Bill , Mousey Ch. 01


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I’m in the book stacks of the Library desperately looking for a book I need to write a report on to pass my Literature Class. If don’t do well I’ll loose my Baseball scholarship and it’s the only way I can continue College. I’m desperate for a solution.

Wandering through the stacks, nearly lost, I literally bump into a girl as I turn the corner nearly knocking her down. I have to grab her by her waist to keep her from falling to the floor with her heavy load of books. She’s about five ten, dark blond, fairly well built if a bit gangly with horn rimmed glasses. Certainly no fashion image with her rather stringy and disheveled hair.

She’s wearing a loose fitting old fashioned style print cotton dress, crouched linen shawl, large high top orthopedic shoes with knee high gray wool socks and a well worn man’s gray felt bowler hat. She also has on a large, thick and very soft light silvery gray to black fur vest with big patch pockets.

Despite her decidedly Mousey and bookish appearance I’m having a slight twinge in my crotch. Quite surprising and it causes me to come up short and stop my book pursuit.

Maybe she can help. She seems to know her way around down here with her arms full of Library books. She’s blushing and shifting her eyes down as I speak to her. I always look women in the eyes intently when I talk to them. They like the attention.

“Hi, maybe you could help me? I can’t seem to find this book I need to write a report on for Literature class. It needs to be done in the next few days and I don’t have a clue what it’s all about.” As I search for eye contact.

“What book?”

She grabs my eyes with hers and I hand her a slip of paper with the book title and she finally smiles in an extremely confident way.

“I happen to have it right here and was on my way to check it out. I need to read it for my History class research.”

Fumbling with the books she drops them all on the floor and bumps into me again! I grab her again by the waist to hold her up and I help pick up her books.

“Careful, you OK?”

“Yes.” she says rather curtly.

“If I don’t get this report in and do well I will lose my Scholarship.”

“Well I wouldn’t want to be responsible for that. Maybe we can work something out?” grinning with a gotcha look.

“I need a lot of help beyond the book report. You seem to be someone who might be able to help me. Would you be interested in maybe tutoring me some? I can pay you something.”

“My academic schedule is pretty jammed up most of the day but I could help you in the evenings and weekends. I would be happy to help you if that would work for you?” with a cryptic smile.

“I will meet you anywhere any time to get out of my predicament.”

I’m thinking .. I have never asked anything remotely like this of a woman before. What is getting into me with this girl? Looking into a girls eyes gives me control but she makes me weak with her return stare .. like she’s in control.

She’s continuing to get a healthy rise out of me as we talk much to my surprise. She has a very sexy, soft and lush sounding voice that is incongruous with her Mousy appearance. I realize I’m starting to become strangely infatuated over this rather Mousy girl and can’t figure out why.

Normally I have circumstances with women totally under control since I’m reasonably handsome and tall. I have a book of lines for most women under most situations. I normally have an easy way with women. This girl is not in my book. I’m strangely uneasy, uncertain and getting very turned on at the same time! But I’m also desperate and maybe this has something to do with my response to her?

“Why don’t you meet me at the Student Union Hall after classes and we can go from there?”

“5PM for Dinner and I buy.”

Bill and Jane leave together and he waves to her as he heads for the Gym. She’s quickly off in the other direction.

As I approach her in the Hall later on I notice that she’s not bad overall. Not the best looking figure I’ve seen but generally very healthy looking and well proportioned if a bit wiry. Kinda hidden by all those baggy clothes. She must have gotten that dress and hat at the third hand store. “She must work at being mousy.” I mutter to myself as I approach her.

“What did you say?”

“I said you look nice.” A little lie wouldn’t hurt. Jane totally ignores my remark.

My mind is running overtime .. Boy, she doesn’t go with any of the regular approaches!! bursa eskort She’s real short on banter.

We walk in almost total silence across campus for the first few minutes and she’s softly bumping into me as we walk. She’s staggering under her load of books and I’m getting brushed by her fur vest even more as we walk. I take her book load without protest. Finally a small concession.

