Carla’s Mom Ch.2


Carla and I have been married for five years and we were doing well. There was sex a few times a week, but sometimes a few weeks would go by without it, I was starting to not care about it as it was always getting to be ‘rushed’ and frankly that took the enjoyment right out of it.Carla works as a legal secretary, but as of the last half year, I think maybe ‘sexretary’ would be more truthful as she doesn’t want anything from me anymore. O.k. I am not happy about it, but as said it was getting too damn rushed and there was no sort of intimacy at all. Sex was like two animals going at it, to simply get her pussy hammered and she is too shallow to think I would want something more.I am an electrician, mostly in residential but some light commercial work at times, and I make a pretty good buck. Yes, things were nice for a short while, but I have no idea what happened. It is not like we had a major argument or anything like that, just a waning of love I suppose is the best way to put it while at her Mom’s for a nice Easter dinner she was rather cool to me, and as time went on, so did the song, “She’s As Cold As Ice” by Foreigner. What burns my ass like a ten-foot flame is the nitpicking and arguments she starts over nothing at all. She cooks for herself, and does her own laundry, what the fuck are we even married for? Cheap rent? Probably.So, due to this new but very unwelcome attitude of hers, with six months of very little talking and snippy remarks; is it any wonder that when her Mom Janet called me regarding electrical work, I begin to have more of an interest in her? Janet’s body, her mellowed-out attitude; those silver half-moon style glasses with the neck chain of glossy white beads? I really like the way she dresses. A nice skirt, and well-filled ruffled v-neck blouse, patent black or cream beige kitty heels, or sometimes four-inch heels.I get a phone message from Janet telling me she got an electric clothes dryer as the one she had was a gas türbanlı gaziantep escort job and this would require a two-forty-volt circuit at thirty amps. Could I do the job quickly? This would be an easy job as the laundry area is close to the service entrance, or what used to be called the fuse box. I call her and she tells me to come on over.”So Ray, how have you been?” Janet asks.”Oh alright, I suppose.””You don’t sound alright and you don’t really look it either. Seriously now, what is going on?””Just in a rut, I guess would be the best way to put it.””Ray, I never offered you a cup of coffee, would you like some?””Yes thanks, and if you happen to have Hazelnut creamer…?””Funny that you should ask for that, as I just bought some.”My eyes follow her sexy bum to the counter as she puts up some coffee.”Jan, that bum of yours is quite nice.””Mmmm, thank you for that, I can bring it over to you; would you like that?” she says in a cheery voice.Janet comes back to the table, and turns around so I am looking right at her bum, she makes it wiggle a few times. I decide to get daring and slip my hand up under that black skirt.”Oh what a nice surprise!” she says, then sits down and is now wearing a chain of white glossy beads for her silver half-moon style glasses hanging across her ample bosoms. I have seen her with these at times but forgot all about them until now.”Did you enjoy seeing and feeling my hiney, Ray?””Very much so.”She is sitting across from me and we talk about what’s going on in the news “So you’re really a bit of a breast man… Ray?”I realize that I have been giving her glasses and beaded chain the eye and she takes it I am going for her breasts.”Well I do like them, but it’s not them I was looking at.”She smiles sweetly. “What are you looking at then?” she asks, still with a smile.”That is a nice pair of half-moon glasses Janet and the beaded chain, very feminine, gaziantep türbanlı escort bayan they do give me ideas.””How is it you know the style of my reading glasses?””I checked them out online and saw others very similar called the half-moon style.””What is it about them you like so much…?””I gave that a lot of thought Jan, I think it is the way the light of the room is softly seen in them, the way they glimmer when you walk as they catch the light in different ways””Ray, I think you’re a bit romantic.””Janet, could you imagine me dragging those sweet half-glasses and beaded chain all over your bum?””Oh my, Ray. I never thought of that! I’ll be pretty mad if you’re not serious though.””I’ll call it labor for the dryer job.””That works,” Jan says with a funny grin. “It’ll let me have some cash for Saturday’s Bingo game. I have the idea you’ve liked my half-moon style glasses and hiney for a while.””It is a sweet and fetching look, Janet. Sad to say your daughter went out and got a pair of what looks like men’s horn-rimmed style to read the paper. Dayum, if they don’t steal a woman’s femininity, nothing does. I was going to say something about them being so fugly but as Mom used to say, ‘If you can’t say somethin’ nice, say nothing.””Fugly…Ray?””Yeah like in ‘effing ugly’.””This is very sweet of you to like my things, my style of glasses, my beaded chain. Thank you.””You know Jan, I could always keep them spotless and sparkling when I am here, I mean if you’d like me to.””Thank you, I just might take you up on that.””Well just don’t tell Carla.””Why?””Well as of the last five or six months now, she has a bug up’er ass.””Oh.””I made the mistake of saying, “Hey those new heels look pretty nice.””So you said something nice…and?””Janet, the way she got so mad so quick, it is as though anger is just under her skin and it takes not much at all to bring it out. gaziantep türbanlı escort I mean, just saying your new heels look pretty nice got her to snap at me saying, ‘Don’t you talk about my shoes or my clothes!'””Oh my,” said Janet sitting up more in the chair. “It seems a very cold north wind is blowing through your marriage.””Marriage? What I have been going through is so not marriage.””Geeze Ray, I feel bad about this, there was no big argument that led up to this?””Frankly I felt like snapping her in half, or at the neck anyway. I have no idea what germ from Satan’s intestines she swallowed, but she is getting very un-wifely, she does her own laundry, and cooks for herself.””Damn Ray… I don’t know what to say.”Janet’s husband passed away a few years ago due to pneumonia and another lung condition, although he never smoked. So Janet has been out of the picture in the sexual sense. She has a rather nice pair of blossoms and a hiney I could really have a sweet time with.”I mean Janet, if she has some issue, she should come right out and tell me, not slink around the house being cold to me.””You’re right Ray,” Janet says as I watch her sweet ass walk over to the stove to do up a few English muffs. Between the heels and the half-glasses, I am very much turned on and I am quite pleased when Janet hints about some nice ideas.”You know Ray, I bet you’d love to do things with my glasses; my beads, and heels; tell me truthfully, would you like that? I know I have a few thoughts in mind.””I have had those thoughts for a while, but what makes you think they do something for me?””Want an English muffin?” she asks me.”If you were from England that question would have a double meaning.”She giggles as she walks over holding the muffins in front of her blossoms; they have a bit of honey on them. “Lick these, Ray!”Well, of course I do so. Those half-moons hang a bit above her breasts.”Now, how would you like to lick my half-moon-style glasses?” Janet holds them out for me.I answer by way of doing just that and I manage to lick her glossy white beads too.”I’ve noticed how you look at me, Ray. It is a look that women love when a man looks at them as you look at me.””Well Janet, you are a fine-looking woman, your husband did very well.””Thank you and I am remembering now that when you and Carla were here for Easter Sunday dinner, she was a bit cool to you.”

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