Betty Does Co-Workers


Betty and her friend and coworker Sharon were in St. Louis attending a three-day teacher’s retreat at a swanky Hotel. She loved these events and always looked forward to attending them every year with her coworkers.

They had to endure a few boring speeches and make preparations for the classes they were going to teach, but it gave them a chance to associate and bond with each other in a non working environment.

They were from a large town, which was a nice place to live and offered a few exciting and entertaining things to do, but not nearly on the scale of St. Louis. Besides what happens in St. Louis, stays in St. Louis, and many things happened at these events every year.

Betty was in her mid twenties and was a very attractive and sexy woman. She was five feet six inches tall with blonde hair and large light blue gray eyes. She wore a size 32B bra and still possessed her girlish figure. Her good looks and charm captivated many of her male coworkers as well as all her male students. Her friend Sharon was a thin dark haired nice looking woman about the same height as Betty. She was in her late twenties.

Both of them were married, although Sharon was now on her third marriage because she found it impossible to live with any one man for an extended period.

In their free time at these events, they enjoyed site seeing, eating out, and having drinks at local bars with a few select friends. After a few too many drinks, some of them would inevitably go back to their rooms at the hotel and further enjoy a friends company. This happened to Betty’s friend Sharon every year at these retreats.

This year on their first night at the retreat, they went out to eat with two male coworkers and then for drinks and dancing at a local nightclub.

Sharon was with a teacher named Dan whom she had been having an affair with lately. Dan was of medium height and build with blond hair and sky blue eyes. Betty was with a principal named John who had been flirting with her for about a year. John was a tall good-looking man with black hair and brown eyes and what Betty considered a very sexy body.

The school required the teachers to share rooms in order to save on expenses, and Dan and John were rooming together. Betty and Sharon shared a room directly across the hall from them.

It was dark and the music was slow in the bar, which made for a romantic atmosphere. After dancing and drinking for about an hour Sharon and Dan said, they were ready to go back to the hotel. Betty knew they wanted to have sex, so she told them to go on back and she and John would be along shortly.

After they left, she was now alone with John, which suited her just fine. John ordered drinks again, and while they were drinking them, he took her hand and told her how sexy and desirable she looked tonight. As her heart began to beat faster, she could feel the blood flowing through her body.

She knew she wanted him tonight. When they finished their drink, he asked her to dance. As they danced, she laid her head against his firm and muscular chest.

As Betty began to feel the effects of the alcohol, she let herself go and her body melted into his. He held her firmly but gently against him as they danced, so close that she could feel his man hood begin to harden against her. He let one of his hands slide down and brush over her firm butt. She didn’t object, so he started taking other liberties.

His lips brushed against her neck. Again, she made no effort to stop him. She felt the electricity beginning to flow between them, and so did he. He gently caressed her back with one hand while he held her tightly against him with the other.

“You’re so beautiful,” She heard him whisper as his lips brushed against her ear.

“Thank you John,” She said as she purposely rubbed her cheek against his.

Both his hands began to rub and gently squeeze her buttocks. She loved the feel of his hands on her body. She held his head with both hands and kissed him gently on his lips. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and explored it with his tongue. She pushed her tongue into his mouth and their tongues passionately explored each other.

They moved to a dark corner of the room; he turned her around with her back close to the wall. His hand went up the back of her dress. She was wearing only a thong under the dress. He caressed and squeezed her sexy butt.

She felt his fingers on her pussy as they spread the lips apart and entered her. She first felt one and then two fingers inside of her. He stroked them in and out and rubbed the silky smooth skin inside her pussy.

His almanbahis fingers moved on up to her clitoris and he rubbed the now erect nub. The sensations over came her and she had a massive orgasm right there on the dance floor.

“I think I’m beginning to fall in love with you Betty,” he said while breathing heavily.

“I want you to hold me tight and kiss me again John,” She said as her orgasm began to subside.

She felt his hard cock grind into her as he gave her the most passionate kiss she had ever received.

Betty and her husband sometimes had sex with others, but it was always with their spouse’s knowledge and approval. This was the only rule she and her husband had concerning having sex with others. Due to this rule, she had passed on many opportunities to have sex with other men.

This time she simply told her husband that she was going to have sex if the opportunity presented itself. She fully intended for it to happen, she wanted John and she wanted him tonight.

When they returned to the hotel, he walked her to her room. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes and told her that he had a wonderful time tonight. He put his arms around her and kissed her sweet lips. She swooned as she kissed him back and felt as if her legs may give way from under her. They might have too if he hadn’t been holding her so tightly.

Thinking Sharon was in her room, he said “good night Betty,” and walked across the hall to his room. She had never felt so disappointed in her life.

She entered her room, removed her clothes, took a shower and dressed for bed. She wore only a pair of thong underwear and one of her husband’s t-shirts. She laid down in the bed with thoughts of John on her mind.