“When you read the text don’t get distracted by the authors flowery words and side roads from the main subject. You will never get through it. I am totally busy tonight with other things so take the book and read as much and as fast as you can tonight. I’ll meet you before class in the morning to get it back from you.”

She sure gets right to it with no sweet talk. I take her to a Restaurant just off campus that students go to only for special occasions. I’m thinking it will impress her. I’m wrong. She returns the Salmon to the kitchen as to dry. She’s right and this is really getting to me. I’ve never encountered a woman like her before. She’s still just as Mousy but I’m strangely turned on by her.

“I expect you to give me a brief synopsis of what you manage to get through tonight in the morning when we meet.” Demanding too.

My previous experiences with women, girls really, have not been very serious and though only a few have been really dim, most have not been top academic material and wanting in the seriously smart category. Sorority girls, Cheer Leaders and the like. Easy for me to meet and socialize with. Light and meaningless banter interspersed with occasional sex for the most part. About as far as things have gotten on the seriousness scale. No one I would take home to meet Mother.

I’ve been thinking about “upgrading” my love life to more substantial women. Mom is a very intelligent and creative woman who takes no guff from Dad or any other man and keeps me on the straight and narrow. None of my previous girlfriends come close to qualifying for that visit.

I’m thinking, I don’t know if she’s interested in dating me but she sure is seriously smart and intelligent. On that she scores big time and I still can’t get over how she turns me on?

I plow into the book as soon as I gets back to my room. The guys at the dorm are coming in and out trying to entice me to go to the tavern or this or that but I must stay focused. I’m up it till 3AM and up at 6AM, breaking my sleep regulations for Athletes, to meet Jane on time.

As I walk across campus I have this good, but unaccustomed, sense of academic accomplishment live never having focused on studying like this before. I managed to get more than half way through the book, difficult and convoluted as it was. At this I could make the deadline with time to spare.

She’s wearing a very lush dark mahogany A style Mink coat which still doesn’t change her overall disheveled and mousy look with a dress that looks like rags, work boots and a baseball cap with a pony tale out the back of the cap. I’m stiff as a poker! I proceed to give her my brief synopsis of what I read.

“Is that all you managed last night? I can see I have my work cut out for me. You missed the point in Chapter 5. You will have to re read that tonight.”

“You have read this book before?”

“No but I scanned it in the Library and happened to focus on Chapter 5 as it seemed to have importance. I’ll meet you for lunch and we can go over this some more.”

My stiffy’s gone! She’s turning out to be worse than my worst Professor. What a task mistress!!! She turns and leaves, her Mink coat flowing and swinging as she walks away and I’m once again stiff as a poker.

What is it with this woman? How can she do this to me and I like it? Jane is on my mind till I meet her for lunch.


Jane lives at home with her mother. Her Father left for another woman when she was very young and she rarely sees him any more. Mom and her family are quite wealthy and they are well cared for as Jane is the only Grandchild, much doted over by the wealthy Grandmother, Grama. Anything she wants she gets but despite all this she is most interested in learning and little in the way of personal aggrandizement, partying or socializing. Self effacing in her “style”, hence the second hand and peculiar clothes. A dedicated Academic to a fault.

Her Mom has many furs. A very large closet dedicated to furs. Jane found out as a small child that she adored furs, mainly the feel and pleasure of the softness, not the stylishness so much at all other than the beauty of the fur itself. Preening is just not her thing. She found furs got her strangely excited even when she was very young. In pubescence she discovered fur masturbation.

Being sexually self satisfying with furs Jane is still a virgin and is waiting for Mister Fur Right. Her fur fantasies are rich and creative, a fan of quality romance novels and classic love stories, she looks forward to the fulfillment of them all with fur added to the bursa merkez escort romance. So she wears any of her Moms furs she wishes whenever she wishes with her complete permission. Grama would make sure of it in any case. She and her Mom are the same size now so all fit her very well.


I’m sitting close to Jane at the lunch counter and Jane’s coat is so generous it’s rubbing up against me. It has to be a top quality thick fur and I’m getting stiff as a poker! WHY?

