Cat’s Dream Cum True


Prestory warning, disclaimers, and dedication first. This story is for adults only. Whatever age your region deems to be old enough to view smut(adult material of a sexual nature), please be that age, at minimum, or come back later. This is written as a present for my great friend Catherine, a gorgeous, intelligent, fun, extremely submissive, cumhungry, petite, cuddleslut, redhead exhibitionist, who is into a lot of fetishes some label offensive or extreme while others love. This is not necessarily my usual fare, but it is hers. Especially since she is an exhibitionist slut, feel free to spread it around the web. However, it –is- solely my work and property, so please give credit as to the author and where you got it. Please do not downrate because you don’t care for the content involved. Judge it for the quality of the content. So for fair warning: This story/potential series will likely involve, or involves, Catherine’s biggest turn-ons, and one or a few of mine: oral(loooootssss of oral), anal, watersports, impregnation, public sex, voyeurism, exhibitionism, mff, mf, mfm, tentacle cocks, bukkake, atm, ptm, cumswapping, orgasm denial, forced orgasms, toys, large insertions, snowballing, multiple penetrations, dpp, dap, mutant multicocked otherwise normal guy one-man-gangbang, gangbang, BDSM, very rough sex (greatly enjoyed by all parties involved), reluctance, and the kinkiest fetish of all… romance.

The night is quiet, the sky clear and beautiful as the stars twinkle, the full moon giving a soft, luminescent glow to everything. The 5′ 1″ tall redhead passing through the slightly chill, breezy night air barely notices this beauty, unlike most nights, though the rest of the world certainly takes note of the almost ethereal beauty and sensuality of her form. Her low cut, high hemmed black silk dress molds to her short, lithe body with every playful gust of wind; and is highlighted in every bar of revealing moonlight. This emphasizes her perky, firm, large handful C cup tits, long shapely legs, and firm, heart shaped ass; while the shimmering black material acts as a perfect contrast to her pale, lightly freckled skin. She is a bit pensive, lost in thought. She doesn’t feel the usual thrill and excitement she usually experiences when she notices the whistled and ogling appreciation of her sexiness shown by the men and women she passes. The fact just worsens her mood as she sees the repeated brief looks before each and every set of eyes return to those of the dates they are with. On February Fourteenth, Valentine’s day, when she should be giddy with excitement, need, planning to seduce and tease her chosen until she is raw, sore, sated, and barely still able to grin and beg for more when she sees the feral look return to his eyes as they cuddle… she is instead alone, in the cold, headed to Lover’s Nook with no real expectation but a few cold ones and her vibrator when she gets home.

“Hey Red.”, is the first thing that penetrates the fog enough to make her smile, even if only briefly. Her face lights up as the deep, warm, distracted voice of the bar’s friendly doorman and bouncer, Johnny, greets her. She grins for a moment when she follows his gaze and sees what Johnny’s hungry gaze is focused on: a man with an amazing, muscular ass, bending to retie his shoe. Her steps are lighter and bouncier as she steps over to get a big bear hug from the large, extremely muscled, and well-dressed man whose dark complexion and deep grey suit allow him to blend into the shadow of his recessed post easily. They chat a minute or three before Red goes on her way, raising two fingers to Sadie, the big-titted blonde owner and bartender of the cozy, dimly lit spot known only to the locals of Myrtle Beach that is usually fairly full. Once she sees Sadie nod, Red moves towards her usual section, one not too far from the bar, dartboard, pool table, bathroom, or small dance area, that is filled with cozy nooks and booths where small parties can freely mix and mingle with a bit of privacy. She returns to her thoughts, eyes lowered; thus not noticing the man that lounges in a booth a little behind her favorite spot in the deep shadows of the corner. It has a great view of the entire bar, including the walking wet dream’s booth.

It is forgivable, for like Johnny, he has that predatory air and grace, as well as an ability to blend in and be unseen, though his lithe, tall, lightly tanned frame, personality, and sexual orientation are far different from the ebullient, gay, ebony bodybuilder. He also has a few gifts that make hiding in plain sight, as well as sensing others, easier, among other things. He senses some things strongly, others less so, though it is always strongerr when he is concentrating. His eyes are drawn up from his glass by the discord, jasmine, and disappointment wafting in his direction. He becomes achingly erect when his stormy blue eyes catch sight of her bending to slide into her booth. It gives him a perfect view of her flexing, high heel-clad Muğla Escort feet and bared legs, her squeezable full ass, and yankably long, silky, wavy, copper hair. He takes a long draught of his Long Island Iced Tea and a deep, quiet, calming breath, tasting her scent with all his senses while waiting, watching, wondering, and fantasizing a bit. He doesn’t have too long to wait before things get even more intriguing.

