Bullied Ch. 02


Fearing that someone would see her, Amanda hurried after Igor, her breasts jumping and swaying with each step. They ran through the corridors, went outside and crossed the inner courtyard until they arrived at a little shed. Short of breath, Igor knocked on the door. A few moments later, a thin old man dressed in green workwear opened.

“And who are you?” he inquired, openly gaping at Amanda’s barely covered breasts.

“This is Titty, our new transfer student,” beamed Igor.

“Titty, huh? Ah, Amanda Juggs, right? Yeah, the principal told me already. Good that you finally could make it. You’re due for an hour already! You really need to work on your punctuality, girl. Come on in, I have something I need help with.”

Igor looked at him, puzzled, “I thought it’s just about the keys to the dorm?”

“She’ll get the keys alright, don’t worry big boy. But first, I need to use her unique talents for a while. You can go now, I’ll take care of the rest.”

Igor was confused, “I was asked to bring her back to class once she got the keys? I really don’t know if I can just leave her with you.”

“Listen, dumby, I have discussed this with the principal already and he is fine with her helping me out a bit. As soon as I heard about Ms Juggs’ unique properties, I knew she’s the girl for this job. I have put this work off for too long already and it will be a breeze with her help. When someone with the right equipment finally comes to you,” he glanced at her swollen breasts,” you just have to grab that opportunity by the balls, right? So let me do my work, you’ll see our fabulous Ms Juggs soon enough again.”

“Alright, alright, have fun you two!” Igor moaned as he dumped Amanda’s clothes on a chair, turned around and left.

The janitor smiled at her boobs and said, “Now that we’re finally alone, let me have a good look. Mmmh, nice. I see you have already been properly introduced to this school,” he pushed her shirt aside. His hands found her bloated breasts and squeezed the sensitive flesh. Amanda was about to object when a quick finger suddenly entered her still slick pussy. The old man grinned even wider, “Oh yes, you have been introduced alright. Nice! Now, I have to remind you that your outfit is …hmmm … not in line with school regulations. You always have to cover those perky nipples, you know?”

His fingers squeezed her hardening buds and pulled at them lightly. Amanda was unable to suppress a moan as he toyed with her buzzing orbs.

“But don’t worry, I have just the right thing for emergencies like this!”

He turned around and took something out of a drawer. Before Amanda understood what he even meant, a sharp pain ripped through her right breast, followed quickly by an equally bad jolt on her left side. She yelped surprised, tears shooting from her eyes.

“Excuse me?” she complained, staring at two odd objects that were now clamped onto her nipples. The round, rubbery things were white with a red school logo and had “Smack Me!” written on them.

“Just perfect, aren’t they? These are bumpers that we usually put on walls behind doors so they don’t get damaged. They are the improved, two-component models, the base is just an anchor with a little metal rod that gets screwed to the wall. These caps then snap over the rod and are held in place with a strong spring. Easily removable in case they need replacement!”

Amanda screamed again as he suddenly pulled on one of the bumpers, slowly increasing the force and stretching her breast away from her body. She thought she would pass out any moment when suddenly her nipple popped free and her tit smacked back into place, her bud now swollen and twice the original size.

“See? Easily replaceable!” the cruel man grinned as he quickly snapped the bumper on her hurting breast again.

“Ouch, what the fuck? You can’t do that!”

“Oh, I can. This is for your own good! Now you are at least complying with regulations! See, no areola showing anymore, your little nipples are perfectly covered! But this is not what I wanted from you. Come on, follow me!”

Outside, he pointed to a box full of new pipe clamps and another one, full of pieces of black rubber.

“See? The idiot supplier shipped the unassembled version. How am I supposed to put these together without the proper tools?”

Amanda did not understand a word.

“I’m sorry to hear that, but how would I be of any help with this?”

“Simple, don’t you see?” he grinned, “Your tits are just the right size to glue those rubber pads on the inside of these clamps! Come on, let’s do this together, alright?”

Amanda groaned, “Is everything about my boobs here?”

The janitor didn’t respond and instead took one of the rubber strips out of the box. He squeezed a bit of glue on one side of it, then put it carefully on the inside of one of the clamps and said, “Tits out, girl! And you might want to remove that shirt.”

