Binding Fantasy


She was sitting across from me dressed in a short plaid skirt, white shirt, white socks and black and white shoes. Her hair was fashioned with a ponytail on either side of her head. I could see her hard nipples and knew she had no panties covering her sex. Her cheeks were blushed and her eyes downcast as the words describing her fantasy spilled from her mouth.

We had been practicing exhibition for a few months now, living in Stuttgart Germany. The city offered us many opportunities to flash her body to unsuspecting strangers who appreciated the diversion. She had exposed herself in bars, parks, streetcars and museums to our enjoyment as well as the enjoyment of numerous German inhabitants.

Just today I had asked her to wear the outfit she was currently in and we had walked through the train station where she had offered her body to the eyes of hundreds of unknown men and women. She was sexually excited for the three hours that she wandered through the small shops and cavernous hallway of the Baunhof and she was now squirming in her seat and voicing her darkest fantasy while sitting inches from other people at a public café on the sidewalk of the market area.

I sat and watched her distress of not knowing if the men and women seated so close to her could understand her or not. She did not raise her eyes to look around for fear of someone staring back at her as they listened to her description of being tied and blindfolded and sexually used. Her cheeks reddened visibly whenever I told her to describe with more detail her fantasy. She could not sit still as she described her innermost secrets of being used.

She did not limit herself, she described in detail how she would be abused and forced to do things that she could not bring herself to do willingly. She explained to me how being bound would allow her to open her mind and to take both men and women into her bed and to give them sexual gratification with her body. She described in vivid detail how she would use her mouth to satisfy whoever came to her with need.

We finished our wine and began to walk down the street. I guided her into a small alley and we walked a few hundred feet into the shadows. We were in the seedy part of town, filled with bars and brothels, street walkers visible in a few known locations but not in great demand at this time of the day. bolu seks hikayeleri

I stopped in front of a cheap and run down hotel. I explained to her that she was to go in and get a room and then wait for me there. I would return within an hour. She was to go in and shower and dress in the short skirt, socks and shoes and wait for me.

I walked down the street and entered an adult novelty store. I found what I needed and paid the dingy looking clerk before heading back to where she was waiting. On the way I found a good-looking prostitute who was willing to help me with my plan.

As we entered the room she opened her mouth wide in surprise to see the tall women with me. She did not even notice the bag I was carrying. I introduced the two women and then walked up to my half naked wife of 5 years. Get on the bed I whispered into her ear, her hardened nipples gently rubbing against the course material of the shirt I was wearing.

As I began to bind her limbs to the bed frame, the tall lanky brunette began to strip from the seedy clothes she had been wearing out on the street. My wife barely noticed what I was doing as she stared at the prostitute. She said nothing as I first pulled her arms over her head then moved to her legs, securing them not to the corners but to the side rails so her knees where raised and her sex exposed from under the nearly forgotten skirt.

I kneeled on the bed and my fingers slipped over her shaved mons while I whispered to her that I wanted to blindfold her and then the hooker and myself were going to use her like she had fantasized. I then covered her eyes with the soft silk scarf and tied it behind her head.

I watched then, waving the young German woman to the bed. She began to gently caress my wife’s body intentionally skipping over the sexual organs. She stroked her outstretched arms, her bound and bent legs, her neck and face. For more than twenty minutes I sat and watched this professional arouse my wife without ever touching what I thought were her erogenous zones. I could see the exposed sex between my wife’s splayed legs get wetter and wetter until a drop of her sex juice ran out and made a slow trip into her tight sphincter.

I motioned to our newfound partner and she moved up on the bed. She placed a knee on either side of my wife’s torso and lowered her furry crotch to the heaving chest beneath her. She slid herself back and forth over the hardened nipples and soft breast flesh of the wanton woman my submissive had now become. I could see the slippery juice begin to accumulate on the soft white flesh.

I reached back into the bag and pulled the small set of glass beads that I had also bought at the store. I moved to the bed and with the two girls furiously rubbing against each other I pushed the beads quickly into my wife’s ass. She jumped slightly but pushed against my hand as well. She wanted to have something, anything between her legs.

I stood and watched as y wife strained against her bonds. She was contorting her body in all manners trying to bring herself some satisfaction.

I quickly stripped out of my clothes, got on the bed between the splayed knees and pushed the tall brunette upward until her crotch was above my wife’s moaning mouth. I watched as she lowered her cunt onto the willing mouth. I could see a tongue search for and find the pink lips that surrounded the hole that would later be filled with cock.

When I moved forward I was rewarded with the sweet sensation of a warm wet cunt swallowing my hardness. I slid in without resistance, the sexual arousal opening the way for my intrusion into heaven. I stayed still and allowed my wife to do all the work, her hips gyrating and moving back and forth with her need to release. My fingers grabbed hold of the string protruding from her anus and began to gently pull the half-inch diameter beads from deep within her intestines. I could feel her stomach tighten within seconds and then her muscles convulsed against my hardness and she came and came and came, her body quivering.

Her orgasm lasted not seconds but minutes. She gyrated and bucked and pushed and pulled her hips on my hard cock. As she began to calm I pulled a bead from within her ass and she broke into another fitful quivering mass. I could see the sweat forming in droplets on her chest and stomach as the hairy cunt on her face subdued her screams.

Then the woman who had joined us began to pant and pushed herself harder against the open and willing mouth. She bent over onto her hands and I could see her cunt and ass pulse as she came on my hot wife’s face, her clit rubbing on the chin, tongue and nose of the bound slut that I had now created.

I was still buried deep inside the body that slowly returned to a calm state. My cock and balls and the bed were all coated with the slippery juice of sexual desire that had spewed from around my hardness. Both women were spent, the brunette now lying on her side with her fingers playing in the sweat that covered the bound torso.

I began to move slowly inside the tight confines. I pushed hard against the splayed thighs and forced myself deep into the dark red cavern, feeling her cervix pushing against my soft mushroom head.

Moans began to escape the bound woman’s lips and her hips quickened their pace. I watched transfixed as her body quickly recovered and her need rose. Our partner moved her face and hands to the shaved mons and began to slip one finger over the engorged clit that stood from the hooded lips.

Within one minute she was again in the throes of another orgasm, her body bucking and gyrating. Juices spilled from her hole and were gathering around my cock to further lubricate our mating. I quickened my pace and pushed harder and deeper, enjoying the vice like gripping that was sucking me into my slut.

My body pressed our partner’s fingers harder against the engorged nub. The orgasm that was overcoming the bound woman increased in intensity, if that was possible, and continued as I slammed myself into her depths.

After two or three minutes I pulled myself almost all the way out and pushed forward, my cock buried as deep as possible in the pulsating cunt and spilled my ball juice into the wet warm confines. I held myself there and allowed the gyrations and muscular contortions of my wife’s orgasm to suck the seed from my balls.

Our partner got up and showered and began to dress. I was still there, between the soft white thighs held open by the soft silk scarves. She walked over and kissed the mouth that still had remnants of her sex upon it. When the door closed I climbed down.

I showered and dressed. I untied one arm and then left the room.

An hour later my wife emerged. I was seated at a sleazy outdoor bar 50 meters down the road where I could watch the doorway to the hotel. She was dressed in her skirt, shirt, socks and black and white shoes. She walked a bit bow-legged. Her makeup was completely gone and her ponytails had been redone.

She walked toward me, took a seat across from me, and asked me in a normal voice, what my favorite fantasy would be.

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