Casey’s Recovery Ch. 02

Big Tits

Excitement at home …

On the way home, Mom called Lillian and gave her the good news. From what I could hear, Lillian was happy to help in any way she could. Lillian’s family has a piles of money and she’s pretty much what you might call a professional community “do gooder” not really ever having a job, she volunteers all over town and in that way keeps herself busy. She dresses very conservatively and speaks with an elegant and cultured voice. She is the product of California’s best private schools.

Having said that, when Lillian is at home with Mom, she cusses like a sailor on shore leave and will say absolutely anything; she can make Mom howl with laughter. So different how she is out in public and how she is around our family. I don’t think she has ever been married, but from time to time she shows up at events and functions with some guy on her arm who is always age appropriate and dressed well; but, none of these guys ever seem to stick around. She and Mom grew up together and had been close friends all their lives.

Both of them were farm girls, after a fashion; my mother’s folks farmed alfalfa, corn, soy beans and cattle while Lillian’s family farmed oil and gas on about 2,600 acres.

These two make a funny pair; Lillian is tall, perhaps 5’11” and sturdy from a German background. She’s what you’d call one of those big farm girls, broad shoulders, a little on the fat side but not too much, big hands, big feet, big head, big bold tits and so on. When I was little she scared the water out of me, now I pretty much find her odd, but nice.

Mom on the other hand, is the image of a lady; standing barely 5’3″ tall, small frame, small waist, very nice legs, medium tits that seem to be 7 or 8 inches in diameter, sticking out 2 to 3 inches from her chest, as I said, medium. She has a nice face, not a beauty queen, but a really nice face with light brown hair and shiny green eyes. I’ve always thought she was a really great looking woman, one of those women who get better as they age. Unfortunately, after she and Dad split up, she’s pretty much kept to herself these last few years. I’d always hoped she would meet a nice guy and be happy.

When I was 18, Dad expanded the dining room in the back of the house and made it into a small den with a glass wall and sliding glass doors, looking out into the back yard where we have a medium pool and patio area. We almost never used the dining room, generally eating in the breakfast area, so everybody thought this change was pretty nice.

I remember that summer watching Mom and Dad horsing around in the pool; Mom looked really good wearing a modest bikini and teasing Dad. Sadly she has not worn her bikini since he left us. Back then, I’d watch her sunning around the pool, looking really hot; I’d get myself a serious boner and slip off to my room upstairs to jack off while looking down at the pool area.

It never really bothered me that I liked to masturbate while looking at my mother; later, the military told me that I lacked a certain moral focus. They said that I did not really spend much time reflecting on the right or wrong of a thing before doing what I wanted; but, that I was basically sane. Although, that discussion is for another time, I just thought you should understand that the idea of having sex with my mom was not an area where I was likely to be troubled.

My room is in the back of the upstairs directly overlooking the pool area. I could stand near the window and see the entire back yard and pool with relative privacy. So, when I wanted to masturbate and fantasize about my hot mom, I’d just spread out a small towel on my bed, toss my pants and underwear on the chair beside the bed and have easy access to my cock while looking out the window without being discovered as I jacked off. But, as must always happen, one day I forgot to lock my door.

Well there I was, cock in hand, all swollen up and ready to fire when the door popped open. Bahçelievler Escort My cousin Dickie Joe came rushing into my room only to find me naked and strokin’.. well there you go, caught red handed. To my complete surprise, he quickly closed the door and flipped the lock in the handle saying, “Jesus man, you gotta’ lock the damn door!”

To tell the truth, I did not know what to do, nobody had ever seen me beating my meat before and I was truly flustered when he said, “Don’t let me stop you, it looks like you’re about to explode.” I was so close to cuming that I couldn’t bring myself to stop; I turned directly to the towel and continued stroking my throbbing cock.

It was surreal, as I watched him stare, big eyed, directly at my cock. Inexplicably, it excited me to a fever pitch and he got the full view when I stepped to the bed, aimed my cock and starting shooting long squirts of hot, steaming cum.

I remember hearing myself panting and grunting, then I moved closer and stroked out the final drops of cum, wiping my cock head carefully on the towel. He seemed fixated on my cock, his mouth slightly open with his breath coming quickly. My mind was in turmoil, I didn’t know if he would tell my mother about this, or his folks, or what. In a strange voice, as I stood there holding my shrinking cock, I said, “Damn DJ, are you queer or something? What the hell?”