Amanda wanted to run away but something made her stay. Instead, she put her still open shirt away and presented sinop seks hikayeleri her bulging breasts as if they were simple tools to help with the janitor’s job. She stared fascinated as the old man put the metal object over her left boob and pushed it back until it was sitting right at her chest. Then, he grabbed some wrench and quickly tightened the clamp.

“Ouch, stop it? You’re hurting me!”

“Oh no, this is too loose still. I need to tighten it well, otherwise the glue won’t bond properly.”

He turned the tool again, shrinking the clamp further and further. Her already bulbous breast, constricted by the awful basketball net, now turned even redder and rounder. The swollen orbs looked like they would separate from the rest of her body at a moment’s notice and roll on the ground.

“Ugh.. ugh,” the man groaned as he tried to tighten the clamp even further. Sweating from exertion, he finally conceded and examined his handiwork.

“See? Just perfect! Now the other side. We have about 49 more clamps left.”

“Are you serious? This shit hurts!”

The janitor ignored her pleas and started his work on the other breast. A bit later, both of her melons were in balance again, and Amanda was hyperventilating.

“Alright, this stuff has to set for at least ten minutes, so if we can get five on each side we’d need only 5 rounds, so 50 minutes plus a bit of time for the tightening, right? One hour and you’re done, isn’t that great?”

Amanda was about to object but instead she watched fascinated as more and more clamps adorned her terribly compressed tits. Finally, every breast was squeezed by five clamps, each close to another, from her chest to about the middle of her oddly compressed tit. The rest of her sorrowful bosom was forced into a hot-red ball at the end of the metallic stalk. The mesh of the basketball net around the base was now slack and barely touching her skin.

Suddenly, the janitor pulled out his phone and said, “You look terrific, darling!” He took a picture of her front and then added,” Now, if you could turn just a bit? I really want to get a few different angles, so your true beauty is coming out!”

Amanda moved around, presenting her hurting breasts to the camera. It was strangely exciting for her to pose like that, even though her tits were in a world of pain.

“Alright, now the glue should have set. Let me get these off.”

One by one the metal rings got removed until her boobs were free again, now sporting angry red indentions where the rings had been.

“See how well the rubber pads now stick? You did a terrific job, girl! Alright, four rounds to go and no time to waste! Come on, tits out!”

Amanda watched like in trance, felt the pain coming back again as the clamps got assembled around her breasts once more. By now she knew what was in store for her, and she just stoically stood there, watching this cruel man doing his work, her breasts degraded to nothing more than a useful tool.

Finally, the last batch was removed again, her bare breasts were back to a less balloony state, only constricted by the basketball net. Amanda carefully inspected her boobs for damage but except for the red rings that already started to vanish, there seemed to be no lasting bruising. The janitor beamed, “Good work, girl. Now let me see how these have kept up with the challenge! Remember to always inspect your tools for damage after a job, and keep them in pristine condition!”

He pushed her hands away and started a careful examination. He prodded and squeezed her tender flesh for a few minutes and finally declared, “All good! Your tits are of prime quality, dear. Thanks for the help. Now, this is the key to your dorm. A few things to keep in mind: You are to always wear proper school attire, on campus as well as inside all the shared facilities. Only in your own room are you allowed to dress however you like. Your personal clothes will be stored by me, so if you need anything, just drop by here. You are supposed to receive a set of clothes for each day of the week, but there seems to be an issue with the supplier, so unfortunately you only have this one set for now. Try to keep it clean and wash it regularly, alright? If you have any questions, let me know. That said,…”

Suddenly, his phone rang. He fumbled the device out of his pocket and looked at the screen.

“Sorry, I have to take this, follow me inside, please.”

The janitor gently pushed her into the little shack.

“Yes, yes she’s here but we have just completed the work. Yes, she got the key. For Mr Howler? Sure, I should have some here but it will take some time. Medium size you said? Alright, give me a moment. I’ll send her over once we have them sorted. Sure, no problem. We’ll do it right away.”

He put the phone away and grinned amused, “Looks like you just got another assignment. Please take a seat.”

Amanda looked at him confused and asked, “Who was that? What assignment?”

“Oh, they need some materials for the art class. Luckily, I have everything here. But it’s a bit of a mess. Here you go.”

