Candice’s trailer park visit


Candice was at home in her comfortable house. She had just showered and was wearing an old brown worn man’s work shirt and a pair of grey sweat pants. Candice was sitting near her husband while he watched a recording of “Cheaters” on television.

She was thinking about Max and the crazy sex they had last week nonstop since it had happened. Her pussy or “Cunt” as she was now calling it because Max had called it that and it now pleased her to call her betraying vagina a cunt. Her cunt was back to normal. For a few days after ‘having coffee’ with Max it was sore and stretched. Very tender and leaking his cum. She smelled and tasted it for days. On the third day she could still get small traces but she really had to force her fingers deep to find it.

The whole mess was so wrong. She felt ashamed for how she had been a total whore with him. The whole idea of her going on a date with a guy she had just met. She was amazed how submissive she had been. He just took control of her body and made her do some very humiliating things. She couldn’t believe she had done what he ordered and let him abuse her. And the way she had orgasmed from his rough sex. She had surrendered herself to his will and was able to orgasm like never before. All the while she knew that she was married and had vowed to forsake other men. He humiliated her about being such a dirty slut. He had fingered her asshole and put the same finger into her mouth, just like something a man would do to a filthy whore. Her cunt had been enjoying every second however.

Candice told herself she would never allow herself into another situation like she had been in. Her tits were still bruised very lightly but atleast the swelling was gone. They had been absolutely NO help at all the other day either. It had been like her entire body did what he wanted and it didn’t matter what her brain told it. ‘Cup your tits and smile’ and she just did it while he took obscene pictures of her. He could post them on the internet!

The orgasms had been great. The best ever. But the way he just started spanking her ass and then he said her ass was fat! She knew he didn’t mean it was a fat ugly ass, but really a big beautiful ass. It had been so calming and he was so nice while she sucked out the last of his cum from his cock. He was gently playing with her asshole and cunt afterwards too. She found that her cunt was getting wet again just thinking about him.

Candice was thinking about checking to see if she could taste any more of Max’s semen when her cell phone rang. It was almost 10 pm. Candice saw that it was Max’s number.

Her cunt forced her to answer the phone, “Hello.” Max’s voice delighted her “Hey baby. I really need you. Can you drive over here?” Candice asked where he was and he told her an address near the beach, the Easy Days Mobile Estates. He told her to dress sexy but not too much clothes. Candice said she could probably be there in an hour and then said for her husband’s benefit “Anna, I need to put on makeup first” Max said he would call up to the guard shack and leave her name. She asked “anything else I need to know?” Max replied “no panties” Candice interjected “I know.” “And no bra, very short skirt and as see through a blouse as you have.” He then just hung up.

Candice said that her friend Anna was in some kind of trouble and she needed to go help her. Candice decided to pack a bag. She already had prepared a red travel bag with a few things. She applied all the basic touches of her makeup and would finish in her car. She would apply it fairly heavy, because it was late.

She grabbed a fine mesh beach cover-up pullover that was fairly see-through. It was black with huge faint roses. It was designed to go over a bikini but she was going to wear it topless. She put the top over her arm and layered a coat on top of that. She considered refusing him once she got there. She could dress up but tell him no to any hanky panky.

Once at her car she drove away fast but then stopped on a dark street to change. She pulled off her tennis shoes and sweat bottoms. In the red bag she had her strap on high heels and a short black pleated tennis skirt. The skirt was only 12 or so inches long. She pulled the elastic band skirt up to her waist and saw she needed to pull it down a little or her cunt’s shaved lips would show.

Next the cover up. She striped off the old worn shirt and pulled on the beach cover up. She was sure that in the dark the top would be fine but if she walked in front of some cars’ headlights she would look topless. She finished her makeup and continued on the drive.

The Easy Days Mobile Estates was near pacific coast highway just at the beach. A senior citizens’ facility. Candice stopped at the guard shack and the elderly grey uniformed man walked out of the shack. She rolled down her window and the old guy leaned down and looked in her car. He then asked her name. Before she could answer he grabbed a flashlight from his belt, turned it on and started shinning it around the inside of her car.

At first the light was on the seat and then the floor board of her car but it snapped to her chest then her thighs then steady on her left areola. Candice could smell the cigarette smell on the old guy. Candice kocaeli escort bayan said her name and the guard said “oh, yeah. Max called to say you were coming.” Candice’s nipple started to draw-up and harden right in front of the old man. The guard told her it was the second left and then all the way at the end on the right. “You can’t miss it. He has the patio lights on.”

