Brod: Nice Young Man Pt. 02



Sarkopheros Says:

Not much to say about this one. I did not expect it to become so enormous as it is. This one has taken the record of the longest Brod story at 9,510 words. And almost all of them are a messy fuckfest. I’m pretty happy with myself for it. It also marks the first occasion of an FFM threesome I’ve written for Brod.

Anyway, if you read the last story, you know what to expect. Lots of ludicrous, messy sex, and a whole lot of cum inflation. There are also themes of interracial sex and age difference.

Strictly speaking, you don’t have to read Nice Young Man, Part 1 before this, but it helps. Enjoy!


Click-clack. I heard the front door opening.

I sighed and relaxed, lying back against the couch. Estelle was still slumped against her belly, groaning as she kneaded at it. It was so swollen that I could easily see it bulging out to the sides. The remains of her dress laid in tatters under her stomach.

I heard footsteps approach. Then Jessica called out, “Brod? Ms. Borgelin?”

“In here,” I hollered.

She jiggled around the corner, her enormous hips wobbling, heavy tits bouncing. Her top exposed her soft, caramel-colored tummy. “Brod, I didn’t understand — oh my god!” she gasped, putting her hands on her cheeks. “What did you do?!”

“The same thing I did to you,” I chuckled. I rubbed my hand over Estelle’s back, enjoying the sensation of the heat and silkiness engulfing my still-pulsing organ. I could feel my own thick sperm flowing and shifting around my glans every time the teacher breathed. Slick sexual slush oozed out around my cock and over my balls into the puddle under us. Pumping liter after liter of cum into a womb is an indescribable feeling, but feeling your own raging sperm swirling and flowing around your cock feels incredible, as well. I ran my hands over the dark expanse of Estelle’s belly.

“I. Mmm. I asked him to invite you,” said the teacher as she gazed blearily at her student. “For extra credit, you see….”

“Extra credit,” repeated Jessica.

“I treated her the way I treated you,” I explained. “And now she wants to watch what it looks like when it happens to someone else,” I chuckled.

“Oh, uh….” Jessica bit her lower lip. “Wow.” She giggled nervously.

“Ms. Diaz, there’s no need to be shy,” said Estelle.

“You have to admit that this is pretty weird,” said Jessica. “You’re so big!”

“And. Mmh. I’m going to watch you get every bit as big, young lady. You’re looking overdressed,” she chuckled.

“Y-you want me to take my clothes off?” she asked incredulously.

“No, I want both of you to take your clothes off,” Estelle purred, looking back over her shoulder at me. It seems that while we waited for Jessica, she’d recovered enough energy to start giving orders.

“Hell, I’ll go first, if it makes you feel better,” I chuckled to Jessica. I was still wearing most of my clothes.

She rolled her eyes and put her hands on those wide, wide hips. Estelle looked over at our reflection in the window and said, “Well, get to it, Brod.”

I unbuttoned my vest and shrugged my broad shoulders as I pulled it off. My fingers moved down my chest as I undid my buttons, exposing the undershirt beneath. I pulled my shirt away, then the undershirt, the white cloth slipping free of my pants. My soft stomach was now exposed, up against Estelle’s back, my honeyed complexion stark against her darkness.

I saw Jessica licking her lips and taking a deep breath as she watched. I don’t think it was so much the actual sight of my body as her association with the pleasure that it brought. Then again, the air in the room was thick … if the sight wasn’t enough, the evidence of the thorough fucking I’d given her teacher hung in the air like a fog. I saw the front of Jessica’s shorts darkening.

Estelle herself moaned in front of me as I stripped. “I can feel your heartbeat inside me,” she purred. “You know, Jessica, it wasn’t just you,” she chuckled.

“Wasn’t just me, what?” she asked, sitting next to me on the couch. Her caramel-colored hand settled on my cock. She bit her lower lip as she felt the thick, slick coating. Jess began to rub over what length wasn’t buried in her teacher.

“You know him. He’s slept with how many girls at UTB?” asked the teacher.

“I have no idea,” answered Jessica. “He doesn’t keep count.”

“Other students have told me all about him. Hngh. Isn’t there something deliciously … just mmmh instinctively right. Having yourself stretched around the … biological siege engine … responsible for wrecking how many thousands before us? Mm. Submitting to a stud who’s proven himself time and time again,” groaned the teacher. Fuck, was her voice sexy … like warm molasses being drizzled on the tongue. Dark, sultry, sweet.

But I had to something to say to that voice. “Ladies, I’m right here,” I chuckled. “And I’m not sure if I can get my pants off right now,” I grumbled.

