Canine Therapy – Chapter 4


Another Saturday morning came and went but Amy slept in until noon. She woke up feeling strange. Her neck felt stiff as she stretched, a reminder of the collar which now rested between her shoulders. She thought back to her masturbation session last night and couldn’t believe how arousing a strip of leather could be. She couldn’t tell how many orgasms she’d had, but they were all intense, and her shameful fantasies were steadily getting more depraved. A flush of emotions mixed inside of her stomach before she decided to get up.

Still nude, Amy stepped before her mirror. Winter was officially here, and Amy’s hard-earned tan had faded back to the usual pale to reveal her face full of freckles which she tried so hard to cover up. Something about the collar seemed to attract her gaze; she couldn’t help but stare at it whenever she saw her reflection. She looked… sexual. She had never thought about herself in an erotic sense and it surprised her. It gave Amy an extra submissive look, and she was already quite timid and small. Perhaps the collar really did suit her. Still, it made her look and feel like a dog, and Amy wondered if she would ever get used to it.

‘As if’ she thought.

Amy didn’t want to leave her room. She didn’t want to risk being seen in her collar by her roommates, but she was getting hungry. Plucking her pyjamas from the floor, Amy gingerly pulled them on and went for the door. She fought the urge to cover herself, knowing it would only slow her progress.

With a deep breath, Amy stepped out of her room, checking around before moving to the kitchen. There she made her usual breakfast, quietly relieved that no one was around. She decided to focus on her cooking rather than wait for someone to show up, and began cracking two eggs into a bowl. Her relief turned to an odd sense of excitement from wearing her collar; it just thrilled her in some strange way.

As she whisked, Amy could hear footsteps approaching and had no time to react. The kitchen door opened to reveal a young, tan woman in casual clothing.

“Hello.” said the woman, equally surprised by Amy’s presence. Amy had turned a shade of pink, but managed to squeak out a ‘hello’ in response.

“You are the mystery roommate, yes?” she asked, “I’m Aria.” she greeted, holding out her hand. It dawned on Amy that she hadn’t actually met anyone in her student house yet.

“Y-yes. That’s me.” she replied, “I’m Amy.” she shook her hand and the two got acquainted. Aria was an international student from Italy. She stood above her at five-foot-six, had chestnut brown hair, hazel eyes and a naturally warm skin tone that Amy was a little envious of. Aria’s eyes flitted between Amy’s face and neck, obviously intrigued by her collar. Amy could feel herself heating up with embarrassment and fiddled with the tag, drawing even more attention to it.

“Is that a… collar?” she asked.

“It’s – a fashion statement.” She lied.

“Wow! So daring to dress in bondage!” she beamed, “Like a cute little doggy, you do this on purpose?” she asked with playful curiosity.

“Yep. I just like it.” Amy lied, going red.

“You like to be a dog? Do you really?” she teased, seeing how red Amy was. “I’m only kidding. May I?” she said, reaching out to feel the engraving on the tag.

“Such a cute little dog! Yes you are!” she teased, even patting Amy on the head, making her feel even smaller than she already was. Amy wanted to disappear.

Amy couldn’t believe how forward she was, and stood still as Aria inspected her collar with glee. This girl seemingly loved how embarrassed Amy was getting. It was almost a game to see how red her face would get. After what felt like forever, Aria stepped away to the cupboard and took out a breakfast bar.

“Well, I have to be going. It was nice to meet you, doggy.” she laughed, leaving the kitchen.

Amy was left confused. She should have corrected her, her name was ‘Amy’. She could have done anything besides just standing there, but that seemed to be her standard response to anything uncomfortable. Alone again, she finished making breakfast and returned to her room to eat. She didn’t enjoy lying to Aria about her collar, but there was no good way to explain. What was she supposed to say? ‘I have an imprinted sexual attraction to dogs and this collar is supposed to help me align myself with it’? After breakfast she still felt dazed, but was in no position to dwell. She still needed to visit Coach for their daily training session at the university gymnasium, and got dressed into her usual leotard underneath her tracksuit and jacket.

