Cabin Retreat Ch. 3


After you wake up I tell you to go get ready because we get going to the lake if we want to get the prime spot.

I get breakfast ready while you bathe, and as usual you are taking way too long for my liking. I call out for you and no answer, so I decide to check on you. There you are in the bath soaking in a bubble bath dreamily enjoying the warm water on your freshly satisfied body. What a sight, you with your hair up and your breasts floating just above the water, your nipples hard, caused by the difference in temperature of the air and water.

I go back to the kitchen and grab a glass of champagne to bring to you. You don’t hear me come in as I set the glass down on the edge of the tub. I lean over to softly kiss the nape of your neck, causing you to sigh. I kiss slowly over your shoulder and down your breast to your hard nipples, gently taking one in my mouth, causing it to become harder not from the temperature but now from the attention it is receiving.

You pull my head up and kiss me deeply, our tongues dancing against each other. I take one of my hands and caress your breasts and slowly glide it down in between your legs. I softly rub where your legs meet as you slowly spread your knees so I can touch you. My hand finds the soft hair that lightly covers my target. As I stroke your outer lips and tease your clit you take a short gasp of air. Even in the water I can feel your juice start to flow.

While I am concentrating on your clit you reach outside of the tub and dive your hand into my short and lightly stroke my now growing cock. You stroke me until I am hard and precum starts to ooze from the tip. Your breathing becomes more almanbahis adres rapid as I move one finger into you wet folds and my thumb rubs your now very hard clit.

You remove your hand, and pull my shorts down, breaking our kiss you grab my throbbing member pulling me towards your hot mouth. Lightly you lick the head of my cock barely able concentrate as I insert another finger into you feeling the muscles of your wet pussy start to contract around my fingers as I move you closer to the point of no return.

Greedily you plunge your mouth around my throbbing cock as if it were the last cock you would ever have. I continue to rub and stroke your pussy and clit. I reach up with my other hand and rub your breast and squeeze and pinch your hard nipples, you gasp and start breathing harder around my cock, barely paying to the throbbing in your mouth. As your pending orgasm approaches you remove me from your mouth but keep a firm grip on me doing the best you can in the situation to jerk me off, but I am concentrating on you.

As you cum I can feel even in the water your hot juices run out of your convulsing pussy. You catch your breath for a minute before I pick you up in my arms and move you to the bed, dripping wet. I slowly start to kiss up your legs starting at the arches of your feet moving to the insides of you knees then the back of your calves and knees. Up your inner thighs, to just before your swollen pussy lips. The smell of your sex combined with the soapy water is intoxicating and I almost cum right then. I pass your clit and move to your belly button and move up to your breasts, savoring the hardness of each nipple, I move up to almanbahis adresi your neck and kiss lightly behind each ear before staring my decent back down.

On the way down I gently bite your nipples and suck hard making them hard and feel as if they are going to explode, you gasp and your breathing is becoming erratic and shallow. I move between your legs and lightly run my tongue up and down the out sides of your swollen pussy. Your juices are running down between your lips and over your puckered anus. I grab a pillow and put it under your butt so I can eat you thoroughly. I run my tongue up the center of your slit catching as much of the nectar flowing from you, running it up and down as you start to moan. I take a chance and run my tongue down between your cheeks and lick your puckered hole, you gasp and start to pant. With my thumb I reach up and rub your clit, while you are pinching and twisting your nipples in search of release.

I alternate running my tongue between the slick folds of your hot, wet pussy and over your puckered hole. You can’t take it any more and beg for release. I oblige you and concentrate on your clit with my mouth. It throbs against my lips as I suck on it and flick it in my mouth. I move a finger to the entrance of your pussy and slowly move it inside you reaching deep finding the spot that makes you scream, and you do. I can feel your muscles pull and contract on my fingers, you are flowing juices like a river as I try to lap them up.

My cock is throbbing as if it is going to explode. I have to feel some relief soon so I start to stroke it. As you are cumming and screaming, I take my finger from inside you almanbahis adres and move up and put the head of my cock just to the entrance of your tight pussy. You feel it and try to raise your hips as if to pull me in. then in one thrust I shove the entire length of my cock into you. All the way in, you feel my balls slap against your ass as I bury my cock all the way in. I don’t move as you hump me trying to take me in all the way and beyond. Slowly I pull out until just the head is in and on the next stroke in I hit your g spot, you cum immediately creaming that you are cumming and to fuck you harder. I oblige you as I am fucking you harder and harder. I feel my balls tighten up as your pussy is clenching on my cock. I don’t want to cum yet so I pullout and move you on to all fours, panting and out of breath you don’t know what to expect.

I move in behind you and push my cock into your wet pussy. As I am thrusting in and out I reach around and rub the sensitive clit, you start moving back into me trying to get me to fuck you harder. As you start to cum again I release your clit and start to fuck you with earnest, I take some of the juices that have run down your ass and rub a finger in it and tease your puckered asshole you scream in delight as I push gently sliding my finger just passed you tight hole. I feel my balls start to tighten and tell you I am about to cum. You scream for me to cum, as you are cumming as my cock thrusts in and out hitting your g spot and my finger buried in your ass. I thrust harder my balls slapping your clit taking you over the edge, as you feel the hot spurts of my cum splashing inside, filling you.

We collapse on the bed a sweaty pile of sex. I lean over and kiss you passionately, you move down and start to clean my cock with your tongue and take me in to your mouth tasting our combine juices.

I start to feel a familiar stirring as I become hard again…

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