John entered his room only to find Dan and Sharon lying naked and asleep on Dan’s bed. They were obviously exhausted and dead to the world. He went to the bathroom, removed his clothes and took a shower. Then he put on fresh underwear and a robe.

Betty heard a knock at the door, got up, walked over to the door, and looked through the view hole. It was John. She enthusiastically opened the door. He asked if he could come in and she said “you better,” so he did.

He hugged her and kissed her, and then he pulled her t-shirt up over her head and let it drop to the floor. She pulled her underwear down and stepped out of them. He hurriedly removed his robe, house shoes and underwear. They now stood completely naked in front of each other.

She had an extremely sexy body with magnificent breasts, curvy hips and firm well rounded buttocks. She had a small amount of short blonde hair above her pussy. His body was long and muscular and his erect dick was average in length but thicker than her husband’s was.

She had never before seen a man who looked so magnificent and desirable. He held one of her breast in his right hand while his left hand caressed her back and buttocks. He kissed her breast, then licked and sucked her erect pink nipple.

Suddenly she dropped to her knees and took his erect dick in her hand. She had an uncontrollable urge to press her lips against its large head, so she did. She kissed it, licked it, parted her lips, and let it enter her mouth. The head of his dick was large and it felt so good in her mouth that she wanted it to stay there forever. She had tasted men’s dicks before and they all had a slightly different taste. She tasted his unique taste and she liked it. She wanted his cum in her mouth. She had an uncontrollable urge to see how it tasted. He stood there while her head bobbed back and forth with his dick going deeper and deeper into her mouth.

He put his hands on her head and held it and then he began to sway back and forth. His dick stroked her mouth and reached for the back of her throat. She gagged and struggled to breathe as it slid down her throat. He pulled it back so she could breathe, and then stroked her throat repeatedly.

With each stroke, his large balls would slap against her throat. She felt his dick pulsating inside her mouth and readied herself for the eruption that was to come. When the eruption did come, it did so with such a force and quantity that it completely filled her mouth.

Some of his cum went down her throat and some escaped between her lips and his thick dick. Then it ran down her chin and onto his balls. However, most of it remained in her mouth. She took her time swallowing it and licking it off her lips and enjoyed every drop of it.

They went to the bathroom and showered together enjoying washing each other’s bodies. She hurriedly dried off in anticipation almanbahis giriş of the lovemaking that was to come. Then they walked hand in hand stopping only to hug and kiss on the way back to the bedroom.

She walked to the bed and climbed in and he followed her. They lay side by side looking deeply into each other’s eyes, and then they began kissing and snuggling. His hand slid under her arm and rested on her back. He gently pulled her against him, and she melted into his body.

His desires grew even greater as he felt her soft and warm breasts against him and her heart beating fast beneath them. His hand moved down her back to her buttocks and he alternately squeezed and caressed them. They lay like this for several minutes enjoying the feel of each other’s body. Then they broke their embrace and she rolled over on her back. He kissed her lips as his hand fondled her breasts.

His hand slowly moved down her body caressing it as it traveled to its desired location. It stopped just short of her pussy. His fingers explored her sparse soft pubic hair. His hand lingered there, his fingers running through the hair and gently letting it slide between his thumb and fingers.

His hand reached its destination and briefly lay on her hot wet pussy. He rubbed that soft skin that lies between her inner thighs and the outer lips of her pussy. His hand again found her pussy and his fingers spread the lips apart and entered her. Two, then three of them went deep inside her and he felt the wet silky smooth skin that his dick would soon feel as well.

All the time she was entering deeper and deeper into a sexual frenzy. His fingers found her clitoris, rubbed it, and rolled it between his thumb and finger. Then his fingers rubbed it repeatedly until she thought she was going to have an orgasm. Before she could do so, he rose up and lay down between her legs.

He kissed her inner thighs on the way to her pussy, and then his mouth opened and pressed against it. He kissed and licked her pussy lips. He gently took them into his mouth one at a time. He sucked and chewed on them while she moaned in delight.

His tongue spread the lips apart, entered her, and tasted the hot fluids building up inside her. Then his tongue progressed on toward her clitoris.

He licked between her pussy lips on the way. Then he sucked and licked her clitoris. He repeatedly licked it faster and harder until she could stand it no longer. She moaned and groaned and her body stiffened as she exploded in an orgasm that lasted for several minutes. He continued to lick her clitoris until her climax started to subside.

Then he mounted her and slid his dick into her already well-lubricated pussy. His dick stroked her hard and fast for several minutes. His balls slapped hard against her buttocks, which were wet from the juices now flowing freely from her pussy. All the time she moaned, groaned, and reached up to meet his every stroke.

While they were still fucking, the door opened and in walked Sharon and Dan. They had dashed across the hall from his and John’s room wearing nothing but their robes.

John was in such a sexual frenzy that he didn’t even stop fucking Betty when they walked into the room. This didn’t bother Betty at all. She had fucked men before in the presence of her husband and other men. Sharon walked over to the bed, removed her robe and climbed in beside John and Betty.

