Chapter 1: Briana


Before she met her husband, Celina was the girl everyone fantasized about. She was a cheerleader from high school through college and easily maintained her amazing body, hypnotically curvy yet athletically slender. She had long, frizzy blonde hair, bright brown eyes, and a bubbly, bouncy figure. She also had a friendly, adventurous personality that invoked fantasies and rumors about her being a slut.After she married her husband, Celina’s personality and sexuality vanished. In short, her husband was a manipulative asshole. He’d always been a manipulative asshole, but things got worse after they learned that Celina can’t have children. That’s when he started “persuaded” her to do things his way.At first, Celina was strong-willed and persistent. Since she couldn’t give him children, she decided to turn herself into a slut, hoping to revitalize any lost passion between them. She spent her life savings on lingerie and intimacy classes, but nothing worked.Eventually, she gave in to his domineering desires, and he began “persuading” her to do what he wanted. He “persuaded” her to let him date and impregnate another woman. He “persuaded” her to move into the garage so his new, pregnant girlfriend could move in. Then, he “persuaded” her to be their live-in full-service housekeeper and nanny.For years, his “persuasions” controlled and corrupted her mind until she was nothing more than a shell of her former self. In addition, her husband’s new wife was verbally tormenting her every day, so Celina took shelter in the fanciful delusions she’d created for herself; delusions, in which her husband still loved her. And as his new wife pumped out another child and he “persuaded” Celina to go out and find a long-hours high-paying job to support his family, Celina’s impenetrable delusions grew stronger.The only high-paying job she could find was working as a secretary for Adrian. Adrian was a friend of a friend who hired Celina based purely on her slutty-cheerleader reputation from high school. He imagined Celina would be a playful, sexy secretary who would wear skimpy outfits and make flirty salacious innuendoes. Instead, she was a hard-working, goal-oriented, no-nonsense secretary.Not only did she have a stern demeanor, but she also hid all of her luscious curves under thick pantsuits, long loose-fitting skirts, cleavage-covering blouses and turtlenecks, and oversized blazers. And even worse, she never wore heels of any kind; she always wore flats, like men’s oxfords and brogues.In Adrian’s eyes, to repress such a beautiful and benevolent sexual fury was like desecrating the holiest of temples and insulting everything he believes. It became his divine mission to reawaken the rumored nympho inside Celina.He began with polite compliments, saying things just to make her smile. Then, he began complimenting her figure, every so often, making an offhand salacious comment. And for nearly two years, he got nowhere, not even a flirtatious smile. Then, one morning, after a particularly wild and exhausting night with Briana, he hobbled over to Celina’s desk and said something outrageously brazen.”Celina… you are just too goddamn sexy not Kadıköy Escort to be getting fucked every night.”More shocked than offended, Celina sternly rolled her eyes and sarcastically smiled. “I’m going to ignore that, as you look high as fuck right now.””I totally fucking am, just not on drugs! Anyway, it’s true.” He turned to leave but then added. “Also, can I ask what you did with all that lingerie?”Celina looked up, more annoyed than stern. “What lingerie?”Inebriated by the previous night’s phenomenal sex, Adrian explained, “When you were trying to win back your husband’s affection, you bought a shit-ton of lingerie, did you not? What did you do with it?””It’s in storage. Can I get back to work now?””Why?””Because I have a lot of work to do.””No. Why put it in storage? It makes no sense. You have no use for it, correct? So, why keep it?””I don’t know,” Celina replied, now completely annoyed.”Where is it all anyway? Is it actually in storage, or is it just stored somewhere in the house?””Why does it matter? Do you want me to start wearing it to work?”Clearly, her question was sarcastic, but Adrian dreamily replied, “Yes. Can you?” Celina stared daggers at him as he ignorantly continued. “I would pay good money to see you in some sexy lingerie. In fact, I WILL pay good money to see you in some sexy lingerie. Rather than pretending to be my secretary-“”Pretending?” Celina asked, confused and angered by this revelation.”You can be my private lingerie model. I can turn that empty office into stage room; put in some special lights, a walk-in closet for all of your lingerie-“”Empty office?” This revelation angered Celina even more.”Great! Bringing my slutty-secretary fantasies to life will finally make buying this stupid office building worth it.””Slutty fantasies? What are you talking about?” she yelled as he walked away. “WHAT?”The next day, Celina strolled into the office like she always did. Her champagne blonde hair was tightly pulled up in a high, braided ponytail. She wore just a bit of eyeliner to make her bright brown, almost hazel, eyes sparkle like chocolate diamonds. Her dress was form-fitting, which was unusual for Celina, but it was thick and concealed her curves, which was perfectly usual for Celina.But there was one noticeable difference. She was wearing heels!Mission-focused, Celina stormed into Adrian’s office, where he was anxiously waiting. As she stormed in, he jumped up and tried to apologize.”Sit down. I don’t want to hear it.”Her voice was strict as always, but she also sounded light-hearted.”I’m sorry,” he muttered under his breath but loud enough for her to hear.”I said I don’t want to hear it.””I know, but I am sorry.””Shut up! You wanted me to bring my lingerie up here, so I did. You wanted me to model my lingerie for you, and I will. But… you’re going pay me TWICE what you pay me now.””Twice…? You don’t have to do this.” Adrian interrupted.”Is this a real job or not?” Adrian didn’t answer. “That’s what I thought. Since you think I’m so fucking sexy, I’m going to show you how sexy I really am.”Instantly, Adrian remembered Celina’s delusional psyche. Kadıköy Escort Bayan Her husband’s new wife had destroyed her self-confidence, making her think she was unattractive and unwanted. In