Breast Man Chronicles Ch. 01


I have always been a “Breast Man”. Perhaps I was not nursed long enough as a baby, but I have been making up for it ever since. Sometimes society seems to look on appreciation of breasts as a perversion, but I think of it as a normal part of human sexuality, and a wonderful part, at that.

Somehow, it is considered rude for a man to look at beautiful breasts, even if the owner of them has them on display, by dress or manner. If someone enjoys a glance and is caught in the act, the normal procedure is for the owner to glare at them, and the miscreant to look away immediately with a contrite demeanor, or pretend he never looked.

I don’t believe in that, nor do I follow it. The fact that I don’t has lead to some very interesting and pleasurable consequences over the years, I believe, for both me and ladies involved.

Quite often, older women have a real yearning for men to notice that they have a very nice pair of breasts, but have been conditioned by society to build up a defensive shell that precludes anyone from enjoying viewing them. Women from about 28 or so into their late 30’s are still hoping to use them as an attraction, but many are too afraid of the men they attract. I’m old enough to think of women younger than that as kids, and they don’t interest me much, nor do I, them. In any case, they are far too unpredictable. Here are some personal experiences.

I work for a company that has quarterly conferences for middle management and customer reps. Even though I have heard the same spiel many times, I always go because I get to meet some very interesting people (AKA women) there. Besides it’s all expenses paid.

In Atlanta one fall, a particular woman caught my attention at the pre-conference cocktail party. She didn’t seem to be hanging with anyone in particular, which was a good sign. Even though she appeared to be a few years older than I am, she was borderline gorgeous, and well dressed without being ostentatious.

Mainly, she appeared to have really great breasts. She was wearing a nice long black dress, probably tailored to present those prizes as well as possible, and almost certainly a custom made bra to hold them perfectly. As large as they appeared, almost a necessity. The dress was cut quite deeply, without being too obvious, but allowing a really great look at the deep valley and curves on each side. Of course, I was staring.

She noticed. She stared back to let me know I had been seen. At that point, I was supposed to look away. I continued to stare. She blinked. I walked casually over to her.

“I hope you don’t mind that I have been admiring you, but frankly, I’d find it very hard to take my eyes away, and I’d really rather not,” I said, still staring at her bust, with occasional glances at her eyes. “You have beautiful breasts.”

She was totally flustered, knowing she could slap me and walk away, but also knowing that her efforts to show herself off had been appreciated. “Uh, thank you,” she stammered, “but don’t you think you are being a bit rude?”

“I certainly don’t,” I said, “you show yourself off beautifully, and I think you deserve to know it’s appreciated.”

“That’s very nice of you,” she replied, “but I am not used to a man being so obvious.”

“Why should I hide what I think, when I would really like you to know that I think you have a very special asset? I hope you realize that I wouldn’t look if I didn’t think you have something unique.”

She was somewhat frustrated that she could not find an argument that would put me off, but I could see she had about given that up. Now or never. “Can I get you a drink?”

“That would be nice,” she said, and expected me to go off to the service bar, perhaps even taking the opportunity to slip away if she chose.

Instead, I took her hand and said, “Why don’t you come with me, and we’ll see what we can find.”

She said nothing, but followed me through the crowd, and I led her to the main bar of the hotel, which was pretty dead with all the free booze next door. I chose the darkest booth, farthest from the bar. The idle waiter hustled over, and she ordered something tall and frothy. I ordered a rye and ginger, quietly adding “Very heavy on the ginger,” hoping he would get the message that I wanted little or no alcohol.

I could sense she was a little nervous, having suddenly been removed from the comfortable surroundings of 200 or more people, in various stages of inebriation. I think she actually liked the peace and quiet, though.

“I’m Don, from the Detroit office,” I said. “I have been to these a few times before, but they are usually worthwhile.” It was actually more than a few, and I didn’t mean, in a business sense, but she couldn’t know that.

She held out her hand and said, “Louise, from Dayton. I just changed companies, so this is my first time.”

“Would Lou be ok?” I said.

She thought a second. “Why yes, I like that, my family always called me Lou. With my husband it has always been “Louise” though, so I’m not almanbahis adres used to it.

“Thank you, I think Lou has a nice ring, and it seems to fit you.” I said, as the waiter brought the drinks and I handed him my card. “Run a tab on that, please.”