I’m explaining my understanding to Jane of the Authors intent in Chapter 5 and she starts to smile. I’m completely disarmed and suddenly weak as a baby like never with any girl before!

“You are finally getting the message.”

“What message?”

“You have to work for it.”


“You have never had to struggle to understand anything your whole life I’ll bet. You have never failed?”

“Well no. I have always been good at sports and good enough scholastically in high school and my first few years here to get by quite well with very good grades. When I have had jobs I’ve done well and have been well liked.”

“You can’t just get by anymore. This Author won’t let you. If you don’t get what he is talking about you FAIL.”

“Oh, and I was feeling real good about getting so much done.”

“You have done well but it’s not a job like filling a wheelbarrow with dirt. When it’s full you’re done. You can understand and not finish the book!! That is why you need to focus on the message.”

She has such passion as she talks of these ideas. I begun watching her lips as she talks and my eyes are wandering over the gorgeous fur coat she’s wearing and how it casually falls over her body like it were a Blue Jean jacket to her. I have this sudden impulse to kiss her and hug her in her fur. She has dug deep into me in many ways today and my cock is telling me I’m very attracted to this disheveled mousy woman in the Mink.

The Authors message suddenly stabs into my brain!!! I get it. I Start talking nonstop about it to her. As I do the biggest and sweetest smile I have ever seen on any woman slowly moved over her face and my heart starts to pound in my chest like a drum. I’m totally turned on by this mousy bookish girl in ways I’m not at all understanding. She has dug much deeper into me than any model or beauty queen I have ever dated or had sex with.

“You can take me to dinner tonight and we will begin to put your report together. I think you are ready now. I’ll meet you at The Veranda tonight at 7.”

She leaves me sitting at the lunch counter since she said she had to run to meet her Professor in two minutes. If I had stood up everyone would be staring at a circus tent below my belt. It takes a few minutes for it to get down to normal so I can leave. I want to be with this woman more than I can imagine.


I walk into the Veranda at precisely 7. She’ll chide me, I know, if I’m a second late. This woman has me dancing to her tune and I’m loving it, Little Ms. Mousey!

Little Ms. Mousey is standing in the lobby with the most magnificent fur coat I have ever seen outside of my glances into Vogue at the news stand. She has to be noticing my bulge in spite of my trying to hide it with my book bag. She still has this disheveled and mousy look but her hair is better brushed and fuller tonight like she kinda tried. The casual draping of her attire is as before with a second hand store long, shear antique print skirt with a pair of cowboy boots. Tonight it looks oddly right somehow. She has on a thin light blue cashmere? turtleneck that really does look sexy under the fur. Her tits are small but much nicer than I had expected under the sweater.

“You are on time.” We find a table we like. This is a popular hangout for the academics since you can apparently bring your laptop, which Jane has with her, and you can occupy a table all night if you want. It is a large and spacious open air place and kind of cozy at the same time with no music and lots of talking and chatter. A perfect place for our task. I love the atmosphere. Jocks, sorority chicks and cheerleaders don’t hang out here.

Her fur coat is incredible. It is very thick fluffy, super soft and “over sized”. It’s so full I could wear it. She motions for me to help her off with her coat. As I grab it in my hands my cock nearly punches me in the chin. She turns her head to look at me and smiles with this afternoon’s sweet smile. I drape it back over her shoulders and we turn to sit. I can’t keep my eyes off her. The fur is a rich golden brown and gray with swatches of dark reddish brown and white tips running in a well organized and interesting pattern that makes the coat swell and roll, like it is alive, in an enticing way. I am compelled to compliment her on her fur reaching over and stroking it.

“Your fur is gorgeous. I have never seen anything like it before.”

“Why thank you very much.” Finally a favorable response from her!! bursa sınırsız escort

“What kind is it?”

“A Cross Fox and one of my favorites. I love the colors and texture.”

“It has been hard not to notice that you always wear fur?”

“I love fur and my Mom has enough of them so that I can wear it all the time. Do you like to see me in fur?” Uncharacteristically coy.

