Chemistry Help


(Another story inspired by a beautiful Lit lady. All participants are of legal age.)

Ty was sitting in his chemistry class, or what was left of his chemistry class as the other students had already left. He felt guilty for making the mess he did with the baking soda and the mystery acid Mrs. Milton left on her desk. Ty didn’t always act up in class, but being a smart assed senior to begin with he never let an opportunity go by to flex his intellect. In this case, the addition of baking soda was just to prove that her mystery liquid was actually an acid to help some of the not so bright classmates stumble upon her extra credit challenge.

However, Mrs. Milton was not as amused. She wasn’t even sure how Ty snuck the little granules of baking soda inside the lid of the beaker without being detected. She started logically thinking in her head that it probably happened when there was that page from the principal who’s only need was to ensure she would be at her meeting that afternoon to go over her performance. Mrs. Milton looked forward to those informal chats just because she loved to taunt the principal a bit. She loved the way he would avert his eyes when her buttons would pop open and reveal a slight hint of the creamy white bra she wore just to tease him with.

However, her flirting would have to wait until she dealt with Ty. Part of her was furious over the trick he pulled although she confessed to herself that it was pretty sneaky. As she looked through the one sided mirror, she could notice that he was a little upset over having to be kept after. She knew his schedule to know that he had study hall next period, not like his intellect needed the lack of stimulation. The way his grey wire frames rested on the bridge of his nose, his casual dress shirt opening three buttons down to reveal the Big Johnson brand T-shirt that was banned from the school the year before. He definitely was a tricky one. She wondered inside her head how to make him understand that pranks were not appreciated.

Ty’s glance stole to the office door as Mrs. Milton sashayed her way back into the lab, her hips barely registering her movements under the loose fitting skirt she wore. As his eyes slowly rose to see her face, he could see two buttons undone on her white blouse, the blue scarf tied around her neck in such a sophisticated manner. As she neared, his nose detected the slight aroma of the perfume she always wore. One night, he actually figured out using his mother and sister’s collection of scents what the scent was and was surprised it was slightly expensive in price, particularly on a teacher’s salary.

“Mr. Monroe,” she started.”You understand what you did was wrong, correct?” Ty mockingly bowed his head. As he began to wander off mentally looking at Mrs. M’s modest heels, he could now imagine the scent more vividly. In his mind, he remembered that his dad bought his mom that fragrance after a really bitter fight over something major. He could picture in his mind the fight itself, both of their faces red and blown out like they were attached to an air compressor. Ty even remembered how his dad slept on the couch that night. He started to remember the next day as his dad arrived home from work, his mom providing little interaction to him until the box was placed right in front of her spot at the family table. As his mom opened it, he remembered how surprised she was and how she ran over and hugged him. It was then Ty heard the most disturbing thing in the world to that point in his life. The walls knocking as his parents had make up sex. He could hear the knocking even louder in his ears until….

“MR MONROE!!!!!” His mind slipped back to reality as he saw Mrs. M looking straight in his face, her mouth turned more into an angry growl that this inconsiderate brat would even think of nodding off during her interrogation. As she leaned down to get eye to eye with him, Ty caught a glimpse of the valley between her breasts as a dot of sweat went down between them. Ty’s mind began to wander yet again, but he kept himself staring into her eyes. Her beautiful green eyes that started hypnotizing him as she started talking quieter as a way to keep his attention.

As she heard her own voice quieting down, she could feel her anger subside slightly as Mr. Monroe’s eyes were looking straight into hers. She started to see images in her head of what she should have been doing instead of talking to this delinquent. She imagined the small silver buzzing toy she was going to use to give herself a quick pick her up prior to her meeting next period so she was relaxed and in that playful mood Fatih escort for the principal. Oh how this eighteen year old “kid” was gonna pay for ruining her playtime.

“Mrs. M? “

It was then she realized she was distracted as Ty pointed towards her purse sitting on her desk.

“Is that your cell phone going off? I heard a buzzing, but it didn’t die down like a normal cell phone does.”

Mrs. Milton then realized that she was partially busted. How could this senior even know what was in her purse. Could he deduce with that analytical mind of his was her intentions were for her planning period today and that he was interrupting it? She reached into her purse and turned the toy as quietly as she could until the sound went off. Ty rose from his chair.

‘Mrs. M. I am sorry for making the mess and I know I should be punished, but seeing as how you probably have a very busy schedule, could we finish up? I have a math test next period that I still need to study for and frankly it worries me. “

Math test. She was starting to put some problems together in her head.

“Ok, Ty,” This drew a scared look from him seeing as he didn’t even know that Mrs. Milton knew his real name let alone what everyone called him.

“You will have to come see me after school today. Any questions? ” Ty silently nodded his head before running out of the room and heading to the cafeteria for study hall. For some odd reason, his math test wasn’t at the fore front of his mind as it should have been. As he started to open his book for his cram session, his mind began trying to piece together what just happened.