Dickie Joe is my Dad’s sister’s son; he is 20 years old and attends the local community college majoring in not much. His family lives on a small farm just out of town and they are frequent visitors to our home. As he looked at me he said, “Ah, I just came over to use the pool for a while. I had no idea you would be doing this … “

I said, “You’re going to be quiet about this, right!”

He said, “Yes, I promise, I won’t tell anybody.”

“Good, I said, this is just between us, right!”

“Yes Jack, he said solemnly, I won’t tell anybody, ever.”

About then, I noticed a big bulge in his shorts. Although I was excited and a little scared, I said, “DJ, did watching me cum give you a hard on?”

“What, ah, no, no way, why?”

“Well, I’m looking at a hell of a hard-on in your shorts right now, you want to take that thing out and release the pressure?” I said.

“Hey man, he said, I’ve never done it in front of anybody before.”

As he said that his eyes never left my cock, they seemed to have a laser focus. As my heart rate slowed down, I walked slowly in front of him and sat, naked, on the side of my bed, saying “Well, I don’t think I’m ready to get dressed yet and I may want to jack off again, you want’ a watch if I do?”

As he stood there leaning against the door, he licked his lips nervously and said, “Maybe.” With that, I leaned back against the headboard and spread my legs completely exposing my balls and cock. Then, I started rubbing my balls with one hand and gently stroking my cock with the other. His eyes seemed to swell in his head and he said in a shaky voice, “You sure it would be Ok?”

“Only if you’re completely naked dude, get comfortable.”

He quickly stripped out his clothes while I folded the towel and laid it on the floor beside me. Then I patted the bed beside me and said, “Sit down beside me man, it’ll be fun.”

His cock was fully erect; it was a pretty normal looking 6 incher with nice pink balls that came bouncing my way giving me a really good look at his goods. Like all of my dad’s family he was pale skinned as was his cock with a bright pink head. He was not circumcised and I found that fascinating, it looked like his cock had a little turtle neck sweater. He scooted up on the bed beside me with his leg touching mine. I asked, “Would it be Ok if I felt your dick, I’ve never touched another one before.”

In a very nervous voice he said, “I guess it would be Ok.” With that I stopped stroking and reached over gently feeling his cock, it was not as big as Bahçelievler Escort Bayan mine, but close enough, I loved the feel of the excess skin as is slid it up and over his cockhead. Very quickly he began to run pre-cum and his cock became very wet and slick. Then he asked, “Could I touch you too?”

“Shoot yes, go right ahead.” Immediately, I knew I liked other people rubbing my dick; it was so hot and exciting. After a few moments, I wanted more. “DJ, lay back on the bed.” I eased my cock out of his hand and stood by the bed directing him to lay back and then pulled his legs wide apart. Once in this position, I leaned in and explored his cock and balls with my face just inches away. The smell of his genitals and the pre-cum was intoxicating.

I never found myself attracted to another man before, still this was really exciting and my cock was throbbing and dripping pre-cum as well. DJ had begun to twitch and wiggle on the bed making sounds of excitement and pleasure as I rubbed his cock up and down. Then he said, “God Jack, I feel like I’m going to bust, I’m sure to cum soon .. aaaah!”

Without thinking about it, I slipped my mouth over his cockhead and slid his dick into my saliva filled mouth. After only a couple of sucks he erupted explosively. I held his cum in my mouth and continued to suck as he signed and bucked happily. As his softening cock slipped out of my mouth I chewed his salty, tangy cum and then spit it into the bedside towel. Without thinking about it, I stood and stepped up to his head and pushed my cock into his mouth.

He opened right up and sucked me like a calf sucks his momma. Sure enough it only took a few seconds for his hot, wet sucking mouth to get the fire burning in my by nuts. I quickly filled his mouth with steaming cum. The feeling was sensational; warn bliss seemed to wash over me as I slowly fucked his mouth. He sucked very hard and then swallowed my entire load while softly rubbing my balls with both hands. Although I’m not gay, it ever there was a reason that would have been it.

Without saying a word, we sat together for a while and then dressed in our swimwear and went down to the pool to join the rest of the family. We never spoke of that time again, but I made sure to lock my door when jacking off thereafter.

Once we got home from the hospital, Mom asked me to see if I could fix us some dinner while she changed clothes. Looking around the kitchen, the choices were fairly limited, so I put some sausage on to fry, popped a tin of biscuits into the oven, sliced some tomatoes and scrambled a few eggs.

By the time everything was almost ready, I went looking for Mom. All the bedrooms are upstairs, so I ran up the stairs and looked into the Master Bedroom, no Mom; then I heard the shower. I eased over to the Master Bath and peeked in; I could see her silhouette through the shower curtain, “Mom, you decent?”

