Birds, Bees and Booze Ch. 07

Anal Ass


I wish Mom could be part of this.

My 18-year-old daughter, naked, cuddling with me and clutching my genitals, had just uttered those words, and my penis grew completely erect in seconds. Cait actually struggled a bit to keep her slender fingers around my shaft as it stiffened to its full thickness. She had been watching me, but as she felt my cock thicken she turned her head to watch it grow.

“Okaaaaayyy,” she said carefully. “That was an interesting reaction.”

“Uhhh…” was all I could stammer.

Cait looked back up at me, her eyes wide. She said, “I just replayed in my head what I just said to you, I can see how that would be rather provocative, but…” She gave my stiff erection a squeeze. “But wow!”

I still had no words. My cock, hard as a steal pole now, was serving as my reaction to the idea of sharing a bed with both my beautiful wife and my daughter.

“So,” Cait said, taking on a slightly sarcastic tone (as well as starting to stroke my cock), “I’m going to take a wild guess here and assume you like the idea of Mom being here with us right now.” The fact that she was stroking my cock informed me that she wasn’t upset about me thinking something like that, so I simply gave her a sheepish grin.

“Well…” I started.

She cut in, “I can see why you reacted the way you did, based on how I phrased my statement. But I was actually referring to the fact that probably the only thing I don’t like about all this is keeping it from Mom.”

“I understand,” I said, truthfully. I was quickly becoming more than comfortable with sleeping with my own daughter, but this also meant I was now cheating on Heather. It was something I still didn’t know how to reconcile, and I was nervous about it, but also relieved that Cait was bringing it into the open for discussion.

“The whole situation is weird,” Cait went on. “Yes, we are technically fooling around behind Mom’s back, but…well, I’m not just some floozy you met at a bar on a business trip. I’m family!”

“Yes, we are,” I said, “but…” I gestured the fact that my family member was giving me a hand job at the moment.”

Thankfully, Cait did not cease from her stroking. But I could see her mind whirling. She said, “I just wish there was a way to approach Mom about this in a way that she could accept the new…intimacy that you and I have entered into.”

Despite the wonderful feeling of my daughter stroking my cock, which was now dribbling copious amounts of precum, I was able to cling to just a bit of reality. I said: “Pumpkin, how would you suggest even beginning to broach the subject of our ‘intimacy,’ as you call it, with your mother?”

“I guess we would have to just start probing her about it in an indirect way.”

“How so?”

Cait didn’t answer right away. She first turned back toward my cock, watching her own little fist move up and down on the shaft. Then she scooched her head down and gave the head of my cock a little lick, then a few sucks. I let out a moan of pleasure.

Between sucks, she asked, “For starters, have you ever been with two girls at once? A threesome?”

I was stunned by the blunt question, but Cait was clearly very interested in the answer; she was watching my face intently while giving my cock the occasional lick and suck while she stroked it.

“Well,” I said. “As a matter of fact, yes.”


“Yes…well, sort of, mostly.”

Cait actually giggle around my cock. She lifted her head. “What do you mean, ‘mostly?'”

I smiled at her. “I actually refer to it as a ‘two-and-a-half-some.'” She gave me a puzzled look. “I’ll explain: as you know, your mom and I started dating in college, and, before her, I had only been with a few girls.”

“One of them being the famous Shannon,” Cait said, her voice a bit muffled by my cock.

“Yes,” I said, thoroughly enjoying the fellatio as I recounted my story. “When your mom and I had been dating a couple of years, but still before we got married, we somehow got on the subject of threesomes, and how that is a typical guy’s classic fantasy.”

“Mm-hmm.” Cait was in full blowjob mode now, her head bobbing up and down. But she kept brushing her hair to one side, watching me, still quite eager to hear my story, which I had to power through to continue, because my daughter’s lips and tongue on my cock was very distracting!

“At one point,” I said, trying to control my breathing, “your mom pointed out that, had she and I not become a steady item in college, I would probably be going through several different girls as a bachelor, sewing my oats, as it were. She surmised that I would probably even be able to get a threesome going if I found the girls willing to do it. Also, at this point in our relationship, I hadn’t officially proposed to your mom, but we had discussed marriage in general, and it was quite clear that we would get married, sometime after college.”

