Bi Secret Life Ch. 07


Hello everyone, it’s certainly been a while since I last wrote about any experiences, that’s because I have not had any to write about until recently, so this is my latest experience, hope you enjoy it.

I was moving between chat rooms mostly gay and bi rooms and looking at profiles to see if there was anybody living near me who was up for a meet, but I didn’t seem to be having much luck until I seen a profile of a guy who lived in the same town as my aunt and uncle.

I sent him a instant message and he replied and we began to chat to each other about all sorts of things, his name was Pete and he was married but his wife wouldn’t do oral sex so he had come on the internet to see if he could find a bi guy to suck him off but he couldn’t find a guy who would just suck him off . I told him it was difficult to find guys sometimes but I added I would meet up to suck him with nothing in return, at first he was a little unsure about if I was genuine but after we chatted some more he told me he was interested and to let him know when I was in his area, we left it at that and I said that I would mail him as soon as I knew we could meet.

A few days after our chat I managed to make an excuse to visit my aunt and uncle and I sent a e mail to Pete telling him the date I was in his area, he replied to the e mail quickly and said he had found somewhere we could go that was safe and out of the way and he also gave me his mobile number. I sent him another e-mail giving him my mobile number and telling him I would text him when I was ready to meet.

I arrived at my aunt and uncle’s and said my usually hello’s and after a while chatting I went upstairs to the spare room and unpacked my bag and sent a text to Pete to ask when he was free to meet. I waited for a return text and was surprised when my phone rang and Peter’s number appeared on the screen. “Hello” I said as I answered the phone.

“Hi if you can’t talk right now then can you ring me back in the next 5 minutes?” asked Pete.

“No I can talk now it’s ok” I replied.

“Good , I have found a place to go when we meet, I have my own business and I have a garage lock up which is safe, it’s not glamorous but we will be alone there, is that ok?” he asked.

“That’s fine as long as it is discreet and we can enjoy it knowing we won’t be disturbed” I answered.

“Yes it is I’m the only person who has the keys so nobody else can get in, do you know a pub called the White Lion at all?” Pete asked

“Yeah I know it , it’s about a 10 minute drive from here” I replied.

“If you can get there for 7pm and we will meet there then go to the lock up, I will be driving a red Mercedes and will be parked on the car park” said Pete

“Yeah I will be there for 7pm I will see you then” I said

I finished the call and went for a soak in the bath, as I lay there I could feel my cock getting hard just thinking about meeting Pete for a quick suck and then into town to find somebody who would at least suck me back, I was tempted to have a wank while I lay there but decided to wait and hopefully get sucked later. I dried off and went into the bedroom to get dressed, I put on some boxers, jeans and a shirt , I rang for a taxi and sent a text to Pete to say I would be there soon.

The taxi arrived and as I travelled the short distance to the pub I received a text from Pete saying he was there in the car park waiting. The taxi pulled on to the car park and I got out and looked around hoping there was only one red Mercedes in the car park, I spotted what I hoped was Pete’s car and I started to walk over to it, I could see the driver was watching me and as I got nearer I could see the driver gesturing towards me. As I got to the car and I recognised Pete from his description and got in the passenger seat.

“Hi are you ok?” Pete asked.

“Yeah I’m fine , it’s been a while since I’ve done this” I replied.

“I’m nervous about it but I want to do it” said Pete.

“You’ll be ok just close your eyes and think it’s your wife doing it” I said trying to reassure him.

“I’d rather not” replied Pete laughing.

We arrived onto a trading estate and Pete pulled the car up next to the garage lock up, he got out of the car and went to the large roller shutter door and opened it up and I watched as he walked back to the car, he had been good with his description he was about 6ft tall with spiky black hair and a medium build. Pete got back Maltepe Escort into the car and reversed it into the garage and got out of the car and closed the shutter doors and locked them, he walked back over to the car.

“Will it be better on the back seat , because there’s more room?” he asked.

“Yeah we can move in the back and give ourselves more room” I replied.

I moved into the back of the car and Pete moved the front seats forward so we would have more room in the back of the car. Pete came and sat next to me, we looked at each other and I then looked down at his trousers which had a lump in them, I reached out and rubbed his crotch and he responded by undoing his trousers and pulling them and his boxers down to show me a semi hard cock which was about 7 ins. My hand moved to his cock and I started to gently rub the shaft up and down and as I did I could feel his cock getting harder, my fingers then curled around his cock and slowly began to wank him off. Pete’s breathing was getting a little heavier as I played with his cock, I could feel my own cock getting hard as well and Pete’s was rock solid in my hand. I lowered my head down to his crotch and my tongue licked over the tip of his cock and I could taste the pre cum on it, I pulled his foreskin back a little and licked the head of his cock , as I did this I heard a deep sigh from Pete. I continued to tease him a little more and ran my tongue up and down his shaft before I licked over his cock head again, I then took his full cock in my mouth and I felt his hands on the back of my head, I was sucking him hard as my mouth moved up and down his shaft .

