over her smooth body. She reciprocated, biting his shoulders and neck, running her hands up his back muscles and to his front to rub his sensitive nipples with her nimble fingertips. Brad groaned, and rubbed his dick against her smooth mound, his hands and mouth full of her breasts and nipples as he licked, sucked, and squeezed the soft flesh. He could never get enough of her gorgeous body, and he’d have her walking around naked all the time if he could (although, neither of them would ever get much done if that was the case.).

When her hands ran over his buttocks to tickle the sensitive flesh just under the curve of his cheek where his thigh was, he couldn’t take it anymore. Pulling back, he knelt between her legs, pulling one of them up over his shoulder to completely open her up. Looking down at her pink pussy, he rubbed the tip of his dick along the wet slit, pressing the head against her clit firmly which made her buck her hips a little and moan.

“Oh god… put it in Brad, I need you… do me baby…” she reached out pleading hands to him and caught him in her embrace as his dick plunged home, stretching her sweet pussy as it burrowed in deep. Crying out, her hips turned up to meet his as her leg stretched high up while his shoulder pressed it towards her body. Brad moaned as his wife’s soft pussy clenched around his dick, this was her favorite position because his 7″ dick always rubbed against her g-spot and his body pressed against her clit every time he thrust. He liked it because she was always very tight like this, and because the positioning of her body helped him to push his dick in as deep as possible.

Vera moaned beneath him as he started thrusting in and out of her soaking pussy, his dick already coated in her juices; she was wet and tight and completely intoxicating as she bucked her hips while he pushed in and out of her sweet warmth. Pushing her leg even farther towards her body, he leaned his head down to catch one pink bouncing nipple between his teeth, pulling his head back he held on to the tender bud, stretching it out away from her body as they fucked. Her nipples were extremely sensitive, and he could feel her pussy rippling around his hard shaft as the slightly painful pleasure of his teeth around the tender bud swept through her body. Letting that nipple go, he nipped the other one between his teeth and stretched that one back too. She was panting and gasping as her breast stretched out, her nipple sending waves of ecstacy down to her swollen pussy. Arching her back as he pulled the nipple farther and farther away from her body, she cried out as her nipple finally reached its furthest extent and popped out of his mouth.

Grinding his body against her spread pussy lips, he started really pounding away at her, making her body jerk underneath his with each thrust as her breasts bounced roundly on her chest. Since she couldn’t reach him with her hands, she moved her arms up next to her head, clutching the bars at the head of the bed as he slammed into her body over and over. It looked fantastic with her body stretched out before him, breasts flopping sexily as he rammed into her. His hands came down to cover the bouncing globes, squeezing and kneading the flesh roughly as she hung onto the bars for dear life.

Inside her pussy his dick was growing slightly longer and harder, and his hands became suction cups over her ample breasts, using them for leverage to pound her harder and deeper.

“OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!! OH GOD OH GOD OH GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK ME BRAD!!!!!!!!! FUCK ME I’M CUMMING!!!! OH GOD FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The only time Vera ever used the f-word was when she was cumming hard, and it turned Brad escort bayan on to no end when she did it. Gritting his teeth, he thrust hard in and out of her convulsing pussy as her body arched underneath him, breasts bouncing wildly on her heaving chest as her head thrashed and her hands clutched at the bars. Finally her dirty words and the erotic sight of her flushed body creaming as he pounded her became too much for him, and he put his whole weight onto her pussy as his dick dug deep and jet after jet of cum shot into her rippling hole. Vera shuddered in ecstacy as her orgasm finally wound down, Brad’s dick lying completely spent and content inside her warm pussy. He always left it there until it fell out on its own… hell, he wasn’t going to willingly take it from her body.

Vera’s arms slipped down to hold him tightly as she sighed into his ear, her leg sliding off his shoulder to lay flat on the bed.

Nuzzling his earlobe she murmured, “I’m so glad you came home.”

“Me too,” he grinned at her, propping himself up on one elbow to look at her face, “Do you know how sexy you are?” His fingers ran down her body and plucked gently at the still erect nipple, “Especially when you’re cumming… you talk awfully dirty when you cum.”

“Oh do I?” one brow arched up, “And just how do you mean?”

He kissed her lips, “Well, you say Fuck,” he kissed again as she blushed slightly, “And you say my name so sexy… and you tell me that you’re cumming…”

“So you like it when I talk dirty?” she asked.

“Hell yeah!” he kissed again, “It’s fucking hot.”

“Soo…” she drew the word out, a thoughtfully innocent look on her face, “If I said that I love it when your big dick pounds my tight little pussy… is that what you mean?”

His dick twitched a little in her pussy as he stared down at his wife, completely dumbfounded, “Well… yes, yes that would be what I mean.”

Her body moved sexily underneath him as she wrapped her arms around his shoulders and nibbled on his earlobe, “And if I told you that tonight I want to be your little sex toy and have you… fuck… me all night long?”

That did it. His dick was growing again, helped along by the fact that it was already lodged in a wet, warm, inviting place that was its favorite location. “Then you’re going to be in an awful lot of trouble tonight, missy…” he breathed as he rolled on top of her again.