Practice began normally. Coach Matthews was silent about the collar, wanting to focus on Amy’s training, which Amy was more than happy with. However, Amy’s thoughts were still unfocused, and her new collar wasn’t helping. She couldn’t keep her mind on her routine, and the same recurring thought poked at her: a pack of wild mutts, each one large and bestial, storming into the gym and tackling her to the ground. She would panic and try her best to fight back, but the dogs would easily overpower her. Seeing her collar, the mutts could easily tell she was a submissive bitch to be bred, and would tear off her leotard to expose her toned body. From there the helpless girl could only watch in a mix of lust and terror as each dog would take turns fucking her wet pussy, knotting her and pumping her full of their seed, some of them too impatient and taking her by the mouth as if she were their plaything. Her collar only seemed to make these thoughts more intense and flustered her greatly, preventing her from performing even a simple balance beam routine. Coach called off the session early with defeat, noticing how much Amy was struggling, and brushed it off as her being under the weather. In her own frustration, Amy rushed to the women’s changing rooms and couldn’t help but masturbate in the shower cubicle to release her sexual tension.

Her following training sessions each day that week showed improvement, but Amy just couldn’t reach the level of skill she used to have with these fantasies driving her wild. It didn’t seem to matter how often Amy masturbated, her thoughts would return, and were only becoming more intense. Aided by her prescribed masturbation sessions and the cards she was required to read each morning, her mindset was constantly orbiting around the one topic she hated thinking about. Her fear of dogs still permeated her mind, but the constant bestial desires seeping into her brain were beginning to dominate her every intrusive thought. As the week rolled on, her thoughts interrupted her from paying attention in lectures, from doing homework, or socialising. She couldn’t help but masturbate anytime she had the chance. The only thing she could focus on were the stares and comments she would receive from her classmates and other students on campus over her new collar. The shame of walking around gave her a permanent blush.

Admittedly, one of the positives of her spiked arousal was that Sex hikayeleri it helped to make her fear manageable. She didn’t have any more violent intrusive thoughts, which was great. Whenever the thought of being attacked by a dog floated through her mind, the scene would transform into a much less frightening and much more arousing one. The only problem being that the lust she felt was just as distracting than her fears. Amy wasn’t sure if this was better, but chose to power through and consult Dr. Conseil on Friday.

Friday had finally arrived. With each day dragging on Amy’s mind and her sex, she was looking forward to her therapy session later that afternoon. She knocked at the door of Natural Anxiety Remedies and was welcomed by Laura Linton, dressed in a tight plastic dress that was completely see-through, accentuating her large bust and hips against her small waist.

“Hello again, Amy,” she chirped, “Now, before you come inside, Dr. Conseil wanted you to wear this.” she said, pulling out a leash from behind her back. It was a strip of black leather, with a clip on one end and a handle on the other. Amy relented with a sigh, accepting this as part of the doctor’s methods, and Laura clipped the leash to her collar. From there Laura took hold and literally led her upstairs to the office where Dr. Conseil was waiting.

“Good afternoon, Amy.” said the doctor, already sitting down on one of the red sofas, inviting her to sit. She greeted him back and sat on the other sofa to face him, the smell of incense hitting her as she lowered.

“Now, down to business,” he said, “how has it been wearing the collar?” he asked. Amy had plenty to say.

“It’s… intense. It’s been difficult to focus on anything when I wear this collar, I can’t focus on my gymnastics training or my lectures, or anything.” She answered, “People look at me like I’m a pervert, they make comments about me in classes or just on the street, I must look like such a mess, all red in the face because I’m just so embarrassed.” As Amy spoke all the feelings she had felt that week were rushing back to her at once, and she couldn’t help but cry. Laura quickly sat by the girl and consoled her for a few minutes, while the doctor encouraged her to let out all of the emotion that had been bottled up. After a few minutes, when Amy’s cries simmered into a silence, the doctor continued.