Jessica Mersin Escort smiled and said, “Well, maybe we can get those shoes off.” She stood up and began to undo my shoelaces. With Estelle sitting on my cock, it would have been tremendously awkward to get them myself. I relaxed again, rubbing my hands over the teacher’s nice hips, watching as Jessica smiled up at both of us, perhaps a bit bashfully. She pulled the socks from my feet. I knew she wasn’t usually quite this shy, but I think that her teacher’s presence was throwing her off. Jessica was no stranger to what I did.

“I’m as naked as I can get right now,” I said, rubbing my hands up Estelle’s belly once more. I loved the feeling of my jizz sloshing inside her, the sight and sensation of my hands and fingers sinking into that flesh. “So why don’t you take it off, Jess?”

Jessica looked at Estelle. Estelle said, “You heard him.”

She nodded and smiled. “Sorry, it’s just weird, because, you know, you’re my teacher,” she explained.

“And we’re all going to learn something today,” quipped Estelle. “And look at it this way. This is weird for you? You’ve seen Brod’s aftermath before. I haven’t fucked anyone in about a year. How do you think I feel? About you coming in here, seeing your dear old professor turned into a blimp?”

“Huh. Guess that is true,” Jessica chuckled and turned away from us, bending down, perking up the enormous ass she knew I loved so much. “This is still weird, though.”

“I agree,” said Estelle.

Each of Jessica’s cheeks was easily bigger than her head, and so very round. They gently quivered as she pulled her little shorts down, exposing a g-string that concealed nothing. I was already rock-hard with my cock buried inside a hot pussy, but fuck if that sight didn’t make me just a little hornier. My monolithic member pulsed harder, my precum pumping into Estelle faster, keeping her belly nice and swollen.

The student licked her lips, slipping out of her sneakers before straightening up, kicking her shorts aside. The motion sent ripples through her thick thighs and juicy rump.

Jessica wiggled back and forth, slipping her thumbs under her g-string as she stretched it down around her wide hips. It fell to the ground. She turned around, licking her lips as she stood in front of us, slipping her top up, her heavy tits bouncing free.

Her incredible body was bared, every luscious, caramel-complected curve. She licked her lips. “Now what should I do?”

“I think we should put on a little show for your teacher, call it a group assignment,” I suggested.

“That is a fine idea,” agreed Estelle.

“Unfortunately, that means I have to pull my cock out of you,” I lamented.

“A sacrifice I’ll have to make.”

I slipped my meaty hands up under her knees and shifted until I could stand. As her weight moved atop my cock, it shifted inside her, pushing up into her womb hard. Slorsch-slorsch. I could hear all those gallons of jizz I’d shot into her sloshing in her belly, a hot shifting slurry of sperm that swirled around my shaft.

“Fuck!” cried Estelle. I felt her pussy twitch and squeeze my cock. She slipped slightly lower as I turned around, organ throbbing with vigor inside her.

“Get ready, I’m gonna put you down,” I said as I turned so she was facing the couch. As I turned, I felt hot jets of goo hitting my legs. The shift and increase in pressure caused my seed to spray out around my ludicrous girth. It rolled down my slacks, soaking them. And then, of course, as I moved, my slacks fell down around my ankles. I stumbled and fell forward, dropping Estelle on her belly.

“Augh!” She threw her arms forward to catch herself. I lurched forward. My cock buried another couple of inches in her. Her belly stretched out. Pints of jizz shot out onto my belly and legs. Splisch! Estelle shuddered as her pussy gripped me tightly and her orgasm began spraying out around me.

Jessica bit her lower lip. I felt her hands on my shoulders as I gripped her teacher’s hips, riding out the orgasm with her. She reached around me and wrapped her hands around the substantial portion of cock not inside of Estelle. I felt her lips at my neck as she stroked me. Mixed juices poured out around my organ. The hot silk gripped and loosened and pulsed as Estelle came. It took almost a minute for her to stop.

“O-ooh…,” she cooed.

I put my hands on her ass and began to pull out of her. She absently pawed at the leather of the chaise, gripping handfuls as I pulled backwards. Schlllrrrp. My cock kept slipping out, out … so much of it was buried in her. Thick layers of white were painted on its surface, stopping abruptly two thirds down my shaft, showing exactly how much of my gigantic organ she’d taken.

I looked over my shoulder at Jessica and grinned. “Do you see a big bottle somewhere?”

“I don’t know.” Her hands released me and she turned to look in the nearby kitchen. I heard Mersin Escort Bayan clinking. She held up a wine bottle.

