building harry’s harem – part 2


Harry walked round the school the next day, whistling a happy tune to himself. He was thinking about the night before and his new women… yes, they would be very happy with any of his new arrangements. Another plus of the bond they all now shared, apart from the girls being unbreakably in love and loyal with him, was that they would accept whatever he did, no matter what. He could chop off all their limbs for all they cared, and would love him all the more for it. It would also alter their personalities to try and make him love them, making them into his perfect woman.

He just walked through the corridors for an hour before he got a bit bored. He stopped outside a girls toilet, wanting to see if he could grab anyone else. Inside he heard some giggles. Maybe about 5… he slipped the door open a crack and saw all the stalls were open and there were 5 first years standing around the sinks, talking to each other. He smirked and pushed his wand through the gap. “stupefactus.” He muttered under his breath. A wave of red light spread out and hit the group, knocking them all out.

He swung the door wide open and strode in, looking down at his prizes before tying them all up and transporting them to the same room as the night before. Hermione, Lavender, and Ginny, were all sitting on the beds from the night before, completely naked, and all obviously waiting for him. As soon as he stepped into the room after the group of first years they jumped on him, trying to kiss him and get as much contact with him as they could. He kissed each girl deeply before preparing the young girls.

He vanished the ropes and removed their robes, like he had the night before. One of the girls had teddy bears on her panties, so he left those on, feeling rather aroused by the youthful image. He took all of their wands and handed them to his girls, and shoved a finger into each of the first years, checking their maidenhood was in tact, although why it would be he wouldn’t know. Their pussys were so small and tight they clung to his finger like ginny’s had his cock. He knew the girls would be sore after this, and he smiled evilly at the thought. He worked his finger into each of them before stepping back.

With a wave of his wands he cast the same spells on them as he had the three others the night before. The three upper class Gryff’s were stroking his chest and disrobing him as he revived the first years. They obviously didn’t know what was about to happen. “Mr Potter? Why are we tied up and naked?” one of them ask, confused.

“Because I want you to be. It is much easier this way.” He told the girl, walking up and stroking her down their. She started shivering at his touch but remained completely dry. Harry grinned wider, knowing it would hurt them much more without lubrication, and they would still love him. But he wasn’t that mean… honest…

“What are you going to do to us?” one of the others asked, scared. She was a blonde girl. He looked them over. One of them still had a bit of baby fat, but thanks to magic none of the girls would ever be fat. Magic made sure its user never got overweight, unless they were very weak individuals. Like Neville and more recently starting, Ron. They could have a bit of fat on their bones, but only enough to give them a deliciously curvy figure. Out of the 5 girls there was 1 blonde, 2 red heads, a brunette, and a black haired girl.

“I am going to make you love me by the end of… well, by the end of dinner.” He told them. The girls had finally disrobed him, and he cast the spell to keep himself hard. He walked up to the first girl in the row, the black haired one, and stared into her brown izmit escort bayan eyes. Taking my wand, he held it to her pre-pubescent mound, imagining it being more wet. Immediately some KY jelly left the tip. He smeared it around the entrance, and into her tunnel before removing it. The tip was glistening. He handed it to the girls behind him and they looked jealously at the girl.

he grabbed his dick and held it to her entrance. Her mouth was wide open in shock. “Your going to put that inside me?! It would never fit!” she exclaimed in horror.

“Oh, it will. You’ll be surprised what can squeeze into small spaces.” He told her. He started pushing, but it refused to enter.

“I told you!” she exclaimed, sighing in relief. He scowled and shoved his finger into her, fingering her pussy until it was loser. He tried again to push himself inside her, and when that failed he pushed 2 fingers into her, and then 3, before trying again. This time he was in with a bit of force. He felt like his dick was being held in a vice, she was that tight! She screamed loudly as he entered and started begging for her mommy. He leaned forward and the other first years were staring wide eyed at the scene. He pushed deeper, breaking her hymen, and he said to her “Mommy can’t here you. Nobody can. When I am done with you, you will be begging for me!” he whispered. She screamed louder and louder.

