Brad and Marsha Ch. 04


It didn’t take long for Marsha to come back to her senses. As both guys stood there watching her rubbing Dejuanne’s recent orgasm all over body, she suddenly remembered that she was not alone and everything that had transpired over the last few minutes.

“Mom I am so sorry. I have no idea what happened just now!”

“I know baby, it was all just an accident. It wasn’t you fault, just forget all about it baby. We need to finish getting that nasty stuff cleaned off you and get you inside. We need to get to a doctor and have him look at your head.” Marsha explained as she was re-tying her bikini top, and adjusting her large breasts within it. Dejuanne was watching her intently as she got herself back together.

“Come on honey, clean this stuff off you, get your trunks on, and we’ll head inside. Brad, can you go get the car ready?” asked Marsha.

“Ummm…sure, said Brad,” again pulling his eyes from his son’s still exposed, though now again fully flaccid member. Marsha understood why he was looking. It was truly hypnotic, even when it was completely soft and a mere 7-8 inches long — and thick — and amazing.

“Control your thoughts Marsha! We’ve got to get this kid to the doctor and find out if there’s any lasting damage done!” Marsha scolded herself, and forced herself to look up toward the cabin and not return to staring at Dejuanne’s exposed member.

“But mom, where are my trunks?” asked Dejuanne, looking around for them.

“There they are!” Marsha replied, pointed to the discarded trunks that Dejuanne had kicked off prior to her washing him.

“Damn!” thought Marsha as she accidentally looked at it again.

“I have GOT to find a way to get this problem of mine under control. All I can think of is how full I felt when just part of his wonderful cock was inside me.”

Marsha was pulled out of her thoughts and back to reality as her son ran past her to retrieve his trunks. She couldn’t help but stare at his awesome ass as he ran by.

“Man, that kid has a butt!” thought Marsha, admiring his muscles as he ran down the beach.

Quick as a flash he had retrieved the trunks and put them back on. DJ made it a point to turn around toward his mother as he lifted them on though. He had a feeling she would Aksaray Escort be watching, and he was starting to come to the realization that his mother actually liked seeing his cock.

Sure enough, Marsha stared in awe as Dejuanne lifted the trunks up and over his magnificent cock. As it disappeared from view, Marsha felt that familiar feeling of loss at no longer being able to see it. She would love to simply sit and stare at it all day long.

“The car’s ready!” said Brad as he ran down the beach to his waiting family.

“Let’s get this kid to the doctor.”

Nobody said a word as the family drove the 3 miles to the only hospital on the island. Dejuanne spent the time reflecting on the events that he recalled.

He remembered seeing the storm approaching, and the next thing he remembered was being on top of his nearly naked mother, with his cock ¾ of the way inside her! What in the world had led up to that?

DJ simply could not recall. He did remember vividly the amazing, velvety, wet, warm, tight feeling of his mother’s pussy surrounding his cock. He could also vividly see his nearly naked mother laying on the beach underneath him as he sprayed his seed all over her.

One of the blasts went into her mouth! Not only that, but he could tell that she liked it!! She was drinking it down…she never spit one bit of it out! Thinking about this made DJ’s cock twitch, and start to become erect again.

“I better stop thinking about this” DJ realized. “The last thing I need is another hardon that won’t go away.”

It didn’t take long for the doctor to examine Dejuanne and come up with a diagnosis. “You suffered a fairly severe head and neck trauma which led to temporary amnesia. We’ll do a quick couple of X-Rays, and that should tell us a bit more. We’ll also have to keep our eyes open for symptoms. If there is anymore memory loss or pain, we may need to do a cat-scan,” the doctor explained.

“We also want to watch out for a concussion! We don’t want you going to sleep on us for awhile!” continued the doctor.

The Dittro’s had all agreed in the car on the way there that they would simply tell the doctor’s about the port-a-potty accident, the redness of DJ’s eyes, and his temporary loss Aksaray Escort Bayan of memory. The little mishap that occurred as Brad and Marsha were cleaning him up would simply be left out.

