Brink of the Storm


Lightning lights up the clouds off to the west and a breeze ripe with the expectation of rain swirls your skirt around your knees as you walk up to my porch. The thunder rolls distantly as you ring the doorbell. Catching your reflection in the etched glass insert of the door, you verify that everything is just so in your appearance.

Your titian tresses tumble down to tease your shoulders, as they move in the breeze, raising goose bumps across your softly freckled skin. You have on a white, silk button-up, short sleeve blouse, fitting tight to your breasts which peek out teasingly from the top. It is fitted, accentuating your slender waist, with the ends flaring out at the hips. Your skirt is loose, yet slim fitting at the hips as well, the color of jade, to set off your eyes. It is slit up the side to reveal your shapely legs, tapering down nicely to the classic strappy heels you are wearing, chosen for the way they help define your calves.

I open the door and your face lights up in a warm smile as you catch my appreciative gaze. We embrace in greeting, a light kiss with a raise of the eyebrows promising more to come. I inhale, basking in the scent of your shampoo mixed with the scent of your perfume. As we disengage and I step back to allow you inside, you absorb the environment I have prepared for your visit. The overhead lights are off, leaving only the soft glow of the accent lights illuminating the paintings on the walls, and the soft glow of the candles I have placed around the room. The candles give off an inviting scent of vanilla, mixing in with the smells wafting from the kitchen. The sound of the fountain in the corner mixes softly with the music that permeates the room.

“Drink?” I inquire, leading you to the kitchen.

Placing your purse on the table by the door, you answer brightly, “Sure!”

“Dinner is almost ready, have a seat on the porch, as I finish up.” I tell you, as I bring you your amaretto sour.

You move out to the screened porch, letting out a small chuckle at the red and white checkered tablecloth covering the table. Leaning over, you inhale the scent of the fresh cut flowers in the vase on the table beside the votive candles.

Noticing the breeze moving through the porch, and hearing the sound of the thunder moving closer, you ask loudly, so I can hear, “Are you sure we’ll be fine out here with the storm coming?”

Looking back over my shoulder as I drain the water from the fettuccini, “We should be fine” I answer, “The table’s at the wall of the house, a good 10 feet from the edge.”

You watch with appreciation through the french doors as I move competently about the kitchen, humming and dancing along with the music as it changes from Miles Davis to The Dirty Dozen Brass Band. Your crossed leg bounces along with the music as you relax sipping your drink, and enjoy the show. I am dressed in a grey knit polo style shirt, and khakis that emphasize my firm butt. My brown hair is still cut fairly short, and my ever-changing hazel eyes twinkle out from behind my rimless glasses as I turn around bearing two plates of food.

“Voila!” I say with a laugh as I set your plate down before you. As you join me in a laugh I sit down across from you.

“Oops! Almost forgot!” I rush off, back to the kitchen. You hear the sound of the oven opening, then the sound of a knife across a cutting board.

“Ahh!” you say, as I return to the table with a basket of fresh baguettes.

Settling back down at the table we chit chat about the day’s events, and dig into the evening’s fare. As the meal draws to a close, I lean back and sip from my whisky.

“I’m glad you could make tonight” I softly tell you looking into your eyes.

You purr back in response “I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.”

“I almanbahis adresi have something for you” I say as I scoot forward, leaning down to one side to pick up something from the floor beside my chair.

Your eyes light up and you let out a small squeal of delight as I bring a necklace case up into view. Opening it, you stare down at a strand of cut emeralds, spaced along a silver chain.

“It’s beautiful” you whisper, as I move around behind you, and taking the chain, move to place it around your neck. Holding up your hair for me, you allow me to clasp it for you, then let out a moan and close your eyes, as my hands move up to trap your arms behind your head while I softly kiss your neck. “I missed you.” I whisper. Nodding to the futon further down the porch, I ask, “Want to get more comfortable?”

Smiling devilishly, you say, “Only if there’s more of those in store!” as your hand covers the spot I kissed on your neck.

We move over to the futon, and the breeze blows your hair back off your shoulders. Lightning lights up the sky and thunder rumbles as I sit down next to you. Dipping my finger into my drink, I trace a line of moisture along the inside of your arm.

You draw your breath in as I raise your arm to my lips, and slowly lap up the moisture left there. Moving up, I then lean in close, gazing into your eyes.