“Oh honey, she called, I decided to take a quick shower, I’ll be there in a second, Ok?”

“Sure, I said, no worries, everything will be ready when you get there.”

On my way out of the bedroom, I decided this was too good an opportunity to pass up; so I angled the bathroom door just a little so that the mirror on the door would give me a full view of Mom when she got out of the shower. I figured she wouldn’t see me as she wasn’t wearing her glasses in the shower. I carefully positioned myself in the hallway pretty much out of her line of sight. Mom was not a prude, but she didn’t flaunt her body around the house; she always dresses modestly.

I carefully watched the mirror for a couple of minutes and then, sure enough she slid back the shower curtain and I could see her clearly. Little Mom, nice full tits, a little sag but still very nice, I was surprised to see great big, jutting dark brown nipples, bigger than a pencil eraser, sticking out at least a half an inch, they looked so big and suck able. She Escort Bahçelievler still had a trim figure and a really nice hairy bush and yet another surprise, big pink pussy lips sticking out through the bush, bright pink pussy lips, Wow.

Bless her heart, she stood there for a good little bit, just dripping off I thought. Looking at her gave me such a boner; I slipped down stairs, slid my shorts down, grabbed a kitchen towel and started jacking like a madman. The vision of her big, bright pink pussy lips burned in my mind; so it didn’t take more than a minute before I was gushing cum into the towel; it felt great, I love the sensation of hot cum shooting out and the warm euphoric sensation that floats through my body afterward. I rolled up the towel, adjusted my shorts and started dishing up dinner, adding Iced Tea and set it out on the table.

Mom came into the kitchen and said, “That looks absolutely great honey, but I’d like some hot peppers, let me get them.” No sooner than she had the refrigerator door open and the peppers in her hand, she reached for the cum laden towel.

I jumped up and reached for the towel at the same time, saying, “I got raw egg all over that Mom, let me get you a clean one.” As I did so I thought I saw her nose twitch and her nostrils flare just a little, it must have been my imagination but I could swear she was sniffing the cum. I handed her a fresh towel and stepped into the hall, tossing the cummy towel into the dirty clothes bin in the hall bath. I congratulated myself on being so smooth.

We ate dinner and talked about Casey coming home. Mom suggested that we move a few things around in the Den and rent a hospital bed to put in there as we’d never get Casey upstairs with her cast and all.

“Great idea Mom, I said, while you are at work tomorrow I’ll call the hospital and find out where we can rent a bed and get it delivered.”

“By the way, she said, I’m farsighted not nearsighted, that means I can see far away perfectly well without my glasses. So the next time you want to see me naked, why not ask?”

I blushed beet red, stammered and she said, “We don’t need to talk about it anymore do we?”

Then, she thanked me for dinner and left me to clean up the kitchen. I made us both some fresh iced tea and we watched television without talking. It seemed to me that Mom looked at me strangely a few times that evening, but I decided it was just her way of continuing to chastise me. At bedtime she gave me a really big hug, which seemed to last a couple of minutes longer than necessary, kissed my cheek and we went off to our respective beds.

Bright and early the next morning, Mom shook me awake to the smell of bacon and toast. While I was in college I slept nude and I didn’t change the habit when I came home, so there I was tangled up in my sheets sporting a big piss hard on. Mom did not say a word about the tent in the sheet, just get up, she had to go to work and I had lots to do to get ready for Casey to come home.

Before I got out of the bathroom I heard her call out that she was leaving, bacon and toast on the table, be sure and call if I had any questions about what to do. So rather than waste my lovely swollen cock, I walked naked back to my bed, lay back, relaxed and began a nice slow stroke session. As I stroked my velvety cock, I watched the foreskin slip on and off my enlarged red cockhead and thought about my naked mother with her beautiful pink pussy lips.

About 15 minutes later, my balls were hot and swollen, I was really ready to cum, alternatively rubbing my balls with one hand and stroking my cock with the other when I heard Mom say, “Jack, I forgot to give you my credit card ..” as she stepped into my room.

I continued to gently squeeze my balls and stroke my cock while pointing it straight up at the sky. My cum instantly shot out and up into the air splattering down onto my belly and chest in four long, sweet, hot cummy ropes. “Aaaaaah-oooh, I said” and sighed as Mother stared at my red, throbbing cock with big bright eyes.

Then I felt myself blush bright red and grabbed for the sheet. She spun around and walked out of the room, saying, “Never mind, I’ll put my credit card on the kitchen table.” Moments later I heard the front door close.

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