“I have no idea how we got to where we were when I woke up mom.”

“It was just something that happened as an accident because you were confused, upset, and things got out of control honey. I think it would be best for all of us though if we simply kept that as a family secret. Nobody meant to do anything wrong, and it isn’t anybody’s fault, so I say we all just forget about it, and chalk it up to a side-effect of a really bad accident. I’m not angry with you about it, no lasting damage resulted, so let’s just forget about it and not bring it up again. Agreed?”

“Agreed,” said Brad and Dejuanne at the same time.

“But I’ll never forget it,” thought Brad right after they said it.

Dejuanne simply smiled at his mother. She was so wonderful. He completely loved and trusted her with all his heart.

At that moment, mother and son met eyes and a mental telepathy took place, something like this:

“Can you believe what happened mom?”

“Yes, and it’s OK.”

“But I was fucking you!”

“I know — it was amazing, and I’ll never quite see you in the same light again.”

“Nor I you!”

“I just don’t want this to change anything. You guys are both still my best men in the world!” said Marsha.

“Yeah, and we both know who’s MORE of a man, don’t we,” thought Brad to himself.

That night as Marsha and Brad lay in bed, both of their thoughts returned to the events of the day.

“Are you OK baby?” Marsha asked her husband.

“Shouldn’t it be me asking YOU that?” replied Brad.

“Well, I am fine. I wasn’t really hurt, and he didn’t really get it all the way into me or anything. It just went on for a few moments, he was out of his head, so I refuse to be too overly traumatized by it,” said Marsha.

“Yeah right! You sure didn’t look traumatized as you came all over his huge cock,” thought Brad to himself.

But he wasn’t about to say that to his wife. He wasn’t angry about it. It certainly wasn’t her fault. And how could he fault her for getting off on it. He had Escort Aksaray himself, and he simply watched it.

“I’m glad you’re OK, cause I sure love you, and wouldn’t want you to be hurt or upset,” said brad as he rolled toward his wife, taking her into his arms.

As he looked down at her, he instantly recognized her erect nipples which indicated that she was aroused.

“I bet she’s thinking about it” thought Brad to himself as he reached out and began to massage her right nipple as he simultaneously began nibbling on her neck. This NEVER failed to get Marsha ready.

“Oh my,” said Marsha, instantly responding to her husband’s touch.

She reached down at that moment to touch her husband’s cock, and found that he was also completely turned on. Instantly, they both realized that the events of the day had been a turnon for both of them. Their lips met in a rush, immediately kissing passionately and hard.

“You’re turned on, aren’t you Marsha?” asked Brad.

“MMMMM…” was her only response.

Brad quickly plunged all three hard inches as deep into Marsha’s sopping pussy as he could manage. “OOOOOHHHH,” was her response to his quick penetration.

“It felt good, didn’t it?” Brad asked as he began pumping into his aroused spouse.

“Oh baby, that’s just not right — ” moaned Marsha as her husband hammered her.

“It wasn’t something you asked for, but since it happened, and can’t be changed you might as well admit it — and be honest — you got off on it, didn’t you?!?” asked Brad as he continue pumping his tiny penis into his wife as hard as he could.

“I have to admit, while it was going on I was really helpless to stop it, and seeing it was arousing for me too.” Brad admitted to his wife.

“Oh my God, I am so glad,” panted Marsha as she let out a slight moan as an intense orgasm overtook her.

This was the first time Brad had ever made her cum during intercourse, and she was elated about it. “Oh baby, you just made me cum!”

Brad let out a similar moan, and shot a T-Spoon full of his own jism into his hot wife. “Was it me that made you cum, or thinking of that big black cock?” thought Brad to himself as he ejaculated into his wife.

“Hey, there’s always a first time for everything,” said Brad to his wife, unable to supress a smile at the fact that, regardless of what she was thinking of, he had actually just made her cum from fucking her.

“Yeah, and I have a feeling it won’t be a last time either,” replied Marsha, smiling back at her husband.

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