“It’s alright to feel this way. People usually react negatively to anything that they don’t understand, but in time they will either understand you or ignore you. Shame is society’s way of maintaining order and control at the expense of personal freedom. You say that you’ve been having difficulty focusing, could you go into more detail about what is distracting you?” he asked.

“I get these – thoughts.” Amy answered. “The same ones I used to have, but more intense. Ever since I started wearing this collar, the thoughts have been non-stop, and they’ve been different. They used to be violent and scary, but now they are more – sexual.”

“More sexual thoughts surrounding canines,” the doctor noted, “Are you masturbating?”

“Yes. More than ever, I think I masturbate at least four times a day just to function.”

“Quite a lot, and these masturbation sessions consist of dog sex?”

“Every one of them.” she admitted with slight distaste.

“And your thoughts recur even after you have masturbated?” he asked.

“All the time!” she said with more intensity than she expected.

A smile broke out onto the doctor’s face.

“This is good news, Amy. We have broken past the first layer of your condition. Your mental and physical sexualities have been brought closer together, and your mind is beginning to crave bestial sex in a way that resembles the physical craving.” the Doctor said. “Allow me to explain a bit further. Originally you had fantasies of bestiality which upset you, and we managed to break down the cultural stigma you had internalised and encouraged you to engage with the fantasies through masturbation. Aided by your collar, we have dipped deeper into your subconscious and unveiled what I believe is your root sexual attraction to dogs.”

“Root sexual attraction? You mean from when I was imprinted? So I’m not just going mad, I’ve actually made progress this week?” she looked up hopefully to the doctor, who was now stood up and pacing between his desk and the two sofas.

“Exactly right, Amy.” He said, and Amy felt a burst of joy and cracked her biggest smile in months.

“You have done tremendously to get this far so soon, Amy, and I am very proud of you. You have shown true dedication to my method and I thank you for that. Uncovering this deeper attraction can be a confusing concept, so I would like to talk some more about it. When you were imprinted, your subconscious was impacted on a deep level, affecting the way you sexually react to humans and dogs. We have unfurled your subconscious and brought this subconscious attraction into your conscious mind through these past few weeks of mental conditioning. This implies a few things. Your craving for dog sex is now physical *and* mental, which only makes your lust that much stronger, which is why you are finding yourself distracted so often. You will need to maintain these conditions as we continue your therapy, but this doesn’t mean you will have to be frustrated and distracted all of the time. Continued sexual engagement is the key to bringing you mental clarity. Unfortunately, even with your increased masturbation sessions, it seems that you are not nearly satisfied in a sexual sense. It may be an option to increase your masturbation count further, but this can be physically taxing and cause unnecessary soreness. Rather, I believe that this intensified lust has signalled a desire for stronger stimulus. Simply masturbating with your hand is, psychologically, too… human for you to be satisfied. Please understand, in order for us to continue and resolve your condition, it is time for us to introduce real canines into your sexual therapy.” He explained.

Amy sat there, taking in what the doctor had said, with Laura gently stroking the girl’s arm.

“Real dogs?” was all Amy could say. Her throat felt dry and her mind wandered between her fear of dogs and her lust for them. Perhaps being near a real dog would help to put her mind at ease, and the idea of being in closer contact with a canine was not as repulsive as it once seemed. She didn’t think she would be too fond of the smell, or the slobber, or all the fur. All the same, Amy felt the all too familiar heat building in her sex, and in spite of the last strings of her moral reprehension to bestiality, her mind was made up. She bit her lip, almost afraid to even say it.

“Ok, let’s do it.” she finally said, and the doctor smiled. Once the words passed her lips, Amy’s mind began to stir with lust almost as much as her sex, she leaned back into the sofa and let the feeling flow over her in a mix of lust and nervousness.

“Perfect.” the doctor replied Sikiş hikayeleri before turning to his wife, “Laura dear, contact Nicola and let her know she will be needed next week.” He said, and Laura left the room.

