Born Under Aries


Their birthday was April 19th; two years apart. Ricky and his sister Elaine shared the same birthday. Astrologists suggest people born under this sign have either a fierce, antagonistic relationship or one of exceptional harmony and empathy.

It was the latter case with Ricky and Elaine.

As they grew up together as constant companions, they seldom seemed to let outsiders into their cosy sense of togetherness. They shared just about everything.

A friend of their parents said they seemed as if they were ‘joined at the hip.’ And as they grew older, the invisible bond between them strengthened.

It was as if they were a complete society on their own, needing no other friends, engaged in a quiet, secret world where only they knew the rules, understood the language and from which even their parents were excluded.

When Ricky was eight, the family moved to a larger three-bedroom property so the children could have their own rooms. Elaine could be heard crying herself to sleep for weeks after they moved in.

As they grew up, Ricky and Elaine inevitably had to cope with puberty. In their case it was ‘ladies first’ although Elaine was two years younger than her brother.

Sitting on a park bench at dusk one summer evening, Ricky felt Elaine’s hand guiding his own up her skirt between her legs. She used his hand to caress herself through her cotton panties. The pace and pressure of the caresses increased until Elaine was gasping with pleasure.

“Are you okay, Elaine?” Ricky enquired.

“Of course, silly,” his sister replied, “It was great.”

The whole experience was somewhat lost on Ricky, who just didn’t understand what had happened. He would, however, do anything for his beloved Elaine and, although he had sensed that what they did would not have pleased their parents, he acquiesced in satisfying her sexual desires whenever she needed him.

A few months later, his own sexuality began to awaken. After manually bringing Elaine to her climax, he held her hand against his mini erection. She knew instinctively what he required of her. She began massaging his cock through his jeans until he came, making a bit of a mess in his boxers.

For the next few years, their fairly innocent sexual encounters went no further than mutual masturbation. It was in their late teens after an evening when they had been to a college dance together that they took the next step. Their hot young bodies had been close together and in motion during the evening. Elaine felt hot and excited.

On the way home in Ricky’s old car, she held his hand between her legs. He pulled her panties to one side and expertly massaged her to a very satisfying climax. Then she unzipped his fly, pulled his cock out of his pants, put her head into his lap and took the rapidly expanding cock into her mouth.

Ricky had to find a lay-by quickly as he could not concentrate on his driving with his stiff cock going in and out of his sister’s beautifully well shaped lips.

She kept up the action until he cried out, “I’m coming, Elaine. I love you.”

She let her brother come in her mouth, then spat the white sticky mess into a paper handkerchief. Then she lifted herself up and kissed her brother full on the mouth forcing her tongue between his teeth to give him a taste of his own cum.

“It tastes awful, doesn’t it?” she said with a grin.

Ricky agreed. It certainly tasted a bit strange to say the least. He felt very grateful to his sister for the intense pleasure she had just freely given him. He pulled her across the seat, lifted her skirt and pulled her panties aside. Then he buried his face in her golden pubic hair, probing with his tongue until he found her cunt. He started licking energetically, driving his tongue into her with abandon. He wanted to please her for sucking his cock and he loved bringing her on. She began to pull his face into her as she came, crying out,

“Oh! Ricky, my gorgeous brother, I love you!”

She made his face, her skirt and her panties wet with her cum juices as Ricky did his best to lap it all up.

Three nights later, Elaine crept into Ricky’s bed. The naked girl climbed onto her brother’s body in position sixty-nine and they enjoyed giving each other orgasm after orgasm. It was all Elaine could do to prevent herself moaning and screaming in ecstasy.

They suspected their parents had overheard something when they were summoned to a painful confrontation with them both.

Their mother and father seemed intent on sorting out their errant offspring. The siblings had to endure a long list of their transgressions in their relations with each other. They were left in no doubt of their parents’ determination, convictions and their steely moral stance.

Now Ricky and Elaine had always been obedient children and it would have taken a monumental combined effort on their part to break the habit of lifelong respectful observance their parents’ strictures.

The outcome was that Ricky and Elaine were separated.

Ricky went altıparmak escort to a different college some distance away and lived in a dorm, while Elaine studied nearby and lived at home.

