Box Lunch


Jack Scoffield sighed as he watched the green light of his office phone signal the incoming call from his newest client. Rushfield Incorporated was going to prove to be one of Howard & Steinberg’s most profitable accounts, and he had been wooing them for months. So even though this call was coming five minutes before his lunch date with Melanie, he knew he had to take it. Melanie would have to understand.

He smiled as he thought of the lively blond who had charmed his nights for the past six months. Intelligent and beautiful, she had taken everything that was him and kept him in a continual state of teasing, never allowing their flirty relationship to extend beyond that. She was far too sophisticated to allow herself to become just a fly by night. She wanted to make sure she was stitched under skin like an erotic tattoo before she allowed him into her intimate paradise. And for the last six months, Jack felt as though he was falling headfirst into an obsession she not only orchestrated, but welcomed. He had to chuckle softly as he imagined those impish green eyes that sparkled with satisfaction as she grew increasingly aware her web of desire she was weaving had almost been completed.

“Bob,” Jack acknowledged the caller on the end, trying to push Melanie out of his thoughts, as well as the bulge beginning to make itself known in his trousers at the mere thought of such a sensual and erotic creature. He threw himself into the mindless chatter that preceding the business at hand, just trying to compose himself again. Just when he thought he had things under control, there was a slight knock at the door.

He looked up to see the door open slightly and Melanie pop her head in. He smiled, indicated for her to enter and then put a finger against his lips to let her know this was an important call. Using hand signals, he showed her it would be five minutes. She nodded, shut the door behind her, and moved with elegance and grace to the chair opposite his huge mahogany desk.

He couldn’t help but notice how her supple, dancer’s body moved in the wispy summer dress she wore. Her high, firm breasts needed no bra, they were regal and round. Not too small, not too big… and the neckline of the dress she wore fell slightly in between to show the hint of the curve of each breast. The muscles of her hips and lovely legs moved under the fabric that clung to her like a second skin. She sat, and cross them quite ladylike.

Her shoulder-length blond hair fell in playful spiral curls, framing her face and teasing the long line of her neck. Tiny diamond earrings sparkled, but not as much as the glint in the periodot of her eyes. She smiled, and the full lips he had come to love to kiss brought that bulge back quickly.

“Jack?” It was the droning voice of his new client in his ear.

“Mmmm.. yes, Bob. I’m still here.” He turned around a bit in the swivel chair, and looked away from a chuckling Melanie. It was quite apparent she knew what an effect she was having on him. Movement caused him to look back, and he found her long tan legs uncrossing and crossing again in the other direction.

Unbelievingly, she began to run her long, graceful fingers against her legs and the light fabric of her dress began to slide over her knees and up the firm muscles of her upper thighs. His breath caught slightly as she uncrossed her legs again and parted them slightly.

She had to smile. His dark brown eyes couldn’t fool her, he was transfixed almanbahis adres by what she was doing and she knew it. She began to up the stakes a little and slide the dress up further.

Jack, who had been held at arms length on a nightly basis for the past few months, almost spontaneously combusted as he caught view of the most intimate part of her. She wore no panties, and the inviting pink between her legs began to make him burn with desire. He watched as her hands moved up her legs and over her stomach.. and then run so teasingly soft against one breast. The nipple hardened, protruding through the fabric of her dress. He licked his lips.. longing to taste that full nipple in his mouth. Her red fingernail grazed along the neckline of the dress, tugging it down further and further as it went.

Jack cleared his throat, and with great difficulty attempted to focus his attention on his phone call. Bob Rushfield was a talker, and there was usually a lot of bullshit to wade through before getting right down to the purpose and business of a call. However the call was becoming more business minded, as he was seriously becoming aroused. He couldn’t allow his raging hardon to make him miss out on this multimillion dollar account.

But oh.. when she licked her lips.. and shrugged one delicate shoulder out of the spaghetti strap which held up her dress, he gasped quite audibly into the phone. Especially when one full breast came into view. The nipple hard, the skin taunt.. her hand cupping it like an erotic sacrifice.

“Are you all right, Jack?”

Jack cleared his throat again. “Uh, yes. You were saying?”

But Jack didn’t care with he was saying. He cared that Melanie had framed the perky nipple with her fingers, pinching it to full erection. It made his own full erection quite known.

And then, as if he wasn’t being tortured enough, she propped one knee over one arm of the chair she was in, and the other knee over the other arm. She scooted down, the dress hiking up, and her pussy opening up to him like a beautiful and desirable flower. There had to be a line of sweat across his forehead as her other hand snaked in between her legs. Her fingers danced around her clit, and he could see how wet she was. He wanted to dive into her, tasting her sweetness, pummel her with his rock hard cock.

He eased down in his chair…using his hand to shift himself because the pressure was becoming unbearable. The touch of his hand against his dick at the same time he was watching her shove two slender fingers deep inside that little piece of heaven made him audibly groan. Thankfully Bob didn’t hear him. He tried to focus again on what his client was saying, but all hope was gone when he watched her withdraw her fingers from her hot, dripping hole and lift to her mouth to taste herself. He weakly shook his head to Melanie.. a plea for mercy. There was a smirk on her face as she lifted from the chair and walked slowly toward him.

Her dress was lifted up slowly, as if to reveal the masterpiece of her wonderful body. Seeing her there in all her bare beauty was almost enough to make Jack cum on the spot. She slipped between his chair and the desk, and he could smell the musk of her desire mingling with the soft perfume she wore. She opened her legs as she perched on the edge of the desk, setting her feet on the arms of his chair and pushing him back as far as the chair would go.