The doctor saw Amy laying back, her cheeks rosied against her pale face. He could see she was lost in some sexual stupor, and would have left her be, but needed to talk to her about something else. With a tap on the shoulder, Amy was brought back to the real world from her fantasies of dogs and their knotted cocks. The doctor sat next to the girl on the sofa.

“There is one test I would like to do with you, Amy. How comfortable are you with nudity?”

“I don’t know, doctor. I haven’t been nude in front of anyone since I was young.” she said, “Why do you ask?”

“Next week we will be introducing you to a real dog, and for your therapy to have its full effect, it would be best for you to be naked. It allows you to better strengthen the connection between your mental and physical disposition to dog sex, and will lead to more skin-to-skin contact. Most people have difficulty with stripping down in front of others, so I think it would be best to do that now so that you are more comfortable next week.” He said.

It made sense to Amy, who was beginning to understand the doctor’s methods a little better. But she still had her own concerns.

“Doctor, I’m worried. I haven’t been near a dog in so long, what if it attacks me? What if I get scared again and go back to square one?” she asked.

“A good question, one that many people going through exposure therapy often have. Amy, you have experienced a traumatic episode with a rottweiler. It was unexpected and shocking, and the negative impact has stayed with you. From this episode you attached all of those negative feelings and associated them with dogs in general. This also includes the sexual aspect of the attack, which you are well aware of. Next week, we will bring a dog into this office, a controlled environment with handlers who will be devoted to your safety. The dog will be big and friendly, and will have been trained to be non-aggressive. It is as safe as can be. You may feel nervous at first, but soon you will find that much of your suffering has been mental, and that there was nothing to be worried about at all. It is a big step, but I know that once you take it you will have overcome the biggest hurdle in your recovery.” He explained.

His words soothed her, but there was still a nagging feeling in Amy’s stomach.

“Say I come next week and see the dog, what will happen? Is it going to – have sex with me?”

“It’s entirely unlikely, you’re just going to get to know the pet on a more physical level. Petting, stroking, cuddling, that sort of thing. Though we go as far as you are comfortable.”

“Okay.” Amy paused. “What if I get stuck like this? Being sexually reactive to dogs only, I mean. What if I never go back to being normal? I want to get married, have kids. What if I never get that?”

“It’s unlikely that you will be stuck like you are completely. Truthfully, it depends how deeply the attack penetrated into your subconscious. It may have gone deeper than we know, and the deeper it is the more difficult it becomes to resolve. However, that doesn’t mean the end of the world. I’m speaking not as a psychologist but as a man with fifty years of experience on being alive: life has a way of working out, maybe not in the way you expect, but in the way that is best. If it turns out that your psyche is more affected than expected, we have alternative methods that will allow you to live with your condition.”

It all sounded a bit awful to the girl, the thought of being stuck as some zoophile. Even if she was attracted to dogs, she knew it was traumatically induced, and once her therapy was complete she could move on without telling a soul of her ordeal. Was this too much, too quickly? Maybe dog videos could get her off, but the thought of being intimate with an actual dog felt too real for her, even if she was somewhat attracted to the idea. Her mental attraction was mostly conditioning but she wondered if any slither of her subconscious had always been drawn to the taboo. She was making remarkably fast progress, after all. Deep down she logically knew how wrong it would be, and had trouble reconciling her feelings. When she explained this to the doctor, he again spoke of how any condition, no matter how dire it seems, could be worked on if given time. Again, his words gave Amy some peace, and they moved on to the test.

Laura had returned from contacting Nicola, the dog handler, and entered the office, standing by the door. Amy, following Dr. Conseil’s instruction, began to remove her clothing. She stripped down to her underwear and felt embarrassed. Her slim, slightly toned figure was apparent, going a shade of pink and shaking slightly.

“Please continue.” said the doctor, in a professional tone. Laura moved to the girl to help the girl remove her bra and panties. Laura noticed that Amy’s bra was padded, revealing that she was actually an A cup, which Amy found humiliating. Amy was now nude, apart from her leash and collar.

