Bill and Melanie’s Fling


Hi. My name is Bill and I live in a large town in the north of England. I’m 35 years old and I have this urge to share some of the fantastic experiences I have had with you. Some might call it a confession, but I don’t agree with that definition because I have no regrets for the things I have done. In fact they were all rather enjoyable! I will start with a recent occurrence as it is fresh in the mind, but I look forward to regaling you with some of my earlier actions at a later date.

Last weekend my wife was feeling somewhat under the weather, and so I decided to take our two boys out for the afternoon to give her chance to rest and recuperate. I took the boys to the local indoor play centre and sat down at a table in the cafe area to enjoy a latte and a piece of cake whilst they played. It was a relatively busy day there with plenty to look at whilst I relaxed. After a short while a young lady of about 25 came up to me and asked me if she could sit at my table as all the others were full. I agreed on the basis of the fact she was cute!

She introduced herself as Melanie and we got chatting. It turns out she was 26 and had recently left her long-term partner. She was now a single mum of 2 girls. She’d come out to the play centre to get a break from the incessant nagging that childcare brings. Whilst we were chatting I got a better chance to check her out. She was blonde, with medium length hair that had been cut really well. She wore a small amount of make-up – just enough to enhance her natural features. She was quite tall, and slim, but had some very nice looking curves in all the right places. I’d have guessed she was a C cup – a nice handful. She was wearing a really tight flowery top and low-slung jeans. The two didn’t meet in the middle exposing a couple of inches of creamy white flesh.

After chatting for a while I started to notice that from time to time she was grimacing. I didn’t want to seem too forward, but in the end I decided to bite the bullet and ask her what the problem was. I was expecting her to say she had a sore back or something like that. Imagine my surprise when she explained that she was having real problems with her bra. She explained that the wire in her bra was poking out of the cup slightly and irritating her skin. I decided that nothing was gained without venturing and offered to take a look for her. Immediately she agreed and said she’d just have to go and take it off, asking me to watch her kids playing for a few minutes. Of course, this was agreed to without hesitation.

A few moments later she returned with her unfettered chest beautifully framed by the tightness of her top. I could tell she was a little aroused by being braless because her nipples were poking out through the stretched material. I could feel my shaft starting to swell in my trousers as she passed me her bra. I’ve always been one for braless boobs, and this was no exception. All sorts of thoughts started entering my head, but for now the focus was on actually doing something to try and help Melanie out.

I quickly established that the wire on the left cup was slightly bent and had actually worn through the material slightly. I carefully did my best to return it to its original shape, but the wire was still exposed because of the damage to the material. Thankfully the reception desk had a roll of duck-tape and gave me a piece that I could use to fix the problem temporarily. Just as I was finishing off I made sure I got a peek at the label to see fatih escort she was wearing a 34C. I handed back the offending article and she seemed impressed.

At that moment there was a crisis with one of her girls having taken a bit of a fall. She was fine but needed a cuddle. Melanie stuffed her bra into her coat pocket to comfort the child. My boys then decided they wanted some attention too and dragged me off to the play equipment. Melanie decided to come too. We spent a good hour clambering around the equipment with our kids and I got some lovely views of her unencumbered boobs through her tight top as she crawled and bounced around the room. At the end of the session she suggested that we all went back to her house as our kids were enjoying playing together so much. I readily agreed to this and we got in our cars and drove over.

The kids were obviously very tired by now so we popped them in front of the TV and went into the other room to chat. Melanie excused herself and said she needed to change quickly because she was feeling pretty warm. I was quite glad of the opportunity to adjust my jeans as things had got a little constricted in there from the show earlier. I was fully expecting Melanie to return more suitably clothed. As it was I got a big surprise when she walked back into the room. She was wearing a white strappy top that clearly showed she was still braless. I could quite clearly see the slightly darker circles of her areola and her nipples were standing to attention nicely. She also had on a short, loose, black skirt. I got a nice view of her legs and they looked fabulous. Really shapely, and very long, and so creamy white and smooth. I longed to run my hands up and down them. My shaft immediately sprung back to attention leaving, what I thought must be a very visible bulge.

Melanie flopped down on the sofa next to me and drew up her legs, letting her skirt ride even further up, allowing me to see even more of her gorgeous skin. She told me she had just checked on the kids and they’d all fallen asleep. Then she started to thank me for fixing her bra. I said it was nothing, but she insisted explaining that I didn’t understand. She wasn’t so bothered about the fact I’d fixed it, more the offer to fix it, forcing her to remove it. She explained that she’d had a really enjoyable time without it on. It had felt so good and given her a thrill. In particular she enjoyed the way that folks had been watching her, me in particular. She went on to say that she had always had a hidden desire to experiment like that but had never picked up the courage. Then she asked me if I’d enjoyed what I’d seen. I explained that I had done, and explained my penchant for women with little or no underwear on.

This brought a sassy little smile to her lips and she asked me if I could do her a favour. I agreed and she leant in to my ear and whispered that she’s like me to pop to the toilet and remove my boxers. If I did she would tell me a little secret. I was surprised where this was going but I wasn’t about to say no, so I slipped out to the loo and took my underwear off. I did my jeans back up again making sure my now pulsating member was carefully positioned so as not to get strained. I stuffed the boxers into my pocket and went back to Melanie. She was still on the sofa, but as soon as I sat down she got up and went over to the stereo, bending at the waste to switch on some music. The result was another great view of those legs. I had to work escort istanbul really hard not to ravish her there and then!