Mrs. Milton was back in her office with her black skirt hiked over her legs as the pocket rocket began to buzz along her clit as she held her panties to the side. Slowly she rubbed it up and down as she imagined the different scenes running through her head. Although Mr. Milton was still in the picture, he had no idea about the toy she kept in her purse and how often she would have these private moments when she would pull it out and drive her senses crazy just to get through the day. As she imagined the bronze adonis in her mind that was licking her, a quick beep of the intercom brought her back to reality.

She dropped the small cylinder as she pushed the answer button and talked to the principal. It crashed on the floor and broke apart. By the time she finished talking to him so she could relax a bit, she saw the damage and cursed to herself. She knew that it would be hard to get to the adult store to buy another, especially since she would have to use her debit card, which her hubby would question. What was even worse was that she was still extremely turned on.

A little while later, she walked into the principal’s office still massively turned on. She neglected to unbutton her shirt as she usually did because the last thing she needed during a review was to get so flustered that he marked her down. She was definitely off her game as the principal noticed. Mr. Anderson loved the glimpses that Mrs. Milton’s flirting afforded him. But today seemed as if she was more distracted. As they began their review, Mrs. M had a harder time concentrating. The thought of her toy on the floor of her office broken combined with this review drove her crazy.

Then she remembered the toy. She thought to herself that she left the pieces on the floor and forgot to clean them up. She then reasoned in her head that no one goes into her office and that she could get back after this review was done to clean it up. As Mr. Anderson droned on, she thought about his face and how she loved it when it was lilted a bit as she would flirt in the past. She knew his dedication to his wife, about their thirteen year marriage and how according to the other faculty members, he never showed any normal male behavior. Especially when certain of them have tried to seduce him.

“So Mrs. Milton,” he asked.”Any questions on my recommendations? ” She shook her head. In her worrisome state especially with her area still sensitive, she was having a really hard time paying attention. But she nodded her head as if she did so she could get back to the classroom. As she took her copy, she took Mr. Anderson’s hand in a handshake and felt an electrical shock flow through it. It had a strong grip. Usually, her teasing would weaken him so much that it wouldn’t. This time, he felt more confident and that Mrs. M was definitely off her game. As she walked out, her knees were more liquid than solid, almost colloidal.

As she reached her classroom, she saw a backpack near Fındıkzade escort bayan her desk. As soon as she saw the backpack, she remembered.

‘Mr. Monroe. Tyrone? ” she looked around and didn’t see the big lug around. As she walked towards her office, she saw him at her desk poured over. She glanced down at the floor beneath her chair and saw the scraps of her buzzer were gone. in her mind, she panicked. As she thought how to explain it, Ty looked up and smiled innocently.

“Mrs. M., I found this under your chair and was able to fix it for you.” Mrs. Milton was shocked. Not only was he a chemistry whiz, but he was pretty good with electronics? As she looked down at him, she then realized that he possibly had done that before.

“Mr. Monroe, have you fixed these before?” he blushed.

“I hate to admit this Mrs. M, but my girlfriend has the same one and it breaks at the most weird times. Putting it back together was easy. I figured this was the buzzing I heard during our little chat.” Ty looked up at his teacher and began to imagine what conditions would precipitate her toy being broken on the floor of her office. As he looked over her, he could sense how frazzled she was, how she was frustrated from her earlier attempt at release. It wasn’t hard after determining how the plastic casing fell that she did attempt a release and judging by the way she was looking at him, he deduced that she didn’t finish and she was slightly embarrassed.

“Mrs. M, are you ok? Did you need me to leave? I promise I won’t tell anyone about this and I can keep a secret.” She was torn. Part of her wanted to take advantage of this piece of manhood before her in a carnal way just to release. Yet her heart told her that would be the wrong move because he was one of her students and besides that, he was a trouble maker.

Ty could sense she was deciding her next move. As she stood there thinking, he swung around in her chair and looked at her. He started looking at her from her lips and started to read her intentions. Ty’s experience with his girlfriend was limited. He had touched her sensitive areas and even allowed himself the chance to rub his member inside her clit. Yet it wasn’t the stuff he found on the internet as he was interested in. Her shirt was slightly open and he could see the sweat droplets appearing on her breasts a bit. His mind began working.

“Perhaps I should leave you alone with this toy so you could finish and you could punish me tomorrow?” Ty rose slowly as Mrs. M was deep in thought. He planted the seed a bit more and allowed his idea to fester in her head. Her eyes glanced at his jeans noticing how he was growing a bit. She was thinking that she couldn’t trust this student as far as she could throw him. She had to act fast.

“Mr. Monroe, how do I know you wouldn’t just post a blog about Mrs. M’s toy on the internet when you got home?” He was surprised. He never even considered it, but he knew she just unwittingly gave him some ammo.

“You don’t. But I could forget all about it if you want me to.”

“You will?” Mrs. M wasn’t as dense as he thought she was. She knew his perverted mind was up to something and she knew she had to act fast. She slowly backed up as she unbuttoned her third button to reveal the glimpse of her bra. She reasoned in her head that if he was going to try something that baiting him would help her defend herself.