Your lips part expectantly, and your hand moves from mine to draw my head to yours as we embrace into a passionate kiss. The tin roof of the porch reverberates as the rain finally reaches us. We take no notice.

One hand cradles your head, turning you towards me. You move your leg across mine. My other hand moves to your ankle. Using my fingertips, I slowly trace my way p your calf to your knee, I pause as you show your appreciation by forcing your tongue into my mouth. I continue my journey.

Breaking the kiss briefly, I exclaim in delight “You naughty girl!”

My fingers are under your skirt, running along the tops of your stockings, savoring the feeling of the nylon giving way to the silky flesh.

You smile, and whisper back sexily, “I bought them just for you. You like?”

Moving back and disengaging from our embrace, you stand up. A crack of lighting splits the sky, and the lights go out, leaving only the candles guttering furiously in the breeze from the storm. Oblivious, your hands move to your blouse. Your fingers unbutton it slowly, caressing each one. I lean back; kick off my shoes, relishing the sight of your shapely form silhouetted against the lighting flashes. You toss the blouse over to the chair, and then lower your hands to the zipper of your skirt. With a shimmy of your hips you step out of it, lift your foot, to raise it to your hand then toss it on top of your blouse. The next flash of lightning reveals your sexy smile, as you crook a finger at me, beckoning.

“Come hither, my love” you purr.

I rise up. You move towards me, and reaching out, un-tuck my shirt, then skin it off of me. At the last second, I rescue my glasses, and with a chuckle move and place them on the table quickly.

Moving back, I embrace you. You move your hands up across my chest, murmuring appreciation. Then move them lower, unfastening my belt and lowering my zipper. The pants fall to the floor. I kick them to the side.

You chuckle, “I almost forgot you prefer to go commando” as your hands encompass my rigid member.

My hands meanwhile are also busy. One is caressing the smooth silk covering your ass, while the other deftly unhooks your bra. I lean in to nuzzle against your neck, as the one hand then moves to your shoulder, and slowly draw the strap down your arm with a fingertip. Your breath has gotten heavier. As my hand moves up to cup your breast, almanbahis adres the bra slides off and down your other arm, then to the floor.

My fingers circle then roll your nipple between then. Leaning down, I leave a trail of kisses down your neck and along your collar bone, and then circle the side of your breast, moving slowly in towards the center. Reaching the nipple, I use my lips to pull on it, then flick it with my tongue. Your hands move to the back of my head, guiding it, as small gasps of pleasure escape from you.

My other hand moves from your ass around towards the front, trailing the fingers along the silk panties you are wearing. My fingers discover that the front and crotch are soaked. I run my fingers down, spreading the lips through the silk of the panties, then back up, applying extra pressure to the hard nub at the top.

As I lightly bite on your nipple and tweak your clit through your panties, I feel your body tremble. I have to catch you as your legs crumble underneath you as your first orgasm wracks your body. Slowly I lower you to the floor.

You sit there and catch your breath for a few seconds, then growl” Now it’s your turn.”

Your hands reach up and encircle the base of my shaft. With a light pull you draw it to you, and reaching out with your tongue, lick the tip. I moan, and shuffle closer. Looking up into my eyes, you crinkle your nose, wink at me, then proceed to slowly take all 6 1/2 inches into your throat. I groan at the sensation, and my hips involuntarily hunch towards you. You bury your nose in to the hair at the base, inhaling the musky aroma, then slowly remove it, pulling back, flicking the underside with your tongue, then suck it in again. Picking up the tempo, you move the full length of my cock with your lips, creating suction on the out strokes, and constantly working your tongue along the bottom and sides.

“Mmmmmm..” you moan as you taste the sweetly salty pre-cum that starts to leak out, and increase your tempo even more. I move my hands to your hair, twining my fingers in it, guiding yet not forcing you in your ministrations. My hips begin to surge at you, and the muscles in my thighs twitch as my seed begins the journey along my length and into your waiting mouth. You quickly move to inhale as much of my member as you can, and I feel the muscles at the back of your throat massaging my head as you start to swallow continuously. Your fingers massage my ball sack.

“Arrrghhh…” I cry out as I release into your waiting throat.

As the spurts subside, you start to pull it back out, sucking all the while, milking every last drop. With a pop, it escapes from your mouth. You look up at me and smile wickedly.