Only when she drove away did the light move off her tits. She made the turn and saw that the park looked deserted. There were cars in the carports but all the lights were off, they must be asleep. She could make out the lights of the patio from several spaces away.

She parked right next to the patio. The trailer was a double and the patio was a covered space with a table, chairs and a bench in front. There were hanging potted plants and several on the ground. It had a dated Polynesian theme. Max was sitting with two elderly men at the table and they were drinking corona beer.

Candice checked her makeup and got out of the car all three men stood. Max said “Candice great! You made it” and started walking towards her. As Max neared her she said “who are your friends?” Max grabbed her and hugged her tight. She loved the way he squeezed her. He put his hand to the small of her back, hooked the skirt band with a finger and pulled it up 5 to 6 inches. She could feel the cool night air on her ass cheeks and knew they were now on display.

He introduced the two men: Parker was the oldest of the three, maybe 75 thought Candice. Then there was James. He was about five years younger than Parker. All three men were wearing jeans and t-shirts. Max’s friends were thin, grey and smiling from ear to ear.

“Hi Candice, Max you didn’t tell us how beautiful she is.” Max agreed she is too pretty. Then a silence fell on the group. After a few of awkward minutes. Max said they should each tell the group something about themselves and that way it would break the ice and build friendships.

Parker started and said he was 74 years old and a widower. His wife died 7 years ago and he moved into Easy Days to get away from his kids.

James said he is 70 and still married. He hasn’t seen her in 20 years because she left him for a younger man. He said he has one boy and he lives in Nevada with his wife. He has lived in Easy Days for 10 years.

Candice said “I’m 38 and my,,,,,,,,, husband and I,,,,, just bought a home in north Carson. I have no children.”

Max said “Alright! We are all friends. Hey Candice how about a picture with your new friends?” Candice slowly replied “Ooh, Oh Kay.” Max positioned Parker and James next to some potted plants and then walked Candice around a couple times positioning her between the two men.

Candice knew her ass cheeks were on full display. And the guys were eyeing her ass constantly. Candice felt a little excited and embarrassed about walking around showing her naked ass to guys she just met. After a few seconds of positioning she was told to cross her ankles and raise her arms around the men. She smiled and felt two cold hands on her ass cheeks. James hand just held her cheek but Parker was slowly moving his fingers between her cheeks toward her asshole and wet cunt.

Candice thought ‘I guess these guys figure I’m just a slutty girl for them to fondle and finger and I won’t say a word. If I didn’t want to make a scene I would really tear into these old guys.’ Max made his camera flash, checked the image and that her cover up was totally see through with the flash and said “wait a second, gotta fix Candice’s skirt.” Both hands vanished from Candice’s ass. Max walked over to Candice and hiked up the front of her skirt. The hem was just above her Mons Mound. Her waxed cunt was on total display.

As Max walked back to camera position both hands returned to her ass. Parker’s index finger made a straight line between her cheeks. Max took the second picture just as Parkers fingertip was pushing to slip inside Candice’s sphincter.

“OK Candice. Turn around arch your ass up.” Candice turned and as soon as she arched and looked back over her shoulder smiling. Two hands grabbed her free tits. They were squeezing her nipples and making them harden when the flash went off.

Her cunt was steadily juicing her slit. She wouldn’t be surprised if the second picture showed droplets on her lips. Max said “OK guys. I need to give Candice some important material. If you’ll excuse us I promised I’d show her Tim’s house and then I’ll give it to her. Ok, gentlemen goodnight.”

James said it was nice to meet Candice and they hope to see her again. Max led Candice to a small staircase to the front door. Both men watched the married woman from north Carson walk away with her skirt pulled up showing her ass cheeks and cunt. She was braless and her tits were swaying as she walked on high heels up the staircase. Both men knew Max was going to fuck the hell out of Candice as soon as they got inside. Candice also knew that she was there to be fucked and that was bothering her again.

Max opened the door and she walked inside the double wide. The living room was big. A small lamp was on at the far corner of the room. The decor was 80s. A sofa, a widescreen a couple izmit escort of stuffed chairs, coffee table and end tables.

Max said “let me turn a light on.” Next to the window overlooking the patio he turned on a lamp. The light must have been 150 watts! The whole room was bright now. Max put Candice behind the sofa that was facing the window. The window was now very dark and she was sure anyone could see very well inside the living room.