“One condition though, Mrs. M.” he saw the glimpse of her bra and started thinking about if he was in control or not. He then decided to prove his theory by one phrase.

“If you let me watch you use that thing to make sure it works, I’ll keep it a secret.” Mrs. Milton thought in her mind that she had won. He was shaken enough that he wasn’t going to force her to fuck him, but left enough wiggle room to have some fun. She smiled a bit before acting as if she was shocked.

“Are you serious?’

“I’m ‘fraid so, Mrs. M. Besides, I want to make sure it works.” As he backed a little, he slowly locked the door to her office behind his back and watched what her next move would be. Mrs. Milton sat down in her chair and looked at the toy in front of her. She knew what she was going to do, but she had to bait him more.

“O.o.o.okay. You win.” She took the toy in her hand and looked at it once more as she leaned back in her chair. She swung her left leg over the arm of it as Ty watched in shock. She slowly turned the toy on and noticed that it was quieter. She slowly took the tip of it and was getting ready to lick it as she usually did when she remembered Escort Gaziosmanpaşa her false modesty.

“I’m not sure I can do this in front of you. It is a private moment you know? Maybe you could sit down and watch?” Ty was even more shocked. He saw his teacher sitting there with her legs spread as a toy was in her hand. As he pulled up the chair, he watched as Mrs. Milton began to slowly, teasingly rub it along the outside of her panties, which were already extremely wet by this time. As she began to slowly take one hand to move them to the side, Ty could see her clit was shaved clean. This was new to him since his girlfriend’s was so bushy and not as neat.

The jeans he wore became more restrictive as he watched her slowly get into her routine. He watched how the buzzing extension of her fingers ran over her labia and the way she was slow and teasing on it. It was harder and harder for him to contain himself as his natural instincts wanted him to allow his own member to expose itself. Ty was between a hard decision and his hard dick.

Mrs. Milton was enjoying this new sensation of her toy on her clit while this handsome senior watched her. She could tell his dick was wanting attention and loved the fact that he was under her control. She slowly began moving the toy lower so it buzzed her puckered rosebud as she let a low moan out of her mouth as a way of furthering this seduction along. She could almost see Ty’s eyes pop out of his socket as she buzzed it a second time. She had always been curious about her rear being used as an entry point having read about it and watched it on the different porn sites she would visit while her hubby slept.

The teasing did it’s intended effect as Ty’s bulge became much more pronounced within the jeans he wore. The vibrator kept sliding up and down Mr. Milton’s slit as Ty kept trying to slyly touch his bulge. Mrs. M. savored the control she was having over this joker.

“Ty, do you mind if I have you open the zipper of the jeans just a bit? I love to visualize while I do this.”

It was a few moments before Ty had his pants undone and his boxers visible. Mrs. Milton smiled because she knew in her mind that she was really close to her goal. Within moments, she could see his cock twitching within his boxers and a tell tale stain start to form. It was then she licked her lips seductively as she stared at his crotch.

Ty felt warm watching his chemistry teacher right before him as her pussy began moistening more. He was envisioning himself tongue buried deep within it tasting her as she moaned. He could see where this was going and realized that he was caught and that there was no escape. Without warning, he stood and allowed his jeans to drop as he began to pull off his boxers over the athletic shoes he wore. He began to stroke himself slowly as his teacher looked on, allowing his pre cum to coat the head of his tool. Mrs. Milton was surprised to hear the next words cross her lips.

“Bring it to my mouth….please?’

Ty moved quickly, stroking his dick before her mouth as she allowed her tongue to extend and start licking the fluid leaking from the end. She slowly licked more and more fluid until she took a hand and pushed him into her mouth by pressing his firm young rear. Ty quietly let out a low moan as Mrs. Milton slowly swallowed as much of his nine inch tool as she could, allowing the fluids seeping out to go down her throat. Her seduction completed, she allowed her hand to grasp the base of it as she slowly and carefully kept sucking his tool. Occasionally, she would allow the member to slip out of her mouth and rub her saliva all over her face as she rubbed her cheeks with his tool. She slipped out of the chair and pushed him against the wall as she knelt on her knees to continue her assault on his dick.

Ty could feel himself getting ready to lose it as his teacher kept up her suction on him. His resolve crumbled quickly as she began deep throating him daring him to empty himself inside her mouth. As Ty looked down at his smiling teacher, he weakened and shot a huge amount of his seed into her mouth, almost choking her with it’s volume. As she backed away slowly, she could tell that this punishment was well beyond Ty’s expectations.

“So are you going to keep this secret?” she asked him as he still attempted to catch his breath. Ty nodded in agreement.

“Tomorrow afternoon, you will meet me here so we can continue your punishment. If it wasn’t for the fact that my husband wants me home in an hour, you’d be fucking me. But we can save that thrill for tomorrow.” Mrs. Milton winked at Ty as she began to clean herself up. Ty, sensing the hint, pulled up his pants and began to walk out when Mrs. Milton stopped him. She took out a post it note from her desk and wrote down a phone number on it. After shoving it into his pocket, she allowed him to go as she sat back down to finish herself off.

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