I realized Cait bursa bayan eskort had actually paused sucking me. I didn’t want the stimulation to stop, but when I looked at her I saw that she had simply paused to study me, trying to figure out where I was going with this. I tried to get to the point more quickly:

“Your mom said something to the effect that, if we were going to be together for the rest of our lives, she didn’t want me regretting not having experienced some of the physical pleasures of life that I probably would have as a single guy. So…she offered to find a girl to join us in bed.”

Cait lifted her head from my cock. “Holy shit!”

I chuckled. “Yeah, that was pretty much my reaction, too.”

“So, what happened?”

I winked. “You go back to what you were doing, and I’ll get back to my story.”

She winked back. “Yes, Daddy,” and while still watching me, she took the head of my cock back into her mouth, sucking me steadily while also stroking the lower half of my shaft with her first, using her own saliva, and my pre-ejaculate, as lubricant.

I took a deep breath, watched my daughter’s head bob up and down for a moment, then went on. “Your mom already knew of a couple of female friends of hers that were into both men and women, and she figured one of them might be game for a little threesome action. She eventually talked one of them, girl named Joyce, into joining us at a hotel for drinks, dinner, and ‘who knows what else.’

“Mmm…” Cait hummed, causing a wonderful vibrating sensation on my shaft.

“We met with Joyce in the hotel bar, and we got to know her a little better over drinks. Heather knew her fairly well since they attended a number of classes together in their major, but I was meeting Joyce for the first time. Your mom had already told her much about me, and Joyce was quite flirtatious and into the whole situation from the start.”

Cait took her mouth off my cock just long enough to ask, “What did Joyce look like, Daddy?”

“She had long, dark hair and very tanned skin. She was quite voluptuous, nice curvy hips. Her breasts were smaller than your mom’s, but they looked quite nice under her shirt. She had a quick smile, and unbelievable green eyes.”

“Mmm…” Cait hummed again. The plateau of sexual pleasure I was experiencing in this moment was indescribable.

I said, “At Heather’s encouragement, I sat between the ladies, and as they enjoyed their cocktails and flirtatious remarks, I enjoyed putting my hands on each of their thighs and getting some nice feels. At one point your mom felt my erection through my pants and encouraged Joyce to feel for herself how excited I was. Joyce went for it and massaged me through my pants for several moments. Your mom then asked Joyce if she wanted to see it up close, and Joyce said she couldn’t wait. Oh, God, Cait!”

She had moved her mouth from my stiff glistening clock to my balls, which she was now licking and lightly “munching” on as she continued to look directly at me, waiting for my story to continue.

“We went up to the hotel room your mom that I had already booked. It didn’t take long for us to all get naked, and it was so hot to see your mom and another woman, naked together in the same bed. What really shocked me was seeing how easy it was for your mom to start making out and feeling up Joyce. And when Joyce saw my hard cock for the first time she complimented me quite a bit about my size.”

“Mmm, I know what she means,” Cait murmured as she sucked and stroked me.

“Joyce grabbed my cock for the first time, and after a nod of approval from your mother, she took me into her mouth and started blowing me.”

When I said that Cait went back from my balls to my cock and began giving me head again in earnest. I let my head fall back and closed my eyes, feeling my daughter’s tongue on my cock, remembering when Joyce had been doing the same thing, all those years ago. But then Cait stopped sucking me. I opened my eyes and glanced down at her. She still had the head of my dick in her mouth, but she wasn’t moving.

“Oh, I see,” I said, grinning. “You continue if I continue.”

She grinned and nodded awkwardly, which looked pretty awesome considering her mouth with stuffed with my cock.

“Okay, okay!” I laughed, touching the back of her head for her to continue while I did. Cait’s head started bobbing up and down again, I sighed in pleasure, and I continued: “Joyce was sucking my dick, then your mom joined in, and I will never forget being able to look down and see two sexy chicks making out and playing with my dick at the same time. I was in love with your mom, of course, and still love her sexy body to this day, but seeing Joyce naked for the first time had me so turned on, and I felt myself wanting to just mount her and rape her.”


“This is where the ‘two-and-a-half-some’ thing comes in. Prior to setting this bursa evi olan escort all up, your mom established one main ground rule: she said I could do anything with Joyce except have intercourse with her.”

Cait mumbled a sympathetic, “Awww.”