“Oh don’t stop now , I wanna cum” he shouted.

I carried on sucking him and then I felt his body tense up and his cum was filling my mouth , I swallowed hard as I felt the jets of spunk hit the back of my throat. Pete relaxed back into his seat , his cock was still in my mouth and I licked off the remaining cum on his cock and sat back up, Pete handed me a towel to wipe my mouth with and we sat there in a uncomfortable silence for a couple of minutes. I was thinking he was maybe feeling guilty or having regrets about whet he had just done and if he was I expected him to get us out of there and drop me off as soon as he could.

“Well I have never been sucked like that before, I know it’s been a long time but that was great” Pete said.

“Glad you enjoyed it , we will have to do it again next time I’m down here” I said.

“I can see it has turned you on like it has me and I would like to watch you wank off in front of me, it would turn me on so much, I’m 38 years old and I have never seen another man wank off in real life” Pete said as he looked at the obvious swelling in my jeans.

I undid my jeans and slid them and my boxers down to my ankles, without saying a word I started to wank myself off as Pete watched me , my cock was solid and I knew it wouldn’t take me long to shoot my cum, I glanced at Pete who was caressing his semi hard cock and I wanked harder as I felt myself near to cumming, I felt a judder through my body as I cum and my spunk shot over the seat, like Pete I dropped back into my seat and I picked the towel up and wiped my self down.

There was again some silence before Pete spoke.

“I know you thought it was just going to be once but would you want to do me again?”

“We can do it all night if you want” I replied.

“I can’t all night but just once more if you can and then I will drop you off in town” he said.

I went to move my head down to his cock when he said.

“Can we do it a different way?”

“Which way do you want to do?” I asked.

“I’ll show you” he answered.

Pete moved to the front of the car and adjusted the front passenger seat and lay it flat and then gestured to me to lie down on it, I got inside the car and lay back on the passenger seat, Pete then got in the car and positioned himself so he was knelt over me and his cock was just above my face. He then fed his cock into my mouth, this time I knew he didn’t want teasing or me licking his cock he wanted hard sucking from the start and he was pushing his cock hard and fast in and out of my mouth . My hands grabbed hold of his ass cheeks and I began to caress them and just slightly pulled his cheeks apart, I was waiting for him to stop me but he didn’t so my fingers run over his ass crack and I gently rubbed over Kartal Escort his hole , it did seem to have a effect as I did this, I felt him starting to fuck my mouth harder. My finger pushed gently on his ass hole and again the pace of him fucking my mouth went quicker and he was breathing so heavily as I felt one last big push into my mouth and then felt his cum shoot in me again.

We got out the car and cleaned ourselves up and readjusted the seating in the car and as promised Pete gave me a lift into town.

“Thanks for that John I really enjoyed it, hope we can meet again sometime?” Pete asked.

“Sure we can I will let you know when I’m down here next” I replied

“Is there anything else I can do for you next time , apart from the obvious that is?” he asked”

“How about a threesome with your wife?” I asked”

Pete laughed and said.

“Sorry it would be nice but she’s not into that”

“How about me sucking you after you shagged her?” I said jokingly

“Why would you like that?” asked Pete in all seriousness.

“It’s just a wild suggestion” I replied as I got out of the car.

After Pete had dropped me off I went round a couple of pubs then went to a gay pub that I had been to before but I had not been there for quite a while, it looked a ordinary pub but was frequented by mostly gay and bi guys and girls. It was fairly quiet and I felt that I wasn’t going to meet anybody in here and I was considering going down to the woods to see if there were any guys down there although I always felt it was risky as there had been reports of the police patrolling the area.

As I finished off my drink a guy came up to the bar and stood next to me and ordered a drink, he was about 6ft, he looked in his 20’s, he was a thin build and had shoulder length black hair.

“Would you like a drink?” he asked.

“Yes ok I will thanks you” I replied

He ordered the drinks and suggested we sat over in the corner, I went and sat down and he brought the drinks over and sat next to me , he was dressed in jeans and a patterned shirt.

“Hi I’m Mark” he said putting his hand out towards me.

“I’m John” I replied as I shook his hand

“So no luck yet tonight?” Mark asked.

“No I was just about to give up” I replied.

“Well if you want to come back with me , we could have some fun” Mark said .

“You don’t waste much time do you” I said laughing

“Do you want to come back to mine then?” he asked.

“Yeah I do” I replied

We quickly finished our drinks and headed out to the car park where Mark’s car was parked, we got in the car and drove off to his house.

“It’s not far from here, I live with my parents but they are away for a few days and have the place to myself, it’s the only time I can meet up with guys ” Mark said.

“Yeah I know what you mean, it’s difficult to meet up with guys when you live with somebody” I said.

“Can I ask you to do something for me?” he asked.

“Sure what is it ” I answered.

“I have not done this for quite a while and I get carried away and a bit rough, I don’t hurt but I don’t want to rip your shirt so can you unbutton it before we get in the house?” Mark asked.

