Car Accident Ch. 09


9th Day “Heavy Duties”

It was beginning to dawn when I woke up, by a light push on my head. It took me some time to realize where I was and why I was there. As I was coming to my senses, I remembered that last night I didn’t go to bed. As my vision cleared, I saw Miss Kate still sleeping on the couch.

Her right foot was under my chin, while the left one rest on my head. I was in a way clasped between her beautiful feet. I was feeling stiff from the awkward position I was during the night.

Very carefully I pulled my head, holding her feet with my hands, in case I woke her up. She slightly turned her body, now lying on her back. Her feet were hanging out of the couch. Luckily she was still fast asleep. Moving closer, I put my hands under her calves, supporting her feet. It was a bit cold in the living room, so I thought I’d use my breath to keep her beautiful feet warm.

I must have been there, keeping Miss Kate’s feet warm, for almost an hour. During this time, I had the opportunity to examine them closely…

A female foot is such a beautiful thing to see!. Even better when the owner is asleep and her feet are totally relaxed, revealing all her splendor. It’s got an idea of power by itself. It’s full of well formed curves, harmonically joined together. There’s no straight line on a female foot, maybe that’s the beauty of it. If you try to follow any curve with your eyes, you only find out that it’s a perfect shape. The way the toes curve a little upwards, then downwards, making little hills, ready to be conquered by your kisses. The way the big toe stands at a different level than the rest, when looked from the side, as if to remind of its importance. The way the toenails face you playfully, inviting you in their company. The way the wrinkles on the soles form tiny rivers of passion, to be followed by your willing tongue. The way the heels are shaped, making a perfect match for your hands to support them. The way the ankles point to the sides, presenting themselves as gate keepers of the foot region, reminding you not to go any further up, no need anyway. All that you’ll ever need is below them

A female foot is so fragile, so inviting. It always has a particular scent. Even the cleanest one. A smell that you don’t always feel with your nose, but sometimes with your mind. It’s always there for people willing to feel it. It also has a aura around it. You only feel it when you are almost touching it with your lips. If you stop there, you can always feel this aura, especially near the toes. Sometimes as a warm wave of air emanating from the skin, sometimes as a kind of force field pulling you towards it. When you realize all these, then you can go on understanding their unspoken language. They do speak to you, in their own special demanding way: “touch me”, “fondle me”, “caress me”, “kiss me”, “lick me”, “love me”…

A dog barked outside, waking me up from my daydreaming, reminding me of the new day to come.

I must prepare breakfast for Madame and her sister, I thought. Very carefully I let Miss Kate’s feet rest on the couch and stood up. Without making any noise, I put her shoes and socks aside and went to the kitchen to tide things up and prepare breakfast. I also drank a glass of cold fresh milk. I needed that.

I then went upstairs to fetch a pair of slippers for Miss Kate, in case she needs them. I also went to my room and placed my collar around my neck. I thought of it as a gesture to Madame, to show her my true submission to her. I then rushed to my small bathroom to make myself presentable for my daily duties.

When everything was in order, I came back to the living room and sat cross legged near Miss Kate’s feet. If she wakes up first, then it’s proper to see me where she left me last night, I thought. If Madame wakes up, she’ll ring the bell and I’ll go upstairs. I went on warming her shapely feet with my breath.

She finally woke up, stretching her body, her soles now touching my face.

– Good morning Miss Kate, I softly said kissing her soles gently.

She spread her toes apart, to look at me through the small gaps in between.

– Is Sam awake? she finally asked.

– No, Miss Kate. Madame is still asleep. Would you like your breakfast to be served here?

– No, I’ll wait my sister, she said lazily.

She started playing with my nose, squeezing it between the toes of her right foot. She then pressed her soles on my face.

– Kiss my soles, slave, she ordered.

I did as I was told. As I was kissing her velvet soles, she started talking

– You really puzzled me, yesterday, you know. I was sure you went away. I had bet on this and I lost. Why didn’t you go?

– I’m not sure Miss Kate, I answered. Maybe because I finally understood that serving Madame is my destiny in life.

– Don’t be so pompous, you silly worm! I’ll never understand you. You call yourself a man, but still you are at my feet, kissing my soles, licking my dirt, ready to obey anything I say. Why?

