Breaking the wife.

Group Sex

*Disclaimer* Any names used in this story are fictional and any similarities is pure coincidence* This is my first time writing so I would like some constructive comment on how to improve my writing.

I was a very frustrated man. I had a stunningly beautiful wife that I could not bang nearly enough, and she would not do a lot of the things I wanted to do with her. What was a man to do? First, I tried talking with her about doing s few small things, while that worked at first, no she would not even do those anymore. I tried to relive my sexual pressure with jacking off and looking at porn sites, but that was not her! For the record, my wife is 5’2” with small but very perky tits, an ass to die for, smooth silky skin, and the best muff you could believe.

Well, as it turned out, I was chatting with a few of the guys at one of the porn sites. I was lamenting the fact that I could not get my wife to do much of anything for me, such as letting me cum in her mouth. More than one guy said I should force her. I knew that would not work for me, I did not want to get a divorce. If I forced her myself (and I truly love my wife) that would be the end of it all. But, that spurred the idea of getting some of the guys locally from the porn site to “help” me to do these sexual acts that I wanted. That way, if done right, she would not blame me at all!

That lead to me posting a couple of HOT pictures of my wife that where from our anniversary. More or less I was advertising for a few guys to come and help me open her up sexually, plus of course to fuck her. But it had to be in such a way as she could not say no, plus she had to actively cooperate. But how do I do that? After a bit of discussion, I came up with the idea that if she thought I was in danger she would willingly do anything to “save” me (herself too). The next part was I did not want this to be a one-time occurrence; I had to make it so she would be willing to be gangbanged month after month. This would mean blackmail. If we took photos and video of the whole gangbang, including her saying we could do anything with her, she would not want those to get on the internet and thus cooperate. But to add incentive we would email a “fun loving” friend of my wife’s a small video of the gangbang to show her would could happen if she did not cooperate.

I made sure to get off work early that Friday and got the six guys I had chosen together at my place and set everything up. I would be tied up to a chair in the kitchen pretending to be knocked out, while a couple would be hiding behind the door to grab her up and not let her scream. The rest would wait in one of the other rooms. We had a copy made of all the email addresses in her email, plus a good bit of her Facebook friends. Since we have these accounts set up to recall our passwords it is not farfetched to have someone get this information from our computer for our purposes.

When the time came for her to come home, everything worked as planned. When she arrived at close to 5pm she was completely surprised when ambushed just inside the door. She was told that if she obeyed all of their instructions neither one of us would be harmed, but if she did not, one of us would get punished. Given that one of the guys was holding a knife next to me lent certain urgency to the matter. She started to cry, but was promptly told not to. I suffered a “punch” to get her to stop quickly. She was then told Sex hikayeleri that obeying orders was not a joke, worse things could happen. She was then told that they were going to video and take pics of her as they had some “fun” together. First thing up was getting naked and saying a statement for them on video, convincingly.

I can still hear her saying it. “I, Angelica Maye Conrad love to fuck around. In fact, I am going to fuck all the men here tonight. I am going to let them plunder all my holes and cum wherever they want, on me or inside me. I am going to show them I am the hottest slut around. I want these guys to fuck me however it pleases them, because I am more than ready for it. They are going to film and photograph the whole time, because I want them too.” She said this with some conviction into the video camera so it looked great with her standing there naked.

They started her off on her knees sucking a cock and stroking two others with her hands. The one getting sucked had his hands in her nice dark brown wavy hair. She was not deep throating (she never has), so he simple forced his cock down her throat. Her eyes went wide and she of course tried to pull away. Since she did not cooperate, she got slapped hard on the ass. She was told, since she resisted she had to be punished. Tears in her eyes, you could see her understanding that she had to fight her natural reactions and accept what was happening. Then the other two guys she was working on got to have her deep throat them. She still fought some, but not enough to get punished again. Then, those three guys got to do what I always wanted to do, cum all over her face. Another guy held her head still and the three she had worked on got ready to unload on her. They told her to keep her mouth open and then suck them dry afterwards. The first guy to blow shot a wad that hit her right in the forehead and trailed down into her right eye, then another that hit her right beside her nose, and finally one that launched right into her mouth and down her throat. The other two guys were not far behind with covering her hair, face and mouth with more cum. She would have jumped away if the fourth guy would not have held her head in place. As I warned them they would need. Cum was already dripping off her face and onto her tits and thighs as she sucked them dry.

We rotated the guys around so that the other three would have a turn, and she had to do it all over again. It got a bit easier for her to deep throat the first two guys. Her saliva mixed with the cum that was already dripping down her face. Then she got to the last guy in that group, he had the biggest dick of us all. It was 10 inches long and as thick as an oak tree. She protested that it was too big for her mouth, and got another slap on the ass for her troubles. She then started off slow on that one, but was urged to do more. She tried to do it herself, (she hates it when someone push down on her head) but could not. So her punishment this time is that they then force that dick down her throat until her nose is pressed against his belly. Man did she fight it that time, of course it was all for naught, since that whole cock when into her mouth and down her throat. She started coughing and spluttering violently, so to stop her from being so noisy, they stuck that big dick right back into her mouth. He then proceeded to fuck her face and unleash his load deep into her throat. Sikiş hikayeleri All the while they kept telling her she is being punished for not obeying them.