“Yeah ok” I replied a little nervously.

We got to the house and my stomach turned a little as what was going to happen next and how rough he was going to be.

I unbuttoned my shirt as we walked to the front door of the house, Mark opened the door and I went inside and he followed me in and locked the front door and showed me into the back room and I sat down on the sofa. Mark sat next to me and began to kiss my neck and then moved his mouth towards mine and gave me a hard passionate kiss, I responded and our tongues pushed against each other as his hands felt my chest and played with my nipples. Mark moved his head down and started to kiss and lick my chest his mouth covering my nipples and sucking on them, my cock was getting harder as he was doing this, his hand moved down to my crotch and he could feel my growing cock in my jeans , Mark undid my jeans and slid his hands inside and my cock was now fully hard as he wrapped his fingers around it. Mark slid himself off the sofa and knelt in front of me he grabbed my jeans and boxers and pulled them off , opened my legs and lowered his head down and took my cock straight into his mouth and started to suck hard straight Pendik Escort away , I could feel his fingers pushing against my ass hole which was making me closer to cumming I was horny especially after sucking Pete off twice I was really up for this , I could feel myself ready to explode as Mark carried on sucking hard and his finger was now pushed a little into my ass.

“Oh fuck I’m gonna cum” I shouted .

“Oh come on do it I want to taste you” replied Mark as he pulled his mouth away but continued wanking me.

My breathing got heavier as he wanked me and he must of known I was nearly there because as I got to the point where there is no going back I felt my cock back in his mouth and being sucked hard again it didn’t take a long for me to start filling Marks mouth as the first spurt was released Mark pushed right down on my cock and I shot more down his throat.

I relaxed and Mark cleaned my cock with his tongue making sure he got all the cum of it, after he had finished licking he pulled himself up and knelt on the edge of the sofa and we kissed hard as I felt his tongue and I could taste my cum that was still in his mouth, he broke the kiss.

“Come on let’s go upstairs” Mark suggested.

“Ok will be a bit more comfy” I replied.

I got up and followed Mark upstairs and he led me to what looked liked his parents room, he must of seen the puzzled look on my face.

“It’s ok in here and anyway it’s a bigger bed than mine” he said.

We stood and kissed and Mark took off my shirt so I was now naked , I broke the kiss and moved my mouth down onto his neck as my hands went under his shirt.

“Rip it off” he said in a low but firm voice.

I grabbed hold of his shirt and ripped it open I then pulled it off his shoulders and let it fall to the floor, I moved and sat on the edge of the bed with Mark’s crotch in front of me, I undid his jeans and pulled them and his briefs down and he stepped out of them. He thrust his cock forward and I opened my mouth and it slid inside , he move closer and was pushing his cock far down my throat, he put his hands on my head and started fucking my mouth thrusting in and out hard and fast, my hand s were his ass cheeks squeezing them. As I waited for Mark to fill my mouth with his cum , he suddenly stopped and pulled his cock out and lay me back on the bed, he went out the room and came back with some lube and turned me over onto my front and got me on all fours , I then felt his lube covered fingers feeling my ass, I could feel his finger push inside and he started to finger fuck me, my cock was getting hard as I felt his finger move in and out of me.

Mark pulled out his finger and I felt his cock push against my ass hole and he slowly pushed inside me, as he pushed in I took deep breaths even though he was about 7 inches I hadn’t been fucked for quite a while so it felt like it was 10 inches but as he slowly moved in and out and got a rhythm going it felt great. Mark started to fuck harder and push right inside me , his rhythm was getting faster and my I was so fucking horny feeling Marks cock inside me , he then gave one big push into me and he let out a loud moan , after a few seconds I felt his cock pull out and I lay on my back on the bed and watched Mark pull off the condom of his cum covered cock.

Mark got on the bed and lay next to me and again we started to kiss he moved and got on all fours, I knew what he wanted and I got up and knelt behind Mark, the lube was still on the bed so I put some on my hand and rubbed it over his ass hole I also put some on my very hard cock and I slowly slid it inside him. Mark let out a slight moan as he felt me pushing further into his ass, I started slow at first and just slid my cock back and forth.

“Come on fuck me hard I wanna feel you fucking me hard ” shouted Mark

I began to get fast and was soon really banging my cock into him as hard as I could , he let out moans of pleasure as he felt me push inside him hard and fast, I could feel myself getting close to cumming and found more energy from somewhere to fuck even faster.

“Cum in me I want you to fill my ass” Mark shouted as I felt myself ready to cum.

I gave one big hard push and felt my cock explode inside him, both of us were out of breath and for a moment just stayed joined together before I slid my cock out and went to clean up in the bathroom. When I came back to bedroom Mark was getting dressed and I went downstairs for the rest of my clothes and got dressed .

“I’ll give you lift to near where your staying” he said

“Oh thanks for that” I replied.

The short drive back was in silence and Mark dropped me off and told me he hoped we could meet up again for some more fun.

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