– I’m here under Madame’s orders Miss Kate, Anadolu Yakası Escort I firmly replied.

– Yes, Madame’s orders, she repeated in an absentminded voice. Lick my toes, slave.

I started sucking her tasty toes. She bent towards me and slapped me hard on the face.

-I told you to lick my toes, you stupid. Not suck them! don’t you know the difference? She asked in an angry voice. Now try to lick them. she lied down on the couch again, offering me her toes.

I carefully started licking her toes, using my tongue, being very careful not to suck at all.

– That’s better, she said calmly. Since you decided to become my sister’s slave, I’m going to help with your training. Some day you’ll be grateful.

– Thank you very much Miss Kate, I said.

– Don’t stop licking slave! I didn’t tell you to stop.

I licked her toes for some time, while she was watching me carefully.

– I was right about you yesterday. You are indeed in a very low position. You stand below the dirt of my soles. Do you realize how high you should feel just because I let you lick my toes?

– I do Miss Kate. It’s a great honor for me to be allowed to touch your divine toes. I’m afraid I won’t be able to pay you back the honor, though. You see, I’m just a humble slave now.

– Indeed you are! She said confirming my statement. Dry then with your breath now! She ordered.

I did as I was told.

Finally she sat up. I knelt in front of her to put her slippers on. She waited for me to finish kissing the tips of the slippers and she went to the bathroom upstairs.

The bedroom bell rang. I quickly went upstairs and knocked gently at Madame’s bedroom door.

– Come in.

I entered her room. She was still in bed. As beautiful as ever!

– Good morning Madame! Your wish is my command. I said. Do you wish to have breakfast in bed as usual? I asked.

– Is Kate still sleeping?

– No, Madame, Miss Kate is awake.

– Then I’ll come downstairs. She stood up

I rushed by the bed, just in time to put my hands for her feet to rest. I gave her the usual morning worship by kissing her feet. She waited for me to finish. I was so happy I was in her service!

– May I say something Madame?

– Yes, you may, slave!

– … I just wanted to tell you that I’m really proud to be your slave!

– I know, she said smiling.

She nodded me to put her slippers on. I put them on, kissing the tips at the end. She stood up and went to the bathroom. I quickly went downstairs to serve breakfast. Miss Kate was already sitting, waiting. I went to the kitchen and came back with the breakfast dishes. I put them on the sofa, and knelt by the side, waiting orders. Madame came down. She had just taken a quick shower.

– Good morning Kate, she said. Did you sleep well?

– Good morning Sam. I’m fine.

Madame sat next to her sister, ordering me to come closer.

– My feet are wet, slave. Dry them!

I immediately understood what I was to do.

I sat cross legged in front of Madame and carefully removed her slippers. I took her beautiful feet in my hands and kissed them obediently. I then started blowing warm air softly at her toes. Very gently I separated her toes, to blow in between, until I was sure there was no moisture left.

They began talking about the day to come, totally ignoring my presence at their feet, only interrupting to ask for more coffee or juice. I served them promptly, assuming my position at the end, drying Madame’s feet with my breath.

Madame asked Miss Kate if she cared to take a bath, but she told her that she’d rather take it at her place, since she didn’t have any clothes to change. They decided to go together to Miss Kate’s place and then go to the bank, where Madame was to settle the money transfer. Miss Kate was going to send her secretary sometime later in the morning to pick her bike up. She also asked if it was OK for Clara to have some fun with me and Madame agreed somewhat reluctantly though.

When they finished breakfast, Madame addressed me.

– Pick everything up and take it to the kitchen. Come back quick.

I kissed her feet again and put her slippers on.

I took the dishes to the kitchen and came back, kneeling in front of my Madame, waiting orders.

– Your wish is my command, Madame! I eagerly said.

– Help my sister with her shoes and come upstairs to help me dress.

Madame stood up and went to her room while I took Miss Kate’s mouth cleaned socks and shoes and knelt in front of her.

She offered me her right foot. I took it gently in my hands and kissed each one of her toes softly. I then put her sock on, placing a last kiss on her foot. She offered me her left foot and I repeated the process.

I then put her shoes on, kissing the tips at the end.

– Thank you very much Miss Kate for giving me the privilege to serve you!

– You’d better go upstairs, slave. I don’t want to be late. She said and pushed me away, almost Bostancı Escort kicking me with her feet.