A 6’1″ tall, bubbly, bouncy, bombshell beauty sways up to Red’s table, wearing a tight fitting leather vest, pants, and black cowboy boots that perfectly compliment her raven tresses and deeply bronzed complexion. She leans in, giving her best friend a tight hug that mashes her burgeoning brabuster tits against her friend’s smaller handfuls, while her full lips brush one pale cheek then the other before her lips part and her honeyed drawl dances over his ears. “Hey Cat! Why you lookin so glum? Gorgeous night, you look gorgeous, the Nook is hoppin’. It’s Valentine’s Day! You know that means your always InHeat ass is gonna get wined, dined, and fucked raw by that cute thang you managed to wrangle a bit back! He come up fer air yet? Speakin of… Where’s Tom-? Oh…” A few slightly odd things she has noticed over the last few weeks click together in her head with her friends upset visage. “Oh, dayum…” She kisses Cat’s forehead then says, “It’s okay, talk to me sugar. You know I’ll always listen.”

Red nods her thanks as Sadie drops off their tall drinks, before replying, letting her watcher hear her voice for the first time. It is soft, husky, unmistakably southern, and is like music to his ears. “Hi to you too ‘Beth. Yep. He seemed so great and promising. Popped wood in the elevator we were pressed together in when we met for the first time. Just my type, tall, lithe, muscular but not musclebound, well dressed, and pretty hung, but when I got him into bed, he was a total dud.” His eyes arch as the ex’s deficiencies flow through her thoughts. He wouldn’t ever think to pull her hair, use cuffs, or use that cute restraint system Beth got her for Christmas… She shakes her head. “I suppose I should’ve figured when he said no to ramming my pussy full and giving me the pleasure of suckling and licking the cum off of his slowly softening, sensitive cock and balls.” The hunger emanating from her floods over him. He –knows- she craved nothing more than to have Tom’s long, thick, cock forced down her throat as hard and fast as he could ram his hips, coating the insides of her mouth and throat with both of their cum; delighting her tongue and submissive streak.

She takes a slug of her drink, then grimaces before continuing. “He tells me this morning, as I’m about to tell him I’ve got an extra special present for him, “We just aren’t compatible. You’re just too wild for me.” Can you believe it? I wonder if it was because I grabbed his cock in the movie theatre last night. There was only a coupla people way in the front. We were in the back row.” The movie, and thought of the risk, had gotten her so aching and dripping that she decided to take the opportunity. “I thought that was why he brought me, to get me all needy and fuck me silly. I was wrong. I need to find a tall, dark, handsome guy that gets rock hard in a heartbeat and rams his thick twitching cock into me before I can get onto his his lap.”

The raven-locked female clucks sympathetically, commiserating. “I know babe, I know. I lucked out with Simon. I can swallow his load as a wakeup call. I get a hot creamy reward in my quim before he goes to work any morning I want, and a rough breeding or two in the evening and before sleep are almost guaranteed. My day just isn’t the same without them, -and- he finds the best toys and playmates.” The man’s eye narrow thoughtfully, nostrils flaring as his muscles unconsciously clench. Images of him shoving the pair onto the tabletop keep flashing across his vision, each one involving different positions and toys. His breathing grows shallow, rapid, and strained when the thought of both suckling his cock meat crosses his mind, their tongues fighting over each bead of precum they milk from him as their lips move up and down.

His heartbeat quickens when he hears Red’s gorgeous, husky voice again. ‘Sometimes I wonder if I’ll ever find –my- Prince Charming. It is so hard to find a worthy guy these days.” He shakes his head as he sees images, tinted with regret and yearning, passing through her mind. They never seem to be able to cum more than once or twice a day. She hasn’t found even one willing to love, dominate, -and- humiliate her as she so badly needs. She still hasn’t found one willing to let his friends gangbang her, or take her out to dinner with his cum plastering her face and tits, the delicious taste coating her tongue and throat. She looks at her friend, exasperation in her voice. “Is it really too much to ask for two cocks to be shoved into my pussy at the same time? Or to get to experience a cock every way possible, Muğla Escort Bayan all at the same time?”

