Birthday Party Pt. 01


**First public story submission, so apologies if things are a bit jankey. Contains lots of nastiness, including but not limited to: futadom, futa on female, cuckold, SPH, bondage, etc.

All character are over the age of 18.

Hope you enjoy 🙂 **


“Harder!…Ughh! Harder, fuck my dripping pussy harder, Skye! I love you, keep fucking me, baby! Oh god, harder, harder!” Willow shouted from below him as her legs wrapped even tighter around his waist.

They’d been fucking for nearly 10 minutes straight now, having gone from doggy to missionary to their current position of him standing to fuck her as she lay with her back on the bed, legs wrapped around his waist and hips lifted up to join with his dick as he fucked her with everything he had. Skylar was clenching his teeth almost as hard as he was tensing his abdominals at this point, desperately trying to hold himself off from cumming before she did, yet again.

It wasn’t as though she’d never cum from his dick, up until recently they’d seemed to enjoy a wonderful sex life, but over the last couple months it felt like he could count the times she had on one hand. Time was wearing on him, 10 minutes was pretty much hitting his maximum limit, stamina wise and climax wise, and he’d never been able last much longer than that with how good she felt around him and how hot her dirty talk made him. He could feel his balls tightening as his body screamed to just let go and unload.

“Oh, fuck! Wil…I can’t…I can’t hold it, I’m gonna-“

“No, no, no! Not yet baby I’m so close! Just keep going a little more! Ram that cock in me just a bit more! You feel so good inside my cunt Skye, I’m so wet for you…I love you- just fuck me harder! Make me cum on your dick baby!”

He couldn’t.

“Fuck…its…aaaooohhhh shit!” His primal instincts took over bodily control, forcing him to drive himself into her as deeply as he could as he busted inside her snatch. His hips jerked sporadically as his orgasm rocked his body with bliss with every shot.

“Ohhhh, oh fuck…” Her disappointment evident in her voice as she felt him unloading in her. “I was so close, too.” She played with her dark pink nipples as she watched her lover empty his balls, each mound of plentiful tit-flesh more than he could fit into both hands.

“That’s it baby, cum for momma.” Her previously lust-tinged voice tuned soft as she cooed lovingly up at him. “Bust that nut in momma’s hungry snatch…”

‘She’s really been into the ‘momma’ thing lately…’ He thought silently as the last eddies of his climax ebbed away, leaving him panting on weary, shaking legs.

He’d been a little hesitant when she’d first started dirty talking like that a couple months ago, but despite the oedipal taboo of it he had eventually found it to be…extremely hot. But then again, he pretty much found everything she did hot. Willow had some kind of innate ability to explore and push the boundaries of their sexuality, opening him up to fetishes he’d been curious about, and even introducing him to some kinky shit he didn’t even know existed. She was a sexual goddess. His sexual goddess, and once again he’d succumbed to her new style of play.

Pulling her legs off from around his waist he opened them wide as he sat on the edge of the bed beside her.

“I’m sorry Wil…you just feel so good…” The bright timbre of his voice breathy as he apologised.

“Shhhh, don’t apologise, baby. I love watching your face as you cum, you look so pitiful and cute when your little man squirts inside me.” She leaned over and kissed his arm. “Besides, I know those clever fingers of yours can get me the rest of the way…” She didn’t have to say anything more, he leaned down to sloppily make out with her mouth as he dug his middle and ring fingers into her cum dripping pussy, curling them inwards and pressing into the bumpy surface just inside her pubis.

She broke their kiss to cuss again, dirty lust dripping from her voice once more.

“Wauuuhh! Oh fuck yes! Finger my cunt baby, you got me so close now finish the fucking job! Oh shit, fuck! Ugghhhhh, finish the job your cock couldn’t! Fucking shit!” That was another thing she’d been doing lately, blithely humiliating him whenever he couldn’t make her cum.

It was another thing he hadn’t been sure about at first, but the way she was so loving and affectionate after she’d cum had helped him accept it was just dirty talk, nothing more. Besides he had to admit to himself, albeit a little shamefully, that it filled with a strangely exhilarating mix of humiliation and excitement that he couldn’t seem to get enough of. He felt his softened prick twitch despite having just come, as he began drawing his arm back and forth, pulling on the inside of her pubis and crushing her G-spot with two fingers as she writhed next to him.