He pushed in until he could go no further, frowning when he realised he could only fit about 3 fifths of his cock into her tiny body. He scowled, and gestured for the girls behind him. Immediately, Lavender rushed forward and started licking his base as Hermione sucked his hairy balls. He pulled out extremely slowly, pulling the girls pussy with him. It took an almost conical shape as it stretched out to keep his cock as it slid out, before he thrust it back in, hard. She screamed with each thrust. Each time he would pull out slowly before thrusting in hard. There was blood right down the little girls thighs, and there were tears in her pussy, both above and below her love tunnel. It took only 4 minutes for him to release in side the girl, and as with the night before a bed appeared and the ropes disappeared.

Instead of being lowered to the bed, Harry grabbed the young girls left arm. She remained impaled on him, held up by his stiff cock, and her arm. He slowly walked around the bed, enjoying the sensations it provided, before laying her on her back and pulling out. The girl French kissed him. I was definitely an erotic thing to do with an 11 year old. “Whats your name?” he asked.

“I’m Danielle. I turned 11 at the end of august. I’m in hufflepuff.” She said. “You love me. I know you do. I love you to!” she explained with conviction. She winced as she closed her legs. “It hurts, but I know you love me. The love is worth the pain.” Harry laughed and the girl beamed at him as he moved on to the next girl, one of the redheads. He decided to have some more fun with this one. He untied her straight away, and she tried to run. Instead, he simply picked her up and sat on the bed, forcing her arms above her head and her legs to spread. He again used his wand to apply the Jelly, and fingered her before entering.

As soon as he was in as deep as he could he stood up and started walking around the room with his hands grabbing her arse. She swung at his chest, but she was too weak to do anything. With every step she was bounced on him, and he groaned in pleasure at the feeling. He came in the girl after 20 minutes. When she was placed on a bed there was so much cum that not only was it seeping out her tiny snatch, kocaeli escort bayan she looked a bit bloated as well.

He went through the group of first years, adding another 5 to his Harem and smirked down at them. Puddles had formed underneath their abused and bleeding cunts, and they still looked up at him with wide, starry eyes, insisting they loved him. He turned to the older girls, and with a wave of his wand, they were in the state of pleasure. He grabbed Lavender by the waist and pushed her against the wall, roughly entering her. She wrapped her arms around his neck as he pounded her, and with each thrust her back was scraping the wall. She moaned in combined pleasure and pain. As he was fucking her he fingered Ginny and Hermione, and they were grabbing his hands, pushing them into them as much as they could.

His hands were soaked within seconds, and he licked the juices off before starting again. He lay down with Lavender jumping up and down on his cock, taking it all deep into her cunt, the new first years watching in amazement and jealousy. he grabbed Hermione’s waist and pulled it onto his face, eating her cunt, and starting fingering Ginny with both hands, doing her ass and cunt at the same time. He fell in love with hermione’s cunt. It was absolutely delicious! Better than any food he’d ever tasted, or any drink he’d ever drank! After a few minutes ginny replaced Hermione on his face. he ate Ginny and loved the taste of the fiery redhead just as much.

She was very different. He could tell she tasted very differently. When he commented on it she smiled sweetly at him. “I think I know what it is love. Open your mouth.” She said, and he opened it happily. She reached down and pulled her lips apart, bearing her beautiful pink cunt, and after a moments hesitation, she started pissing right into his mouth. At first he was a bit wierded out by the heat of it, but just shrugged and started drinking as much of it as he could, quickly growing to enjoy the salty tase. When she was done there was some on his face, but he leant up and licked what was left right out of her pussy. She came and he lapped up his juices. Hermione came again, and he soon followed, filling Lavender. The girls lay around him on the floor.

They took a few moments to rest, before they stood, harry first, followed quickly by the girls. He handed them their clothes, and with a wave of his wand they were all clean. The girls all put their clothes back on reluctantly, and he handed all of their wands back, before making another portkey, and transporting them all back to the castle.

