Brother Likes Boobs Ch. 02


Life was good.

I had huge boobs. God I had huge boobs. And as everyone knows, big boobs are sexy, so I really hated having to keep them out of sight. I’d started dressing to emphasize my boobs – no matter what the occasion, no matter where I was going, I wanted to make sure that when people looked at me, what they saw was boob.

God I had huge boobs. They were so sexy.

As soon as I was alone, though, my hands were up my top, grasping and groping and tweaking and touching. I felt like I was always wet – I had such big, huge, fat tits, and fat tits feel amazing.


When I was home, I’d immediately change into a string bikini. I love my bikini – it just does such a great job of showing off my huge, fat tits. I’d sometimes catch my brother staring at them, but I didn’t mind – everyone knows big boobs are sexy, and mine are no exception. Why wouldn’t he stare?

A few times, he’d caught me groping them. Fat tits just feel so amazing – I’d be waiting for water to boil, and just stand there, grasping my fat tits, enjoying how amazing it felt. It was a bit embarrassed, but I knew my brother was cool with it – besides, he’d dated a girl with fat tits, so he knew just how amazing they felt.

Normally he’d just stand there and watch for a few seconds, but the last time, he said something. It stuck in my head, but I don’t know why – he saw me standing there, thinking about how huge my boobs were, thinking about how amazing my fat tits felt, and he said

“Don’t forget – the rest of you deserves some attention as well.”

I barely even registered it at the time, I was too busy thinking about how great my boobs felt, how nice they were to squeeze, how amazing they felt in my hands…but later that night, as I was laying in bed, absent-mindedly groping my fat tits, I thought about what he meant by that.

The rest of me deserves some attention as well.

He was right, of course – getting too caught up on any one thing was a poor way to treat your body. God my boobs were huge though – it was no wonder I’d become so fixated on them.

Of course, that didn’t mean that the rest of me should go ignored. The rest of me deserved some attention as well.

My fat tits felt amazing, so it was hard for me to let go, but my brother was right. He’d walked in on me putting all my efforts towards my amazing fat tits, but the rest of me deserved some attention as well. While my left hand continued to tenderly play with my left boob, my other hand started exploring the rest of my body.

It didn’t feel amazing, but it certainly felt pretty good. I ran one hand down my waist, down my leg. I roughly grabbed my own ass, and giggled as I gave it a quick spank. I moved one hand between my legs, and got off a few times, thinking about Bomonti Escort all my body, not just my amazing fat tits, my huge, sexy, big boobs.

My brother’s right. The rest of me does deserve some attention as well, I blearily thought as I drifted off to sleep.


The next morning, I quickly got dressed (a pair of jeans and a white sleeveless shirt that shows plenty of cleavage), but before I left my room I glanced at myself thoughtfully in the mirror.

The outfit showed off my tits, which was great – I hated having to keep them out of sight. But…well, it was obvious that the rest of me deserved some attention as well.

My big boobs are obviously my sexiest feature, but the rest of me is pretty hot as well. I have nice legs, and great butt. And here I was, drawing all the attention to my huge boobs.

I looked over my outfit once more, and shook my head. This wouldn’t do.

“Wow,” my brother said when I came downstairs, and I couldn’t help but smile. He wasn’t just staring at my huge boobs, he was also checking out my legs. The heels and white microskirt I was wearing showed them off so nicely, as I bent over to get some milk, he got a pretty great view of my ass as well.

“You look great,” my brother said, and I just grinned in response, and leaned forward to make sure that he got the best possible angle of my huge boobs. I mean, sure, the rest of me deserved some attention as well, but everyone knew that big boobs were sexy.

That day, I made sure that the rest of me got the attention it deserved. Any time someone checked me out, I ensured that it wasn’t just my big, sexy, fat tits that they paid attention to – no, the rest of my deserved some attention as well.

I had a few tricks up my sleeve – all I needed to do was run a hand down my leg, or give my ass a quick slap. It was good for me, as well; normally if I was standing in line at the post office, I’d just fondle my boobs (god fat tits feel amazing) – it was tricky, remembering to give the rest of myself some attention.

But when I saw someone staring at me, watching me grope my huge boobs, it served as a sharp reminder – the rest of me deserved some attention as well.

“Sshh,” I’d say, moving my hands from my fat tits to my legs, my ass, my hips…exploring my soft, ample flesh, enjoying the feel of my smooth skin…

The rest of me deserved some attention as well.

It helped with the heat, as well. I was so turned on – having huge, sexy, fat tits like mine will do that to you – but by paying attention to the rest of me, I was able to quell my arousal, at least until I got to be alone, to take care of my needs.

Of course, when I got home that night, I was practically on fire. I didn’t think anyone else Bomonti Escort Bayan was home, so I completely stripped off and threw myself on the couch. My hand immediately made its way between my legs, and soon my hips were bucking with pleasure as I crudely groped my fat tits, enjoying just how amazing they felt.