Her nipples harden as she thinks about those experiences, the large, pink nubs stretching her dress’ material even tighter. His own thoughts are overwhelmed, drawn into her fantasy, as images of cock shoved into her ass, quim, and mouth flood into hers. Other cocks pound into her fists, one forced between the arches of her closed feet, more using her hair like panties to stroke their cocks to orgasm, and/or use it to clean them off. They spray cum and urine into and onto every part of her body. He is able to focus again a few minutes later, just in time to hear “I’d never complain if I could find a man who wanted to fuck me all the time, or got cum in my hair a lot. I might even thank a deity or three, but I’m starting to think he doesn’t exist.”

She sighs, taking another sip of her Screwdriver as she leans into her friend’s hug, enjoying the soft, comforting warmth of her presence, while wistfully daydreaming about being marked by a mate with teeth, hands, nails, lips, cum, and piss, when and where ever they want. “I can’t even find one who will wake me up by pinning me to the bed to ravish me awake because he can no longer resist brutally shoving into my still wet fuck hole in one deep thrust.”

“Mmmhmmm girl. I love being held safe, happy, and protected in Simon’s muscular arms. There’s something about being surrounded by him, and waking up to him pistoning my cunt til his balls are wrung dry…”

Cat drifts off into fantasy a moment. The image is so intense that her voyeur is pulled into it completely. Both love the thought of forcing her awake to sate his need in her pussy, not letting her clean up so her day starts with a creamy filling, feeling their cum run down her thighs as she makes breakfast, and he can start his day going off to work grinning with a fully sated cock, or just leaving her in bed knowing his slut is equally content, ass still up on a pillow as he ordered, using her fingers and tongue to catch and lap up any droplets of cum that might escape her freshly defiled little cunt before she is allowed to roll over and get back to sleep.

The man’s rumbling growl of need at this revelation of her desires is quiet enough to go unheard, but Sadie, who happens to catch the expression on his face as she looks up and around to see if anyone needs a refill, feels a shock of fear and arousal run through her body, leaving her trembling a moment. She has known the man for years and never seen him with such blatant lust, such hunger, suffusing his being so thoroughly. He is always so controlled, such a perfect gentleman. Her pussy dampens, her nipples and clit swell as she wonders what is passing through his mind, wishing she was the lucky bitch that was going to be on the receiving end of whatever was going on in his head. She is sure from that look that some female is going to have a great Valentine’s night. She decides to keep an eye on things. She knows he is single. She finds herself thinking “Damn it Krys. I just might have to finally try to get you upstairs some night. Maybe a few nights.”

He sees nothing but the two women a few yards from him on their table. He sees them

with Red’s dress hiked, her lack of panties leaving her bare quim to his gaze, touch, and cock while her best friend is on her hands and knees above her with her vest ripped open and her pants hanging off one knee, begging to lap his shaft on every stroke in and out of Red’s quim while shoving her pussy into her friend’s eager mouth. The petite beauty licks and suckles the pussy that needily grinds against her mouth, which rewards every long flick of Red’s tongue to her clit with her dripping honey. They all know Red is about to be rammed full of cock cream in front of the whole bar crowd then licked clean by the woman that is like a sister to her, has no choice in the matter, and couldn’t be more turned on.

Meanwhile, Red shakes her head and forces the depressing thoughts from her mind for the evening. She is out with her best friend and they are going to have a good damned time. “I’m starting to wonder if it might be hopeless. I’m not letting it ruin our night though. I told you I’d keep you company since Simon has to work a few hours, and I promised you some fun!”

The gentleman continues to sit quietly, his intent gaze unnoticed by the beauties. He quietly and contentedly sips his drink, occasionally pulling the vape from his pocket and toking up unobtrusively. After all, these two gorgeous women always feel watched, particularly in a place like this. They invite it, and seem to feed off it. They alternate between talking, dancing with all who approach when they hit the small dance floor for songs they love, and playing a bit of pool. Several men and a few women approach them, but none seem to click, and eventually wander off. His suit feels ever tighter as the night goes on, his attention only Escort Muğla taken occasionally from their forms when Sadie comes up to ask if he’s ready for a refill, or something to munch on.