Candice was thinking ‘I need to get out of here! Max is going to have me do a sex show for those dirty old men.” She was about to say she couldn’t do it again and she was leaving when Max told her “Arms up.”

Candice raised her arms without even thinking about what she was doing. Max pulled her cover up off her and grabbed her left tit. He picked it up with both his hands and sucked on the nipple.

Candice started breathing very hard and her cunt twitched. Max had her stand with her left side toward the window and grabbed a long white nylon rope from his bag behind the sofa.

Candice stood with her arms at her sides watching with her mouth slightly open as Max wrapped the rope around the base of each tit and tightened the rope until each beautiful tit was the size of a small volleyball. The tit meat slowly turned red and the veins pulsed just under the skin. Max finished tying up Candice’s huge tits and picked them up admiring his work. Candice thought ‘OMG my cunt is burning! Juice drops are running down my thighs.’

Max took a black sharpie from his bag and drew a big bold “M” on her right areola and an equal sized “C” on her left one. Candice thought ‘He is marking me as his property. I’ll have to scrub for days to get that cleaned off! Guess he owns me now.’ Candice’s knees were shaking.

James and Parker were about to leave when the bright light came on in the living room. They both looked over and saw that Candice’s top was very see through. And then the top was removed. James said “Wooh! Parker. Take a look. Max is wasting no time on his whore. Let’s hang out.” They watched as Candice’s tits were bound and Max wrote his initials on her areolas. Parker commented “She kind of reminds me of my wife. Just as pretty as she was.” James responded “Parker I’ve seen pictures of your wife. She was cute but not anywhere near as beautiful as this slut. And your wife was a charter member of the Iddy Biddy Titty Committee. This slut is ten times better than her. Sorry but true.” “Yeah.” Parker admitted.

Max took a few pictures of his branded slut and then put his left hand on Candice’s cunt and rubbed her clit. His right hand held her left volleyball tit. Candice threw her head backwards and within 30 seconds she was in full orgasm. She shamelessly fucked her hips in the air trying to get more from Max’s fingers. Her mouth opened and she bared her teeth as she flooded her cunt onto his hand.

Candice was dazed. Her intense orgasm had her breathing hard and her crotch a swamp. Max spun her toward the window and then bent her from the waist. She leaned over the back of the sofa. Her bound tits hung down onto the back of the sofa and bounced against the cushions as she held on to the top edge of the back rest.

Max kicked off his shoes and dropped his pants. His hard throbbing cock sprang free and bounced up and down looking at her spreading her legs and arching her butt up toward it.

Max took hold of his cock and moved forward placing the purple head between the lips of her wet cunt. He eased the head in and Candice stopped squirming. She pushed rearward to take his cock deeper. Her tits rolled upward and touched just below her neck. Stopping her rear thrust like a wedge. Max took a step forward and sank his hard pulsing penis deep inside her welcoming slippery cunt.

The men outside were seated back at the table and watching Candice get fucked. Both men enjoyed the way her marked tits were bound-round like Christmas ornaments and bouncing against the back rest of Tim’s sofa and her shoulders. Parker said “she cums fast! She just had one on Max’s finger and now she’s cumming again. No wonder she is such a slut. I had my finger on her asshole you know. It is tight.” Parker put his index finger to his nose and then inside his mouth.

Max fucked Candice’s cunt for a solid 10 minutes and watched her cum time after time. She was hanging her head but still cumming and twitching on his cock. Max suddenly pulled his cock out of her relaxed dilated cunt and walked around sofa to her head.

Candice lifted her head and looked at the large throbbing cock directly in front of her. Max didn’t say anything, he just moved in toward her face. She opened her mouth and took him to the back of her mouth in one thrust. She sucked his super hard cock and in a dazed relaxed zoned out state held her mouth open while Max’s cock used it like her cunt. Candice’s brain was chanting over and over these words ‘I love this, I love this, I love this’

Max pulled his hard member from Candice’s relaxed mouth. Her spit was running down her chin and onto her neck. After the cock head was clear of her mouth, Candice remained in position with her mouth wide open and saliva running. Max asked “want to try something new?” She looked escort bayan at his face, slowly closed her mouth licked her lips and replied “sure, what ev.. you want” in a raspy whisper, looking again at his cock.