He put a large box in front of her. As she glanced inside, she saw that it was full of rubber bands.

“So what do I need to do?”

“We just need the medium-sized ones. So your task is simple, put them around your tits. The ones that are slack are too big, the ones that won’t go over your boobies are too small. The ones that fit right over and are still taut are the ones we are looking for.”

“Are you kidding me? What’s wrong with you?”

“Hey, it was not my idea, OK? And now, get to work! We don’t have all day!” He glanced at his watch and grinned, “Shoot, already that late! Alright, I’ll help you. Come on, let’s do this together!”

“This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever had to do!” complained Amanda, but her hands already grabbed some of the rubber bands and pulled them over one of her breasts. Both worked in silence, rubber bands snapping around her slowly tightening treasures. Once in a while, the old man removed the ones that he considered too big and challenged her with the ones she had declared too small. Many of the small ones still made it around her tits once the janitor pulled them open, and her already colorful breast bases were slowly squeezed into a smaller and smaller diameter.

More and more of the bands were now slacking as the box got vacated, and only a very few tiny bands were still considered too small for the job. Finally, the box was empty, and her chest was full of terribly tight rubber. The man examined the result happily and toyed with the two discs sticking from her tits.

“Your breasts are so versatile, girl, I wonder how I could ever do my job without them! You know what? Maybe they need the small ones, too. What do you think?”

“Isn’t this enough already?”

“No, I really think we should give them those as well, just in case. And I already have an idea how we select the right ones.”

He pulled one of the small rubber bands open as hard as he could and let it snap around her nipple, right behind one of the discs.

“Ouch! Dammit?”

The next band followed suit, the old man grinning like a madman. Amanda stared at him while he continued his work, putting more and more of the bands on both her nipples. Finally, the small bands were gone as well.

“Great work as always. Now let me take a few pictures!”

He took out his phone and pointed the camera at her.

“Can you turn a bit? Yes, that’s great. Just look at those puppies! Man, this is awesome! Now to the other side… fantastic. Can you pull on your nipples a bit? Yes, just like that. Now pull them a bit to the side…. Brilliant. Stand up and push your ass out, now let those beauties dangle down. Look at me, show me how sexy you are! Damn girl, you’re dynamite! OK, enough of the fun. Guess I need to go back to work. Head over to the main building, please. Igor will be waiting for you and show you the way to Mr Howler.”

With her breasts bound by the awful rubber bands, Amanda grabbed her jacket and tried to squeeze in. The old man giggled as he watched her unsuccessful attempts and shook his head. “You know you need to be fully dressed or you risk an infraction, right? And as a responsible member of staff I can’t let you out the door without making sure you comply. Let me help you.”

He grabbed the shirt, “You know what you are wearing is not the proper attire, right? No bra and a piece of sports equipment instead of the approved fishnet. Well, nothing I can do about that now, so let’s just pretend those parts are not missing from the ensemble. So let’s get you in that blouse.”

Amanda obediently put her arms through the holes and stood as still as she could when the janitor closed one button after another until he reached the underside of her tender breasts which were still hanging out of the shirt. He tried to close the next button but it was obvious this wouldn’t work.

“Guess that’s as far as it goes. So let’s try the corset then.”

Amanda inhaled sharply as the constricting piece of leather squeezed her body from waist to just under her breasts. Happy with the result, he helped her into the jacket. There was no way he could close more than the few buttons at the bottom, but at least every piece of clothing was on her.

“You look stunning, Juggs. And with your nipples perfectly covered by those bumpers, I think this is as compliant as you can get right now. Let me take a few more pictures.”

He took his phone and asked her once again to pose for him. Groaning from the pain her strangled breasts were causing, Amanda did everything he asked, just to get out of there quickly. She was finally sent off and made her way to the main hall, hoping to avoid any other human being.

“There you are! Wow, nice covers for your nipples! Should probably follow the instructions on them, eh?” Igor grinned and slapped her bound tits hard.

“Ouch, dammit idiot! What was that for? Can’t you see I’m already in pain with my tits choked off like that?”

“But it says ‘smack me’ right on the label? I was just doing what your tits told me to! Now get up the stairs, we’re late already!”