her mind, she was a disgusting and undesirable old hag. Adrian realized this might be his only chance to prove her wrong. So, he raised his hand to stop her.”Afraid to see what’s under my dress?”Adrian chuckled. “The exact opposite.””Want to bet? Five grand says you can’t look at me for more than five seconds.””Bet! But just to show you how wrong you are…” Adrian stood up and unbuttoned his shirt. “I’m going to get naked. That way, you can see exactly how my body responds.”Taken aback but still confident, Celina stood firm as Adrian stripped. As he pulled his shirt off and moved from behind his desk, she was unfazed. As he made his way over to his office sofa against the wall, he undid his belt and unzipped his pants; Celina remained unfazed. As he pushed his slacks and skintight briefs down to his ankles, revealing his impressive manhood, Celina remained unfazed.It wasn’t until he stepped out of his clothes and sat down with his legs widespread, letting his whopping meat hang over the edge of the sofa, that Celina felt a tiny rousing in the pit of her stomach. It’d been so long since Celina last felt any kind of sexual stirring that she dismissed the feeling as nerves.With Adrian comfortably seated, Celina slowly reached back behind her neck and started unzipping the form-fitting black dress. She was only about four feet away from him, so he could see her shapely curves as she twisted to pull the zipper down the curvature of her smooth skin to the small of her back.She turned, brimming with shy confidence, and stared into Adrian’s warm brown eyes as she peeled the thick black fabric away from her blonde body. The dark fabric contrasted sensuously with her soft creamy skin tone, making Adrian’s cock throb. His cock throbbed harder and grew longer as she pulled her arms free of the long sleeves, exposing the intoxicating curves of her neck, shoulders, and collarbone.She then pushed the dark fabric over her full, perky breasts and down to her flat, toned tummy. She didn’t have massive tits; they weren’t DDDs or GGs or anything like that. Her big tits were perfectly big, perfect for her curvy figure; big and fluffy, round and smooth, natural and perky, and they looked soft to the touch as the brimful bubbles jiggled inside their super-tight, undersized pink lace cups.As she pushed the dark fabric over her wide, succulent hips, her teeny tiny pink lace G-string came into view. Adrian nearly lost it, as pink lace is one of his greatest weaknesses. Add that Celina is one of his all-time dream girls, and his cock became too hard to ignore. As her dress finally fell around her ankles, Adrian reached over and soothingly stroked his iron-hard girth.Initially disgusted by his vulgar soothing, her mind quickly turned to adulterous acts. She wanted to feel him but didn’t know why. The stirring in her grew stronger and spread from her core to her hips, up her spine, and down her long, naturally Escort Kadıköy toned legs.Unwittingly, Celina’s hand slid across her smooth thigh and sank into the front of her G-string. Her eyes glazed over, and her other hand moved up to squeeze one of her tits as her fingers hit their mark. Adrian watched intently as his shy, uptight secretary began absent-mindedly twiddling her clit.Wanting to test her limits, Adrian signaled for Celina to come closer. As if possessed, Celina trudged over to her boss, still rubbing her hidden clit.What are you doing? she asked herself. Stop! The voice in her head cried out, but it had no control over her body.Unable to stop and unable to speak, she groaned like a horny zombie as her boss slid his hands across her smooth thighs. Adrian sat up and moved his head between her legs, nearly pressing his face against the front of her aromatic G-string.”Touching will cost you extra!” was all she said. Celina tried to sound stern and unfazed by his touch, but she loved the way he touched her.She loved it so much; she allowed him to continue unimpeded. Even as he began massaging her thighs and breathing warmly on the front of her panties, she allowed him to continue. She didn’t think about stopping him until he slid his fingers inside the strings of panties and pulled downward.”No. No. No! We can’t! We can’t!” She trembled as he pulled harder. “Don’t!” Her words contradicted her actions, as she hesitantly allowed him to pull her G-string down.”You so fucking sexy!” Adrian cooed as he kissed just below her navel.He tenderly teased her with soft kisses and tongue play as he made his way lower. Her hand still blocked her bushy pussy, but she’d stopped playing with her clit. Whatever part of her that didn’t want this to happen was quickly overthrown as he slid his tongue between her fingers and touched her burning clit.She shuddered and softly placed her hands on his head as he kissed lower until his lips pressed against the hairiest vulva he’d ever seen. Infatuated with her gorgeous, unkempt wolf pussy, he ran his tongue through her fuzzy blossom. He wrapped his lips around her furry labia and slurped up the first offerings of her juices.Overwhelmed by his tender touch and tenacious tongue and the long-forgotten sensations of intimacy, Celina nearly passed out as his tongue slid across her delicate lips. Instinctively, her hands slid to the back of his head and pulled his face deeper into her super-wet furry mound.Celina’s legs jostled against him, and she arched her back as the heat from Adrian’s mouth penetrated her thick bush and touched her bare pussy. As he pulled away, he exposed her shaggy bush to the cool air. The chill sent shivers up her spine, making her toes curl inside her heels.Goosebumps ran up her legs as he again plunged his face into her jungly bush. He felt her taut stomach tighten as she quivered under the gentle touch of his tongue. Celina moaned as she looked down at her deviant boss softly gorging on her wet pussy. Though she hadn’t shaved or trimmed her pussy in years, Adrian was unfazed. He was entranced by her long, thick, wild, dark blonde bush.Enraptured, he smushed his face against her curly, wet jungle until his lips and tongue found her furry pussy lips. Her fingers dug into his neck as he kissed and licked her hesitant pussy like a thirsty lion, flat-tongued and slurping. Her legs shook and undulated as she unconsciously thrust her hips onto his face.

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