Based on a picture by Millie

Pelaam September 2007.


The young, attractive man frowned sullenly as the last of the flurry of camera clicks ended. He was anything but happy…or comfortable. He didn’t want to be here and he certainly didn’t want to be as helpless as he was. He shifted a little, trying to get some respite from the wood that dug into his naked back and shoulders. He tested the rope on his wrists. But it held fast, holding his arms up and back so his fists were parallel to his head, opening out and displaying to good advantage his smooth, well-defined chest. Another flurry of clicks and Troy really hoped this was the last. He’d done as he’d been asked; let himself be restrained, now they could wrap this all up.

“Finished?” he asked in a sarcastic growl. He stared as the photographer sauntered over, not the least fazed by Troy’s angry glare. Troy had to grudgingly admit that Leighton was looking good. The older man was a couple of inches taller and broader than himself with jet-black spiked hair. He was wearing black PVC pants that displayed his lower body well and a tight white t-shirt. He belatedly realised his appraisal had been noticed.

“Like what you see?” Leighton smirked.

“I asked if we were finished,” Troy said evading the question.

“Sorry, Troy,” Leighton said, in tones that suggested he was anything but. “There are a few ok shots here, but nothing that I’d use for the commission. ” He leered at the only item of clothing Troy wore, button-fly pants. “But I have an idea this will work.” His smile became lascivious as Troy tried unsuccessfully to wriggle away from the older man as his hands undid the fly, taking numerous liberties with the barely concealed flesh. The pants now hung precariously off slender hips; treasure trail and the beginnings of his pubic hair visible.

“Much better,” Leighton grinned as he repositioned his camera.

“You can’t,” Troy spluttered indignantly.

“Face me,” Leighton replied, angling his lens.

Troy purposely looked away and then gasped in shock at the light slap to his averted cheek.

“I said ‘face me’,” Leighton’s voice held a touch of menace.

Troy obeyed and another flurry of clicks sounded as frame after frame of his body was captured on film. Checking the number of images left, Leighton nodded and put the camera down next to one of his many bags. He sauntered over to his captive.

Troy’s eyes were transfixed; the way a bird would regard a snake. He felt a cold chill and his stomach fluttered in a mix of apprehension and anticipation. He was certain this wasn’t yet over. He gave a grunt of surprise as his chin was caught in a brutal grip and his mouth possessed in a hard kiss.

“Stop that,” he panted, as Leighton finally stepped back.

“I don’t think so, Troy,” Leighton said silkily. “I’ve looked forward to this all day. Me. You. Restrained. You won’t resist,” he added more sharply as Troy began to struggle more earnestly against his bonds. “Look,” he commanded forcefully.

Troy gaped disbelievingly as Leighton displayed the contents of his bag; a spreader-bar, a leather ball-gag, a thick, Tuzla Escort black leather slave collar, a studded cock-ring and ball-harness and a generously sized, black silicon dildo. He shook his head, staring fearfully.

“Imagine being collared, ringed, gagged, spread nice and wide with this big, fat beauty in your tight, little ass. Then imagine the pictures I’ll take being circulated on the net. “

“That…that’s blackmail,” Troy said hoarsely, his throat dry. “You can’t…”

“Oh but I can and I will. If you’re a good little boy and please me, the worst you’ll get it is the good seeing to you deserve after teasing me so long. Always bending over, giving me ‘come hither’ looks, only to act like the outraged virgin if I take up the offer.” Leighton’s voice dropped incrementally until it was a low, feral growl.

Troy blinked. He meant it. Leighton meant it.

“I’ve never…” he began, only to have the gag pressed against his mouth.

“No biting, no kicking, no shouting. If I put my tongue in your mouth, I want yours in mine. I kiss you, you kiss back…get the message?” Leighton pushed the gag a little harder as he reached to start pushing down Troy’s pants. He’d been hard all day thinking of this moment and he had every intention of enjoying each minute of Troy at his mercy. He smiled triumphantly as the younger man’s head dropped in defeat. “Good boy,” he purred.

Troy gasped as masterful fingers began to pinch and pluck at his nipples. They were always an erogenous zone for him, but like this they seemed even more sensitive and were quickly hard, needy nubs. He heard Leighton’s murmur of appreciation before one was briefly enveloped in moist heat. Even as Troy began to react, the mouth was gone, torturing the other taut teat. To his shame, he felt his groin react, his lax length starting to twitch with each lick or breath of air against his aching tits. He bit back a groan. He would *not* enjoy this. Leighton’s mouth covered his and the teasing tongue slid inside. Troy remained passive, until a sharp pinch to his throbbing nipple reminded him of Leighton’s words. Reluctantly he pushed his tongue inside the other man’s mouth. He tasted mint and coffee and an underlying flavour that was pure Leighton. He made an abortive moan as his tongue was sucked slowly, sensuously.

“Leighton, please …” Troy began as the older man broke away as they panted for air.

Leighton devoured the words from his mouth with a fierce, bruising kiss, teeth sharp on the fullness of Troy’s lower lip, hands rough as they claimed Troy’s body, ranging over him, exploring every bit of flesh, finding hidden sweetness. This time, Troy did moan as Leighton’s mouth left his and found his throat, kissing his collarbone, mouthing at his Adam’s apple. Leighton’s grin was feral as he dropped to his knees and pulled off the last item of clothing, the final barrier to Troy’s full nudity and vulnerability. He licked his lips…slowly….deliberately.

“You see,” he whispered harshly. “You want this.”

Troy felt the heat at his groin matched by that on his face. He was being blackmailed into giving Anadolu Yakası Escort his body and he was hard, his treacherous cock swelling at every touch of greedy hands and hungry mouth. He couldn’t stop another moan as Leighton blew across his cockhead. He gave a cry and bucked helplessly as Leighton began to devour his erection.