He pushed Amanda along and into one of the classrooms. As she walked through the door, everyone was turning their head and stared at her ballooning breasts.

“Well well well, if that isn’t our beautiful new transfer student! What can I do for you?”

“The janitor sends me. I …uh… have the… uh… rubber bands?”

“Do you? That’s fantastic. So where do you have them? I can’t see you carrying anything and I’ll need an awful lot of bands. I hope you have enough on you?”

Igor smacked her butt and sneered, “Have fun, Titty. I’m off. By the way, those pictures the janitor sent around? They’re fucking brilliant!”

“How did you get…?”

“Oh, I added him to TittyCare. He really liked the video of you going to town with Sean by the way. But damn, your boobs can take a beating, girl!”

His hands jiggled one of her bound tits as he smirked, “And If you want to add someone else to the group, just ask me or Dana. She’s admin as well. There can never be enough… uh… caretakers for a pair like yours, right? Let me know when you finished your assignments. Just send a message to the group and I’ll get you.”

“Ms Juggs?”

“Y…yeah…so… the rubber bands are…are…”


“They’re… on…on my… my… boobs, Sir.”

“Your… what?”

The entire room fell dead silent.

“They’re looped around my breasts, Sir. We used my… attributes… to find out the right size.”

Mr Howler grinned, “Well, aren’t your… attributes… practical! I can see even from here just how big these things are and they do look a bit… how should I say… bloated? So why don’t you go through class and let everyone take maybe 20?”

“Alright, Mr Howler.”

Nothing happened for a few moments.

“So what are you waiting for?”

“Sorry Mr Howler, I wasn’t sure where to…”

“Just start from the back and present your… assets… to each of your fellow students, please?”

Amanda walked to the nearest table, closed her eyes and awkwardly pushed her buzzing breasts forward. Eager hands pulled at the bands and carefully removed a few, squeezing and mauling her swollen charms in the process. When the person finally confirmed that they had enough, she withdrew her pair and proceeded to the next student, who was equally thrilled to grope these astounding orbs as hard as they possibly could.

The top-heavy girl slowly made it through one row, squeaking and moaning as her fellow students played with her breasts. Everyone was giggling and laughing amused by now, when suddenly the next student slapped her right tit hard.

“Lower, bitch!”

She squealed in surprise.

“You need another slap or what? My, my, look at those udders, bet all the guys would love to fuck them!”

Amanda blinked a tear away and slowly lowered her rack so the angry girl could get her bands. She grabbed a bunch at the bottom of her right breast and pulled down sharply. Suddenly, she let them snap back, the stretched rubber crashing hard into the soft underside of her boob. Amanda yelped in pain.

“Alice! Enough!”

“Yeah, yeah, whatever.”

Alice’s fingers found the rubber again and she pulled them off, not without tweaking one of the nipple clamps hard and poking her fingers deep into the taut flesh.

Amanda couldn’t wait to get away from that bitch. Thankfully, the rest of the class was more forthcoming and, save for a few snaps and tweaks, she finally made it to the last student.

“I see you still have quite a few left. But your breasts do look more relaxed already. Let me take care of the rest.”

The teacher pulled one by one off her swollen twins until she was free again.

“Thank you, Ms Juggs. I must say your breasts are very practical indeed, and incredibly well shaped, too! As it happens, we are having anatomy class today. If you wonder, the rubber bands are used for a home assignment, so no need to worry that they end up on your… wait, I might have that wrong. Hmmm… Just forget what I said, please. A change of schedule might be in order. Sorry for the rambling, but as I said, we are studying anatomy right now, and as you surely understand, the female breast is one of the most fascinating parts of the human body. And with such a breathtaking specimen right in front of us, I just have to ask you: Would you mind modeling for this class? It shouldn’t take too long and I’ll make sure to inform the principal. I’m positive he’ll be thrilled. It would also benefit your grades.”

“What… what would you need me to do?”

“Oh, just pose for the class so they can study the shape of your fabulous breasts. We would need to go through a few different states though, as we want to observe in detail how they react to different stimuli.”

“So I just sit there?”

“You’d be standing, but essentially yes. I might ask you to change pose once in a while. And we’ll need to put something on them, maybe. The main goal is to study how they change shape. We’d be studying breast dynamics, if you will.”

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