CFNM With an ex

Non Nude

I’ve been reacquainted with an old friend, and ex. We get together for a coffee occasionally. This was written with her in mind.


You’ve come round for coffee again. I answer the door and let you in. I tell you to go on upstairs while I get the coffee, as usual. This time you ask me to come upstairs with you first.

We go into the bedroom and you take your coat off and sit where you normally do. I go to sit down but you tell me not to.

You have a different tone to your voice today. Playful and a little stern. You point to a spot just in front of you and tell me to stand there. You also sound a little unsure of yourself but excited as well.

As soon as I stand in front of you, you tell me to take my t-shirt off. This has come out of nowhere, but I do as you ask. After you look at me for a second you tell me to take my jeans off. I hesitate, I don’t know where this is going. I undo them, watching you following my hands as I take them off. You reach out and give my bulge just a quick squeeze through my boxers.

You kneel in front of me and run your Kartal Escort hands up the back of my legs and over my bum. I can feel your hair on my stomach, you’re that close to me. You take hold of my boxers and pull them down, as I step out of them I can feel my semi erect cock brush against your face. You take me in your mouth slowly, nice and deep, just once, and then stop and sit down. Go and get the coffee, you tell me as if nothing has happened.

When I come back you point in front of you, closer this time. I put our coffee down and stand in front of you again. You reach out and play, tease, my cock until I’m hard then stop. You light a fag and sip at your coffee, gesturing for me to do the same. You chat to me as if nothing is happening. You’re toying with me, occasionally brushing my cock with your hand, blowing smoke over it and flicking at the head with your tongue.

As soon as you put your cigarette out you take my cock into your mouth. Again, slow and deep, you work your mouth over my length but just a few times before stopping.

You sit Pendik Escort back and carry on chatting to me as if nothing is going on. After a few minutes you tell me to stroke my cock for you. I grip my shaft and stroke it lightly, I don’t know where this is going but I want it to last as long as I can. The uncertainty of the situation has really turned me on. Although you carry on talking to me your focus is on my cock.

You tell me to stop. Each instruction is so offhand, as if this is perfectly normal. You light another cigarette and take a few drags. Then you reach out and take hold of me tightly, squeezing, not stroking just playing, then running your fingers over my length.

The teasing and uncertainty has got to me and I’m starting to get close, you can tell. You let me go and finish smoking in silence. When you’re done you kneel in front of me and suck. Properly, or rather, with intent this time. I’m not going to last long and you stop just in time. You wait a few minutes then use your hands, one around my shaft, the other cupping my balls. You’re no Göztepe Escort longer teasing, you work your hands over my length bringing me close again before stopping.

You sit on my bed and I watch as you remove your bra from under your clothes, making sure I see nothing. You grab my cock and use it to pull me close to you. You take me in your mouth again, but it’s clear you’re just making it wet. You lift your top and guide my cock under it, still making sure I don’t see anything. I can feel you rubbing your tits over my cock, and I try my luck and start moving in time with you, pushing my cock deep into your cleavage. You tell me I can cum when I’m ready, and it’s not long before I do. I can feel each spurt pulsing through your tits.

You allow me a little time resting between your now sticky tits before gently pushing me away. I can see my cum dripping down onto your belly as you pull down your top. I stand in front of you as you light another fag. You smoke in silence watching my cock soften, I can feel my cum dribbling down my legs. You put your fag out and tell me it’s time you went. I go to put my dressing gown on but you shake your head, so I walk you to the door naked. You wait for me to open the door for you, exposing myself. You give me a hug squeeze my cock for good measure, and off you go with no mention as to what just happened.

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