Caught in the Act! Ch. 02


Note: The people and events in this story are fictitious, and any resemblance to real life people and happenings are purely coincidental.


It’s been just over 3 months since my flatmate, Natalie, walked in on me and my girlfriend Alex having sex. After the initial embarrassment from both parties, the shock subsided and we ended up having a threesome.

That was a night I’ll never forget!

The three of us haven’t so much as mentioned the events of that evening, let alone talked about another one.

Natalie’s new job in the next town over meant she had to get up at 7 and get out of the house at half past to make it in on time, and was normally home at around 6:30 in the evening, exhausted, eating a small ready meal, then in bed before 8.

As a result, we barely had time to talk these days, the only time available between her eating something and her going to bed.

I still saw Alex every day. We were working in adjacent shops, so getting lunch together was always on the agenda, and we alternated Friday evening dates between a venue of her choice, and one of mine, sleeping over at the “host”‘s for the night.

Sex was always involved, and ever since that threesome with Natalie, Alex has always insisted on giving me a tit fuck as a finisher. Apparently, she loves the feeling of my cock rubbing against her tit flesh, and has even started pinching and pulling her nipples as she squashed her tits against me.

I like to finger her at the same time, making her cum at the same time as me.

I barely even stopped to look at things and see that while my life was stable and I was happy with where I was at the minute, Natalie was in the complete opposite position. She was stressed, tired and barely had any time to socialise, so never got out to see her friends.

During the weekends, she mostly stayed in and watched TV or a DVD. This weekend she was watching Blackadder from start to finish, managing to cram the first three seasons and the Comic Relief Special into Saturday afternoon, leaving seasons 3 and 4, the Christmas Special and Blackadder: Back and Forth for Sunday.

I went out just before lunch on Sunday to go to the pub and watch the Rugby match between England and Wales. Kickoff was at 12:30. At this point, Natalie was about halfway through Blackadder the Third.

I told her where I was going, I was gone for a good 2-and-a-half to 3 hours before I got back to the flat, a bit tipsy from the cider I’d had (you know, the level of drunkenness where you feel a bit dizzy but still maintain full control of your body).

I got to the couch and fell backwards onto it, sighing as I felt its cushions envelop me and I drifted off to sleep.

I woke up about an hour later to Natalie gently shaking me, her hand on my shoulder. “Mike,” I heard her say.

As I became more aware of what was going on, I noticed the room was darker than it was before, the curtains had been drawn, and the tall corner lamps had been switched on.

As my gaze naturally panned to Natalie, her hand now rested on my shoulder, not rocking me any more, I noticed she was kneeling on the settee beside me, her hair slightly wavy, all hanging over her right cheek.

I glanced in my peripheral vision that she was wearing a rather thin and see-through pink dressing gown, and was pretty sure she wasn’t wearing anything beneath it! I kept my eyes locked onto her face as best I could.

“Uhm, Natalie?” I said, still half asleep, “What are you doing?”

“I’m waking you up, silly,” Natalie giggled, “You’ve been fast asleep for an hour now, I thought you might like something to eat,”

I shifted my position on the sofa so I was sat more upright. I rubbed my eye with the heel of my hand, which was nice for my eye, but also meant that I wasn’t at risk of my gaze falling to Natalie’s chest.

“That’s very kind of you, Natalie, thank you,” I moaned as I tried to stifle a yawn at the same time, “Could you get me a kiwi fruit or something please?”

Natalie laughed and sat back on her calves, throwing her hair back over her shoulder. I moved my hand from my eye back around my neck torub and scratch it so I could avoid looking at her tits through the material.

“Well, that’s not quite what I had in mind, mister,” Natalie chuckled, “You know how stressed I’ve been getting lately?”

I couldn’t think of any other recourse but to answer, “Uhhhhh, yeah, what about it?” I asked.

“Well, I was thinking you could eat…” Natalie dropped backwards, bringing her legs to the front and spread them, pushing the dressing gown out the way and revealing her bare pussy lips to me. She reached down with her hand and parted them, her other hand resting on her knee. “…me!”

I was stunned. My hand and arm fell involuntarily as I stared at her opening, clean shaven, pink, and inviting, beckoning me in. I went for it, and drove my face between her legs, my eyes closing in anticipation.

As my lips and tongue pressed against her vagina, my eyes snapped open as I tasted her. It almanbahis was dry and tasted of an aerosol spray!