I noticed she took a long pull on her drink, and I suspected that was the nerves showing through. I drank half my ginger ale, and made a face. “Wow, that’s pretty stiff.!”

“Louise or not,” I said as she almost drained the glass, “your husband is a lucky man to have a woman with your assets.” Of course I was staring at her breasts again. Actually, I had hardly stopped, and she knew it. I waved at the waiter.

She looked down and away, silent for a moment. “My damn husband doesn’t even know or care that I have these,” she growled. From the time we met he has never really paid attention to them, and hardly ever touches them. For that matter, he doesn’t touch me much at all, any more.”

I commiserated. “Your husband must be a moron!” I exclaimed. “Or just a real jerk. You stood out in that whole room, and caught my attention. Breasts like yours are made to be appreciated. Anyone who doesn’t know that doesn’t deserve them.”

The waiter came and Lou said to me, “Could I switch to something else next time?”

“Certainly, what would you like? I said. She indicated what I had would be fine, but I said, “Rye and ginger for my friend, and you can bring it when it’s ready.” I knew the waiter would figure it out. She took another long pull, hoping to finish before the new drink came. She made it.

“Don,” she said,” I always loved my breasts, they attracted a lot of attention when I was a kid. But since then, it seems like they’ve been ignored, or even scared people away. But I refuse to stop being proud of them. That’s why I have clothes that show them off, tastefully, of course.” With that, she put her hands at the sides of her breasts and pushed them together a bit for emphasis. She also gave me a big smile, knowing I was watching and appreciated the effort. “I have to admit, its nice to know they have been noticed for a change.”

I swallowed hard and was silent for a moment, pretending to be almost speechless. She took a long pull on the rye and ginger. “You’re right, they do mix them strong.”

“Lou,” I said, “they are magnificent.”

She stared back a me for a moment. Another swig.

“Don,” she said very quietly, “would you like to see them?”

I didn’t have to answer. She reached into her purse and pulled out her spare key card. “Give me half an hour, ok?” As she handed me the card, “1134.”

When I walked her to the elevator, I noticed she was a little unsteady. Before she stepped through the doors she smiled and gave me a little kiss on the cheek.

I knocked on the door quietly, then slipped the card into the slot and opened the door. She was sitting in a corner chair by the only dim light, pretending to be reading the conference crap. She had changed, and, I was sure, taken a shower. She stood and smiled, rather nervously, as I walked over to her.

She now had on a fairly sheer, light brown blouse, and obviously, a dark beige bra beneath it, which blended in well. I could see this bra wasn’t a custom job, as her breasts were a little lower now, but just as well rounded and firm looking in the smooth, satiny pouches. She had a nice pair of beige bell bottoms on, very form fitting at the waist, and I could see her breasts were not her only assets.

“Lou, you are stunning!” Of course, my eyes were right where she expected them to be. I could see the little nubs pressing against her shirt.

She arched her back, just slightly, showing off, and I could see she was now determined to make the most of the occasion. I bent to kiss her cheek, but she turned her head and her lips met mine. For a moment it was a rather formal kiss, but I slipped my tongue through my lips and touched hers lightly with it. Her lips softened and moved against mine. When we parted I saw a glowing smile on her face.

“Don, that felt really nice.”

“Much better than nice for me, Lou.”

We kissed again, and for the first time, I touched her, pulling her to me softly with my arms. Her breasts touched my chest and, on her own, she pressed them against me as we kissed deeper and deeper, my tongue and hers playing in her mouth. Her body was moving, squirming against me.

When we separated again, I gasped, “Lou, I hope you know how good that feels – and what it’s doing to me!” I could see her nipples fully erect now, little points jutting out at me.

“I only hope it felt as good to you as it did to me – but I guess I don’t have to worry about that,” she said with a smile, as she spotted the hard-on in my pants.

Another kiss, this time my arms squeezing hard around her, our bodies moving constantly, our lips and tongues grinding. Her curious hand slipped between us and found the outline of my hard cock.

“Oh my,” she gasped. Apparently it was a little larger almanbahis adres than she expected. She was breathing deeply now, her breasts heaving tantalizingly close. “Well,” she said, “I sort of made you a promise, I guess I’d better show you.” She pulled away from me just a little and started to reach for the buttons of her blouse.