Of course, Ricky and Elaine wrote, even saw each other on holidays but this was the era before emails and facebook. Their occasional phone calls were most unsatisfactory, each thinking afterwards of what they should have said, what questions they should have asked, how much of their inner thoughts they should have revealed. Inevitably they began to drift apart, almost imperceptibly, but remorselessly.

Their hormones were active, they were mature sexually and Ricky, especially, found it difficult to resist some of the blatant offers and sexual advances made to him by attractive young women.

It was Elaine who married first. At twenty-one she married a young entrepreneur called David who was already running his own import/export business. They went to live several hundred miles away from where Ricky was pursuing a career as a lawyer.

After a long series of girl friends Ricky eventually married Kathleen, a feisty Irish girl who worked as a secretary.

Their marriage started well enough but after six miscarriages in ten years, Kathleen, who had dearly wanted children and only married to have them, had a nervous breakdown. She ended up in a nursing home.

Ricky had made a success of his legal practice and provided the best care available but he realised that for all practical purposes his marriage was over.

Meanwhile Elaine and David had two children, Tom and Vicki, in the early years of their marriage. Hard work kept David away from home frequently and, perhaps inevitably, he developed relationships with other women. Elaine might have overlooked his dalliances but his neglect of her and the children left her feeling increasingly dissatisfied with him.

She filed for divorce. Her decree nisi came through on her 32nd birthday.

Elaine married again, almost on the rebound. Eric, her new husband was attentive, nice to her children and fucked her regularly. But he was one of life’s perpetual losers. He drifted from one job to another, always finding something didn’t fit with him. The money was too poor, there was no chance of advancement, he didn’t get on with the boss or the job just got boring.

Elaine found herself moving from one small town to another. So quickly did they move, she wondered if she might one day forget where it was she was supposed to be living!

After eighteen months, Elaine and Eric agreed to part. He told her he would ‘make it’ easier on his own, almost as if she had been holding him back. Instead of which, her part time earnings had practically kept them afloat.

At 34 years of age and with two divorces, Elaine felt very low. She went to her parents’ home.

It was not a happy place now. Her father was in the early stages of Altzheimers decease and her mother lived in dread of the future.

Elaine remembered the strong affection her

parents had always displayed to each other. Their love had been an almost tangible bond between them. She wondered about the truth of the claim that all love affairs must inevitably end in tragedy, misery and loneliness.

Then, one day, to everyone’s surprise, Ricky called in on a flying visit and as she caught sight of him, Elaine flew into his arms. Momentarily he felt a thrill as her soft body leaned into him. Then he realised she was crying. Not just crying but weeping floods of tears. He ignored the wet patch on his jacket and tried to get her to tell him what was troubling her so much.

But she couldn’t find the words.

She gradually subsided and, after some nose blowing and eye wiping, he was able to walk his sister back into the house. Fortunately Elaine had used little make up that morning so her face looked puffed, soft and vulnerable as she tried to smile at him. She was, Ricky thought, still the loveliest woman he knew.

Like Elaine, Ricky was upset by his father’s affliction and his mother’s despair. He played with Elaine’s teenage children and sat up with his sister after their parents and Elaine’s kids had gone to bed.

They did their best to catch up, related long stories of their lives over the last dozen years. Elaine was especially reluctant to end the evening. In fact the sun was up before they got to bed. Ricky had to set an alarm to get up later that following morning, promising to return soon.

Actually he managed to get back late the following Friday.

Once again, as he got out of his car, Elaine flew into his arms – in sheer joy this time!.

“Still crazy after all these years!” she muttered, almost to herself.

But Ricky knew exactly what she meant. He bent and kissed her lips very, very gently, moving them so slightly, gradually increasing the pressure between them and folding her body into his.

“Yes!” he said as they came apart, “Still as crazy as ever!”

That night, bursa anal yapan escort sitting up late together again, Ricky explained to Elaine what he had been up to during the week.

“There is a practice up for sale in the next town, only 25 miles down the road,” he told her, “I’ll get a place between here and there so I’ll be close by.”

“Will I be able to come and see you?” asked Elaine.