She sashayed back to the sofa and I was sure she was trying to make her boobs bounce a little as she went. She sat back down next to me, closer than before, and drew up those wonderful legs again. She leant in and placed an arm around my shoulder and put her lips close to my ear. In sultry tones she started to explain that like me she had a thing for people with no underwear on. With her hand rubbing my shoulder she then dropped the bombshell on me that she’d removed her panties earlier when she got changed. She said they were a little damp and had become uncomfortable to wear.

Melanie slipped her hand under my shirt and started to caress my chest area. Then she asked me if I’d mind if she told me a sexual fantasy she had. I confirmed that this wouldn’t be an issue. She went on to explain that she’d had a fantasy ever since her partner had left that she would meet a good looking guy with a big dick who would fuck her silly the first time they met. She had dreamed of her bending over to do something and him walking up behind her and slipping his hard penis into her sopping wet pussy. She didn’t want to lay eyes on his member before feeling it inside her. She asked if I would mind a little roleplay along those lines. I agreed readily. Of course I did. Things were starting to make sense now – the lack of boxers would make this so much easier. And my dick was straining to be satisfied.

Melanie leant in further pressing herself against me and said that if I made her cum in the process she would do anything I wanted to do afterwards to make me happy and to satisfy me. I let out a small groan of desire and Melanie chewed my earlobe for a moment. Then she got up and walked back over to the stereo saying she would just change the music. She bent at the waste again and I took this as my cue. I got up and walked up behind her, unbuttoning my jeans as I went. I let my cock out of its confinement and wondered how best to play this. Melanie was idly flicking through the CDs on the floor so I walked up close behind her and bent over her and nuzzled her neck. I ran my hands up her arms and onto her shoulders. I felt her shiver beneath my touch and she sighed.

I took this as a sign that she was happy with what I was doing so started to kiss down her back to the small of it whilst sliding my hands over her sides. I then slid them down over her skirt onto those fabulous legs and started to caress them. They were as firm as they looked and so wonderfully smooth. Melanie was breathing really deeply and muttering ‘yes!’ under her breath. I was really enjoying myself too of course. I ran my hands up the backs of her legs, under her skirt, and started to massage her bumcheeks. In the process I confirmed her assertion that she had no panties on. Her bum felt amazing. It was clear she worked out and kept herself in shape.

Melanie turned her head to try and look at me and said that this was really nice, but what she really wanted was my dick inside her, and my hands on her boobs. She told me that I’d find her pussy sopping wet so there’s no need for any more foreplay. She reminded me that I could do whatever I liked later if I made her cum, and all she wanted to to have her fantasy fulfilled, and right now. I didn’t need to be asked twice! I folded back her little skirt and got a good look at her great arse. I orientated myself and maslak escort lined the end of my swollen member up with the entrance to her pussy and applied some pressure. Melanie was right. She was soaking. There was a satisfying little squelch as I pushed myself in. She was so tight! Particularly considering she’d had kids! I couldn’t believe it. I mean, my dick isn’t small – 8 inches or so – and a reasonable girth too – but she was surprisingly tight. It felt amazing and I had to work really hard not to cum inside her straight away.

Melanie was obviously enjoying the sensation too. Her mutterings were no longer under her breath. She was really letting me know how good this made her feel. I thrusted into her a few more times to get things well lubricated. Then I could concentrate on other things.

First of all I released her glorious boobs from their confinement by lifting up her top. I couldn’t see them too well because of the angle, but they hung down beautifully, and were just the right size for me to cup and massage. I started stroking around the nipples and Melanie started quivering and groaning. I kept this up for a bit, all the while pushing myself as deep into her cunt as I could. I couldn’t keep quiet either. I could tell Melanie was close to climaxing which was a good thing because I was about to blow my entire load myself. I slipped a hand down between her legs to her clit. I found a beautifully smooth and hairless mound. This intrigues me and really got me going. It must have been waxed which is something I love. I reminded myself to ask her about it later and got to work on her little nub.

Within no time at all I felt Melanie’s pussy clenching itself around my dick, trying to milk me dry. At the same time she let out a long and drawn out groan of pleasure. I knew I had succeeded in my challenge and let myself go too, sending spurts of warm cum off into the depths of her vagina.

We rested for a little with my dick inside her slowly starting to grow flaccid. I gently caressed her boobs with one hand and stroked her leg with the other as she crooned sweet nothings at me. Then after a couple of minutes Melanie slipped herself off my cock, turned around and knelt down. She took my penis in her hand and started to lick the juices off it. A cheeky grin played on her lips as she slurped. When I was clean she buttoned up my jeans, pulled down her skirt and top and excused herself to go and clean up a little.

After a few minutes she returned and plonked herself back down next to me on the sofa. She put her head on my shoulder and told me how good that had been. She explained she hadn’t had sex for ages, and that mine was the best cock she’d ever had. She thanked me for her orgasm and for filling her up with my load. Then she told me that she would love to keep meeting up from time to time for sex and fun, but that I was to not be jealous if she had a boyfriend on the go too. I said that was fine because after all I was married, but that I’d had some of the best sex of my life too. I slipped a hand under her skirt and stroked her smooth mound as I explained just how horny she made me feel.

Then she said that we should have some rules for when we meet up. I was a little confused at this to start with but she swiftly went on to say what she had in mind. First of all she explained that she would be true to her word. She would do whatever I wanted her to do, and I could do whatever I liked to her, but on one condition, that whenever we meet there should be a complete underwear ban. This suited me fine of course. I was already looking forward to seeing more of her body.

At this point the children started to stir so I took my boys home, but we already have plans for the next encounter.

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