I shook my head. “Bigger,” I said.

She tapped her chin before holding up a two-liter bottle of pineapple soda.

I nodded. “Bring it here.”

Jessica came over and handed me the plastic bottle. If Estelle was aware of what we were doing, she gave no indication. I pulled the rest of the way out. Pop! My softball-sized glans popped free, dripping with torrid seed. GLURSCH! Jizz gushed from her gaping, ruined pussy like a water main. At least until I shoved the base of the soda bottle into her. I grabbed a handful of ass for leverage as I worked it inside. It fit easily. Schliiiip. Soon, only the white cap poked from her entrance. My jizz was secure inside.

Estelle moaned as I rolled her over and pulled her backward so she was sitting up against the back of the chase, her legs splayed out in the pool of spunk leaking over the sides. I grabbed the remains of her dress and literally tore them off her body. Schriip! Every inch of her gorgeous, dark-mahogany skin was now exposed. Her belly shined with sweat, a great dome like an exercise ball, spilling over most of her thighs, concealing the white cap of the bottle between her legs. It must have been poking into the pool of jizz.

I licked my lips and looked at Jessica. My organ pumped with hunger. She bit her lip and looked down at it.

I kicked my pants aside and said, “Clean it up. It would be rude to give you sloppy seconds,” I chuckled. I grabbed my boxers about the waist band and pulled. Schrriiip! I tore the underwear in half above the slit through which my cock was jutting, preventing normal removal. They fell to the floor, and now I was completely naked. I always kept spare underwear in the car. I was constantly losing pairs at random girls’ houses—I didn’t care about an individual pair.

“Yeah, because this is the first time you gave me ‘sloppy seconds’ ,” she said with a roll of her dark eyes. Jessica knelt and brushed some of her jet-black mane out of her face. She ran her tongue over her full, maroon lips and grinned up at me.

“Ooh, yes, clean him up,” grumbled Estelle. She groaned and ran her hands over her enormously swollen belly.

Jessica glanced over and winked at the teacher before wrapping both hands around my titanic cock, fatter than her arms and longer than my thigh. She lifted the head. “So heavy,” she groaned. Her hot little tongue slipped free as she began to run it up my erection’s belly. I sighed in pleasure as I felt her scooping the thickly layered spunk into her throat. I could feel the shift of her lips, hear the gluck-gluck as she gulped down mouthful after mouthful of spent, still-steaming jizz. I looked down. I saw the glistening rivulets of clear nectar rolling down her thick thighs from her entrance.

Her hair brushed my cock as she moved back down to the base, slipping the tongue under the first wrinkle in my sack and drawing it up once more, slurping sloppily, whiteness rubbing off, sticky spunk painting her cheeks. She moaned as she swallowed more of my seed. I remained standing to give Estelle a good view of the spectacle. Thick, yogurt-like globs of goop splatted all over Jessica’s luscious skin. She was lighter than Estelle, but a fair bit darker than me. The white rolled as she slurped it up, moaning. “There’s so much,” she panted. Jessica’s hands were entirely insufficient for the gargantuan organ she was working. She had to stretch her arms out almost all the way just to stroke me.

Estelle noticed, because she said, “Dear god, that thing is! Mmmmh. Absolutely gigantic! I can’t believe I took so much cock!”

“That’s how we all feel,” purred Jessica.

“And no other cock feels the same after mine,” I chuckled.

I ran my fingers through her thick, soft hair. Jessica moaned and looked up at me . Then she pulled the head of my cock down so that she could clean the top of it. Full maroon lips left shining, honey-tanned skin glistening in the light. The white layers of gunk disappeared. Once more, I could feel the cool air against my moist skin, as well as the heat of her breath. Dainty fingers rubbed over the skin as she complained, “Your cock smells funny.”

“You love it.”

“I know this smell way too well,” she admitted.

I looked at Ms. Borgelin. She grinned at me, straightening her glasses, and licked her lips. For how long had her hand been between her thighs, teasing her clit? I wasn’t sure. But it was a wonderful sight. Her other hand was on the neck of the soda bottle, and she was actually pumping it in and out … as well as she could, anyway. Her belly completely engulfed her forearm and hid it from view, her hand re-emerging from underneath to pump the two-liter in and out by a couple inches.

Jessica hefted my melon-sized balls. She needed a hand for each—though really, two hands for each nut would have been preferable. Four or six Escort Mersin would have been nice, too. My nuts were so enormous that her fingers actually sunk into their surfaces, the titanic spheres molding slightly to her grip.

“They’re as large as your head!” gasped the teacher.