“Wait, Lou,” I said, “please let me do that.”

She didn’t say anything, but lowered her hands, resting them against my chest, as I started undoing the buttons. After the first two at the top, I came to the buttons directly between her breasts, and I unbuttoned them very slowly, making sure the heels of my hands pressed on them as I did so.

She was breathing very deeply now, breasts rising and falling, either nervous or anticipating what might be coming next. I pulled her shirt loose from her waist, and slowly slipped it off of her, eyes riveted on her chest.

Her nipples were hard little points in the satiny cups as I gently put my hands on her shoulders and turned her away so that I could undo her bra. She let it slide off her arms and cupped her breasts in her hands, hiding them before she turned back to me, naked to the waist.

When she did, she tilted her head up to me and I slipped my arms around her, the first time I had touched her bare skin, and pulled her close for a long deep kiss. As we kissed she pulled her hands away and put her arms around me too.

When our lips parted I stared directly into her eyes as I slowly pushed her back from me. My breath caught in my throat as I saw her breasts for the first time. No act there, they were absolutely beautiful, rounded, heavy and full. The nipples were rock hard and pointing straight at my chest. The most perfect breasts I have ever seen on a mature woman.

She had a look of worried expectation as my eyes feasted on them. “Oh, Lou!” I said in a hoarse voice. “They are absolutely gorgeous!! Better than I imagined!”

She finally exhaled, she had been holding her breath waiting to hear what I would say. “Don, thank you, I needed to hear that,” she said with a radiant smile. “Now its my turn!”

With that she started unbuttoning my shirt, while I ran my hands over the bare skin of her shoulders and sides. I could hardly wait to touch those luscious breasts, but I wanted to feel her hands and body against my skin too. She pulled the shirt loose and helped me get it off, then lifted my T-shirt so I could pull it over my head. She ran her hands up and down my flat hard chest a few times.

Both of us were naked to the waist now, and she slid her hands around my back and pulled us together, breasts pressing into my naked chest. She gasped. I gasped. As I held her close I could feel her shaking.

I led her the few steps to the bed and we sat down on the edge together. Once again, we kissed, and as we did I finally claimed my prize. My hands slid up her body, under her breasts and cupped them, lifting slightly to feel their weight. My fingertips ran around their curves, stroking gently, squeezing, stroking again. She moaned into my mouth and pressed herself into my hands. I squeezed a bit harder, kneading, feeling their soft firmness as they fit perfectly into my palms. She shuddered with every touch.

Slowly, I laid her back on the bed and leaned over, staring, first at her breasts, then into her shining eyes. All I could think to say was, “Oh my god!”

Again I kneaded and squeezed and stroked, sometimes running my hands up and down her sides. But I had not yet done what we both wanted most.

Finally, I ran my fingers lightly over her rigid, cone-shaped nipples, stroking them lightly. She moaned loudly and arched her back violently in response. Her hips started moving slowly.

I caught the tips in my fingers and squeezed lightly, rolling them gently back and forth. Her body was shuddering and her hips were rocking. Squeezing harder, I pulled up on them, stretching, then twisted further. She was panting unevenly now, her entire body in constant motion.

Finally I cupped both hands around one beautiful breast and squeezed it, making it stand out from her chest. I stared into her eyes as I lowered my head and slipped my lips over the nipple, lightly sucking it in. My wet tongue played over the tip as my lips massaged and sucked.

With a hoarse yell of, “Oh damn, Oh yes, Oh yes!” she put both hands on my head and pushed my mouth down on her. I sucked hard, taking more of her breast in my mouth. My tongue pushed down, circling the hard nipple, then grinding down on the tip. Her hips were bucking, and her back arched to the maximum.

Then I caught the nipple with my teeth and pulled up – hard! She went off like a skyrocket. She came, again and again and again, wave after wave of orgasm rippling through her. She was almost sobbing as she grabbed me and pressed her face into my chest.

“Don, Oh Don, Oh Don,” she gasped. “We don’t even have our clothes off!”

I laid her back down and kissed her softly, then slid off the almanbahis adres bed, undid the side buttons and zippers, and slipped her pants down over her hips, legs and feet. I stood, looking down at her, smiling, as I took my own pants off. She didn’t move but she had recovered enough by now that she was staring back at me, watching me strip.