I went upstairs, to Madame’s room. She was already dressed, sitting on the easy chair, fixing her hair, still wearing her slippers. She had chosen a pair of red pumps, waiting by her feet.

I bowed down to the floor and kissed the tips of her slippers in total submission, before pulling them off to reveal her beautiful feet. I kissed her toes obediently

– Does Madame wish to wear stockings? I asked.

– No, Madame said. It’s nice and warm outside.

I put her shoes on, and kissed the tips at the end.

– Thank you very much Madame for allowing me to serve you! I said in a soft voice.

– I’ll be back in the afternoon. I prefer something light for dinner. By the way, if Clara comes, the bike is in the back garage. And behave yourself. Do anything she asks but be careful. You are my personal slave, not a public one. I don’t know why Kate is so keen keeping Clara happy but I’m sure she’s got her reasons. Don’t let me down!

– Of course Madame! I firmly said. You can rely on me.

– Rely on you? she asked astonished. How funny!

She stood up.

– Make sure everything is in order when I come back. … Nice collar, she remarked, smiling.

She took her bag and rushed downstairs. I heard the front door opening and closing again. I was home alone now.

No time to waste, I thought. Too many things to do.

I started with Madame’s bedroom. I did her bed and cleaned the room. I then went around the house, cleaning, sweeping, washing, making sure that everything was in order. Finally I went to the kitchen, where I cleaned the dishes and made preparations for Madame’s dinner. I decided to make roast beef with boiled pees, salad and an apple pie.

I started with the pie, leaving the rest for later, so that Madame enjoys them fresh and warm.

It was around noon, when the pie was almost ready in the oven and the door bell rang. I went to the front door, still wearing my kitchen apron. I opened the door.

– Good day, Miss Clara! I was expecting you.

She laughed at me.

– Nice outfit! She finally said, looking at my collar feeling a little awkward. I came to pick Kate’s bicycle.

– Do come in, Miss Clara.

I lead her to the living room. She sat on the couch.

– Would you care something to drink?

– A glass of water would be fine. What’s that wonderful smell?

– I’m making an apple pie for Madame. But it’s not ready yet, I’m afraid.

– Don’t bother, I’ll be off soon.

– If you’ll excuse me, I’ll go to the kitchen for a while.

I went to the kitchen to fetch her a glass of water. I had a look at the apple pie. It was nicely baked, having a brownish color. I switched the oven off and took the pie out. “Madame will be pleased”, I thought with pride. I placed a cover on top of it took my apron off and went back to the living room to give Miss Clara the water she asked.

I offered her the glass and stood by her waiting, keeping my eyes low.

– That was nice, she said and left the glass on the sofa. So how’s life? She asked, trying to start a kind of conversation.

– It’s all right, Miss Clara, I replied.

– You keep busy?

– I have a lot of things to attend to, Miss Clara.

– … I was wondering, could you do a little favor to me?

– Of course, Miss Clara. Madame instructed me to do anything you say. I’m only here to obey, as you already know.

My last words took away all her inhibitions. She started talking again.

– Well, since you put it this way … I actually have some time to spare … So I thought, maybe you could give me one of your special treatments, like the day before …

I found her quite hesitant, without the presence of Miss Kate. That’s why she’ll always be just a secretary, I thought. But I decided to help her. Anyway Madame told me to be careful and obedient…

– I recall cleaning your feet, Miss Clara. Is this what you wish me to do?

– Well, yes. That’s it. Clean my feet as you did before. I really enjoyed it you know.

– Certainly Miss Clara! I said and knelt before her.

She extended her sandaled feet. I kissed the tips of her shoes and carefully removed them. She had beautiful feet, but as I said before she could do with a pedicure. Her toes were already dirty (and a bit smelly). I gave each one a soft kiss and was ready to start my job.

– May I have the honor of cleaning your beautiful feet Miss Clara?

– Yes, you may go on! She said, watching me carefully.

I gently took her left foot in my hands. I started with her big toe, by putting it in my mouth, sucking away any dirt, using my well trained tongue to wash away any grit underneath her nails. Soon enough her big toe was properly cleaned. I went on with the rest of her toes, taking each one in my mouth, sucking and licking away the foot dirt and aroma. When I finished, I went on licking her soles, using long strokes Erenköy Escort with my tongue. Lifting her foot a bit higher, I started working on her left heel, first by licking it thoroughly, to ease away the dirt and then by using my teeth, to remove any stains still on her skin. Finally I worked on the upper part, finishing off by licking her shapely ankles.