As everything came into focus, I found myself with my head pressed into the corner of the couch (where the seat, back and arm meet). I pulled back and sat upright.

The curtains were open and an hour and a half had elapsed since I’d gotten in. I got up off the couch and straightened my jumper.

I went to the fruit bowl and took up a kiwi fruit and bit into it. The juices permeated my mouth and combined with the slight bitterness of the skin and the soft, sweet flesh. I loved kiwi fruits!

Just as I took my second bite, I heard a door open, and Natalie came round into the kitchen, fully clothed, not a see-through dressing gown in sight. She was wearing shorts and a baggy Led Zeppelin t-shirt, her hair tied back in a ponytail. These were her weekend clothes.

“Hey,” I greeted her, shoving the kiwi fruit into the corner of my mouth so that I could talk.

“Hey,” she replied, as she grabbed a mug and flicked the kettle on.

I swallowed the hunk of kiwi fruit, “How’s your Blackadder Marathon coming along?” I took another bite, the top and bottom segments of the kiwi fell apart as my teeth sheared through the last of the midriff.

“Not too bad,” she replied, popping a tea bag into the mug and heading to the fridge for milk, “Almost finished with series 4 now. Just watched the one at the hospital,”

I laughed, “Haha! Yeah, that’s a good one!” I popped the bottom segment of the kiwi fruit into my mouth as the kettle clicked off. “‘Security’ isn’t a dirty word!” I quoted.

“‘Crevice’ is a dirty word, though!”


“Baaa!” Natalie replied in her best General Melchett voice, and we shared a laugh at the reference. She poured the milk and water into the mug, strained the tea bag and dropped it into the bin.

“See you later, Darling,” Natalie grinned, making another reference, and holding back a laugh as she strode past me with her tea in hand.

I scraped the last fleshy vestiges of my kiwi fruit out of the remaining skin and tossed it in the bin with the tea bag.

I checked the time on the microwave. 4:45. I decided against going for a jog, considering the fading daylight.

Instead, I went to Natalie’s door, and knocked at it. “Yeah?” I heard Natalie call out.

I opened the door and poked my head inside. Natalie was lying on her bed, propped up against the headboard, her laptop resting beside her.

“Well, George, I suspect your long wait for certain death is nearly at an end,” Captain Blackadder sarcastically remarked from the laptop’s speaker grille, before being cut off by Natalie hitting the pause button.

“Hey, I was wondering if I could join you?” I asked. This could fill the time up until dinner.

“Sure,” Natalie pushed herself across to the other side of her bed, “Hop on,” she picked up the laptop and whipped it over her legs so the cables didn’t catch on them, and placed it between the two halves of the king-sized bed.

I kicked off my slippers and sat up in a mirror position to her, and she resumed the DVD. I’d only missed the first minute or so.

I got comfortable rather quickly, and found I had to pass Natalie her tea, but other than that and the changing of the DVD after the episode had finished was pretty much the only movement made.

After Blackadder: Back and Forth had finished, Natalie’s phone buzzed in her hand. While she replied to the text, I took the liberty of ejecting the DVD and snapping it back into its box.

“Where do you want this putting?” I asked Natalie, holding up the Blackadder box.

She glanced over at me and told me to leave it on the bedside table for her to deal with later, and I did so.

“So…” Natalie said, rolling onto her side to face me, “What’re you and Alex doing for Valentine’s Day? You doing anything special for her?”

“Well, yes, but I’d rather keep it a secret ’til then,”

“Ooh, get you, Mr Mysterious,” Natalie chuckled, her phone buzzing again, her attention diverting again.

“How about you?” I asked, catching her off guard, “You going to try and surprise someone?”

“Well,” Natalie said, her thumbs tapping frantically at the screen of her phone to finish her text off, “If all goes according to plan…” she tapped once more off-beat to send the text, then lowered her phone and looked up at me, “…I think he’ll be pleasantly surprised,”

I chuckled, “I’m sure he will be,”

“Have you tried to guess what Alex is doing for you?” Natalie asked, her eyes narrowing slightly, and her smile slowly widening, “I know she’s been pestering me for details on what you’re doing for her,”

“Has she now?” I replied, “Well she knows I won’t have told anybody. Kind of ruins the surprise trying to find out what it is early. It’s like trying to sneak a peek at a Christmas present. Find out it’s something you really want, and you find it difficult to stop yourself from tearing the wrapping paper off and getting it.”