She had only panties on, special ones for me I think, not much more than a thong. As I was about to slide my briefs off, she said, “wait, let me,” and sat up. I stepped back to the edge of the bed and she reached out and stroked the bulge of my rigid, swollen cock. She leaned forward and kissed it. Finally she grasped the waist band with one hand and stretched it out, then reached in with the other and gently pulled me free. She slipped the briefs down till I could kick them off.

She stared. She grasped me. She squeezed, seeing how hard I was, making me shiver. Looking up at me she said, “Dammit Don, that is beautiful, its wonderful! I’ve never seen one that big before, or felt one that hard! My husband is nowhere near..” She let that slide.

“Thank you Lou, I’m so glad you like him. You can see he likes you very much!” We both giggled.

She started to stroke me, slowly, and I grew even bigger in her hand. She leaned forward and kissed me on the tip. I shuddered, legs feeling weak. Then she hesitated.

“Don, I’ve got to tell you something. I’ve never.. I don’t know if … I’ve never had a cock in my mouth. But he’s so beautiful, I’d like to try. Do you mind? You can tell me what to do, what you like.”

“Lou, at this moment that cock is all yours, and you can do anything you’d like with him. I would LOVE to feel your mouth on my cock!! Just assume that whatever seems good for you is good for me too!”

With that, she slipped her lips over my head and swirled her tongue in circles. It felt so good I was clenching my fists, trembling. She tried to suck me deeper, but at first she couldn’t slide her mouth over it, and she looked up with a questioning face, still sucking on the tip.

“You have to get it nice and wet,” I whispered, “then your lips will slide over it easier.”

Dutifully she tried, and it worked, and soon she was sliding her lips over half way down on me. She looked terrific, a big smile on her face, looking up at me with her mouth filled with my cock. She was enjoying it, feeling proud of herself, and with a few tips from me was soon doing a very good job! As she was holding me with one hand, I asked her to hold her breast and squeeze it with the other, so I could watch.

She slipped me out of her mouth long enough to growl, “Pervert!” with a big smile on her face. Then she sucked me in again, hand on her breast, squeezing, massaging, pinching and twisting the nipple, making sure I could see. I’m not sure who was enjoying it more.

Quickly I reached the point where she had to stop or I couldn’t, and I gently held her head and slid out of her mouth. “Lou, that was terrific! You couldn’t have done any better!”

“God, I love the feel of your huge cock in my mouth! You have to let me try again!” I promised.

With that I dropped to my knees and pushed her legs apart. She was still wearing the tiny underwear, soaked with her juices from when she had cum earlier. I leaned forward and licked the pouch that was holding her swollen pussy, tasting her. I looked up at her as I ran my tongue up and down, pressing harder, feeling the slit between her lips through the thin fabric. Her eyes were closed, her hips were rolling, and she was squeezing her breasts in both hands. I knew that was for both of us.

I pulled the bikini off her legs, put it briefly to my lips so that she could see, then tossed it away. I kissed the inside of a knee, then slowly licked, nibbled and kissed up the inside of her thigh. I switched to the other side. Now she was squeezing and kneading her breasts hard, and I knew she was enjoying it.

Finally, I kissed her pussy,and her hips jerked. I slipped my tongue between her lips and lapped up the juices waiting there. She was writhing on the bed, almost a pained expression on her face. I flicked my tongue over her hardened clit a couple of times, loving how it made her gasp, then rammed my tongue deep inside of her. Damn! She was so wet! She was pumping her pussy into my face as I devoured her!

Her hips were at a rolling boil, and my face was covered with her nectar. She gasped, “Please, Don I.. I need… Oh my god, I want it… Dammit, FUCK ME!!”

Standing, I slipped a pillow under her ass, raising her up just enough. I stood for a moment, torturing her, stroking myself as she watched. Then I pressed his head between her lips, until it slipped in. She was watching, holding her breasts in her hands.

I pressed slowly, knowing she had not taken that much cock before, making sure I was very wet with her juices. Her hands were clenched around her breasts. When I got about halfway in she started to moan. “Oh FUCK! That’s so tight, but it feels so damn good!” She was raising and lowering her hips, trying to take more of me in. Little by little I slid deeper, rocking back and forth, pressing more with each stroke. At last my body was pressing against hers, my cock buried deep inside.

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