He started off slow, but steadily picked up speed until he got himself to a steady pace, pumping his fingers in and out of her as she spewed a parade of expletives that became sikiş porno more and more depraved as he drew her back to orgasm. Her own fingers didn’t remain idle though, they pulled and pinched her nipples as she quickly flew back to the edge of her climax.

“Oh fuck oh shit fuck! Smash that fucking cunt with your fingers baby wreck my tight little babymaker work those fingers like a good boy and make momma cum like your little dicky can’t oh shit fuck shit fuck fuck fuck!! I’m gonna cum, I’m gonna cum I’m-” Her words cut off just as it was about to hit her.

His other hand, previously kneading her bountiful bosom, flew down to her crotch as he pressed his fingertips over her clit, vibrating them across the erect nub of nerves as she came, and intensifying her climax to another level completely.

“FuuUUCCKK! Aaaahhhhhrrhhhhhhgggnnn!” She shrieked as her body tensed and spasmed violently to his ministrations, her hips thrusting into the air against his fingers as she was wracked by wave after wave of orgasmic delight, before coming down after a few moments, and collapsing back onto the mattress beside him.

“Oohhhh, oohhhh fuck!…I needed that! Your fingers are my kryptonite, baby, mmmmm…” She practically purred as her chest heaved with deep breaths.

He wished she was saying that about his dick instead, but he put that vanity aside as they shuffled up onto the bed proper, collapsing back against their pillows and holding one another as they both enjoyed their now mutual post orgasmic glow. Yeah…despite his recent shortcomings, he and Willow had a good sex life. Great even, on the days he could last those extra few minutes inside her and get her off on his manhood alone. He always made sure she was sexually satisfied one way or another, though, be it with his dick, hands or mouth.

Speaking of which.

“Mmmm, babe? Can you…do the thing?” He sighed loudly at her mellow request, trying to ignore her and hoping she wouldn’t push it, but he’d had no such luck previously, so why would he have it tonight? “Come one, a deal’s a deal, you promised.” Her tone was insistent now. “Don’t puss out just because you lost…again.”

Damn it…and so close to his birthday, too.

“Mmmmpff-fine…” He grumbled, shimmying her body off of his arm as he crawled down between her thighs.

They had a bet going since a couple months ago, about the same time she’d started all the ‘mommy’ stuff and humiliating dirty talk. If she came first he got to fuck her ass, but if he came first he had to eat up his ‘mess’. He’d tried refusing at first, saying it was gross and he didn’t want to, even going so far to mollify her by saying she didn’t have to swallow his loads if she didn’t want to from now on.

Problem was, she loved swallowing his loads and wasn’t about to give them up, and she was just…so damned convincing when she wanted to explore a new kink. After a little more cajoling he’d finally relented, and quickly lost upon them having sex immediately after. The first taste of his own cum from her freshly fucked snatch was…weird, to say the least. Skylar considered himself to be in fairly good shape, no body builder or chiselled physique like his best friend Braeanna, but decent enough, and he ate pretty well what with Willow being a vegan. She’d once told him the only meat and milk she wanted she got from him, anyway.

All that said, his cum still tasted like, well…cum. Salty and musky with a bit of a bitter aftertaste. Not as bitter as it used to taste to be sure, he’d experimented a bit in his teens, once blowing a load into his own mouth as he’d jacked himself with his hips upturned a little uncomfortably over his face. He hadn’t felt the need to try it again since then, though, the bitter gluey residue that stuck to his throat making him gag and retch as soon as the post climax high had worn off not a minute later.

Eating it out from his lover, though, had been a bit more pleasant. Mixed with her girlcum and with his diet since dating her having made it a bit less bitter and salty, it was just on the verge of palatable. That still didn’t mean he was raring to feltch his jizz from her at every opportunity, but it had made the experience less disgusting, at least.

With one last forlorn sigh, he buckled down and got to work.

“Mmmmaaaaahh!” She gasped as her hips undulated up to meet his mouth. “That’s it babe, eat mommy’s cunt like a good boy. Oh, god! you know how to use that tongue so well! Mmmmm, yeah, you’re mommy’s little cunt cleaner…” Her encouraging yet infantilising dirty talk made the experience at once more demeaning and thrilling as his dick twitched again, trying to swell back to life even after busting its nut a few minutes ago. Her pussy was still juicy with his load, but once he’d slurped and lapped up the bulk of it, all he could taste was her.