They had arrived just in time for dinner. He told the first years to go in ahead of them, and not to tell anyone what had happened. They should tell people they had decided he cant be bad. He survived and escaped to train and beat Voldemort! He saw it work perfectly, and as he entered many at the hufflepuff table were looking at him with a little less suspicion.

After the meal he went for another walk, this time taking the older girls with him. They stopped and sat in the courtyard, Hermione and Ginny either side of him, and Lavender in his lap.

“You know professor McGonagall is a virgin.” Hermione said, randomly. Harry looked at her curiously. “She told me once when I had a detention. She caught me playing with myself after a lesson, and went on about virtue.” Harry laughed and reached down, tweaking her cunt, to hermione’s great pleasure. “Maybe we should add her? She would be a powerful ally.” Harry smirked and stood, walking quickly to McGonagall’s office. He knocked and was asked to enter. He put on a depressed kocaeli escort mask.

“Professor, i… I was wondering if I could talk about… you know…” he said. She looked sympathetic and came around the desk, sitting on it just in front of him. She reached out and touched his shoulders.

“Harry, you know I’m always there for you, whatever you need.” She told him. He nodded and looked down, grasping his wand lightly. With a thought she was stunned and he took her quickly to his home. The girls were all back in their dormitories, and instead of using the usual pulley system to hold her, Harry conjured a bed and used rope to attack the professor firmly to it, spread eagled. He removed her clothes and was shocked that despite her wrinkles her body was still quite fit and tight. It certainly didn’t hurt that she had a huge chest. He cast the anti-pregnancy charm on her, along with the pleasure charm, once more spelling his dick to stay hard. He shoved a few fingers in, double checking Hermiones claim, and leant over her, supporting himself above her body with his elbows, his legs between her own.

With another spell the professors huge bush completely disappeard, and he enervated her. She screamed and struggled against the roped, glaring at him. “Mr potter! Remove the ropes at once and hand me my clothes! I will see you kissed for this!” she yelled.

“I certainly hope so, professor.” He told her, leaning down and starting to eat her cunt. She had a very strong, musky scent, and as usual he found he loved the taste. Maybe he just loved eating cunt in general. After almost a half hour of eating out his head of house, he moved up her, his chin glistening with her juices. She was panting. He nibbled her nipples before he reached her face, where he licked her cheek. “You are soon going to love me Minerva.” He told her, pushing in. she wasn’t as tight as the first years had been, but she was tighter than Lavender was now. Considering she was a 60 year old virgin, it wasn’t surprising.

The more he fucked her, the more her will seemed to diminish, until eventually she seemed to be a shell of her former self. It took him an hour to cum in his professor and fill her cavity. As soon as he did the life returned to her eyes, and the ropes disappeared. She wrapped her arms around his neck, declaring her love for him like the others had. “I love you Harry, and I always will! I don’t care about your age, I just want to be with you forever!” she exclaimed.

“And we will be, Minerva. We will be.” He told her, flipping her round and pounding into her ass. She screamed loudly as he tore her hole. There was tearing, as with the younger girls pussies, and every time he pulled out his cock was brown. He pulled out and picked the shit off his cock before leaning down and shoving his tongue in her ass. He extended it about 2 and a half inches in, scooping some of her shit onto his tongue and pulling it into his mouth. He pushed it around inside his mouth, tasting it, and smiling. “Shit for me, Minerva!” he ordered. Immediately, the professers arse cheeks tightened and a long brown piece of shit came out.

He picked it up and bit some off, savouring the nutty naste. He flipped her over so she was on her back and pushed his dick into her ass, just resting it in there as he ate. He finished over half of it, and ordered Minerva to eat some. She reluctantly obeyed and ate it quite happily after the first taste. He started pounding her ass, and French kissing her until he came. He then shoved his cock in her face and she sucked him off very inexpertly for another hour. All in all he had the professor down there for over 3 and a half hours before taking her back to Hogwarts.

He portkeyed them directly to her rooms, and fucked the professors every hole all night, drinking her piss and eating her shit. I was now one of his favourite things to do.

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