“I don’t know how you can be so comfortable being almost nude like this all the time, Laura.” said Amy.

“Lots of practice and lots of patience, and lots of confidence,” Laura chirped, striking a teapot pose, “there’s no need to be so self-conscious, Amy. You look gorgeous.”

Amy felt reassured by Laura’s words, and her own near nakedness, it made her feel less like a test subject. The doctor asked Amy to stand at attention with her hands to her sides.

“I see that you are unshaved.” the doctor said flatly, pointing at Amy’s ginger bush, “I’m afraid that you will need to be clean shaven for next week. Pubic hair is a sponge of pheromones which can be a repellent to a dog. Also, being shaved will aid us in closer inspections if we need to examine you further. For now though, it is fine. Laura, go and fetch the projector and Amy’s slides.” and Laura left the room, returning with the projector, setting it to display against the blank wall opposite the bookshelf. The doctor asked Amy to sit on his desk, facing the same way as the projector. She did, hopping methodically onto the desk with her knees together, so as not to display herself any more than necessary. The desk was cool against her bare skin.

“Amy, would it be alright for me to check your vagina? I just want to check something quickly.” said the doctor.

Amy went red, “If it’s important.”

“It is, please spread your lips for me.” said the doctor, pulling out a torch. Amy did, propping herself on one hand and using the other to hold open her folds. The doctor shined a torch inside and saw a flap of skin behind the entrance.

“You really are a virgin.” he said. “May we document this with a picture? They will be used purely for research and therapy documentation.” he said. Amy looked unconvinced, but Laura reassured her that the files Erotik hikaye would be for work only. Amy agreed, and Laura took the photo of Amy’s still intact hymen. Amy found it all a bit eccentric, but her face wasn’t in view and it was going to be kept safe in a doctors office.

“Amy, I would like you to look at the projection on the wall. The projector will display either a human male, or a large male dog breed, like last time. Only now, when you see a dog you are to spread your legs, and when you see a human you are to close them, touching your knees together. Do you understand?”

Amy’s entire body deepened to a hard pink.

“Excuse me? Why?” she asked.

“It is a reinforcement test,” the doctor explained, “to, well, reinforce your mental and physical attraction to dogs. Remember, we cannot let your conscious mind lose its attraction to dogs, we need to work to keep it strong. Otherwise the mental opening can shut again, and you will begin to revert back to fear rather than lust.”

“O-okay.” Amy mumbled, still going red.

“Let us begin.” said the doctor, pressing the remote control.

A Doberman appeared. It shocked Amy at first, but she wasn’t nearly as shocked by the appearance of a hound as she used to be.

“Spread your legs.” said the doctor, and Amy remembered the task and spread her knees to ninety degrees of each other.

“I thought you were a gymnast,” said the doctor, “surely you can do better than that.”

Laura giggled, and Amy put her flexibility to use. She propped her hands behind herself and spread into a full split with her legs outstretched and feet pointed out. Even then the span of her legs was not as long as the desk itself.

The next photo was of a male model, shirtless on the beach. Amy closed her legs.

“Tighter.” said the doctor, and Amy shut her legs completely, pressing her knees together.

Another photo appeared of a mastiff, its cock erect from its sheath. Amy opened her legs as before, wide and outstretched. She could feel a tingling in her sex and knew she was getting wet. The doctor seemed to notice as well.

Another slide of a young, good-looking man in a suit appeared, and Amy shut her legs tight.

“Good.” said the doctor.

Another slide showed a rottweiler, and Amy could feel her legs moving before she thought to, going back beyond a full split. She moaned under her breath, her eyes fixed on the dog’s cock, fully erect with a flaring knot.

Amy was getting more flustered with each photo, and the test continued.

“Now, when you see a dog you are to spread your legs and your pussy lips, and say ‘I want it’. When you see a man you are to shut your legs, shake your head and say ‘no way’. Understood?” said the doctor.