I shook my head. “No, no, it was quite fair. Heather was offering me the gift of another woman’s flesh, letting me experience what it would be like to be with two women, but she just couldn’t quite get comfortable with me actually fucking Joyce. Part of it was for safety. While Joyce seemed like a nice girl, she was also pretty eager to get in bed, and we had no idea of her sexual history. Heather did not want to use condoms, so the safest thing would be not to actually have sex with Joyce.”

Cait gave me another look.

“Yes,” I said, “of course I would have loved to have fucked Joyce, but I was not going to complain one bit, and believe me, Joyce was an excellent cocksucker.”

My daughter lifted her head up to say, “I want to be an excellent cocksucker, too, Daddy.”

“Oh, baby, you are doing just fine, just fine!”

Cait grinned at the approval and went back to sucking me. I didn’t know how much more I could take. I tried to focus on my story.

“Throughout the night, I got sucked by Joyce, and I got to suck and lick and fondle just about every part of her body. I also loved the sensation of feeling her hand guide my hard cock into your mom’s pussy.” I couldn’t believe I was getting into such detail with Cait, but I was on a roll, and horny as fuck. “Joyce played with your mom’s clit and my balls as I pumped in and out. We started in missionary position at first, but Joyce said she wanted better access and suggested that Heather mount me cowgirl style.”

Cait released my raging hard-on from her mouth once more, working her jaw a little. The poor thing had been sucking me for quite some time, and because I had had so much sex in recent hours, I was lasting a lot longer than usual.

“Cowgirl, eh?” she asked, and she got up on her haunches, hovering over my cock.

“Yes,” I said, grinning.

I stared in awe at my young, petite daughter slowly lowering herself toward the head of my cock, which she held up and aimed at her opening. Her bald little pussy began stretching open around the head, and then Cait let her body sink down until she was completely impaled on me.

“Oh god, Daddy,” Cait cried out. “So. Fucking. Big.”

“And you’re so. Fucking. Tight.”

Cait winced a bit, adjusted her stance, pumped up and down on my shaft to ensure stability and sensation, then told me to continue my story while she started riding me.

“I…I…” Stammering at first at both the sight and feeling of my daughter fucking me, I got back into the story: “Your mom gladly changed positions and impaled herself on me, just as you’re doing now, baby. Joyce moved around us, having her fun while your mom and I humped. Joyce played with your mom’s breasts, tickled my balls, licked us just about everywhere, all while your mom continued to ride me.”

“So hot, Daddy, that’s just so hot!”

“When my orgasm began creeping up on me, I started to think about where I would cum. I knew it was okay to cum inside your mother—she was on the pill—but I also wanted to give my cum to Joyce, somehow, knowing I couldn’t actually have sex with her. Your mom was wonderful. She could tell I was getting close, and she always loves feeling me cum inside her, but she knew this was a special occasion.”

Cait started fingering herself while she bounced on me. “Yeah, yeah, Daddy, tell me where you came.”

“Your mom, approaching her own orgasm, simply asked Joyce, ‘Do you want his cum?’ Joyce immediately said yes.”

“Yes, oh god yes!” Cait cried out again, her own orgasm building.

I grunted, trying to maintain control as several climaxes were about to happen: mine, Cait’s, and the story itself.

“I managed to last long enough for your mom to climax intensely on top of me. By the way, she likes to pause during her orgasms and let them wash over her, just like you.”

“Just like this, Daddy!” Cait slammed down on my pelvis, my dick several inches inside her. Her whole body started trembling as an orgasm burst within her and spread throughout her gorgeous body. I held on for dear life, gritting my teeth, very close to orgasm myself but also trying to remain committed to finishing the story. I gripped my daughter’s round hips and held her steady. She breathed in and out for a few minutes, then smiled and nodded. That was my cue.

“Joyce cheered on and encouraged Heather in her orgasm. I remember getting a sense that she had hoped she could feel me inside her, too, but she was very graciously holding up to the bargain we had made. When your mom recovered from her climax, she lifted off of me, then guided Joyce’s mouth to my cock. She said only, ‘Drink him.'”

“Holy shit!” Cait bursa rus escort said. “Go mom!” I grinned, then grunted, because Cait was moving up and down on me again. She said, “Tell me what happened next, Daddy. Tell me while I have you inside me, the way you wish you could have been inside Joyce.”

