Changing my life.


I had lived in the city all my life, I didn’t want to anymore. I had grown up, married and had children in the city. After my kids had married and my husband passed away, I had nothing holding me back. The stench of fumes and the noise was another reason to go. I wanted the clean air and the quiet life.I researched and researched where I should go and found a small village with big parks and walks in the vicinity. I didn’t really research the community. As far as I could tell it was all a normal village.I sold most of my worldly possessions and bought a small cottage with a garden. It was in the heart of the village and I presumed I would soon get to know everyone. I arrived at my new home and one of my sons helped me move in. We saw a neighbour standing, trimming a hedge of her front garden. She was naked, but I thought nothing of it. After all, it’s her own home, she can do as she wishes. After my son left, it took me a day or two to get used to my new surroundings, but I was adjusting well. I did notice that an awful a lot of people seemed to be naked. I walked to the shops for the first time, and as I walked in I noticed the girl behind the counter was naked too.She smiled at me, “you must be new here. Here is a leaflet about what goes on about town.”As I looked down at what she had handed me it dawned on me, I was living in a nudist colony. Not only that, by looking at the leaflet I could see they were very sexually orientated. Now, as an older woman with many years behind me, I had become quite open-minded, but this was something completely different. I thanked the girl and did my shopping.I went back home and right away stripped off. I walked over to my mirror and looked at my naked body. I quite liked what I saw. For a woman in her late fifties, having given birth to four children, I still looked quite good. My full breasts hadn’t sagged much and being an active woman, I was still slim and sexy. What I liked the most of all about my body, is something teens have seemed to have gone crazy over the past few years, my booty. I loved my natural round ass and my crotch was not too bad either. I decided right then and there to adopt my village’s nudist policy, but first I had to masturbate.I started to walk about naked and it felt exhilarating. At first, I was shy about my body being naked, but soon I got over it. It became second nature and soon I had met a few women my own age to hang out and gossip with.oo0ooIt was about a month after I had moved in, and I decided it was time to really explore my new surroundings. The best place to start would be a walk along the forest road. Apparently, it was a place where people frequently stopped to have sex. Plus, it would istanbul travesti be getting closer to nature, something my whole new outlook was about.I walked slowly towards the edge of my small village, feeling the cool breeze against my naked skin. It made my nipples hard and got me slightly horny. I waved and smiled at a few passers-by, as I recognized some of them.I got to the forest edge, feeling the breeze from the trees. I walked into the forest and felt like one with nature. The green leaves, the smell of fresh oxygen sweeping through, it really turned me on. That was when I saw them. I saw this gorgeous girl in her late thirties getting fucked up against a tree while another guy was standing there watching them as he jerked off his cock.I wanted in.I walked up behind them, making sure to make noise as to not shock them. I stood next to the young man that was the spectator and slid my hand over his soft young ass. He smiled at me as the sexy girl getting fucked smiled up at me too.I slid my hand over my new friend’s cock, taking over from him and jerking him off. His cock wasn’t the biggest I had ever seen. But it was a nice size. I decided that my new friend should get a blowjob, so I got to my knees in front of him. I started to suck his pretty cock and felt his hand slide through my hair. I sucked him off for a few minutes, the sound of the woman groaning right behind me.I was pulled up by my new young lover and turned around. I leaned up against the tree next to the young girl and felt the man’s cock slide up against my pussy. It was exciting and exhilarating to feel a young cock up against my pussy for the first time in ages. My hands rested on the tree and the young woman repositioned herself to stand next to me. He looked so hot getting fucked and I could feel my young lover starting to pound my puss from behind.I’m not sure what came over me because I had never done anything like that before, I slipped my hand under the girl and started to caress her breasts. Both men seemed to have the same idea as they repositioned us ladies, so we were standing in front one another, our bodies squashed together.The girl kissed me, snaking her tongue into my mouth as we both got fucked from behind. I had never done anything with another woman before and it seemed so natural to make out with her as we both got fucked.The guy fucking me cupped both my breasts, squeezing them as we fucked. His hands seemed to roam my body, spanking me and touching me. I knew he was going to make me cum and pushed back against him. He seemed to really enjoy making me squirm and carried on pounding my pussy for all he was worth.By then, the other couple istanbul travesti were on the forest floor and the guy was pounding the girl for all he was worth. I could see he was close and she held him close as they fucked.My guy pulled his cock from my pussy and turned me around to face him. He pushed me up against the tree and slipped his cock back inside me. As he got back into the rhythm of fucking me, we started to make out.I held him close and told him repeatedly to cum inside me. His handsome face contorted with pleasure as his whole body seemed to jerk. I could feel him getting close and knew he was going to make me cum too.