“Yes, doctor.” she replied, her breathing gaining pace.

The next slide was of another handsome man, completely nude with a large penis, and Amy’s reaction was faster than before. She shut her legs, shook her head and said ‘no way!’ with enthusiasm.

The next slide was of a husky, the focus on its erect cock. Amy Spread her legs wide, parted her wet pussy lips and said ‘I want it.’ with a light desperation.

The test continued for another ten slides before ending, and both the doctor and Laura thanked Amy for her cooperation. She also thanked them both in return for their help and got changed into her clothes again. Amy was feeling flustered after such a test, and wanted to get home to masturbate. Before leaving, Dr. Conseil gave Amy a stuffed toy dog. It was large, around four feet in length and covered in short black fur with brown patches.

“Thank you?” said Amy, unsure what the gift was for.

“Because regular masturbation seems to be losing its effect in keeping you collected, I think this will tide you over until next week. It will help to simulate a real dog in a way that your hand can’t. It’s even scented. Amy gave a deep sniff into the plush; it smelled like a dog. It should have been gross, but Amy couldn’t help but feel tingles.

“It’s so – thoughtful. Where did you get this?” she asked.

“I’m always prepared.” said the doctor, “and one more thing.” he said, moving to his desk. He pulled out a card and handed it to the girl, who read it aloud.

“I love dog cocks. A dog’s penis is a natural aphrodisiac for a woman like me.” she said, before looking up at the doctor.

“Remember to read this every morning, reinforcement is key.” he said. Amy still found his methods odd, but was surely getting used to them. She said goodbye to Laura and the doctor, thanking them again before making her way back home. Going around the block to avoid her neighbour’s dog and jumping the fence into her back garden was difficult with the giant plushie in her arms, but she managed.

Once inside, she made a beeline for her room and stripped down to her collar. Her panties were completely stained and her pussy was wet. She practically jumped onto her bed with her new toy and grinded it against her mattress like a bitch in heat, sniffing deeply into the dog-scented fabric. After a week of near non-stop masturbation her hand was getting tired, and the teddy was a welcome change of pace. She wrapped her legs tightly around the soft mounds and pressed her skin against the toy fur. Her fantasies of making love to a hound had never felt so realised, only making her squeeze tighter, moaning under her breath.

“Yes – more – more…” she breathed, going frantic in her movements, the texture of the fur gently rubbing between every little fold in her pussy lips. With a scream she couldn’t hold, Amy came hard, squirting her juices onto the plush, staining the fabric. She moaned as waves of pleasure coursed through her body. Amy tensed up before sinking into her toy, breathing in that wonderful aroma.

“Good boy.” she muttered between heavy breaths, beads of sweat forming on her body. Rubbing against the stuffed toy made her smell like her own sex mixed with the scent of a dog, which was both disgusting and arousing to her. She lay there in the afterglow to catch her breath, and heard a scream from directly behind her.

“What the fuck!?” screamed Aria, and Amy immediately sprang from her lying position. She forgot to shut her door!

“Oh, my God!” Amy screamed back in panic, pulling her blanket over to cover herself, knocking her plushie to the floor. Aria looked at the plushie, the dark patch of wetness on its fur, and back to Amy. Amy watched helplessly as Aria put the pieces together. Aria’s face went from confusion to a devilish grin.

“Just a fashion statement, huh? I knew it! You pervert!” she squealed delightfully.

“Please leave my room.” Amy begged, mortified.

“Okay, okay I’m going. I don’t mind what you do with Teddy over there, but try not to be so loud. I could hear you from outside. Ciao, Bitch.” she smiled, closing the door as she left.

Amy was frozen with humiliation. How could she have been so stupid? She didn’t even have the time to process how good that orgasm was. She’d never felt anything like it, It was almost like being with a real… dog. She reached down and pulled her plushie under the covers with her to cuddle.

‘Teddy’s a nice name.’ she thought.

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