Chapter VII – (Part Five – Wrapping up Mandi’s First Assignment)


“What the hell happened to Niccolo?”He had been lying right next to me in this same bed when we both finally fell asleep at almost five AM, after enjoying an incredible late night of sex with him and seven other hot partners. Slowly opening my eyes, the bright sunlight shone into the hotel room through gaps in the window shades, making me squint.“Well crap,” I thought.  “There goes my plan to enjoy some hard morning wood, the best part of waking up.”Grumbling, I headed to the bathroom, where I found a note taped to the mirror that read, “Sorry about leaving without saying goodbye.  But you were sleeping so peacefully I didn’t want to wake you.  If I could have changed my flight, I would have wanted nothing more than to spend the day in bed with you.”In all honesty, I can’t say I was totally disappointed.  The sexual intensity of the last 48 hours had finally taken its toll, and the idea of spending some time recovering before meeting Alex, my next “management candidate” later today, was more than welcome.The noise of my phone ringing startled me.  “Good day, James.”Speaking as though he was extremely rushed, he said, “Hello, Mandi.  Bad news.  Amy called telling Henry and me that new information was just uncovered that disqualifies Alex.”“Oh my God, what did she find out?”“I don’t have time to go into it now.  It’s quite involved, so Henry and I are on our way back to Europe right now to deal with it.”But before he ended the call, he added, “Sorry about throwing your schedule into a tailspin.  You’re clear to go home early if you like or stick around Sin City for another day.  I’ll give you a call when I know more.”A quick phone call to Amy, our CEO’s wife and corporate V.P., confirmed what James told me.  Then, in a suggestive tone, she added, “With your body, personality, and engaging smile, I’m sure you won’t have any problem finding someone to have fun with if you remain in Vegas until tomorrow.”Grinning at Amy’s encouraging words, I ordered breakfast from room service, sent the two naughty videos of last night’s bukkake party to my hubby Dave, and called Southwest Airlines. The earliest available flight put me in San Jose at 3:30 PM Saturday.  After booking the flight, I texted the flight information to Dave, and notified my company driver of the schedule change.After I finished doing all that, and enjoying an excellent room service elvankent escort bayan breakfast, I took a deep breath and caught a glimpse of my tall, tan, naked body in the full-length mirror.  I surprised myself by collapsing onto the bed and thrusting two fingers into my suddenly revitalized pussy.Naughty visions of this afternoon’s possibilities have me adding a third finger to my unexpectedly wet pussy, and breathed new life into my libido.  Apparently, I’m not as tired as I thought.An enjoyable mini-orgasm washed through my body, followed by my falling back to sleep.After about two more hours of sound sleep, the incessant ringing of my phone awakened me from a surprisingly erotic dream of being sexually ravaged by a couple of mysterious studs in front of a huge faceless audience.  Slowly reaching for the phone, I found my right thumb rubbing my clit, and two fingers buried in my wet pussy.  Added realism, I’m sure.  Noticing that Dave was finally calling, I just left my fingers where they were and grabbed the phone.  I must have sounded rather breathless when I answered because he said, with a lecherous laugh, “Hi babe.  Am I interrupting something?”Giggling, I replied, “Well, sort of.  Your call woke me up from a sound sleep and an erotic dream, and two of my fingers are stuffed in a very wet pussy.”  With a deep sigh, I added, “I’m adding a third finger right now,” and immediately uttered a loud moan.“That’s my girl.  Always horny.”“Absolutely.  I’m sure you wouldn’t want it any other way.”Continuing to pump my fingers into my wet pussy and playing with my clit, Dave and I chatted away, including his casually mentioning, “There will be two surprises greeting you when you arrive tomorrow.  I’m still working on the second one that is something new and exciting for both of us.Squealing gleefully, I asked him to tell me all about them.”Oh, no.  If I told you what they were, it wouldn’t be a surprise anymore.”“You are being a real stinker, holding things back from me.”“Well, that’s part of the fun of it.  But I’ll give you three clues about the first one.  First, don’t be surprised when I pick you up at the airport tomorrow and we don’t go home.  Second, you need to boost your tan as much as possible today.  And lastly, you will have an opportunity to show off your amazing body and Escort emek possibly fuck someone you know.  But that will be a surprise too”. There was a momentary pause while the wheels in my head tried to make some sense of those hints.  