“Yes I do and they have all been very nice but this one is over the top. You look great wearing it.”

“Thank you. I’m glad you like it so much.”

I’m all over her and the fur with my eyes. She must notice this? But she is right back to business which somehow makes her even sexier. She’s so totally different from any woman I have ever been with. Much more complex and interesting.

“How do you intend to open your report?”

I begin telling her my ideas of the Author’s intent and how I think it should be described. All the time she is busily typing away. She tells me to come over and sit beside her so we can both look at the computer screen at the same time. I dutifully and eagerly comply. As I move in beside her I cannot help but be up against her wonderful fur. It is so big and full it fills the banquette seat. It’s flowing over into my lap as well as hers. I am immediately super stiff. I can practically feel the fur through my pants but at least it will hide the bulge in my pants. I can’t help but reach down and fondle the fur. It’s so thick and soft and it does nothing but make my cock stiffer yet.

Being so close to her for the first time I can smell her and she is as sweet as a flower and not from any perfume. I find that I am impulsively leaning closer to her and I am practically talking directly into her ear lowering my voice as I do. Her head is slowly moving like to a melody in her head nodding to my words and her hair softly swings as she does. Her warmth and that of the fur is starting to make me a little dizzy.

“Boy I’m getting a buzz off the espresso.”

“Maybe it’s all those new ideas flying around in your head? Tell me about Chapter 10 now.”

Chapter 10 is all about the erotic escapades of a pre French Revolution mistress with a nobleman. This is not helping matters and has me talking about what I am feeling now at this moment toward Jane!!! Did she lay this trap!!

“Very good. I see you are not the insensitive jock I thought you might be.”

God she did!!!

“Now let’s go deeper into the Nobleman’s thoughts and feelings. He is the other half of the story after all.”

I sure painted myself into this corner. My hand was gripping the fur as I speak and I have a major league hard on. I have no choice but to step into this discussion so as to finish the report.

After my heart pounding discussion of my thoughts Jane turns her head to me lifting her hands from the keyboard.

“I want you to read all of this from your minds perspective as if you are writing it. I just wrote down what you told me. Tell me if there is anything you would word or express differently because it is YOUR report.”

I am so deeply engrossed in the text that it’s quite a while before I realized how close we’re sitting. She’s pressed close to my side with the fur laying over my lap and her hand is on top of the fur on my lap. Her aroma is heavenly and it’s all mixing with the story of erotic love we have written about. She’s looking as intently at the screen as I am. We are both quite unconscious of our actions for quite a while as we sit reading the screen.

“What are you thinking Bill? Is this what you’re telling me?”

“You literally took the words from my mouth and mind. It’s even in my occasional stumbling English.”

“We can fix that.”

“No. It wouldn’t be mine.”

I moved my hand over and put her hand in mine and settled them in the fur. We are sitting still reading for a while like that, our shoulders pressed against each other. Jane finally slowly turns and looks into my eyes.

“What do you want to do now?”

In a soft and sweet voice, barely audible, our faces only a few inches apart. A clear recognition of the obvious. We just sit there gazing into each others eyes for what seems a wonderful eternity, our faces so close I can feel her breath, her lips slightly parted. Almost part of the story. I fondle her hand softly in the fur for long moments with my mouth hanging open to speak and no words came. Finally.

“I have always taken the lead with all the women I have been with until I met you. Why don’t you tell me for a change. It has been working very well up to now.” A big broad smile comes over Jane’s face.

“Thank you Bill. I’d like that very much. Let’s finish up the report so we can print it up in the morning.”

We continued reading to the end make a few minor changes and corrections and saved the file. We continue holding hands, except when typing and at the end I wrap my arms around her fur clad body and her hands come up to my face. We kiss in a long passionate wet, tongue entwined kiss. My cock is painfully rigid all this time. We slowly pull back, inches apart, and looked at each other for long moments then kiss tenderly several more times. She shown with a beauty from inside as with an inner light. At The Veranda it is not out of place for this to happen.

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