“Yes, cum inside me, please,” I begged.It seemed to do it for him, as he seemed to cum up inside me right away, which in turn, made me orgasm too. We stood there, his cock buried deep inside me, panting as we both came down from our intense orgasms.Finally, he pulled out of me and I saw the other couple was standing there waiting for us. The girl pulled me close and kissed me passionately.“Did my husband fuck you good? I hope he did, it looked hot as hell.”I smiled and blushed at the realization that I just had sex with a married man. She saw the look on my face and laughed.“Don’t worry honey, we’re in an open marriage. By the way, this is our Vicar.”To that, I was shocked. He smiled at me and gave me a peck on the lips. We all started walking out of the forest together and me and my new young female friend had our arms around each other’s waist.“You must be Kasandra, the woman that moved into the cottage off the main street? Well, welcome to the village and I’m sure you’ll have a great sex life here. There are so many people to see and do. In fact, this coming weekend we are having a late-night picnic by the river, come by and I will personally make love to you a make sure to introduce you to some studs. I’m sure the Vicar would like a go too.”I smiled and all four of us parted ways. When I got in I had a shower and decided to relax in my garden. I lay back and drifted off to a nice sleep. When I awoke, I spent the rest of the evening relaxing and doing my usual reading and things.The week seemed to go by quickly and I had made a few new friends. The Vicar came by over the weekend and fucked me good. We spent the rest of the day in bed together talking and getting to know each other. He seemed nice and was a decent lover too.The day of the midnight picnic arrived and Jessica, the girl from the forest, came around to remind me to come. She said she had a wonderful surprise in store for me, I couldn’t wait.That evening, before ten o’clock, I had a shower and put on my best scent. I made my way towards istanbul travesti the river and I wasn’t too long before I found everyone. It looked amazing, about twenty-five people, all naked milling around and talking and laughing. It seemed to be a great atmosphere, and I couldn’t wait to join in.I found Jessica and her husband making out by the river bed, and when they noticed me coming, they stopped. Jessica pulled me close, kissing me deeply and touching me up. Her husband stood behind me and I could feel his hard cock up against my butt.Jessica led me by the hand and introduced me so some of the people there. They all seemed genuinely happy to see me, some even kissing me as a greeting. I met some great people and all in all it was turning out to be a great evening.We ate some hotdogs next to a nice hot bonfire that had been lit and Jessica’s husband seemed to not be able to take his hands off me. I was enjoying his attention, especially when he groped my butt. I was pretty sure Jessica knew exactly what was going on, and soon this was confirmed.“Kasandra, my husband would love another go with you, but this time I want in too. I so want to eat you out and make you cum.”I laughed and kissed her softly on the lips. It turned into a full-blown passionate make-out session and our hands roamed each other’s bodies. She slipped her hand between my legs and started to rub at my pussy and soon we were both laying on the grass making out. I could feel her knee pushing up against my crotch, mine doing the same to hers. I could feel her wet pussy rubbing up against my leg, making me groan in her mouth.As we ground against each other I felt a cock push between our faces. I looked up to see her husband giving me a big smile. It so turned me on to know I was wanted and to know we were doing this in front of twenty odd other people. Jessica started to suck off her husband, really going to town on that dick a mere inch away from my face. I wanted in, so I wrapped my lips around his large balls, sucking them for all I was worth.Soon Jessica and I were taking turns sucking on his juicy cock, making him groan and grunt. I felt his hand on the back of my head and he started to fuck my mouth, his cock going deep into my throat. I was so engrossed in sucking him off that I didn’t realise that Jessica was no longer beside me. She had taken up position between my legs and had started to eat me out. I had never had a woman lick me before and her tongue seemed to do amazing work.I was in heaven, a large cock in my mouth and a tongue up my cunt was making me feel so good. I decided that I need to get fucked and pulled away from them both. I lay back on the grass and beckoned Jessica on top of me. I was slightly apprehensive, but for the first time in my life, another woman pussy was lowered onto my face. I started to gently lick her, doing to her what I knew I liked. As I licked her sweet hole, her husband pushed his cock back inside me, fucking me for the second time.

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