“Oh, my sweet girl,” I moaned. “Soooo…with your mom sitting naked beside us, Joyce positioned herself so that she was straddling one of my legs. Without hesitating over the fact that your mom’s juices were coating my cock, she sucked me right in while grinding her pussy against my thigh.”

“I can’t wait to hear how she made you cum, Daddy.”

“Joyce was just amazing at giving head. It was the closest I’ve ever been to being ‘deep-throated.’ She practically inhaled my cock, and knowing that I was going to cum soon, she grinded harder and harder on my thigh, brining on her own orgasm. Heather took one of my hands and held it, smiling down at me. I thanked her and took my other hand to feel Joyce’s long soft hair as she bobbed up and down on me.”

Cait was really working her hips on me now. She knew I was going to cum again soon in real life, and she wanted to time it perfectly. So did I.

“Yes, pumpkin, that’s it,” I said, letting her know she was now at the perfect rhythm. “Joyce sucked and slurped hungrily on my cock. I thought about warning her that I was going to cum, but something told me she would have no problem taking my load in her mouth. So it built and built…”

“Yes…yes!” Cait moaned, actually approaching a second orgasm of her own.

“Finally, I could take no more, and I felt my balls scrunch up, felt my ass tighten, and I even thrust up a little, deeper into Joyce’s mouth.” As I said that I slammed my hips upward into my daughter, and she yelped loudly in pleasure. “And in the next instant, I was cumming, cumming hard.”

“Yes, Daddy,” Cait screamed. “Cum hard! Cum inside me—I’m cumming, too!”

“I poured my cum, blast after blast, into Joyce, who just kept swallowing and swallowing.”


“I am, my love! Daddy is cumming inside you now! OH GOD!”

Cait slammed down on my hips, and I grabbed hers to lock her there as my balls coughed up yet another large load. I ejaculated fully, deeply into my daughter’s twitching cunt, filling her once more with my potent seed.

“Jesus, fuck!” Cait cursed as she felt me shoot into her again and again.

She let her little body collapse on top of me, my cock still buried inside her. We breathed together, heavily, for several minutes. I realized that we had both gotten quite sweaty; we had been going at it for quite some time. My cock eventually softened enough to slide slowly out of my daughter’s wet pussy, and I could feel some of my spunk dripping out of her and onto me and the couch. I chuckled inwardly about how much of my sperm we were leaving all over the house: the carpet in the den, Cait’s bed, my bed, the kitchen counter, now the couch!

“It was a wonderful night,” I said, panting, as a way of bringing the story to a close. “With Joyce’s help, I ended up having sex with your mom two more times that night. Between the sex with your mom I got more mouth action from Joyce, and I got to fuck her tits until I climaxed on her chest and neck. We never got together with her again, nor did your mom and I ever do anything like that again.”

“Incredible,” Cait muttered, still trying to find strength. “What a nice gift Mom gave you. Very sexy and sensual at the same time.”

I grinned at the memory, absently stroking Cait’s slender back, from her neck to the top of her butt crack. In the afterglow of the sex we’d just had, I found myself recalling what she had said: I wish Mom could be part of this.

“Pumpkin,” I said.

“Yes, Daddy?”

“About what you said…what if your mom could be part of…?” I hesitated.

Cait lifted her head and said, “This?” I nodded. “I think it would be wonderful.”

“But…how would it work?”

Cait shrugged. “I don’t know, but…I think it just would, you know?”

“Not really.”

She sat up so that she could face me a little more comfortably. She sat cross-legged, and I looked down to see her bald, reddish swollen pussy. My sperm was still oozing out of her. She glanced down at herself then put her hand down there to sort of block any more of my semen to leak out. I thought she would get up to go clean up again, but she really wanted to have this conversation.

“Daddy,” she said. “Mom loves you. I love you. You love us. And now you make love to both of us. I just think it would be nice to…share you, without things getting messed up.”

My sexually twisted mind couldn’t help but speculate on whether “sharing” meant at the same time or separately, but it was all so far-fetched anyway, because how could Heather possibly—

“I’m curious, too, you know,” Cait murmured.

“About what?”

“What it would be like to play around with a woman.”

“Wow, really?”

“Yeah,” she said. “I found your ‘two-and-a-half-some’ story extremely hot. While you were telling me the story, I found myself…”

“Found yourself what, my love?”

“I found myself wishing I had been Joyce in that story.”

I swallowed.

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