God, how he wanted to touch almanbahis adresi her. She was so wet, so soft… he was losing all thought of anything other than diving into her and never coming out. Her pussy was so close.. he could see the clit so pink and hard. He wanted his finger to be the one that circled it, his tongue that flicked over it to cause her to cry out softly. Instead he was paralyzed to do anything but watch her fingers do the very thing he wanted to do. Her soft moans and sighs were loud enough he had to put a hand over his receiver in hopes Bob wouldn’t hear. Her long red nails easily slipped around the moist pussy, stroking her clit before disappearing into the depths of her cunt. He could tell her body was preparing to cum, and as much as he knew he should stop her.. he couldn’t. He wanted to watch her explode. Her hips began to thrust to her fingers, and the muscles of her inner thighs began to quiver. She was furiously fucking herself with her fingers and cried out as the climax overtook her.

He realized his phone was held so tightly against his ear it was practically stuck there like glue. There was silence on the other end of the line that startled him, but then he realized he had been put on hold. He used his moment of freedom to move his fingers across her leg, and up toward her hot pussy. “You’re a bad girl,” he muttered hoarsely.

Her eyes met him with a grin that wasn’t even remotely repentive. “I couldn’t help myself.”

He chuckled, and reached over to buzz his secretary. “Tell Mr. Rushfield that I’m in an important business meeting and will return his call,” he instructed briskly, then set the phone down. He began moving a hand up each of her legs from ankle to hip. “That was a very important call, you know,” he playfully reprimanded.

“I know,” she quipped. “I just had to see how important I was to you.”

His eyebrow raised. “You want to see, huh?” She nodded. He spread her legs wide apart. “Allow me to show you.” With that he pulled the outer lips apart with both hands and leaned in to touch the tip of her quivering clit with his tongue. She groaned as she pulled his face into her, and he began to flick the still hard little pearl with his firm tongue. Using one hand, he began to trace that lovely hole with one of his fingers, ringing the outside slowly and tortuously while he was creating such an ache inside with his tongue on her clit. Just as he took the clit into his mouth to suckle it gently, two of his fingers slipped deep inside.

The heaven of her pussy gripped his fingers so tight his cock jumped in anticipation of being inside her. Her hips met his thrusting fingers as she pushed his head against her pulsating clit. Her second climax was more powerful than her first, and he replaced his fingers with his tongue to drink her liquid passion.. lifting his fingers to her mouth and feeling her suck them powerfully to share in his feast. He lifted up to crush his mouth to hers, the scent of her lost in their mouths as their tongues dueled.

Her fingers began to tug his tie free as he unbuttoned his shirt, tossing it into a careless heap on the floor. She unfastened his belt and pants with one hand, while cupping his hard cock with the other. Touching him made her groan into his mouth and he was so on fire for her. Within moments he was as naked as she. He pushed her back down on the huge, wide desk, his mouth finding her breast as the head of his cock teased her almanbahis adres clit. “God, I want to fuck you,” he muttered.

“Fuck me, Jack,” she muttered, just as lost in desire for him as he was for her. It was all he needed. He poised himself at her entrance, and then as he forced his tongue between her lips he forcefully thrust deep inside her until they both gasped mid-kiss. There was no time for soft, making love. They were lost in animal need. He rode her fast and hard, making her scream. He kissed her to mask their sounds of love, and found himself nearly screaming into her mouth as he felt every tight muscle of her pussy clinging to his probing cock.

His fingers slipped between them, and moved firm and fast on her clit. She writhed beneath him, going crazy from the pleasure he was causing. He thrust so deeply and so hard that she was cumming again, and he never let her quit as he kept thrusting, kept flicking her clit. She came again and again until she was a quivering mess beneath him. He slowed down so he wouldn’t cum himself. He wanted to be lost in her mouth, he had dreamt about it for so long. He was inside her, his finger moving in slow circles around her clit. His tongue repeated the movement around her lips. “So,” he whispered, “think that proves how important you are to me?”

She nodded, still swimming in the warm water of fulfilled passion. Unable to speak.. unable to move… unable to still the quivers that ran full course through her body.

He smiled, confident now the power had shifted. “Think you’d be willing to show me how important I might be to you?”

Her eyes opened and looked at him. She nodded again without speaking.

“Taste me, Melanie.”

He moved back and sat back on his chair… his cock still standing tall, covered with her juices. She scooted off the desk and knelt in between his spread legs. With gentleness she ran her tongue up the length of him, tasting herself on the satiny surface of his head. Her full lips parted and slipped down so far his eyes rolled into the back of his head. Each of his hands cupped her face as he guided her up and down his cock, and he looked down to watch her swallow his huge meat with ease. Watching her fuck him with her mouth was so erotic he grew even harder, and he knew he would cum soon. He didn’t know if he wanted to cum inside her mouth, or deep inside her pussy. He didn’t have much time to think about it, he felt all pressure build as she sucked him so hard and powerfully into her mouth. “Melanie,” he repeated in a moan.

She took the decision away from him as she lifted away, and gently straddled him in the chair. “Baby forgive me, “she muttered, “but your cock is so big and hard I have to feel you inside me.” Her comment made him so hot for her that he pushed her down on him, impaling her. They moved together fast, she grinding down on him and him pushing up deep into her. She exploded first, and her quivering pussy milked him of his much anticipated release. He pushed her down and held her there as he spent himself into her depths, filling her hot cunt full of his cum. She collapsed against him, and it took long moments before they could talk at all.

His hand finally went to her hair to stroke it softly, and they tenderly kissed. He laughed softly. “Was that what you had in mind for lunch, my dear?”

She grinned impishly. “No. But somehow I couldn’t help myself. Are you mad at me for interrupting your call?”

The tone of her voice made it clear she knew the answer already. But he slid his hand down to the curve of her ass. “Actually, I am. You could have cost me a million dollar account. This might require a spanking.”

She just laughed. “Well.. we have to save something for tonight!”

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