Wriggling a little, he was disappointed when her movements popped his semi-hard dick out of her pussy, she started to move out from under him with a wicked look on her face, “And if I said I wanted you to fuck me doggy-style, and wrap your hands around by tits and pinch my nipples while you fuck me from behind?”

Well he was completely hard now as he watched, completely shocked, as she got on hands and knees next to him, wriggling her ass sexily. He didn’t know what had gotten into her, she NEVER acted like this usually, she didn’t particularly like doggy-style even though it was one of his favorite positions, she thought that it got him too close to her ass – and he only got her ass for special occasions.

Groaning with anticipation, he was immediately behind her sliding his very hard dick into her pussy, feeling it slosh around through the load of wet cum that he’d already deposited there. Immediately, his hands reached around to grab her hanging boobs, pinching and pulling on her nipples like he was milking them as his dick thrust in and out of her. Vera was moaning and pushing back against him, and he was going crazy watching her firm ass back up against his body as his dick slid in and out of her sweet pussy. Her brown hole was winking at him and just below his dick was splitting open her pink lips, the great view was part of the reason he loved doggy style so much, not to mention that it was extremely easy to get a good hold on her breasts. Leaning back to enjoy the view, his hands were firm on her hips as he pulled her body back and forth on his dick, watching as his pounding made some of the cum slide sexily from her hole and down her thighs.

Vera looked over her shoulder at him, the most flirtatious and sexy look on her face, escort istanbul it made him want to moan… she had him feeling like a horny teenage boy again with her antics, “And if I asked you to please, please Brad, fuck my ass real hard…”

He was actually shaking as he pulled his dick from her pussy, he felt so hard, it was like all the blood had rushed from his body into his dick… it even looked bigger than usual as he pressed the wet tip of it up against her tighter hole. Going slowly, he pressed it in, watching it stretch open around the head of his cock as he gently pushed in, trying to be careful so that he didn’t hurt her.

Looking over her shoulder again, she let her upper body go down to rest on her forearms, her nipples rubbing against the bedsheets with her ass high in the air. With just the head of his dick in her tight ass, he was astonished at her change of position… it was the hottest thing he’d ever seen her do for him, and her next words were even hotter, “Hurt me baby, fuck my ass hard, please Brad, shove your big cock up my ass… hurt me… fuck me hard!”

It was too much, all self-control went out of the window and he plunged into her ass with one long thrust, eliciting a shriek of pain from her lips as his dick stretched open a burning path in her ass. But Vera was very grateful for her husband for coming home early to see her, and she wanted to give him a treat, so she just rested her head on her arms and bit her lip as his dick pounded into her sore asshole. Slowly, her body started to adjust to ass being stretched open, and she began to fondle her nipples a little, feeling the pleasure spread through her down to her pussy… it helped a little.

Somehow, it had never occurred to her that she might be able to make it easier on herself when he took her ass by pleasuring herself… now, experimentally, she ran her fingers down to her pussy and experienced a bit of a shock when the pleasure jolted through her body as she touched her clit. Brad could tell there was a difference, because her ass clenched hard on him as he was thrusting in and out of her tight back door, making him groan ecstatically as her ass massaged his shaft. Resting her body on one arm, Vera began frigging herself, and was surprised when the pumping in her ass actually started to add to the pleasure in her pussy… it was starting to feel really good as his dick slid slickly in and out of her tight hole. Rubbing her clit hard, she started really getting into it as he rode her ass, and she started pushing back against him, trying to get him deeper into her dark hole.

Brad was in heaven as she actually began to respond to his anal fucking, he was shocked as well, but it was the best shock he’d probably ever had in his life. She was the hottest, most wonderful, sexiest woman in the world, and now she was starting to push back as his dick plunged into her tight ass… what happened next completely flabbergasted him even as it made his balls boil with cum.

“OH… fuck me baby… fuck my tight ass… oh god…. yeah Brad… Fuck my ass baby, fuck my ass hard…” Brad was going like a Bronco as her dirty words made his dick start to swell, slamming hard into her tight hole, “OH FUCK…” her fingers were working frantically over her swollen clit as ripples of her orgasm started to spread through her pussy, the pounding of her ass amplifying the pleasure, “OH FUCK ME!!!!!!!!!! OH FUCK… I’M CUMMING BRAD!!!!! YOU’RE UP MY ASS AND I’M CUMMING…. OH FUCK…. OH FUCK I’M CUMMING YOU DIRTY BASTARD! YOU’RE FUCKING MY ASS AND I’M CUMMING ALL OVER MYSELF!!!”

Her voice ended in a wordless high shriek as he slammed so hard into her that her arm folded underneath her and they fell down, gravity pulling at their bodies so that when Vera finally hit the bed, Brad’s dick shoved even further up into her ass as he started shooting spurts of cum deep into her tight hole.

Afterwards, they lay on the bed like that, his dick still lodged in her ass, and she worked her hand out from under her body.

“That was amazing…” he said hoarsely, “Fucking amazing… you are fucking amazing…” he kissed her between the shoulder blades, “I’m going to have to come home early more often.”

Impishly, Vera looked at him from the corner of her eye as she smiled, “Or we’re just going to have to do this more often.”

His dick twitched in her ass.

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