“You’ll be in deep trouble if you don’t,” retorted her brother with mock menace.

Within the month, Ricky was busy sorting out his new practice, having sold his share in the old one to his partner at a discount. He was also busy getting his new house furnished and decorated. Elaine became his right hand man in that enterprise, choosing curtain materials, paints and tiles, confident that her own tastes were similar to her brother’s. Most of the major furnishing items they shopped for together.

Elaine was thrilled when one of the assistants referred to her as “your wife” when talking to Ricky. She noted that Ricky didn’t contradict the man either, which also gave her a boost.

Elaine was in her brother’s house on her own next day when the furniture was delivered and she directed the men where to put everything.

Before Ricky came home, she got out of her jeans and t-shirt, had a shower in the fancy new unit that had just been installed and put on clean undies and a swishy summer dress she liked to wear when she wanted to feel sexy.

She had a meal in the oven, which she put on the new dining table as soon as they finished an aperitif. They ate, Ricky telling her of his plans for the new practice and she telling him about the house. After coffee, Ricky and his sister sat side by side on the settee.

“You know you’re going to have to stay with Mum and Dad, don’t you Elaine?” he said.

She nodded, “I can hardly leave them in their present state, can I!” she agreed.

He bent and kissed her softly, “But I want you to know that you will always have a place here too,” he went on.

She got up and went to the newly installed phone. She dialled, “Hi Mum. I’m just ringing to let you know I’ll be staying out here at Ricky’s new place tonight. Yes, its just for tonight, dear. See you in the morning”

She turned and went over to the music centre. There was some Jamaican stuff thumping away, not the sort of thing either of them particularly liked, but it had rhythm. She swayed towards her bother, slipping off one shoulder strap, then the other. She let the dress slide to the floor. She was glad she had brought some fancy satin and lace underwear with her as she gyrated round, shedding a piece here, another there. She was left in her sheer nylon stockings and a pretty white satin and lace garter belt. She pulled her smiling brother to his feet, methodically undressed him.

Then as he stood before her naked, she took hold of his cock and began to lead him to the newly furnished master bedroom.

She sat on the end of the bed, took his cock in her mouth and began the exciting task of getting him up to full size and stiffness. It had been a long time since they had done this, but there was still an air of familiar territory that warmed Elaine’s heart.

This was what she was made for; to please this man, her brother, in any way she could. She wanted to give herself to him completely, to be his woman, his wife, his girl, his partner, his sister-wife.

Ricky felt he was close to coming. He lifted her up, pushing her back onto the bed. He climbed over her and felt her hand take hold of his cock, guiding it to just the right spot. He thrust it into her; there wasn’t much time. After a few thrusts he called out, “I’m coming, Elaine! I hope you’re on the pill or something.”

“Nope!” she replied, “No chance, bother, this time you can do your fucking worst.”

He came, shooting his cum deep into his beloved sister.

She looked at his face, “I love the way you look when you’re coming, Ricky. It’s just like the old days.”

And with that she came too, loving the feel of him squirting his cum into her with every thrust.

“Does this mean you want my child?” he asked her.

“I think you should have children of your own. I’ll have two for you if you want. Just promise you’ll always love me, Ricky.”

“I’ll love you for ever, darling. I’ll tell you I love you every day from now until the day I die!”

“And will you fuck me every day?” she asked.

“I’ll fuck you anytime you want. I think we should use the old rule we had when we were young. Whoever wants sex, the other should always provide satisfaction. And don’t forget, there’s one thing siblings like us can’t do.”

“What’s that?”

“Get a divorce!”

They laughed. Elaine took Ricky’s flaccid cock into her mouth and sucked it up to size. This time she mounted her brother and lowered herself onto his cock. She did the humping for both of them, coming several times and feeling gratified when he shot another load of bursa bayan escort cum up into her cunt.

“I’m so glad we’ve fucked at last,” she told Ricky as they lay in each other’s arms later, “We should have done it years ago.”

“Yes! I know. I just didn’t have the courage to tell the rest of the world where to get off!” Ricky said testily.

