Blue Blouses


Maybe it was her smile or the way she looked at me. But I had to get a closer look at this sweet angel that smiled at me. I was looking through the clothes section at the local department store and so was she.

She was thumbing through some blouses. Fingering her way through the racks. I was trying to stay in the mens section as not to be too obvious. She was still looking back to check me out ever so often.

Long, straight black hair, that fell just above the ass. Bright red lip stick. On a tanned face that was smooth as silk. Her beauty was magnetizing, as it had pulled me to her.

I walked up to her. “You like that color.” I asked, as she had a pale blue blouse in hand. She looked around me and back as to act like I must have been talking to some one else.

“Well maybe,” She said. I reached just passed her and got a white one with flowers on it. Her smell was intoxicating. “I see you in something like this.” I said. She looked at me puzzled.

“Do I know you?” she asked.

I put the blouse up to her. She smiled at my boldness. “Well yeah.” I said. “We were in acting class together, drama 101.” She smiled a beautiful smile. And blurted. “Huh, you must be mistaken. I’ve never been in drama.”

I smiled and being coy, “Sure you got the job as gorgeous women, I’m sure of it as pretty as you are.” She cocked her head as her hair fell to her side and she looked at me.

“Are you for real?” She asked. “That was an actress.” And laughed.

I played it off. “Oh that must be your sister then. You know her?”

She busted out laughing. I reached across her and put the white blouse back and grabbed a bright blue one. Her eyes lit up as she smiled. “Ok, how about this one?” I asked.

“Hum, maybe,” she said. With a pretty little smile. She checked it out as I laid it across her.

“Yep, definitely you.” I said.

She laughed. “You think so,” she murmured. My hand fell across her chest a bit and brushed her breast. She looked at me knowing this was intended.

“We’re a little forward aren’t we,” she said.

“Well, we are? Great.” I replied. We both giggled. My hand fell to the small of her back. “Tell you what. If it fits, I’ll buy it for you.” I said.

She looked at me puzzled. “For real?” She asked.

I pointed to the change booths. “You put it on and if it fits. I’ll buy it for you.”

She smiled, and looked at the change booths. “This better not be a joke,” she blurted.

“No joke,” I stated. My hand still on her back as we walked to the change room. I opened the door and she walked in. I started in as she turned and placed a hand on my chest and pushed me back.

“I don’t need any help,” she commented. She pushed me back and closed the door.

“Ok I’ll wait out here if you insist.” A moment went by and I yelled loudly, “You sure you don’t need a hand or two?” I could hear her giggle.

“Yeah I’m sure,” she yelled back laughing.

“Well I could get those buttons for you if you want me to.” I yelled.

She opened the door a bit as I could see she was in a bra. She poked her head out and motioned with a almanbahis adresi finger over her lips. “Shhh…Quiet.” Looking around. “People can hear you.” She murmured.

I started to go in with her. She giggled and laughed and pushed me back and shut the door again.

“Ok…ok…I’ll wait out here in the cold.” I could hear her giggle some more. After a couple minutes she came out. A natural beauty she was. She smiled as she came out straightening her blouse and tucking it in her skirt. Looked at me and turned around as a model would. I whistled, as a guy would looking at a pretty girl.

“Stop that.” She said looking at me and smiled.

“Well Ms?…America is it?” I said waiting for a response.

“Miss. Erica.” She said smiling.

“Well Ms. Erica, looks like you get a blouse…That fits great.” I said. Her firm breast filled the blouse as she did a little walk up and down the isle.

“Nice,” I muttered.

“And you are?” She asked.

“I’m Bart…nice to meet you Erica.” I replied. She smiled as she started back into the change room. I stopped her. “Wait.” I spatted. As I reached up and checked the collar and run my hand down her back to her lower back and looked at the tag reached up and run my hand across her tummy. “Fits you good.” I said. She smiled as I held her a moment and looked into her star gazed eyes. She pulled away and went into the change room. Turning to look at me as she entered. And yes I was checking out her ass. She smiled as she shut the door.

“Sure is cold out her honey.” I yelled. “Married folk are suppose to help each other.” I said real loud. “You need me to help you wife.” I blurted out. “Hey honey, hurry up the kids are crying.” I yelled real loud as she opened the door. Her new blouse still on but a bit open.

“Would you be quiet.” She giggled and looked around. I took the door in hand and leaned into her and gave her a kiss on the lips. She didn’t flinch, so I stepped towards her as she stepped back so I kissed her again. She kissed me back. Our lips pressed together as I stepped again and she leaned into me. My arm reached around her and pulled her to me as we twisted into the change room. My hand reached up and lay on her neck as she pressed against me. My hand then fell downwards opening the blouse a bit and moved to her breast. She pushed into my hand. My other hand fell to her ass and grabbed a hand full of skirt. Then fell to pull the skirt up and I felt her panties. She bowed up to this. Hot breaths and tongues rolling around each other as my fingers found away under her panties. I felt her wetness between her legs. My head fell to her neck where I licked a spot then kissed it. She moaned out as my finger found her slit.

I squeezed her breast finding the bra line and pulled a breast out. My head fell to meet her nipple as I sucked it. She fell back into the wall as I moved my hand from her rear to her front and put it down her panties. Feeling her freshly shaven pussy.

