Blind Love


Only a couple days were left until Sgt. Edward “Bones” Taylor returned stateside from his one-year tour in the hellish Badlands area. So much had changed since he left home, and he was anxious about the debriefing and long flight home. There were so many questions running through his head about the future, and so many painful images and memories from the past year.

He had not quite been able to work out the whole “war” issue, but knew it would soon be over for him at least, and he would be safe in the arms of Ann, his hometown sweetheart. She was just out of high school, and he was a couple years older than her. She had promised to save herself for him and they would celebrate their fidelity upon his return. She wanted it to be perfect her first time, which she said is always the most memorable. “We only have one shot at the first time” she would tell him. He had tried on several occasions (all unsuccessful) to talk her into going further with him. From the voice of experience, he told her that the first time wasn’t really all that great anyway. It was usually sort of clumsy and there were uncertainties about what to expect and do.

All of their making out was great, but he couldn’t wait to get on with the getting’ on part. He teased her and said how with daily practice, each time would be better and better, and certainly he would be gentle and go slowly (or as slowly as he could stand)! Ann used all her feminine wiles and girly powers to convince him that it would have to be just perfect the first time, and that she wanted that to be her gift to him upon marriage.

But now, having been separated for the past year, things had changed. They spent countless hours writing love letters, explaining what and how they would do things to one another’s bodies when they were finally reunited. She learned the skilled art of self-pleasuring, and found herself wanting to learn as much as possible from the “all the way” girls at school. She carried a vibrator with her in her school back-pack and had convinced the nuns she had a weak bladder which allowed for more frequent visits to the restroom. She even started experimenting with drugs, and found Ecstasy to be her favorite “I love you” drug, and pot to make her crazy horny, but in a very relaxed and cool manner. She would go to weekend parties with friends, get drunk and stoned and fool around with some lucky guy, but never, ever would she give up her virgin pussy…that was reserved only for Eddy.

She had given herself her first orgasm, but wasn’t sure if it was what it was supposed to be. It happened in the middle of the school year after she had been to one too many Friday night parties with sex-crazed boys. Her libido was high as a kite, and she had to get some relief. Monday morning during a Calculus class, she excused herself, went to the restroom and went in the far end stall. She made sure everyone had left and then slowly hiked up her skirt to reveal a lacy thong. She liked wearing a thong under her Catholic school uniform. It made her feel mysterious, and very naughty. One time she even thought about flashing Father Sebastian (who was totally hot), but was worried it would get him in trouble, so she decided against it. She did, however, bend over to pick something up off the ground (without bending her knees) when he was standing near him in the hallway. She had practiced in the mirror at home and knew exactly how to do it so her golden arches and special place would peak from under her skirt and say “hello – come hither” in that very welcoming way. Something about arousing a man of God exited her, something akin to making a gay man go straight. She couldn’t tell exactly how much of her virgin ass or cunt he could see, but when she stood back up and acted surprised that he was nearby, she noticed his face was tinged red with blush, or guilt, or lust. Not sure, but it sure felt good – – like she had made his earth move, or something move.

Eddy, on the other hand, had tried to stay apart from all the whores at the Army base. He knew that they could be very free with their bodies and oh so tempting, and most of the guys in his barrack had paid for sex in the city at clubs or on the streets, and some had sex on the base with the female soldiers or visiting civilians, and some even had sex with one another, in the barrack, when nobody was around. Desperate men do desperate things, but he had somehow mentally confined himself to only masturbating. The shower was open and not a good place to jack-off, as were the line of johns, so he would do it in bed at night to go to sleep, in the middle of the night if he couldn’t sleep, and again in the morning, when he woke up with a boner. Thus he earned the name “Bones” from his mates. Getting home and fucking Ann for the first time was about all he could think about, and it was enough to help him get through that year in combat.