“That’s almanbahis giriş very profound,” Natalie exclaimed, her phone buzzing again, flicking it up to reply again.

I laughed, and got up off the bed, “Ok, I’m going to get some food. Do you want anything?”

Natalie curled her tongue to her upper lip as she finished writing her text, tapping at the screen of her phone as she ran her tongue along her teeth, tapping the “Send” button triumphantly.

“Sorry?” she asked, putting her phone on the bedside table next to her side of the bed.

“I said ‘do you want any food getting?'”

“Oh right, sorry, I was sorting out what I was doing on Tuesday night,” she said, pulling off her hair bobble and dropping it beside her phone, “No thanks, not right now,”

“Ok, Let me know if you want anything,” I smiled and went to leave, but Natalie piped up.

“Actually, there is one thing,”

I turned around, curious, “Yeah?”

“Come here,” she tilted her head to one side slightly, as if beckoning.

I closed the door and walked to the foot of the bed, and leant against the footboard. Natalie beckoned me closer with a finger.

I slowly made my way towards her, and sat at her feet as she retracted them, and leaned into me to whisper in my ear, wrapping an arm around my shoulder holding her phone out in front of me with it so I could see her text conversation.

The conversation was with Alex! Only the last text was visible, and simply read:

“Go 4 it. Fuck his brains out! – A xxx”

“Happy Early Valentine’s Day,” she whispered, pulling my chin towards her with her free hand, and pressing her lips to mine.

I was speechless! I closed my eyes and returned her kiss, our tongues dancing and invading each others’ mouths.

Natalie broke the kiss to put her phone away in her drawer, then pulled me down onto the bed and kissed me passionately, swinging her leg over me, and straddled my hips, pressing her crotch into my rapidly hardening cock as she continued her oral assault on my mouth!

She broke the kiss again, smiling down at me, hair cascading down the right side of her head, “Well, well,” she pressed her crotch tightly up against my penis, causing a surge of pleasure to rush through it, “Seems like you’re in need of some attention!”

She sat upright, sitting on my crotch, pressing my penis against my stomach, and she began to grind against it.

I took a sharp inhale and slowly breathed out as she slowly teased me. Then, she stopped.

I looked up at her, and she proceeded to remove her Led Zeppelin t-shirt and throw it on the ground, revealing her gorgeous braless breasts to me, her sweet pink areolas so inviting, and her nipples were hardening into bullets.

I reached up and grabbed her waist, twisting her off me, I leant forwards to kiss her breasts, took one of her nipples in my mouth and began to gently suck at it, circling the areola with my tongue.

Natalie moaned above me, “Aaaaaah, I missed this,” she sighed.

I took one last suck of that nipple, and switched to its jealous sister, and began to suck at that and lick around it with my tongue, flicking the nipple every so often, eliciting shudders and moans from Natalie.

I drew out every suck as long as I possibly could, pulling back gently to increase the pleasure she received even more.

I got off her and, keeping her breast in my mouth, slid my hand over to her other breast and started to knead it and roll the nipple between my thumb and forefinger.

My hand then slowly crept down towards her pussy, and as it slide over her belly, Natalie pulled her shorts down and used her legs to kick them off onto the floor.

My hand reached her dripping pussy lips and rested there, feeling the heat coming off it.

I slipped my ring finger and my middle finger inside Natalie’s aching cunt, and rested my palm just on her clit, slowly moving my fingers around inside her while I suckled on her tit.

Natalie let out a moan and I increased the suction on her tit and started to finger fuck her faster, each thrust yielding a small squelching as she became wetter, and her moans longer and louder.

I reached over with my free hand and started to massage the tit I had in my mouth, changing the motion with the hand I was fucking her with so it was pulsing more up-and-down than in-and-out, the heel of my hand rubbing against her engorged clitoris.

Natalie screamed, and I felt a pressure on my hand, and pulled it out of her. A spray of clear fluid erupted from Natalie, audibly splattering against the wall and carpet, her cries silenced as her body violently shook and spasmed, her hips bucking off the bed as her orgasm began to subside, and the realisation of what just happened raged through her mind and body, aftershocks rippling through her.

Natalie let out a few cries as she came down from the plateau of pleasure of her orgasm, and her breathing slowed from heavy panting to a normal rate.

I sat there, watching her tremble as she calmed almanbahis yeni giriş again, and she looked at me, her eyes shining with gratitude.

