Woke up, early, kinda chilly, wife beside me, I have really enjoyed the last few days, staying here in this campground, although only 20 miles from home, has been a good break.

Made my coffee, went outside to stir the embers from last nights fire. Got the fire back to life. Wife will be asleep for at least another hour or two.

Time to go use the restroom, certain things we don’t do in our camper.

Turn on Grinder app, some 1200 ft away.

He immediately says hi, I do the same. We chat back and forth while I finish what I am doing. He says he is horny and sends me picture of a rather nice fat cock, I told him I would love to suck it. He says he is alone.

He tells me his site number. I walk to his camper, he opens the door, naked, cock hard and sticking straight out. I walk in, and drop to my knees. I suck him for a few minutes, enjoying the feel of his dick sliding in and out of my mouth. I look up at him, he asks me if I want t get fucked, I stand up, my shorts fall to the floor, he walks me over to his bed, I Ileana over the edge of it, he Beşiktaş escort gets on his knees and rims me, eating my ass like it was the best treat ever. My cock is so hard.

He stands up. I can feel his body heat behind me. I can feel his cock head pushing into me, it hurts a bit. He is thick. He pushes harder, finally breaking through my tight hole. I push back against him ever so easily feeling all of his dick fill me up. His balls slap the bottom of my ass. He starts to gently push in and out of me. It feels great. He picks up speed. He grabs me around my waist touches my cock which is bouncing with every thrust. I feel him stiffen a bit. I feel even more heat in my ass. He starts to slow down, he grabs me with both hands now, suddenly pushes into me deeper than before, then starts to pull away. As soon as I feel his cock slide out of my cum filled ass I turn around and get back on my knees licking and sucking him. His cock tastes amazing.

I stand up, put on my shorts, grab my phone and coffee cup and start to walk out. He walks up behind Beşiktaş escort bayan me, sticking his hand down the back of my shorts and pushes a finger into my hole. Pulls the finger out and wipes it across my lips and says he will definitely see me later.

I walk back to my camper. Sit down for a minute but cock is super hard. I go inside, she’s still sleeping. I climb in bed with her. She’s naked, her ass looks so fuckable I reach around. Touch her breasts. She pushes her butt back into me. I reach down lower, feel her beautiful thick bush that surrounds her pussy, keep circling with my fingers, ever so gentle, find that one spot. She moans a little pushes back into me harder starts moving her hips back and forth. I tuck my cock between her legs, she starts squeezing it with her thighs. She reaches around, taking me into her hand and lines me up with her wet pussy lips. I push into her all at once. She pushes back.

We start fucking right away. She is fucking me harder than I am her. I can still feel the cum in my ass I can still Escort beşiktaş feel that little bit of sting you get after taking a big cock. It makes me even hornier. She cums. Her whole body shakes. She’s pretty loud. She rolls onto her stomach. I roll with her my cock still inside her. I fuck her hard, no break, no tenderness just a hard fuck. She cums again. She grabs her pillow and screams into it her sound are muffled. Her hips still are moving to meet my motions. I pull out my cock, I move it toward her ass she immediately raises her hips. I push my cock into her ass.

It’s very wet. Her body is tense. She finally relaxes. It feels so nice. She grabs the sheet, I see it pull away from the mattress. I see the side of her face eyes closed tightly her face looking between pain and happiness. I start fucking her ass even harder. She cums again almost throwing me off of her. I keep pounding her. I finally cum. A lot. I am drained. She’s not. I roll off her. Laying on my back. She gets up. Straddles my face and grinds her pussy into my mouth. My cum is running out of her ass and down her leg. I see it. I lick it up. I eat her pussy until she cums again. She climbs off me, kisses me and lays back down next to me. In two seconds she is back asleep. I lay there contemplating my morning. Pretty good so far. Let’s see how goes the rest of the day

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