Life is funny though, and always seems to present a surprise along the way. Eddy knew in his heart he would go home, but he never in Anadolu Yakası Escort a million years thought he would go home on a medical discharge. He had been patrolling the streets when a car-bomb went off near his unit. Just by shear luck the flying metal from the vehicle missed him, but the gaseous fumes from the explosion burnt his face and corneas and after weeks in rehab he awoke one day to find himself in another world, filled with darkness. He grieved the loss of his vision while his hospital mates said goodbye to their hands, arms and legs. He wasn’t the type to feel sorry for himself, but he did constantly think it would have been better to lose a hand or be filled with shrapnel.

And how would Ann react to all of this? Is it fair to her, she being so young? Will she think he is less of a man? Will she feel sorry for him and stay with him out of pity? Well, there was only one way to find out, and if their love was as true as he thought it was, he would be in bed with her in less than a week, starting a new life together. His cock was getting hard just thinking of her. He had kissed her and touched her all over when he was at home, but to finally be able to join together with her, naked, and make mad, sweaty, passionate love – – forget that, FUCK her the first time, then make love the second and third and fourth…..with a little more fucking in between. He couldn’t wait, and he could feel the moisture in his pants against his skin.

Eddy’s parents picked him up at the airport and promised to deliver him to Ann’s apartment that night for their reunion celebration. She had wanted to meet him at the airport, but given his medical condition, he was coming in on a different plane and the security only allowed for two immediate family members. She would have to patiently wait at home for his arrival. The hours flew by that morning but the minutes seemed to take forever as it neared the time of his arrival.

She took the day off from work and spent the morning primping and preparing for their big night. She had arranged for her roommate to leave for the day so she and Eddy could have the apartment all to themselves. She soaked in a hot bath, shaved her legs so they were silky smooth and trimmed her pubic hair into a little heart. She had wanted to get a tattoo on her breast, but she didn’t have the extra money, so she took a pen and drew a little heart and wrote Eddy inside it. She made an arrow through the heart so it would point directly at her nipple. The irony of Eddy being blind almost made her laugh – – but she knew it was there, and would tell him all about it. She knew all his senses would be heightened, so she took extra care of the way she felt to the touch and of the scent of her body. She put on a cotton dress that was loose and airy, easy to remove, and without lots of zippers or buttons. She didn’t want anything to impede their first time together, and she anticipated the struggling he might go through not being able to see how her clothes came undone. She was jittery and nervous with anticipation, so she had a quick hit on her pipe, just enough to make her calm down, and sat patiently, watching the driveway until his parent’s car pulled up.

The headlights finally came up her driveway, and slowly Eddy’s parents helped him find his way up to her door. They waved from behind and quickly returned to their car and leaving the two to reacquaint alone. Eddy’s parents wanted their reunion to be just as wonderful as Eddy and Ann did, hoping that Ann would play a major role in Eddy’s reintroduction to the world, sans eyes.

Ann quickly closed the door behind Eddy and pulled him closely to her body. Their lips met in a hard, almost biting kiss, and their knees almost gave way underneath them. Eddy knew that he was finally home with the familiar love he had been without this past year. There were no words, only touching and kissing.

Everything they had rehearsed over and over in their heads was gone and the passion and immediacy of the moment was taking over their bodies. They were completely out of control with lust for one another and right there in the entryway fell to their knees while they kissed one another’s faces and necks. Eddy was about to explode with excitement, but he had promised that their first time for Ann would be tender and gentle.

He was having a hard time controlling himself, he was so hungry for her body. He put his hands on her shoulders, grabbed the neckline of her dress and in one swift move ripped it in two, straight off her body. She gasped in shock, but never stopped kissing him. This is what she had been waiting for. Her nipples were erect and her breasts were tingling with excitement. She wasn’t wearing a bra and only at this moment remembered that he couldn’t see the artwork on her chest. She took his index finger in her hand and pulled it up to her nipple. She slowly traced the heart with his finger and then went over each letter of his name – E – D – D – Y, which was within Avrupa Yakası Escort the heart. Then she took his finger and traced the arrow right down to her nipple, and cupped his hand around her perky breast. He started rubbing her breast which was making her so hot. She could feel her lower lips starting to swell up and expand with anticipation.