After she settled down from the face fucking, the other two guys unleash their loads onto her and into her waiting mouth. As she is cleaning their dicks off, that’s when they tell her she has earned a treat for taking those last two loads of cum so well. Her treat is me being untied and she then gets to deep throat me! This is going just as I planned. My wife is not paying any attention to my reactions, just reacting to what she is being told to do. I am unbound from the chair and lead over to her. She gets right to business, taking me deep into her mouth, making me feel better than ever before as she takes my whole length deep inside her. After a few minutes, they tell her to jack me off right into her face. She grabs my cock and works it till I am shooting my cum all over her face (she flinches again as my cum washes over her). She looks like a mess with cum and saliva all over her body, but she has never looked hotter! I am so glad I know that I am going to get copies of the video and pictures from all our “fun”.

The next phase was moved to the bedroom where she was shackled up with our own cuffs. Her arms are pulled to the corners of the bed, and her legs spread wide open. Then each guy proceeded to give her oral until she cums for each of them. My wife has a really pussy and loves receiving oral. But she hates the taste of it on my mouth after I give it to her. She had no problems with receiving oral at all, except she could not move around as the pleasure washed over her time and again. It was already 7pm by this time, but we were hardly done with her. After her oral treatments, we keep her cuffed to the bed and start fucking her great pussy. My wife has never had another boyfriend but me, so he has never had another cock in her cunt before. She tries to protest once again; in response another guy gets on the bed and straddles her face. He then sticks his dick back into her mouth and proceeds to fuck her face. My wife is told that if she is not going to say the correct things then she might as well be sucking one of our cocks. Each guy takes his turn with fucking that pussy, and cumming inside her body. Since she had been behaving (for the most part), she got treated with me fucking her too. That was definitely a treat for me, but I held off cumming since I knew soon I would want to do that somewhere else. But when our well-endowed guest pushed into her cunt, she tried to get away from it. She has a shallow cunt so it was more than she thought she could handle. She was, of course, wrong. He got the whole thing into her all right, right past her cervices and into her womb. She found out just how much she could handle alright, and it was a lot more than she thought she could. During this fuck festival, she got to taste her own juices over and over. When the guys would rotate, the one who had just cummed in her cunt would move to straddle her head and have his dick sucked by her. I was thinking that she might even learn to like her juices taste someday! In fact, most of the evening she had to suck a cock deeply into her mouth. She was learning to live with an aching jaw from all that sucking, whenever she tried not to do something (more frequent towards the start of the evening) one of us was punished.

After Erotik hikaye all of us had a go at her tied down to the bed, we released the cuffs from her body and started fucking her different ways. The first on the list was to have the guy on bottom and her to push her cunt onto his cock while sucking a cock. She took a bit more punishment (so did I once) until she was doing it right. Of course we had to rotate all the guys through having fun with her. On the last guy to be banging her again came the real shocker for her, even though she must have known it was coming. She was “asked” if she wanted her ass fucked. Keeping firmly in mind all the punishment that had been received prior, she replied “Yes, fuck my ass” to the camera. She has never had anal before and never wanted too. It had been one of my terms for these guys to come over and do this that I take her anal virginity, and I proceeded to do just that! I loosened her up a bit with my thumb in her ass, then made sure my cock was nice and lubed with her juices and then attacked that asshole. When I first stuck the head of my dick into her asshole, her eyes became as round as plates. She would have yelled but with the cock already in her mouth and another in her cunt, she was in no position to move or yell. So she got double penetrated as her first anal experience. It was not long before I was thudding my full dick into her ass and unleashing a cumload into her rectum. Of course everyone had to have a go at it. So we proceeded to rotate all the guys through blasting her ass, saving our biggest cock for last. She squealed a bit on that one and promptly had to be punished. Her punishment this time was to take two cocks into her pussy at once. Mine and another guy’s dicks were promptly shoved into her cunt while she swallowed down another guys cock.

All this time we were fucking her, they kept telling her about how wet her cunt was and how it was just begging for this kind of treatment. That she was so sexy that this kind of gangbang SHOULD be happening to her on a frequent basis. At 11 pm we drop the next bombshell on her. While she was getting banged by some of us, one of the guys had gotten on the computer and copied down all her Facebook friends and email addresses from her email. They said to her that these guys would send copies of all these pictures we had been taking and video we had of her fucking like a whore, and send them to everyone if she did not do as they said next. These guys would come back once a month and gangbang her again every month for the next two years. They would come back on this day of the month every month and if she did not willingly take them into her body, not only that they would send the pics and video to her contacts, but post it all over the web too. If she moved, then they would do it then as well. She was stuck being the object of a gangbang at least once a month. To prove they were serious, they had mailed a small video to one of her friends already (I had chosen what one).

The next hour passed by in a blur of banging. We proceeded to fuck her every way we could until midnight when the guys decided it was time to head home. My wife had been worked over for 7 hours straight and swallowed a ton of cum and been covered in more. This was the start of the fun that I had been looking for, the real question remained, would she embrace this new sexuality or not? Plus, what would she think if she knew that these pictures and video of her would definitely be posted? Would she even care after what we had planned for her? I was hoping that in the future that she would be the one posting the hot stuff online herself!

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