Chad vs. Brad


***Author’s Note: This is a story of Brad and the Virgin. You know: from the meme.***

Brad couldn’t help admire Chad’s amazing physique from across the dorm room. His admiration did nothing to prevent his curdled resentment rising to the fore. He couldn’t believe he’d had the bad luck to get Chad, the guy who had everything he didn’t, as a roommate. Literally everything: confidence, a muscled physique, luck attracting women. Hell, Brad had never even had sex with one woman, and Chad seemed to pull a new hot babe every night. It was galling. Brad looked at his own thin milky frame with intense frustration. He never had enough time to go to the gym, and jogging did nothing to bulk him up. His disquisitions on the flaws of the Schrodinger’s Cat thought experiment had not endeared him to any females so far.

Tonight, Chad had tumbled in after a night of debauchery at some frat house, interrupting Brad’s late physics review session. Brad’s study partners quickly scattered when Chad began drunkenly pulling off everything except his boxers, leaving Brad to stew over his roomate’s perfectly sculpted pecs. For some reason, Brad found his eyes drifting down and lingering on Chad’s abs. Suddenly, Chad flipped over, revealing his pert butt. To Brad’s annoyance, he felt a bolt of horny interest at the sight of those perfect ass globes. ‘Damn I need to get laid’ Brad thought to himself. Fat chance of that! Even so, he shouldn’t be perving on some dude. It must be that wine Dave’d brought to the study group getting to him.

“Duuuuude…” moaned Chad “My back is so sore from practice! I’m never going to get any rest before class tomorrow!”

“Aren’t you always telling me that its stupid to go to class?” said Dave, trying not to roll his eyes. Usually Chad said that right before “playfully” making him trip on his way out the door.

“I knooooow…but there’s a quiz tomorrow. I can’t miss more than two or I fail,” Chad replied, sighing in apparent exasperation.

Suddenly, an disgusting, tempting idea leached out of Brad’s unconscious. He threw caution to the wind. “You know-dude-I used to do massages in high school. I could help you out if you want.” He threw this out with as much indifference as he could manage. And he was indifferent, really. It would just be interesting to feel those dense muscles in person. Almost like data gathering.

“Dude really? That would be awesome!”

“Okay,” said Brad. “Give me a sec.”

Brad went over to their kitchenette, and retrieved a bottle of olive oil. Then he went and got a towel.

“Okay Chad, for the most traditional effect, take off your underwear and throw this over.”

“Awesome dude…total spa treatment.”

Brad had Chad throw his legs off the side of the bed so his back was flat, and started in rubbing his shoulders. He poured some oil onto the middle of Chad’s back.

“Ha! Said Chad, “it’s cold!”

For a bit, Brad was lost in gaziantep escort an almost hypnotic appreciation of Chad’s now shinny back and shoulder muscles, kneading them again and again. Suddenly, he realized with some annoyance that he was a bit too into it. His cock was now completely hard and leaking in his tight acid-wash jeans.

He cleared his throat.

“If you’re okay with it, Chad, I’m going to roll up the towel so I can give you glutes a good deep massage.”

“Go for it dude,” said Chad, “my back feels awesome now.”

Almost trembling now with lust, Brad revealed Chad’s perfectly rounded gluteus maximus. Brad was sick with envy at its definition. The pale delicate skin was almost luminous, standing out from Chad’s tan back and thighs. Intellectually, Brad knew he shouldn’t be lusting over a guys ass, but in his buzzed state it was hard to focus on that idea.

Brad reached out and kneaded Chad’s ass, hard.

“Ouch!” moaned Chad.

“Sorry Chad, but I really need to squeeze hard to help the muscles relax.”

Brad continued, careful not to bump his straining erection into Chad’s legs, for another 5 minutes. As he did so, Brad had a perfect view of Chads winking pink anus.

“Okay Chad, how are you feeling now,”

“Definitely better dude, but my glute still feels really tight,” Chad whined.

In the morning Brad would look back and not believe he’d had the audacity to do what he did next.

“Well, there’s one more thing I could try, but a lot of guys find it a bit of a challenge.”

“What is it?” asked Chad, turning a wide trusting gaze back to Brad.

“A prostate massage,” replied Brad. At Chad’s questioning look, he continued. “It’s in your anus. I’d insert a finger, and rub it to relieve the tension.”

“But isn’t that kind of gay?” asked Chad, giving Brad a worried look.

“Not if it’s a treatment…dude. And it’s the best thing ever for relaxing your hips.”

“Alright…” said Chad, after a pause that felt like an eternity. “Just be careful.”

“Of course,” said Brad, barely preventing himself from drooling all over Chad’s vulnerable buttcheeks.

Brad poured oil into Chad’s crack, watching with fascination as it flowed downward. “You might feel some pressure now,” said Brad. After slicking his index finger, he slowly inserted it into Chad.

“Oooooh” moaned Chad.

“Sorry buddy, it will get more comfortable in a minute.”

Ever so carefully, Brad slid his finger in and out of Chad. After a few strokes, Brad felt a sharp intake of breath from Chad.

‘There it is,’ he thought. Brad focused on hitting that same spot over and over. Chad began making completely obscene sounding little gasps and groans. Brad had added a second finger without Chad even noticing, apparently. He was lost in his own world.

“Okay Chad, I think I’m going to need to use something bigger to get the best effect.”

“Okay…” said Chad in a dreamy, far away tone.

Brad unbuckled his belt and pushed his jeans and tighty-whities down his legs. Chad didn’t react at all, still blissed out from all the finger fucking. Brad savored the moment, giving his 6-inch cock a couple of quick tugs as he leered at his roomate’s perfect ass. Then, crossing the Rubicon, he placed the tip of his straining cock at the opening of Chad’s asshole and brought his hands up to grip Chad’s hips.