She took her hands and started unbuttoning his shirt, and pulled it off his body. Then she undid his belt buckle and unzipped his pants and saw his cock sticking straight out of his underwear, almost looking at him as if it was the one eye that could see. She was on her knees, dress ripped and on the ground, and his shirt was off. His pants were down around his knees and his cock was starting to bounce up and down with excitement. He could smell her; he could taste her, and now he wanted to ram himself up inside her. She pushed him backwards and he managed to lay down with his cock sticking straight up in the air. He was a little confused about what was going on and what was going to happen next. After all, he was the older guy with all the experience and Ann was his high school virgin, pure and fresh.

Ann ran her soft fingers up and down his chest, along his rib cage, down near his navel and hairline, and then gently pulled at his nipples. He was breathing heavily in anticipation of what she would do, what she would touch. She crawled up on top of him with her back towards his face, and sat on his broad chest, bare assed. He could feel her warm twat on his chest. She leaned over and breathed ever so gently warm, moist air on his cock, just close enough so it would know what was about to occur. She stuck her tongue out and slowly moved towards the end of his cock. His foreskin was pulled tight around his rigid shaft and there was a small drop of pure gold at the end of the head. She ever so lightly touched it, and a quiver shot throughout his body.

He just wanted to fuck her, but was so excited about not knowing what would happen next. He had given in to the fact that he was completely vulnerable to her since he was in the dark. As she started lowering her mouth over his cock, she nuzzled up her bare ass to his face. He could smell her. It was wonderful; heavenly and fresh. He tilted his head up and stuck his tongue out to whatever was in front of him. He pulled his hands up to her ass and started caressing her silky smooth skin while he pulled her ass over his mouth. His face was completely engulfed by her pillows and his tongue was trying to find the way into her. He shoved a finger inside her, and she tensed up and jumped ever so slightly. He kept licking her crack and the juices from his mouth coupled with the juices from her pussy got on his fingers which he started moving in and out and in and out. There was no bush here though, and her cheeks were tight against his face, so he knew he was in her asshole. He explored this new territory for a couple minutes of sheer pleasure.

She was cooing, sucking his cock with amazing expertise, swirling her hips in his face. He was in heaven! Then she got up, turned around and sat upright, with her pussy positioned perfectly on his face. This time his tongue was in her cunt, running around the delicate folds of love. He was swirling it around and she was purring, almost growling with pleasure. He couldn’t keep his hands off her waist, her hips and breasts, and his cock felt so good being sucked. She was incredible! This was everything he had been waiting for and more!

He was eating Ann’s tender virgin pussy, and she was blind with passion. Plus his cock was being well serviced! Better than he could do it! It was as if she knew exactly what turned a man on.

Just then he realized there was no way she could still be sucking his cock. Was he imagining it? Was it some sort of post-war mental breakdown he was having? How could this be happening? He reached his hands down from Ann’s pussy towards his cock and felt the head and hair of another person! Someone else was in the room sucking his dick! But it felt so good, and Ann tasted so good, that he didn’t want anything to change. If he just kept his cool, and didn’t cum like he wanted to, this might go on longer.

The technique of the other person was totally different from Ann, so it was incredible. One wasn’t better than the other, just different, and he wasn’t complaining! She (whoever the mystery person could be – maybe Ann’s new roommate??) was sucking hard, as if his cock was a straw and she was getting every last drip out. The pressure and force was incredible, and he was sure to erupt any minute. The stranger was holding his balls back in one hand and forming a ring at the base of his cock with the other.

He wanted to see so badly! One of the best sexual experiences of his life and he couldn’t see! He loved to watch stuff like this in porno flicks, but participating was a dream comes true!

Just then Ann stood up and the other person stepped away, İstanbul Escort and Eddy listened carefully for the next command. He would do anything they said. Ann pulled off Eddy’s pants and shoes and socks then got him standing, and walked him over to the side chair. She leaned over and presented her backside towards his jerking cock. She wanted him to take her from the back, bent over the chair, and she was starting to ooze with passion. A drip of love was slowly making its way out of her lips and down the side of her inner leg. All was lost though, because he couldn’t see where she was, but he could hear her saying “yes, yes, YES” over and over.