Jessica moaned as she ran her tongue slowly through a fold in my sack. “If he fucked you missionary, you’d feel like you were being spanked,” she told her instructor. The puddle of her nectar spread out under her, creeping towards my feet.

“I don’t doubt it,” groaned Estelle, her fingers accelerating. “It’s just so different. Watching versus feeling. Seeing that ungodly thing I took! It’s enough to. It’s just so. Knowing. The seeing. Ugh!” She shuddered and gasped, hot juices squirting out around the soda bottle.

“Schlooorp,” was Jessica’s reply. She sucked spunk out of the folds in my sack, moaning and grunting as she lifted my sack up, licking up the back side. Jessica bit gently, pulling at mouthfuls of the thick skin. I felt her hard teeth digging into the flesh—enough to grip, not enough to hurt. My cock was now shining and clean, except for the constant stream of precum I was pouring. It sluiced from the tip of my cock, adding to the puddle under Jess.

“Missionary, there’s an idea,” I rumbled. I pointed at the chaise and told Jessica, “Lay down … as much as I wanna watch that fat ass wobble, Ms. Borgelin won’t be able to see much if I fuck you doggy on the floor.”

Jessica’s eyes darted to her teacher. “I guess you’re right. Where’s the fun without showing off?”

Ms. Borgelin chuckled deeply at this, making her bodacious belly jiggle. She bit her lower lip and watched.

Jessica turned around and sat down on the edge of the chaise before leaning back. She looked over her shoulder before lying down with a long purr. The hot jizz on the chaise stuck to her back and soaked into her hair. She inhaled the sexual scent deeply, licking her lips as she looked up at me, spreading her thick thighs apart. Jessica scooped up handfuls of spunk and slathered them all over her soft belly and fat tits. She rested her head against Estelle’s gigantic belly. It sunk into the chocolatey dome, making it quiver. Estelle licked her lips and rubbed her hands over Jessica’s shoulders.

Jess bit her lip as I stood between her legs. I hefted my giant cock with both hands and slapped it down on her stomach. Smack! Generous jugs jiggled and she moaned. The glans was gushing boiling-hot pre all over her chest and between her tits. It rolled over her neck. The base of my cock was at her slit.

She grabbed my member with both hands and began to stroke its length, slathering jizz and precum all over it. Estelle’s hands joined her, though all she could reach was the glans, which she dutifully polished using handfuls of my pouring pre.

I leaned my head back and groaned loudly at the ceiling. I was so hard, my cock practically bouncing up and down with need atop Jessica. “I can’t handle this,” I rumbled at her. She panted as she watched what I did.

I pulled my cock back and gripped it just behind the glans. The grapefruit-sized crown kissed her slit. I grabbed her meaty hips, my fingers sinking into her pliable flesh. She moaned and leaned forward to grab my shaft. I grunted and shoved forward. Gliiisch. The heated flesh spread around my cock and caressed the glans, silkiness slickly accepting me. She’d taken my cock several times now, so getting it into her wasn’t as much of a task as it once was.

But it was still very slow. Both of her fists didn’t add up to my cock’s head. The dark lips stretched and stretched as they struggled with my girth, their pink edges forming a thin circle around me. I felt my steaming syrup pouring into her. We all saw it as the bulge appeared in her lower belly. Ms. Borgelin gasped as she saw exactly how deep I was.

“B-Brod! Oh, god!” Jessica cried and closed her eyes tightly. She arched her back and spread her legs further. My powerful hands slipped down and gripped up under her ass, my fingertips digging in and seizing handfuls of flesh as leverage. I began to pump my hips to drive my organ deeper into her body, her head-sized tits bouncing and jiggling, slapping her body audibly, her soft belly quivering.

More and more of my monstrous manhood stretched her insides out, rudely pushing organs aside as it made a fleshy tent in her belly, her navel rising into the air atop my glans.

“Almost horrifying, but so sexy…,” muttered Estelle.

Jessica gave the eloquent response of, “Oh my fuck!” Her body began to bounce as I began to pump more rapidly into her, my glans already shoving up against the barrier to her womb, demanding entry to her sacred depths.

“I was barely cognizant when you showed me that nasty bulge in my own stomach,” continued the teacher. “It’s amazing!”

“Feels better than it looks….,” grunted Jessica.

I rumbled with a throaty growl as I pounded her cervix, my fleshy battering ram slowly stretching it and forcing it to dilate. Jessica moaned as my thrusts scooted her up the semen-slicked couch and deeper into Estelle’s bloated belly. Both of them jiggled madly. Glusch-glusch-glusch.

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