“Holy fuck…” she managed to say, “Did I…” she stammered, raising herself up onto her hand so she could survey the surrounding area, “…Did I just fucking squirt?”

“Oh yeah!” I replied, “Look, you got the wall, the carpet, the bed, everything!”

“Holy shit!” Natalie saw a huge dampened, slowly spreading stain on the wallpaper where her juices had struck, some of it almost areaching the ceiling!

“First one?” I asked, with a grin.

Natalie nodded in response, “Yeah.” She reached down with a hand and parted her pussy lips, shuddering at their presence. She looked down at her dripping slit, and gave it a rub.

“That was fucking incredible!” she laughed, slipping a finger into her vagina.

“You’re telling me!”

Natalie laughed, “Just who is giving the Valentine’s Day gift to who here?”

“My apologies, oh great one!” I jokingly bowed down to her, hands outstretched. When I rose again, I was greeted by Natalie’s hands on my t-shirt, and it was pulled up over my head and off my outstretched arms.

She leant in to kiss me again, her arms wrapping around my shoulders, pulling me in tighter. I reached my arms around her and clasped a buttock in each, giving them a firm squeeze.

Natalie squealed into my mouth and grinned as she kissed me all the more passionately.

Her hands slid down my bare back and reached the waist of my jeans, and followed it round to the front, unbuckling my belt and undoing the button and fly.

I changed my seating position so that both my legs stuck out to the side so Natalie could remove my jeans a bit easier, and she pulled her head away so she could focus on de-trousering me.

As she pulled my jeans down, she decided to get everything in one fell swoop, pulling off my boxers at the same time, and my socks when she reached my ankles, and dropped them on the floor beneath my legs.

She then turned her attention to my cock, which was stiff as a coard, lying across the join between my thigh and hip.

Natalie grasped it with one hand, and guided it into her mouth, swallowing it almost to the hilt in one go! Her mouth felt unbelievable! Her tongue was active all the time, slithering along my cock as much as it could, depositing saliva wherever it could.

Natalie pulled back, taking her mouth off my cock, her hand at the base keeping it pointing straight at her.

She grinned as she took me in her mouth again, taking almost all of it in her mouth again, and this time started bobbing her head up and down on my shaft, pausing for a brief moment on every downstroke, keeping me all in her mouth before retreating to the head and dipping back down.

“Oh, fuck, Natalie! Fuck!” I groaned as her mouth worked its magic on my throbbing cock, tugging me into a velvety abyss. Gradually she picked up the pace and I felt an orgasm start to build.

“Natalie, I’m gonna cum!”

As soon as I said that, she took her mouth off my cock, and said, “Good! I didn’t get this last time, so I’m going to get it now!” and dove back on my cock, furiously bobbing her head and pumping the shaft with her fist.

I wasn’t going to last long! Her blowjob was incredible, and I felt the cum rush through my balls and seep into my cock!

I let out a grunt and felt the cum surge through my dick and gush down Natalie’s throat as her head plunged down on my orgasming cock!

Realising I was cumming straight into her stomach, Natalie pulled her cock back to catch the next burst in her mouth, her tongue swirling the head as my semen leapt from my peehole, the feeling magnified by the presence of her tongue, and the relentless pumping of her hand on my shaft.

A third and a fourth shot cascaded into her mouth, and she swallowed what she could as she slowed her hand down, and began to bob her head again to milk the remaining cum out of my cock.

I fell back on the bed, my orgasm subsiding as Natalie squeezed and suckled my cock below.

It was only after a few moments that I realised she was still going, and wasn’t stopping! I leant up on my elbows to watch her.

“Natalie, you can stop now, you got what you wanted,” I informed her.

She let my cock out of her mouth for a moment, still stroking the shaft, “I know,” she replied, “But I still want you to fuck me, so I’m getting you going again” and with that, my cock was engulfed in her moist mouth once more.

I threw my head back and moaned as her lips rose and fell along my length, her tongue probing every last little bit of my cock.

Then, she relented, and released me. I sighed as the cool air caressed my cock, and I relaxed.

I felt the bed give way as Natalie swung her leg over me and straddled my hips. She gripped my rigid cock and guided it into her pussy, not wasting any time, and sitting down on it as far as she could, taking just about 4 inches inside her.

Natalie bit her lip as her hips rose and fell back down, her ravenous cunt swallowing more of my cock. She lifted up once again, and slammed her hips down as hard as she could, taking my whole cock inside her, and she let out a crying moan as she felt me fill her.

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