Leighton’s eyes, dark and wild with desire, watched as Troy began to thrust instinctively.

Troy groaned as Leighton lowered his head and engulfed his cock, taking it deep within his throat, the wet heat and suction searing him. The older man’s mouth moved everywhere, encompassing Troy’s shaft. Swirling tongue, sucking lips and nipping teeth tortured the reluctant erection. A hand momentarily replaced mouth, pulling hard on the tender underside, tracing the pulsing vein from base to tip. Fingers tortured the swollen head, milking it, the slick fluid flowing free. The ravenous mouth returned, taking only the tip in, holding it with teeth, gnawing lightly.

A guttural sound broke the stillness as Leighton stroked the sensitive area behind Troy’s scrotum. A feather-light touch ghosted over the sac, its balls rock hard, pulled up tight. Leighton pulled back, looking with approval at the hard, red, saliva-wet shaft. He pulled a tube of lube from his pocket.

“Time to make you ready,” he growled.

He stood and hooked Troy’s left leg around his own hip.

“Keep it there,” he commanded. “Makes you nice and open for me,” he added with a leer as he reached behind Troy. His slick finger easily found the spread cleft and quickly sought the hidden entrance. His finger slid into tight heat. “Oh yeah,” he husked, pushing his finger in deep, beginning a slow out and in motion as he angled Troy to kiss him again. Leighton moved his tongue in the same motion as his finger. First one finger, then two, pressed into the tight opening. He ignored the soft sounds of protest as he worked inside his captive’s body. He could feel the lube slicking and coating the hot, velvety channel, strong muscles twitching and stretching, opening for him. A little more lube and another finger slid inside Troy. Roughly, but with care not to hurt, Leighton twisted his fingers, moving them in and out, spreading them apart, loosening and relaxing tight muscles.

The younger man moaned and whimpered with lust and began to buck and writhe, pushing back against his fingers. With a grin, Leighton searched for and found Troy’s sweet spot. He swirled a fingertip around it, circling the perimeter, and then rubbed across it once, twice, a third time. Troy was straining against his restraints, his body lost in a maelstrom of sensation.

“Good boy,” Leighton rasped, as his fingers possessed the hot, tight channel. “Yeah, you want it real bad now don’t you? My big dick in your tight, pretty ass.” Leighton kept up the motions of his fingers as he unzipped his pants to free his own aching cock. The hard flesh surged free, dripping its need to be buried in slick heat. “Yeah,” Leighton murmured. “Gonna give you what we both need.” He slicked his hot length in cool gel. “Wrap your other leg around İstanbul Escort me,” he husked.

As Troy obeyed the older man, he felt his ass cheeks cupped in strong hands and spread even wider. The blunt head of Leighton’s cock pressed at his opening, demanding entrance and Troy groaned as he felt it push into his body.

Leighton moaned his appreciation as the narrow sheath grasped hotly at every millimetre of his throbbing tool. He forged ahead until fully buried and then withdrew to repeat the action, again and again; shifting slightly until the wail told him his aim was true. Then he began to thrust in earnest, hard, fast, deep, claiming the restrained body for his own, submitting it to his pleasures and desires. Soon the only sounds were Leighton’s guttural grunts, Troy’s mindless moans and the slap of flesh on flesh. All too quickly Leighton felt his balls rise. He reached to fist at Troy’s neglected cock.

“Gonna fill you,” Leighton rumbled harshly. “Fill you with my come.” He gave a triumphant shout as wet heat splashed between them and Troy’s body shook with his release. The sheath around him contracted and clenched and with one last forceful thrust he came hard, his semen jetting deep into the still spasming channel.

Troy felt the hot juices pulse into his still shaking body. His head dropped forward and he felt completely drained. He keened softly as Leighton withdrew and shivered as the cool air hit the warm come in sticky streaks across his belly. He felt some of the older man’s seed trickle down his thigh and gave a soft moan. He felt debauched and sated in ways he couldn’t vocalise. He was certain that the only thing keeping him upright was the rope around his wrists. He murmured gratefully, too exhausted for anything more, as a strong arm around his waist supported his weight as his wrists were freed. He let himself be guided until he was lying on a couch and a warm washcloth was sweeping across his overheated skin, cleansing him.

“You ok, baby?” a concerned voice asked. These tones were warm and loving, nothing like the cold, hard voice of his ravisher.

“‘M good,” he managed.

“Not too rough?” the voice persisted. “God you were so hot like that.”

Troy opened his eyes to gaze at Leighton hovering worriedly, his eyes holding a mix of love, lust and satiation. Troy gave a smile of satisfaction, then reached to pull the older man down for a slow, deep, satisfying kiss.

“I was so sure I’d hate it,” Troy murmured. “But you made it good. I knew I could trust you, but the voice, the eyes… and that box of toys….I barely recognised you.”

“The big, bad blackmailer,” Leighton smiled, his voice hard and flat once more. “Makes the scene more realistic. You wouldn’t have responded half so well if I’d used my ‘normal’ voice.” He pulled his mate to his feet and swatted the pert rear. “Get dressed and we can go. I can develop the film at home. I’m certain the photo I took with your pants unfastened will be the one I use. You know, the agency often asks me your name, so I tell them …mine.”

Troy laughed and kissed the older man and turned to the dressing rooms.

Leighton eyed the lithe body avariciously as Troy scurried to dress. He fixated on the toy box and he licked his lips as his cock began to stir to life again. His eyes took on a predatory gleam. He would make sure this box was packed in the car and, with any luck, he’d persuade his lover to play another game.

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