Dan was right behind her. He removed his robe and climbed in the bed between her legs. They were already spread and waiting for him. He fucked her frantically for a few minutes then repositioned himself. Now he sat up with his legs under him and bent at the knees.

He positioned her legs over his and shimmied up to her far enough for his cock to have full access to her pussy. From this position, his dick could easily stroke her pussy, and it did. She immediately began to moan and groan and tell him to fuck her harder and faster, and he did.

Betty noticed that Dan’s cock was larger than John’s was and she began to fantasize about him fucking her even before John had climaxed. John noticed Dan’s position and changed to the same position as he fucked Betty.

Betty and Sharon turned their heads toward each other. Each enjoyed the expressions of pleasure and delight on the other’s face as the men fucked them. Women had never sexually aroused either of them. However, the expressions on their faces sent both of them into a sexual frenzy. Nothing had ever turned Betty on more than this.

Betty began to rub her clitoris, slowly at first then faster and faster as her almanbahis yeni giriş nub became so hard that she thought she couldn’t hold off her orgasm much longer. Sharon saw what she was doing and followed suit.

Sensing their arousal, the men began fucking them faster and harder. Finally, Betty couldn’t stand it any longer and her body began to convulse in a massive orgasm. The excitement of this caused Sharon to do the same and the men weren’t far behind. In unison, they filled both women’s pussies full of cum that ran down their buttocks and onto the sheet. They continued to fuck them until the women’s orgasms began to subside and their dicks turned soft.

Both men got out of the bed and went to the bathroom to clean up. While they were gone, Betty and Sharon sat up in the bed and discussed the different attributes that both men possessed. When the men returned, the women went to the bathroom to take a shower.

They soon returned and saw the men standing on opposite sides of the bed. They were obviously ready for another round of fucking. Betty made sure her fantasy about Dan would take place. She crawled into the bed on Dan’s side and lay there with her legs spread apart and her knees slightly raised. Sharon gave Betty a wink and went to John’s side of the bed. John crawled on top of Sharon and started fucking her. Dan eagerly mounted Betty and immediately entered her.

As Dan fucked her, she looked into his sky blue eyes and lost herself in her desires. She knew she would be fucking him often in the future. She was fast becoming addicted to his massive cock. As his dick stroked her, she felt herself slipping into a state of sexual delirium.

Betty lost all control and her fingernails scratched his back from his shoulders to his firm butt. He briefly wondered how he would explain that to his wife. Right now, the pleasure he was feeling from fucking her over powered this thought and he lost himself in her embrace.

She held him tightly against her soft breast and they melted into each other’s bodies. He sucked her lower lip into his mouth and tasted the sweetness of it. He did the same to her upper lip.

Then he sucked her tongue into his mouth, explored it with his own tongue, sucked it, and gently nibbled on it with his teeth. She was now at the point of no return, and he completely owned her body and both of them knew it.

Sharon and John were having an equally satisfying experience. Sharon had fucked many men before but never John. She was always extremely aroused when being fucked by a different man. As his dick stroked her repeatedly, her thoughts briefly turned to Betty lying beside her. Her hand accidently touched Betty’s hip, which was now moving up and down in unison with Dan’s cock as it repeatedly stroked her pussy.

When her fingers touched Betty’s skin, what seemed like a jolt of electricity shot through Sharon’s hand and permeated her body. Betty felt it too and responded with her best orgasm of the night. Sharon soon followed suit and they both yelled and screamed in ecstasy for what seemed like an eternity. The men weren’t far behind. One after the other they moaned loudly and again filled both women’s pussies with hot sticky semen.

Betty and Dan went to the bathroom and showered together. Their hands explored every inch of each other’s bodies as they washed each other. They hugged, kissed, and caressed each other’s bodies until they both became aroused again. Betty turned, bent over, and put her hands on the wall.

Dan fucked her from behind. He held her hips with his hands and fucked her hard and fast. Each time he bottomed out against her butt, it made a loud slapping sound. The sound of them fucking in the shower sent Sharon and John into a sexual frenzy and they eagerly awaited their turn in the shower. Twenty minutes later, they returned hand in hand to the room oblivious to the fact that they were naked. It was now Sharon and John’s turn to take a shower, and the slapping noise soon started up again.

When everyone was back in the room, Dan asked Betty to spend the night with him. She asked Sharon and John if that was ok with them. They both enthusiastically replied “Yes,” put on their robes and went across the hall to John’s room.

Betty and Dan snuggled up naked on the bed and melted into each other’s bodies. They hugged, kissed, sucked each other’s lips and tongues, and caressed each other’s bodies. They talked about many things, but mostly about how much they loved fucking each other.

It was at this time however that he told her he had to catch a flight home early in the morning. He had to attend to some unfinished school business before classes started next week. She was disappointed, but not for long.

They made love again and Betty fell asleep in his arms wondering what experiences she might have in store for her the next two days and nights.

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