He continued eating her in earnest as her thighs closed and squeezed themselves around his head, muffling her moans and lewd profanities as they locked şişman porno him in place. Face buried in her twat, he kept at it, darting his tongue in and out to gather the last errant remnants of his cum, and running it up and down her labial lips as he occasionally circled and teased her clit with the tip of his muscle. He knew she was getting close again when she put a hand on the back of his head and ground her crotch harder and harder into his face, when that happened he stuck his tongue back in her depths as far as it would go and began twisting and gyrating it inside her to bring her over the edge.

“Ohhh fuck yes baby! Eat my pussy god yes, you’re the best! Fuck, you’re the best at eating me, keep going Skye, fuck! I’m so fucking close again I’m so close just a-a-aahhhhhh!” Her legs clenched harder around him, smothering his head in their ample flesh as she came on his tongue. “Fuuuck shit fuck baby fuck yes yes yes! Ahhhhhahaha!” He was having a little trouble breathing by the time she finally relaxed, allowing her legs to slump back down to either side of his head, releasing him.

Panting slightly breathless and stretching his jaw open, he crawled back up Willow’s body and flopped his head down on the pillow next to her and wrapping his arms around her. Cradling the back of her head as she snuggled into him, he laid her head on his shoulder as they both sighed with contentment.

‘Fuck, you’re so good at that, love…But, I guess you’ve had a lot of practice lately, huh?” She snickered as she looked up at him with her loving, doe eyes.

Fuck, there she went again. How could she make an insult like that feel so…good? His cock was nearly standing to full attention again from her degradation.

“Aww, looks like someone wants to play again.” She sniggered again as she saw his predicament. “Sorry baby, I think I’m good for now, you’ll have to wait till your birthday for any more ‘attention’.”

“I still don’t see why we can’t fuck for 2 weeks.” He griped for the umpteenth time since hearing about her idea, pulling himself back up alongside her.

“Shush!” She chided him like an impertinent schoolboy. “I told you, it’s part of your birthday surprise. You agreed, you got your last nut in, now you have to wait. You’re always trying to back out of your promises after you’ve gotten off, that’s partly why I want you celibate until your birthday. I want you all hot and bothered by the time I’ve got my surprise ready. A deal’s a deal.” She craned her neck up and lightly bit at his neck, not helping his situation one little bit.

“Fine, fine. You’re right. Sorry…” He knew what he was getting in to when he’d made the deal, at least he thought he had, but he’d been horny, and horny Skye would agree to just about anything to let his dick take a dive in Willow’s hot little pond.

After getting up to clean themselves they returned to bed with each other, naked as the day they were born and wrapped in each other’s arms again. Fuck, she felt good. Willow was a bit shorter than him, at 5’4″, and had a body that seemed the very definition of curvaceous. Her overly generous chest tapering down to a trim waist before widening out again to a pair of beautiful, rounded hips and soft fleshy thighs that supported her thick bubble-butt. He counted himself more than lucky to have such a wonderful and gorgeous woman fall in love with him.

Not that he was the runt of the litter by any means. He was average height, sure, with a medium build that was kept well in check by going along with her dietary lifestyle and the occasional trip to the gym with his friend Brae. He’d always supposed he was okay looking, too, and his dick was at least a respectable 6 inches. He’d had a good education and a good family, before he’d lost his parents to a car accident when he was in high school, and had a nice stable job.

Yet still, he always felt a little niggling insecurity about her choice to be with him when he could have easily imagined her on the arm of some tall, buff Hollywood celebrity or gracing the cover of a magazine. He supposed that insecurity was what had led to him being attracted to some rather…unusual masturbatory habits over the past few years since they’d gotten together. Willow was an open-minded woman, thus all the kink in their sex life especially of late, but he’d rather this particular fantasy remained just that. A dark, secreted fantasy, only ever brought out when he was securely alone, and quickly pushed back down into the shadows once he’d gotten off, the shame of it making him almost feel sick after the excitement of his climax had settled.

“I love you. You know that, right?” Willow broke a long silence as they lay together, enveloped in the darkness of their bedroom. Her head still rested on his shoulder but he felt her head shift up to look at him. Even in the inky blackness he could almost make out her vibrant hazel eyes as she looked up at him.