“Wha…” said Chad, realizing something was off. He turned to look over his shoulder, meeting Brad’s eye just at the moment the bulbous head of Brad’s cock popped past Chad’s tight anal ring.

“Dude, what the fuck? Is that your dick?” moaned Chad, as Brad’s cock slid ever deeper into his ass. Chad’s eyes were round, nearly popping out of his head.

“Yeah man,” said Brad sort of breathlessly, “I told you that you needed something bigger in there.”

“Noooo…Oh gooood” moaned Chad, voice full of shame. Brad couldn’t detect any pain in it, though.

In moments, Brad’s balls were pressing against Chad’s.

“Aww shit!” gasped Chad, trembling slightly. “Your whole cock’s in my ass!”

Brad licked his lips, glancing down to see his cock obscenely violating Chad’s perfect ass. It was delicious, seeing Chad sprawled naked, impaled by his cock, while Brad remained almost fully dressed. Chad’s asshole felt amazing, clinging to Brad’s cock like a silk glove. Slowly, Brad began moving his cock out of Chad’s ass before reversing to stuff it back in.

Chad gasped, the sound high pitched and almost feminine. Brad savored drawing the sound from such an alpha stud.

“So how’s it feel getting fucked in the ass, Chad,” Brad asked, smiling evilly.

“Oh god! Gross! I can feel it rubbing inside me,” whimpered Chad.

Brad sped up this thrusts, the impact of his skinny hips making an obscene slapping sound every time he reamed Chad’s tight hole. (Shluck! Shluck!)

Chad was moaning constantly now, the sound getting higher and higher.

“Oooh yeah, take my cock you slut,” groaned Brad, feeling his balls start to tighten up.

Chad’s body jumped in shock.

“You liked that, didn’t you faggot?” slurred Brad.

“Nooooo…” said Chad. “I’m not a slut-and I’m not a fucking fag!”

Brad pulled out, and Chad gasped at the sudden emptiness. Not giving Chad a moment to think, Brad flipped him over, simultaneously kicking his own pants the rest of the way off.

Chad’s cock jutted up, precum spilling out over the tip in.

“Really?” said Brad, reaching down to stroke it. “Care to say that again while you look at me?” Chad turned his head to the side, screwing his eyes shut in embarrassment. Brad took the opportunity to grab Chad’s hands, pinning them to the bed as he penetrated Chad’s ass again in one smooth motion.

Chad’s eyes flew open at the intrusion, meeting Brad’s lascivious gaze. “I’m sodomizing you, and you’re hard as a rock,” Brad rumbled, voice low and deep. Chad flushed a deep pink, humiliated. Brad started fucking him hard now, getting one word out of his mouth with each snap of his hips. “You’re” (shluck!) “such” (shluck!) “a” (shluck!) “fucking” (shluck!) “cock-slut.” (shluck!) “you” (shluck!) “fucking” (shluck! ) “swolled-up” (shluck!) “whore.” (shluck!)

Chad was whimpering unintelligibly now, eyes gaze fixed on Brad’s victorious glare. He began to squirm against Brad’s grip in pathetic little jerks. Brad looked down, savoring the sight of Chad’s writhing pecs, shoulders, biceps, abs. Chad’s cock was red now, twitching, and his eyes screwed shut. He seemed to be concentrating, trying not to cum. Letting go of his Chad’s wrists, Brad grabbed the back of Chad’s neck, pulling his head up so he could thrust in his tongue to claim Chad’s unsuspecting mouth with a series of rough, possessive jabs.

Feeling each hole rudely stuffed and violated, Chad yelped in surprise and blew his wad all over his own stomach. Feeling Chad’s anal ring tighten around his pole, Brad sat up and let Chad flop unceremoniously back onto the bed. Brad laughed, watching as Chad’s cock exploded again, spraying him all the way up to his chin. “Dude…you’re not even touching yourself!” Brad crowed, reaching up to grope Chad’s pecs before pinching Chad’s nipples hard. “Fuck!” Chad shouted. He spasmed, shooting again and tightening even more around Brad’s cock, almost causing Brad to blow his own load. Brad’s cock started to kick in Chad’s hole, ready to explode. He let loose completely, humping wildly into the now limp form below.

“Get ready whore.” Brad hissed in ecstasy. “I’m breeding your slut ass.”

“Oh! Cried Chad. “Not inside!”

“Oh yeah,” purred Brad. “I’m filling you up. You’re a fag for good now.”

“Oh god my god I can feel it!” moaned Chad. “Ohgodohgodohgod!”

Brad unleashed a tsunami of cum into Chad’s sore, turned-out butthole. He came again and again, drinking in Chad’s expression of horrified, conflicted pleasure. Finally spent, Brad rolled off Chad and collapsed onto the bed, awash in the most profound satisfaction he’d ever experienced.

As he came back to himself, Brad was suddenly embarrassed he’d been so aggressive. What the hell had gotten into him? He looked over at Chad, whom he’d sodomized so brutally just minutes before.

Chad was trying to regain some of his former bluster. “I could fucking kick your ass man.” he hissed, barely meeting Brad’s eye. Any inclinings of remorse went up in a puff of smoke. “True. But no matter what, from now on, you’ll have had a cock in your ass.” Said Brad, reaching over and giving it a good squeeze for emphasis. “And you’ll have to know that it was me, some spindly nerd, that did it.”

Chad groaned, covering his face in his hands.

“Just…don’t tell anyone about this. Okay?”

Gears started clicking to life in Brad’s brain.

“I’m sure we can come to some kind of arrangement.”

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