While he stood there listening, she was starting to breathe very loudly in a rhythmic and passionate manner. Eddy put his hands in front of him and tried walking towards her, to find her and take her, but instead he touched the other person’s head at her ass eating her out. The stranger felt very fit, perhaps a gymnast or dancer. He knew he should feel confused and jealous, but this was so erotic and incredible, he didn’t have any of those feelings.

Eddy just couldn’t believe what had happened to his sweet innocent little Ann. She was moaning with pleasure and delight. He was almost ready to cum, so he started thinking about the war. He didn’t want to blow his top yet, there was too much in store for him and he was only getting started. If only the guys back in Afghanistan could see him now. They would shit! Ann was saying things like “yes” and “more” and “keep doing it” so he knew she was totally enjoying being eaten by this other person. He wanted to touch, to feel, to see, so he touched the other person from behind and put his hands around to the front of her chest to touch her breasts. They were large and sort of hard, and almost felt fake, but he didn’t care. They were still warm and wild in his hands and he squeezed them. She let out a little groan to tell him she liked it, but kept licking and eating Ann.

Ann sounded like she was going to explode any minute. He put his thumb down by the stranger’s ass, and then rammed it in. His passion took over and he really didn’t care if he hurt her or not. He was on fire, and after a year of masturbating, he was going to get all he could. She jumped forward a little bit and let out another small cry, but ate deeper into Ann’s ass and lips.

The smell of sex was everywhere, and their throats and bodies were starting to make involuntary noises like wild animals. Eddy had to put his cock inside one of them, and as much as he wanted it to be Ann, the stranger’s naked ass was right there in front of him, almost beckoning him to enter. He did, and she welcomed it with a deep, almost guttural scream of passion and pain, not one of anger.

He couldn’t believe it! He thought he was going to be with just Ann tonight and every night, and whatever ritual she had set up for her de-virgining ceremony. But, he never in a million years dreamed something like this would happen. He couldn’t believe the gift she was giving him, or how hard his cock was inside this stranger’s ass. He pumped a couple times, then pulled out for fear of coming, and moved her to the side. After all, they had been going at this foreplay for quite some time now and at any moment, he was going to erupt and cum all over the place.

The stranger moved away without saying anything and Eddy drew Ann towards him, pulling her face towards him, and turning her around. He didn’t care who was watching, he didn’t care what else was going on, all he knew was that he had to be inside her, that moment. Right then. He put her down on the ground on her back and pulled her legs up to her shoulders. He shoved his rock-hard cock inside her wet pussy and pounded her hard so his balls banged up against her. She seemed to love it, and keep saying “yes, Yes, YES.” He pulled his cock out and started rubbing her clit with the tip of his dick, then rammed it up inside her again, over and over, all the time while she was screaming in ecstasy, full of lust and desire. His body tightened up like a fist, ready to strike, and he came, spurting inside her hot shots of cum, over and over. It kept shooting up inside her. His legs were tight, his balls were tight, his cock was solid, rigid and shooting out streams of passion all inside his Ann.

Her body had completely tensed up, her toes were pointed straight up in the air, and she too had felt this eruption of passion shoot within her entire body, starting at the soles of her feet, running up her creamy thighs, and centering on her cunt. She could feel his juices squirting inside her. She could feel his engorged cock hitting the back wall of her tunnel. Eddy lay weak against her body, his cock still inside her, but starting to relax, juice spilling out of her cunt onto the floor.

They were both gasping for air, still kissing one another, hair sweaty and bodies burning. He finally spoke directly to her and said, “Ann – that was… amazing!” And she replied, “Welcome home Eddy.” All his dreams had come true. He was with the person he loved and she was a wild tigress! He had always worried he would hurt her with his brute force or turn her off somehow with his need for variety but she not only didn’t mind, she had invited another woman into their lives!

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