Max walked to the kitchen and returned with a 3 lb tub of Crisco. James said “Now it’s getting more interesting.” Max took a huge hand full of Crisco and smeared it all over her ass. Her ass cheeks and upper thighs, her cunt and a good portion on her small brown rosebud of an asshole. He massaged it in deep and scooped as much as he could inside her butthole.

Candice’s cell phone rang and it was her husband. Candice said “Wait. Don’t do anything. I’ve got to talk to him or he’ll start calling other people.” She said hello and explained that her friend was ok and hadn’t gotten beaten up but it was a female type problem. She would be home in an hour. Max pressed the head of his cock against Candice’s tight asshole. She said she had to hang up and she would see him later. She hung up and Max started to push his pipe inside her ass. Candice thought of how she must look, married to a guy miles away but naked except for heels and a skirt around her stomach, tits tied up turning purple, obscenely bent over a sofa and spread open. A huge cock pushing and spreading her sphincter open. She wouldn’t even let her husband in there. She was Max’s cum doll for tonight.

Parker said “Think that was her husband?” James replied “Probably.” Just then the gate guard walked up on to the patio. “Parker, jimmy you guys are up late. Holy Jesus! That’s that girl Max called for. Look at those tits! Max looks like he has a problem getting it in her.” James told him “he is going up her ass. Parker says she is virgin tight back there.” The guard walked up to the window for a close up view.

Candice was concentrating on relaxing her ass when his cock popped inside. Max let it rest for a few minutes, both hands holding her ass cheeks wide open and then started to pump in and out slowly. After five more minutes he was slamming his big cock in and out of her tender anus and she was thrusting her hips to meet his.

Candice liked being bent over by a big man. How he was enjoying her asshole and roughly taking it, using every inch for his enjoyment. This man was using her to make himself cum. Her cunt dripped with excitement. She felt another orgasm coming fast. This one was different and very strong. She threw her head back and screamed “Oh My God I’m Cumming!”

Max was slamming his cock inside her from cock tip to balls deep like a jack hammer. His cum was almost there. He just needed a few seconds more. Max slapped Candice’s ass cheek loudly and started shooting a huge load of hot cum deep inside Candice’s abused rectum. Spurt after long spurt injected inside her welcoming hot ass.

After a time Max pulled his cock from her ass and quickly grabbed a small butt plug from his bag. Candice felt the plug go in with no discomfort. She was extremely disoriented and dazed. She felt very very good in her post orgasmic haze.

Max walked around and put his cock back into his whore mouth. Candice looked up as Max was walking around the sofa, she saw a match light a cigarette and the face of the gate guard just outside the window. Normally Candice would have been screaming mad however she knew that Max was in control, they could do nothing to get at her. She hoped they enjoyed themselves because she did. She sucked the last little drops of his cum and her ass juices off his deflating penis.

So much had happened to her in such a short amount of time, she thought while flicking the tip of her tongue across Max’s piss hole looking for cum. Max brought her back to reality.

“Ok baby. You told him you would be home in an hour. That’s a bit of a drive. I don’t mean to throw you out but, You don’t want to get him checking up on you. Sit up now.” Max took the rope off her tits and kissed each nipple saying “thank you” Candice stood in the living room while Max slipped on his jeans, then put her beach cover up over her head and around her neck.

Max told her he was going to take the buttplug out because she needed to drive home now. Candice replied faintly “ok” Max slowly eased the plug out of her honey hole. “Oops, honey. Here give me your right hand. Now hold these two fingers against your butthole or you’ll be leaking cum everywhere.” Candice said “ok”

Max grabbed a hand towel for her car seat from his bag and led a dazed Candice by her left arm outside to her car. Candice just looked down and slowly walked outside to her car.

The three men outside kept out of the way and watched the red headed fuck toy leave. Her top was bunched around her neck, her enormous breasts with Max’s initials on them swayed as she walked. Her skirt still on but pulled up to her rib cage. Her entire ass and thighs were shiny from the Crisco oil. The right hand between her ass cheeks with two fingers on her asshole made her walk a little pigeon-toed.

Max told her to call him if she needed any help getting home. Candice turned to sit on the towel on her car seat and pulled the two fingers away. White cum immediately started to flow out of her rectum and onto her cheeks then into the hand towel. She sat for a few minutes and when she could she started the car. Candice thought several things at the same time while driving home: What a total slut I am, Why did I do that! And that was fun! I can still taste his cum.

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