Chasing the Dream


I’d known Kayli and Steffi for the last half of my life. They were the two youngest of four, Kayli 21 and Steffi 18. They had one older brother at 23 and an older sister at 25. They were all basket cases, just like their mother, except for the sensible and way too frigid Hayley and Steffi.

We became friends through family earlier on and, although they moved away when their sex addict mother divorced from their dad after an affair became messily exposed, we stayed familiar ever since. They would come to visit their dad and end up spending more time with me instead.

Sounds wrong but as much as I protested being told everything about their mother’s sexual escapades around the house – while they were still at home – I couldn’t help but begin to imagine if any of the girls shared that much of their mother’s DNA. In other words, having grown up to become rampant little nymphos.

Kayli, the mouthiest and sometimes most annoying girl you could ever know, had otherwise grown into the most lust inspiring body I could ever have laid eyes on. With the biggest but most perfectly shaped tits and a peach shaped arse, she sported a fine hour glass figure and liked to flaunt it a lot in either low cut revealing clothing or just skin tight tops and short skirts, leaving little to the imagination. The fact she was blonde just left a line of men drooling like geriatrics wherever she went.

Steffi on the other hand was no lesser in the chest department but lacked the same confidence, thank god. I never wanted her to ever become so brash and attention seeking as her older s****r and always had more of a soft spot for her and always gave her the special treatment when she was my guest. She was a brunette with a sweet smile and no intention of ever dolling herself up. She liked to wear jeans and hooded jackets but always wore a vest underneath, sometimes exposing the world to an eyeful of pink lace bra and cleavage.

A few months back, I started to have some very tense almanbahis erotic dreams that were outright pornographic rather than suggestive. Maybe I’d been watching too much porn at the time or getting too much sex from my girlfriend (if there is such a thing as too much).

Several nights on the run, I was having dreams of evenings with Kayli turning into shamelessly detached sex sessions. She was wanting it, I was nearly willing to beg for it and what followed each night were very realistic bouts of hot and excited fucking. I was waking up hard as a rock and needing to blow my load instantly.

For some reason, I wound up confessing to Steffi as a joke to gross her out but she seemed more interested in knowing more and more about the dreams. ‘Would you shag her, really?’ she asked me and I denied any such assumptions. ‘But if you dreamed about having sex with her, you must be interested to some extent,’ she remarked. I just told her that the Kayli in the dream wasn’t the annoying one in real life and that dreams are never as realistic as real life etc. Any reason to dispel her suggestions.

‘I’d rather have dreamed about you,’ I told her at the end of that conversation, which we were relaying via text messages. It took her a long time to text back. I didn’t even think she would have but low and behold, she did.

‘Then why didn’t you?’ she asked.

‘I don’t know,’ I replied, ‘maybe because my subconscious knows you’re not the sex fiend she is even though I think you’re hotter.’

Big LOL!!!

I should have wondered if saying such a thing had any effect on Steffi’s mind, since I had the suspicion a while back that she had a crush on me. She had suggested the previous Halloween, after I’d taken Kayli to a party, that I should take her out the next time and let her stay over in my bed. It was a bold move for a s*******n year old girl to make, to have some grand design in mind for me by the time she’d become eighteen, if that was what she was almanbahis yeni giriş getting at.

But she lived down south and I lived in the north. I got to see her one or two weeks a year at the most. And like hell was her dad going to let her stay anywhere else but under his own roof.

But a month later she came up north to stay a week and came to see me on the Saturday afternoon. Without the rest of the family.

I’d greeted her with a tight hug, to which she used as an opportunity to pull me tighter into her ample chest. We made some idle small talk about this and that and settled down in my bedroom where I had a computer study I was always sitting at.

I got all the updates I could never need to know; how much weed her brother was now smoking per day, how uptight her older sister had become since getting her own house and how many dicks Kayli had been through lately.

‘You forgot to mention mine,’ I said and then laughed inappropriately, getting an awkward look from Steffi.

‘Yours doesn’t count, it was just a dream,’ she corrected.’

‘Then I can breathe a sigh of relief finally,’ I joked and huffed heavily. ‘I’m not sure what kind of a reputation she’d leave me with.’

‘Why? Dreamed about her anymore recently?’ she asked with a sly grin and started to laugh. But I wouldn’t be put down by a girl twelve years my junior.

‘Of course not, don’t start getting jealous again,’ I said, causing her to go red with shock, before adding, ‘you know I’d sooner have hot filthy sex with you over her anytime.’

She literally shrieked through the hysterics.

‘Oh my god, really!’ she shouted.

‘Totally,’ I relayed looking the other way, as if to make my disinterest clear and to render my practical joke inoffensive. I was far from disinterested in reality.

‘I wasn’t asking you, pervert,’ she defended.

‘Don’t lie,’ I argued, feigning my outrage mildly, ‘you’d love me to make a woman out of you. Your almanbahis giriş words say no but your body language says “take me… take me like the lusty savage that you are!”‘

‘Like you did to Kayli… IN YOUR DREAMS!!!’ she shouted back and laughed wickedly.

After our usual c***dish conversation we went about the usual routine of spending our time together by settling down on the bed to watch a film. We always lay down sideways, spooning with me behind her so we could see the television without straining our necks. It was innocent and always had been but if I knew today was going to be any different, I started to notice when she took one of my arms and wrapped it around her waist.

I noticed even more towards the end of the film when my hand had been stealthily repositioned just underneath the curve of her breast as if she hadn’t even been aware of doing it. My head held up by my one free hand as I lay on one side, I looked down and noticed that she’d dozed off. Being that I took pride in my annoying nature, I carefully drew her hair away from her neck and moved in for the rude awakening.

I stopped to look again. Her eyes were definitely closed. I parted my lips, drawing my teeth and moved in for the kill, attacking her neck with a playful bite. I stopped to look again. My lips wrapped around the side of her neck, she just looked at me without a single hint of expression in her eyes.

‘I’m not ticklish, remember,’ she informed.

‘Did you dream about me?’ I asked dimly and with a stupid smirk on my face.

‘You’d have to give me something to dream about,’ she then answered, moving my other hand directly onto her breast and squeezing my hand around it. I became hard instantly within the tight confines of my denims.

‘Don’t do that,’ I demanded.

‘Why not?’ she asked.

‘Because you’ll give me the wrong idea,’ I explained, all the while backing my pelvis away from her behind.

‘What wrong idea? I want you to!’

‘What do you want me to?’ I asked, growing flustered but trying to hide it and growing harder every second after.

‘To do what you did to my s****r in your dream,’ she purred, ‘you said you would, anytime…’


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