I smile back and kneel down. Pulling you to me, I kiss you, and taste the remnants of my seed as we meet. I then push you slowly onto your back and start to nibble and kiss my way down your body.

My hands caress your breasts, lifting first one then the other to my waiting mouth. Your moans turn questioning as I move from your breasts, but then your realize that the random kisses I am placing on your belly are taking me slowly closer to your silk covered mound.

As I finally get to the prize, you raise your hips to allow better access. I nuzzle the dampness, breathing in the dusky aroma, then, with a chuckle, move away.

Another frustrated moan issue forth in protest, As the lighting flashes illuminate my actions jerkily like a strobe light, you see me move down to between your feet.

Raising your left foot, I kiss the toes, and carefully, loosen the straps on your high heel, then remove it. Gently, I massage the instep, while I kiss the top of your foot. Slowly, I continue my kisses up the inside of your calf, then the inside of your almanbahis adres thigh, stopping again to savor and run my lips along the top of your stocking. Using my tongue, I trace a meandering line, ever so slowly towards your waiting sex, straining under its covering. As I reach it finally, I again, nuzzle it briefly, then move back down.

The frustrated moan is louder and more pronounced. Silently laughing, I glance up, and see the emotions of frustration, annoyance, and pure lust fight for supremacy.

I lift your right foot to my mouth, again, kissing the toes, then the top as I loosen the straps and remove the high heel. Again, I kneed the insole, eliciting a groan of pleasure from you, and slowly, teasingly, meander my kisses up the inside of your calf, then your thigh. Again, I stop to explore the boundary between the silk stocking and the silkiness of your thigh, and then in even slower movements kiss my way towards your mound.

With a groan, you seize my head and force my face into your sex. My nose parts the lips through the silk, and I reach my tongue out and taste the savory nectar that has them soaked. Moving my hand up, I pull the silk to one side, and lap with my tongue from the base of your cleft all the way to your clit. Your hips lift up off the floor, and I hear your groan through the silky softness of your thighs, which you have wrapped around my head.

I proceed to nuzzle, lick, lightly bite, and otherwise arouse your clit and lips, and slowly insert a finger into your waiting recesses. Your fingers tangle in my hair pulling me further into you, as your body starts to shake uncontrollably. My finger curls and finds that rough patch on the inside, and begins to rapidly caress it. Your screams of pleasure echo almost as if in response to the thunder rolling around us. With a final spasm, your body goes rigid, and I feel your cum flood out around my finger, keeping my upper lip firmly pressed against your clit, I stretch my tongue down and lap up your juices.

As you come down from your plateau, you relax the death grip in my hair and, untwine your legs from around my head. I move up, twine my hands in your hair, and kiss you long and deep. You feel my now revived member brush against your thigh, and looking in to my eyes, you move your hand down and guide me into your waiting heat. With an intake of breath, you feel yourself stretched by my head, which has caught from lack of lubrication. Stopping, you rub the head up and down your slit lubricating it, then re-position it at your entrance.

Gazing deep into your eyes, I slowly sink myself into you. Your other hand grabs at my arm. I stop, allowing you to get used to my being inside of you. You relax your grip and I continue, until I am fully buried inside of you.

You sigh contentedly, and then groan your appreciation as I start to take up a slow rhythm. We search each others faces in the flashes of lighting, reveling in the signs of love and pleasure we find there. I pick the tempo up a bit more; your hips begin to move in a matching rhythm. The storm rages on around us, with the rain blowing in sideways, drenching us. The coolness only serves to accentuate the heat within us, and we continue to move in our own private cocoon of bliss, oblivious to the universe around us.

Our movements take on more urgency, as the storm within us seeks to overtake the storm that rages on outside. With stronger and stronger thrusts, I heed your calls to “Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Harder!”

You let out a scream, as I feel the muscles of your womb palpate around me. With one last thrust, I bury my self in you, and let out a matching groan, as I unleash my seed inside your waiting womb. We collapse into each other, stunned motionless at the intensity.

I bury my head into your, whispering over and over into your ear,

“I love you.”

As your ragged breath subsides back towards normal, I move slightly, remaining buried to the hilt inside of you, and gaze into your emerald eyes. You return my gaze, and smiling, respond, “I love you too.”

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