(And trust me – they felt amazing.)

I knew the rest of me deserved some attention as well, so I lay there, stroking other parts of my body, enjoying the sensation of skin on skin…when I looked up, and noticed my brother was watching me.

I blushed slightly, but he just shook his head in shock, blinked twice.

“Everyone must love you,” he said, in his soft, deep voice. He was out of the room almost before I could process what he’d said.

Must. There that word was again.

Everyone must love me. They must.

He was just speaking rhetorically, I knew that, but the thought stuck in my head. They must. Of course they must. They must love me, because of my fat tits, my sexy boobs…and the rest of me deserved some attention as well.

The words rang through my mind for that entire night.

Everyone must love me. Everyone must love me. Everyone must love me.

Everyone must love me.

Sitting on the bus the next day, I couldn’t help running a hand up and down my leg, shooting tingles up my spine. I would have just leaned my fat tits against the bus window to enjoy the vibration, but the rest of me deserved some attention too.

I know my brother just meant it as a compliment, but he was right. With my huge boobs, everyone knew I was sexy. Everyone loved me.

Everyone loved me.

They had to.

As soon as I got off the bus, I ducked into the library’s bathroom. My head was spinning. Another girl entered – Carol, I think her name was. I’ve seen her around.

“Carol!” I said, a huge grin on my face. “How are you?”

I pulled her into a hug, which she seemed uncomfortable with for a second, but as soon as my boobs pressed against hers, she relaxed into it.

I knew why, of course – fat tits feel amazing. Plus, big boobs are sexy. Everyone knows that.

“I’m good,” she said, glancing down at my cleavage.

Everyone knows big boobs are sexy, and I hated having to keep my tits out of sight.

“That’s great!” I said, and impulsively did a twirl. After all, the rest of me deserved some attention as well. It was important not to forget that.

“What do you think of my outfit?”

“I love it,” she said firmly.

“You love it?”

“I love it.”

With a smile, I was about to thank her and let her go, when I realized that something wasn’t right.

She loved my outfit? I thought she loved me. Everyone Escort Bomonti loved me. They had to.

“How do you feel about my big boobs?” I said, and she looked at me strangely.

“They’re very sexy,” she replied. “Everyone knows that.”

“How about the rest of me?”

“Well,” she said, still strangely hesitant. What was wrong with her? I thought everyone loved me. God…I had huge boobs, and everyone knew they were sexy. But, I couldn’t forget, the rest of me deserved some attention as well. But my fat tits felt amazing…

There were so many thoughts running through my head, it was hard to think. I shook my head, trying to focus.

Carol loved me. Everyone loved me. They had to. Everyone must love me.

“My tits…”

I was having trouble speaking, and Carol looked concerned, which made me feel better straight away. Concern. That meant she must love me.

“They’re…they’re so fat…”

“No!” she said, but I shook my head again.

“No,” I said, “they feel amazing.”

There was a pause, and I saw Carol glance at the door.

No. I couldn’t have that. She couldn’t leave. She had to love me.

Everyone must love me.


“Feel them,” I said insistently. “Feel my fat tits. They feel amazing.”

Before Carol could say anything, I slipped my top off and undid my bra. As my big boobs fell into view, I asked her again.

“Please, Carol? Feel my fat tits?”

As if in a trance, Carol reached out and grabbed my huge boobs. I moaned as she did.

“Oh, god,” she said. “These…these feel amazing.”

With a smile, I leaned forward, and pushed my mouth against hers. I don’t think we’d exchanged more than a handful of words over the years, but here we were, in a public bathroom, making out.

At first, Carol focused entirely on my fat tits, but I soon moved one of her legs to my ass, which she immediately began groping with an equal fervor. God my boobs were huge, and big boobs were sexy, but…

Don’t forget, the rest of me deserved some attention as well.

We stood in the bathroom stall for fifteen minutes, making out. I don’t remember when Carol’s clothes were removed, but I remember being disappointed. Her boobs were nice, sure, but they were hardly fat, and they certainly didn’t feel amazing. Fortunately, I had sexy, big boobs for the both of us.

God my boobs were huge.

Soon, I gave up on touching Carol, and just focused on kissing her, and redirecting her hands around my body. She had a perfectly acceptable body, but compared to mine…

Well, everyone loved me. They must have.

Carol’s hands kept drifting back to my fat tits…it felt amazing, but the rest of me deserved some attention as well. When I wasn’t moving her hands off my big boobs, I was groping them myself, enjoying the new sensation of Carol’s tongue in my mouth.

Finally, after a few minutes of making out, I pulled back and looked Carol in the eyes.

“Please,” I said, breathing heavily, “Carol…

“Love me?”

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