“Yeah, of course I know.” He was a little puzzled by the unexpected swinger porno declaration, but felt his heart swell at hearing her say it.

“I mean…I really, really love you. You mean the world to me.” She continued. Where was this coming from?

“Hey,” She stroked the back of her head softly as he looked through the darkness at her. “Is everything okay?”

“Yeah, I just…it’s just…about your birthday…” Her voice sounded hesitant and conflicted.

“What? I thought you didn’t want me to know about whatever you had planned?”

“I don’t…I’m just…” He could tell there was something on the tip of her tongue.

“Hey,” He lowered his head towards hers, touching their foreheads together in an intimate gesture they’d begun soon after they’d first confessed their love to each other. “I don’t know what’s got you like this. Whatever it is, whatever you have planned, I’m sure it’ll be great. I trust you.” She took a deep breath before nodding and pecking him on the lips.

“Okay, then.” She sounded determined, all trace of reluctance gone.

“Besides, if you’re having issues with…whatever it is, I’m sure Brae can help you.” She suddenly stiffened against him as he suggested it.

“Wh-what do you mean?”

“You two have been texting each other practically non-stop since you told me about my big ‘surprise’ last week, right? Unless you’ve got something else going on?”

“No! No…You haven’t peeked at any of the messages have you?” She pressed him, seeming almost alarmed now.

“No, I wouldn’t invade your privacy like that, you know that.”

“Yeah…yeah…” She still seemed a little troubled, not able to meet his eyes even in the shrouding darkness, so he pressed her right back, curious about what was being planned anyway.

“So…is she in on it?”

“She’s…got a part to play… That’s all I’ll say, though. Enough! Time for bed. You and your little guy need to get some rest. You’re gonna need all the mental strength you can muster to stay dry for the next couple weeks.” Some sassiness coming back to her voice.

‘Easier said than done with those ‘little’ remarks of hers driving me wild.’ He thought silently as he stroked the back of her head.

The closeness to which they mirrored his dark little secret was uncanny, and confusing. A part of him wanted to tell her to do it more, degrade him more, but another part of him, the rational part, knew that would lead to too many questions and too many answers he wasn’t ready to come to grips with himself yet, let alone share with her.

“Okay, okay…Goodnight, Wil. I love you.”

“I love you too, darling.” She whispered back up to him as they snuggled deeper into bed and each other, drifting off to sleep despite his irritatingly stubborn hard on that refused to go down.

“You feeling alright, man?” His best friend Braeanna asked him as they sat for lunch in a café near both of their places of work.

He enjoyed their little lunch dates, a chance for them to catch up with each other, and just shoot the shit. They had made a point to meet up at least once a week after they graduated college, but over the past couple months she’d been on his ass to hang out more and more, until now they were going to lunch a few times a week at least, and she was routinely hanging out with him and Wil nearly every weekend.

“Ahhh…yeah, just…excited for my birthday, you know?” That half-assed reply didn’t even come close to scraping the surface of how he was feeling, though.

The 2 weeks leading up to his birthday had become increasingly hellish for Skye as his forced celibacy had driven his libido into hitherto unknown levels of carnal yearning. Not being able to have sex was one thing, he’d had years of practice dealing with that as a hormonal teenager and a few more during some lonely stints in college. Not even being allowed get himself off though…that was something else entirely.

His un-slaked lust was making him moody, irritable, and hyper sensitive to the slightest little thing, and Willow hadn’t been helping things one bit! For the past couple weeks since his forced abstinence began she’d been roaming around the house wearing increasingly revealing and sexy clothes and underwear. Just a couple nights ago he’d gotten to the point of openly staring at her, drool nearly running from the corner of his mouth as she’d been bent over organizing some of her things in the living room wearing nothing but a too tight midriff crop top and black thong. She’d turned around and caught him of course, just scrunching her cute little button nose and winking as she waggled her small delicate finger at him to warn him off from getting any nasty ideas, before turning back to her work and wiggling her delicious rump even more, just to torture him further.

Even just walking around his office was beginning to get difficult now. Whether he was going to make copies or walking to get some water, the feeling as his pants glided across his crotch or the pressure as he was leaning over his desk to reach something was making him pop a stiffy in record time. Each time forcing him to stop whatever he was doing and take long, deep breaths to calm himself and steel his nerves from walking into the bathroom and rubbing a quick one out in a stall.

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