“Never mind, darling,” she soothed him, “I stopped you when you wanted to fuck me properly years ago but we sure as hell can’t turn the clock back now, we have to make the best of what we have. And that’s the rest of our lives together. But there is one thing you must do foe me.”

“What’s that, Elaine?” he asked.

“Just don’t be so gentle with me. I’m not made of porcelain, you know. I like to be fucked harder than anything you’ve done to me.”

“It’s not that easy to forget you’re my sister,” he retorted.

Elaine was thoughtful for a few seconds, then she said, “I’m going to tell you something that nobody else knows about me. “

“When I was married to David, he was supposed to meet me in the city outside a theatre one evening. It was raining and I stood there under an umbrella feeling very woebegone as the minutes ticked by, then an hour. I was getting wetter and wetter as the heavy downpour splashed up. My shoes, stockings and my skirt were soaked. I was wet half way up my thighs.”

“Then a car drew up. A guy stuck his head out of the window and asked if I had the time. I wasn’t sure what he meant exactly, but I sure as hell wasn’t going to stand around any longer. He opened the door and I jumped in. That was when I noticed that he was black. Well dressed, well spoken and nice looking but very black. My heart missed a beat when he stopped and got out. ‘This is it, Honey. Are you coming up for coffee or something?’ he said. Not quite knowing what to do, but suspecting what ‘something’ implied, I got out of the car.”

“It was still raining hard and my umbrella was folded, so I ran with him to the entrance and up the stairs to his apartment. Once inside, he poured us both drinks, gin and tonic for me and a whisky for him. Then he lit the gas fire, positioned a clothes-horse in front of it and proceeded to help me out of my wet things.”

“He took off my shoes, then he lifted my skirt and unclipped my stockings, rolling then down expertly and hanging them on the horse. The feel of his warm hands on my cold legs made me catch my breath. Then he unzipped my dress at the back and pushed the shoulder straps off, letting the dress fall to the floor. He picked it up and hung it on a hanger from the horse.”

“Then he pushed my waist slip down, the sight of those black hands on my undies thrilling me. Then he hung that up. Neither my garter belt, my panties or my bra were wet but he took them off one by exciting me witj every touch, until I stood there naked. Then he quickly undressed himself, took me by the hand and we got down on his bed. I opened my legs wide to receive his big black cock. He drove it into me with a mighty thrust, making me cry out as the great monster slid into my cunt. Then he started a vigorous pounding, which had me writhing in ecstasy. He thrust his cock into he harder and faster until his cum exploded into me, making me have the best orgasm ever.”

“Wow! That sounds like a great fuck!” Ricky told her.

” It nearly made me into a black cock slut. And it’s the best fuck I ever had. Next time you fuck me, brother, pretend you’re a black stud fucking a white whore who just loves black cock driven into her cunt as hard as possible.”

Which is exactly what Ricky did. And his sister loved it!

Privately, Ricky had his doubts. The story just didn’t sound much like Elaine but when he taxed her about it, she refused to confirm or deny the tale, leaving Ricky to decide whether it was the truth or a wild fantasy of his sister’s.

He gave up. On a more serious note he asked her, “What about your kids, Elaine? How are they going to take this?”

“They will just have to accept it. It’s a funny thing but I think they are very much like we were as children; very close. And if they get to the stage we did I certainly won’t try to dissuade them,” she told him.

Ricky and Elaine spent every weekend together at his place until their father died. Then Elaine brought her mother to Ricky’s place to stay and closed up the old family home.

Ricky, Elaine, their mother and Elaine’s children were soon joined in the next two years by the two children Elaine had promised her brother.

They were perfectly formed, normal babies, much to their parent’s relief. Ricky and Elaine’s own mother never mentioned the siblings relations with each other directly but she was so happy to be with them that her approval didn’t have to be explicit. That she adored her son and daughter was there for anyone to see.

Ricky never did find out if Elaine had had a black lover. He told his laughing sister, “I’d still love you even if you had fucked a complete black football team.” But that still didn’t get her to tell him what really happened.

Vicki did talk to her mother about her feelings for Tom.

She was sixteen and Elaine made her promise to do nothing until she was eighteen.

“If you still feel that way about each other, then you can go and live together with my blessing, but not until then, you understand?”

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