When I finished, I kissed her toes softly, asking for permission to go on with her other foot.

She examined her washed foot carefully, to make sure that it was properly cleaned, before offering me her right foot. This time, she crossed her right leg over the other one, leaving her right foot dangling in mid air. I understood that I was to move around this time, to clean her foot.

As before I started with her toes, doing my best to properly wash them. I then went on with her sole. I didn’t dare asking her to move her foot, so I put my head underneath, and turning it upwards started licking her dirty sole. It was difficult in the beginning, but I got the idea after a while. She giggled a little when I worked on her heel, but she didn’t react badly. In fact she didn’t say a word during the whole act, as if totally ignoring me. I could feel that she was watching me though, enjoying every moment with me at her feet. When I finally finished, I kissed her foot gently.

– May I say that I finished, Miss Clara?

Again she examined her foot and when she was satisfied, she said:

– Very well. I like it. My feet feel fresh and clean now. But I wouldn’t say the same about your mouth! She joked mockingly.

– Is there anything else you wish, Miss Clara? I asked, trying to ignore her last remark.

– Yes, she said really excited now. I want you to lie down next to my feet, face up. I want to see if you can be of any other use apart from a foot licker.

– Certainly Miss Clara! I promptly said and took my position.

– No, not this way, she said. Your feet spread apart touching the couch, your head away.

I took the correct position according to her orders. I was now lying down at right angles to the couch, facing up. She stood up and walked close to my belly on my right side.

– You’d better tight those muscles, or else you’ll be in trouble. She said and placed her left foot on my belly.

I tensed my belly muscles just in time, as she actually put all her body weight on her left foot, raising the other from the ground momentarily. God it hurt! She actually started walking on my body, towards my chest, stepping on my body with her left foot. When she reached my chest she stopped. With a final step she landed her left foot on my face, twisting it, grinding my nose and lips with her sole.

– Not bad for a beginning! She remarked, pushing her left sole harder on my face.

Suddenly she raised her left foot and turning to the left she placed it on my chest, while raising her right foot from the ground and landing it heavily on my head. The motion of her right foot caused my head to turn sideways, offering my ear as a foot stool. At least it didn’t hurt as much as before, but still I was in great agony. I could hardly breath.

Now she was standing on me in her full weight, her left foot resting on my chest, her right on my turned head, keeping her balance as a ballerina.

I raised my hands and grasped her calves trying to help Miss Clara keep her balance. As long as she didn’t move I could tolerate the pain. And I could get some air through my earlier squashed mouth.

– Yes, she said excitingly.. I really like that. I totally have you under my power and will, under my very soles. That’s fantastic!

I couldn’t see her from my position, but I could feel her weight through my chest and head. My head was aching, and I could hardly breath, since my chest was pressed under her left foot. But I did my best to withstand the torment for the shake of Madame. I was here under Madame’s orders. I gad to comply.

She stood there for quite some time. Suddenly she stepped down. She placed her left foot toes on my lips. I started kissing them.

– I have to get going, she said. Kate wants me back. But I’ll make sure I have you available some other time.

She sat on the couch and nodded me to put her sandals on. I knelt in front of her and kissed her toes one last time. I then very carefully put her sandals on, kissing the tips at the end.

– Bring the bicycle to my car. She said and stood up.

I rushed to the front door to open it for her and went to the back garage to bring Miss Kate’s bicycle. I placed it in the trunk of Miss Clara’s car.

– Have a nice afternoon, Miss Clara! I said.

– Nice collar, she said laughing and quickly drove away.

I went back to the house. It was now half past three in the afternoon. I tied everything up, prepared the rest of Madame’s dinner and took a quick shower upstairs, to make myself ready for Madame. I also prepared Madame’s bathroom, in case she wished to take a bath. I then took Madame’s slippers down to the living room and placed them by the couch. Dinner was prepared, so the only thing to do was to wait. I was so humiliated by Miss Clara! “So what!” I told to myself. “You’re a slave now. That your position. And there is no way back”. I was so tired, and in great pain, after all this trampling.

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