He notes a slight difference in her interactions with him. Her hips sashay, she seems to flirt, and he’d swear her tits are bouncing just a lil more than usual, just to catch his eye. His eyes widen as her thought hits him. They’d always been fairly platonically friendly he thought. She was one of the few people he could never read very well at all. He was kinda quiet, reserved, and almost seemed to be shy at times. Sadie rarely mixed business and pleasure, though they had shared more than a few drinks and war stories over the few years he had been hitting the Nook. Since the widening and momentary shock happen while he is looking at her tits, he is caught, but when his eyes dart up to gauge her reaction, she has a twinkle in her eyes and says, “Thanks Krys”, before moving off as the bar gets busy again. –Definitely- more sway than normal, and she was pressing her tits together with her arms just before she turned away, showing just how nice a place they’d create for a rampant cock to blow a thick, creamy load of seed. He files the information away, the thought making his already developing case of blue balls worse, then returns his attention to the woman that has had his attention since she walked in.

The pair are the last two to leave, after shooting the shit with Sadie a bit. Red steps out to head home while her friend uses the bathroom, waiting on her squeeze to come for her. He quickly and quietly catches up to her, shadowing her steps from a safe distance behind her as she moves through the shadows of the side of the Nook, making sure she doesn’t notice him or suspect a thing, and that there are no threats before she gets to the better lit part of the street.

She is momentarily shocked as she gets to a cross alley that runs behind the Nook’s large industrial building, because she suddenly feels a calloused hand securely covering her mouth and positioned in such a way his arms pins her to his body and rub her sensitive nipples, while her crotch is suddenly cupped and yanked backwards, forcing her ass against a very hard, very large male package. His scent enfolds her like his arms. It is musky, slightly spicy, clean, and all male. He smells delicious. All this processes even as she is moving to dislodge him with a kick to his balls and a headbutt. Unfortunately for her, he anticipated her resistance and positioned his legs to foil her genital attack while using his long reach to keep his face safe. Her attempted strike exposes her throat. His head darts forward, teeth nipping the delicate pale flesh just above where her collarbone and the side of her throat meet. He bites, suckles, and tastes hungrily, leaving marks that will last for days.

A low, pleased, feral, sexy growl rasps across her ears as she feels his teeth sink in. She instinctively knows it is one of intense pleasure, possession. That certainty increases the pleasure and pain of the quick bite lancing through her body. The whole time, he is moving her with him into the deepest shadows of the Nook’s delivery area, and pushing her up close to the wall, his legs still within hers so she will find it very hard to kick back at him. While she is still trying to find a way out of his grip and deal with the effects of his very possessive and pleasurable bite, she hears the smokiest, sexiest, need filled voice she has ever heard saying, “If you don’t fight, you won’t get injured. You’ll get exactly what a lil cock worshipping fuckslut like you needs. If you struggle too much I can’t promise you anything.” His grip tightens to the point she cannot squirm or moan when they faintly hear a few doors open and shut, and the voice of Sadie saying goodbye to Beth and her boyfriend before the three drive away. “The last people who could help you just left. I swear you won’t get anything from me, except maybe pregnant, so just enjoy it. Don’t try to scream for help or fight, understand? I won’t get really mean unless you make me… Or if you beg for me to like a proper, desperate, cumdump. Well, can I remove my hand so we both enjoy this even more?”

She absorbs his words quickly, noticing he doesn’t say she won’t be hurt, only that she won’t be injured. The small bite mark that still throbs from his rough marking emphasizes that difference, just as the fingers between her thighs rubbing and grinding her womanhood through her dress, combined with the hard mass of flesh behind her, tells her what “this” is. She is going to be fucked. She wants to think raped, her mind insists upon it, but her drooling cunt says otherwise. She finds herself humiliatingly aroused by the way this stranger is treating her, the things he is calling her, the way he is taking what he needs and not giving her a chance to deny him, only making her decide how rough her breeding shall be. She feels her wetness slicking her inner thighs. Her nipples feel like diamonds, harder and more sensitive than ever before. Every time either of their bodies shift position, her nipples rub against the silk of her dress, and through the thin material, his somewhat rougher suit and the corded muscle of his flesh beneath.

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