Bethan’s Wedgie


When it starts getting cold outside you either suffer, put on more clothes, or go inside. Now, depending on the house, going inside might not provide the relief you hoped for. Let me tell you something; freezing houses equal butt cheeks covered with goosebumps. I don’t care if you’re just climbing out of bed (because of course you sleep nude) or if you’re sitting down on the toilet, once that frigid air brushes against your skin it’s going to get the bumps. The same applies if, say, you were in the garage bent over a bench with your pants at your ankles. Those bare cheeks? A wedgie, naturally.

“Oh my god it is fucking COLD” Beth thought distractedly to herself, unsure if the heat between her lower lips would be enough to keep the unpleasant chill at bay. Her black leggings were pulled down to the top of her boots and she rubbed her legs together to keep the heat in as best as possible. Behind her, he chuckled at the juxtaposition swaying under his thick arms.

“Maybe this will help…” He stepped closer, jeans just barely visible from between her legs. She bit her lip in determination, knowing what was coming. With a casual effort he curled his fingers deeper into the fabric of her blue bikini briefs and lifted, taking her feet completely off the ground. The strings popped as stars exploded in her head, eyes widening against the pain before closing in stubbornness, forcing herself to resist leaning further on the bench while focusing bitlis seks hikayeleri on the burning in her ass and the fabric pulling between her lips. Say what you will, this slut had grit. Folded nearly in half, Beth finally forgot the cold as a rush of fluid filled her and soaked the penetrating fabric. The burning shifted, turning into a raw ache that cried out for more.

“Do it.” Her voice was pitched, she needed this. Laughter starting to rumble in his broad chest, she felt him plant his feet and forced herself, against all sense of self preservation, to spread her legs against the leggings’ waistband. The panties were almost there, forcing themselves onto her clit and creating a spear point of sensation that suddenly burst to new heights as slammed his strength into her panties, lifting her even higher. A slight release as she was dropped, then the abrupt halt as she was caught and slowly elevated again. Another drop caused the panties to push against her clit even harder, and the sensations just inside her pussy lips begged for more. This was his final stand, and she knew (from prior experience) he could hold her until she said it. The lines were (almost) rehearsed, but the script worked every time because he demanded it to.

“Say it.”

As always, Beth strained against the fabric, attempting to hump her way to orgasm, aware that her ass was on full display as she did this, flush with the knowledge that she was currently enduring what sane people considered total humiliation. And, as always, the orgasm stayed ever-so-barely out of reach. The final act, in gasps.

“I’m a little slut who loves wedgies, I would do anything for them.”

“Anything?” He asked musingly. “Where would you like it, then?” She knew what he meant; last time he was over she’d taken it in her mouth. On that occasion, she’d been clothed in nothing but a thong pulled up over her shoulders, breasts forced inside the waistband. His favorite addition made its appearance shortly after she’d begun sucking, a pair of her used panties placed over her head, the ultimate humiliation. She loved the way he would gently pull her hair out through the leg holes, a tenderness that belayed the face fucking she was about to receive once he was excited enough. He’d cum deep in her throat last time, she’d nearly gagged on the load but after he pushed her to the floor he followed up immediately with the vibrator and she came. Hard.

“Wherever you want.” She replied, but it was her last token of resistance. There was only one place he really salivated over, yet his self-control was remarkable. Maybe his patient streak would continue.

“Tell me where” he commanded. Bouncing her again, she moaned into her shoulder. He paused, and continued speaking in a slightly darker tone. “Don’t be wrong, and use your outdoor voice.”

“Fuck fuck fuck” Beth was desperate, she needed to cum but the garage was far from soundproof. Would her neighbors hear? All of this flashed through her mind in an instant, and she immediately knew she didn’t care.

“I want you to cum in my ass, to fuck me like the slut I am!!” She was beside herself, legs beginning to thrash in expectant craving. The magic words spoken, he began his assault on her panties in earnest. Beth was fit, really fit, which was the only reason her panties held as she was bounced violently, panties cutting into her clit and rubbing harshly against both her holes. It tipped her over the edge, she came with a barely restrained scream as he continued relentlessly. She finally whimpered, and he set her down gently. This was just one of her fantasies, requiring the least bondage since it needed to be quick. Legs trembling, she felt him grab the panties on her left side and heard him tense as he tore them apart. He followed it with the right leg hole, fabric shredding beneath his strength.

“Another time.” He muttered, and she heard his zipper followed by pumping. In her mind, she could see his form, thick fingers wrapped around his shaft (covered by her panties) aiming at her asshole, poised to explode onto her. It was over in seconds, he came in bursts of hot fluid that splashed against her cheeks and dripped down her legs. He dropped the panties on her hair and she wiped herself off with them, pulling the leggings up and straightening her back.

“See you Saturday.”

Inside, behind closed doors (and blessedly warm), her fantasies would continue.

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