Deciding just to let it play out, I asked, “Now, what is that something for both of us you said you were working on?”“No more hints, babe.  I still have lots to get done today.  I love you, and I’m really looking forward to having you back with me tomorrow.”“Me too.  Hot kisses to you, babe,” I said, and ended the call. All the suggestive talk, the unforgettable sex I’d enjoyed over the past 48 hours, along with the bright and sunny weather, made me so horny that I immediately resumed thrusting my fingers into my dripping pussy.  It only took a few minutes before my juices were gushing from my pussy, and an orgasm went scorching through my body.  I knew I wanted to enjoy my last day and night in Las Vegas to the fullest.  My exhibitionist side told me the best way to start was relaxing topless, or preferably naked, at the hotel’s adult pool.  I was more than ready for that and was confident my inborn slut would not be far behind.Picking out a bright orange “barely-there” micro G-string bikini that would enhance my all-over tan, I decided I’d skip wearing any cover-up when walking through the hotel.  After all, doing that would be counter-productive to my freshly revitalized libido.    Since I wasn’t planning to hold anything back, I knew a fresh coat of my distinctive tanning lotion would make my skin glisten with a delightful sheen.  I quickly applied the cream everywhere I could reach on my smooth skin before starting to put on what little I was going to wear.The triangular top barely covered the areola and nipples of my firm D-cup breasts, and the narrow strands of material that comprised the bottom emphasized what I’ve been told is a firm bubble butt, a narrow waist, and a flat, ripped stomach.Sliding the bottom up my legs, I found that the small “patch” of material intended to cover my clean-shaven pussy would barely, if at all, cover my labia.  I loved it.I added the requisite anklet, dangling belly ring, matching earrings, and the unusual neckless Phillip, the hotel’s Chief Concierge, had provided.  Then, making a last-minute decision, I inserted a jeweled butt plug eryaman escort in my ass.Stepping into a pair of strappy, five-inch high platform sandals completed the look I was after, and flattered my long, well-toned legs. I don’t consider myself as being narcissistic.  But standing in front of the mirror just before departing for the pool, I was fiercely proud of what I saw; a tall, all-over tan body that a micro-bikini swimsuit model, a Playboy centerfold, or a highly paid porn star, would be proud to show off.  I was definitely ready to make that impression. Walking proudly through to hotel with a smile on my face, I found that my near-nakedness was not going to be the uncomfortable experience I had feared.  I concentrated on smiling and making eye contact with as many folks as possible, and received many more smiles and thumbs-up than frowny faces.Arriving at the adult pool, I was delighted that my poolside daybed was unoccupied and waiting for me.  I saw Jill, the hot pool girl, and waved to her.  She flashed me a huge grin and waved back.Dropping my bag on the day bed, I immediately removed my top and dropped it in the pool bag.  Squeezing my tits and tugging my nipples to perk them up, I slowly strolled over to greet Jill.  As I did, I glanced around the pool and lounging areas and was pleased to see that it was busy and most of the women were topless.  Several were also completely naked, which I intended to be shortly.Walking toward Jill, I could see her looking at me ravenously and with a huge smile on her face.  Her bikini bottom didn’t cover much more than mine, but she had to keep her top on because of her job as a server. Her body felt so warm and sexy as we openly embraced.  Her hand felt glorious as she caressed my breast, and I responded by enthusiastically squeezing her naked butt.  These quick but pleasant exchanges did not go unnoticed by the nearby onlookers. I felt Jill’s hand slide slowly down my back and onto my ass.  She began caressing my butt cheeks, and in just a few seconds she discovered the butt plug.  Pulling back, she turned me around, saw the butt plug, and put her hand over her mouth to stifle a screech of glee.Looking up at me, she licked her lips and said, “You are such a naughty slut.”“That’d be me.”Licking her lips for the second time, Jill crouched down in front of me, looking directly at my pussy, and then hungrily up into my eyes.  Without any warning, she quickly pulled my G-string down my legs, over my feet, and to the ground. But Jill didn’t stop there.  She began flicking her tongue over my glistening, bare slit, then drove it like a small penis into my pussy as far as she could.

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