I could feel her push me down a bit so I took it as a gesture and fell to my knees. My head pushed into her tummy and she bucked almanbahis adresi up to my hand. Kissing her lower tummy as I pulled her skirt up and saw her white panties. I pulled them down as I put my mouth on her just above her pussy where their’s normally hair. Licked it and kissed it downwards till I could smell her. I could wait no longer as she pulled my hair tightly into her.

She hiked a leg up a bit allowing me to get to her as I licked her pussy lips and put a finger to the slit. She moaned out in pleasure as I pushed my finger into her wet slit. Flicking my tongue at her clit. At this point my dick was swelling hard and was uncomfortable in my tight jeans so my hand undid my pants and allowed my swollen cock some room. “Ahh.”

Her hands entertained in my hair as she kept holding me to her puss as my finger went in and out of her. Deeper with each slide. Licking her juices and clit.

She was getting really wet when she pushed me back and fell on me. I hit the floor and let out a little laugh as she frantically was tugging and pulling at my pants. Till she found my cock and pulled it out. It popped out like a spring as hard as it was. She went to sit on it. I pulled my finger out as I could feel my cock going in.

Her hands fell to my chest as she rest there a second and slid onto my rock hard dick and her head fell back. I pushed upwards as I felt her warm, wet pussy engulf my stiff cock. She slid all the way on it and looked at me a second and leaned forward and kissed me with her wet lucious lips. Her tongue stabbed my mouth as she bounced up and down on my rod. I reached up with both hands and grabbed both her breasts. One out of the bra and the other still in the bra.

As I humped upwards and her steadily pumping me, faster and faster her kisses more frantic and her breath shortened, gasping. I felt her juices flow from her and run down my balls. As sloshing noises came I knew she had just cum. Her stride got slower as mine hastened. I pumped faster and deeper. Till I exploded inside her. My warm cum must have soothed her cause she let out a sigh as I splat a load in her and then another. She then leaned up sitting on me as I oozed the last blast into her wet, tightening pussy. She settled on me and pulled her hair back. Sat there a moment and wiggled and let out a giggle.

She looked me in the eyes. “You don’t have to buy me this blouse.” She pulled on the new blue blouse and smiled.

Just then the intercom rang out. “Theirs a blue light special on the blouses on isle 20. Please come and check out our low, low slashed back prices.”

We looked at each other and both let out a laugh. Her giggles tightened her pussy around my half-hard cock as it fueled my sexual urge again. I raised up to her and gave her a passionate kiss, my hands cupping her breast. Giving it a gentle squeeze and pulling it upwards to meet my lips as they enveloped around her nipple. Sucking her tit and pulling on it lightly with my lips. Her moans of pleasure encouraged me to continue my ravishing.

Her hand fell behind her as she pulled graciously on my jewels. almanbahis adresi Her fingers caressed them fondling and gliding along there oval form. The sensation had my cock hard as steel again.

She spun her self around never lifting from my dick. The feeling of her pussy pulling at it was grand, as she settled her self with her ass facing me now. My hands grasped her waist as I leaned forward and knelt behind her. Positioned my self as I started slowly pushing my cock in her from behind.

Her hair was whipping wildly as she flung it from side to side with each thrust. My pulls on her hips with each stride drove her into me. Her depths were filled once more as I pumped her with my cock again and again.

Her hands rested on the wall before her, pushing herself back into me with each stride. She looked back at me smiling with eyes on fire. My dick felt her sopping wetness all over it. The sounds of sloshing came each time our bodies mashed. I knew she had just came.

As I humped her faster and faster, deeper and deeper. Till my cocks head was swollen and ready to explode. She pulled from me and spun around and clasped my dick with her hand. She pulled light strokes across its shaft as her mouth folded over the head.

I could hold back the release no longer as I shot a warm load of cum in her waiting mouth. She pulled back and swallowed as another gush splashed across her face and trickled down her neck. The sticky goo was on her and the collar of the blouse. She licked my cock clean and put her fingers in her mouth and sucked the remains of her delight.

She looked up at me smiling and shyly asked, “How was that lover?”

“Oh baby. I’ll buy you a store full of blouses for that.” I replied.

She got up off her knees and started dressing as I leaned in and kissed her again. Our embrace was short and quaint. She managed her skirt and fixed her clothes as I did the same. She teased at her hair in the mirror and checked her presentability then turned to me.

She lifted the blue blouse to me and said. “We have to buy this for sure now.” And let out a loud snicker as I took it from her hand.

When we were ready to leave our little love nest, she peeked out the door to see if the coast was clear. Looking back at me and giggled as she jetted out of the change booth.

I followed her and we went back to our point of origin, the blouse rack. As she pulled a few blouses out careful to select mostly blue ones. We agreed on her selection’s as we made or way to the check out lane.

Close to the check out was a display of flowers where I picked out a red rose in a vase with a pink bow and added it to the cart.

“Oh you don’t have to do that.” She said.

“I know…I really want to.” I replied with a glowing grin.

We paid for the items. Making our way out the door of this department store and into the parking lot. She loaded her rewards in to her car as I opened her driver’s door for her. She stopped just short of getting in and looked at me. Leaning in closer she pecked a kiss upon my lips. “Thank you kind sir,” she said.

“Welcome…gorgeous women.” I replied grinning.

She gave me her address and phone number before she drove off. I love those blue light specials and those blue blouses. And the little lady Erica who wears it with smiles. Yes, I called her, and yes; we went out. And yes; she wore the blue blouse.

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