Beth Takes a Risk


This is another story that I wrote for a co-worker of mine. I hope you enjoy it! I love feed back (especially from you girls!) I will endeavor to respond to all e-mails. If you feel too shy to respond publicly feel free to e-mail me directly at the address in my profile.



I had just e-mailed Beth, a coworker of mine, instructions for a dare I had designed. That girl was a sexual risk taker for sure. I suppose I couldn’t blame her though their was something in us both that drove our minds to seek pleasure in risky and extreme situations. Although it couldn’t really be considered extreme my latest challenge for Beth was certainly risky. I had dared her to masturbate to orgasm in her panties to get them really wet, to make it even more exciting I wanted her to do it at her desk with the door open. Her desk shielded her lower body so nobody could see her from the main sections of the office however she had to be careful not to let anyone figure out what she was doing. Her arm movement could still be seen and her face as well. Beth was loud too when she had an orgasm and while that was an attribute that I myself loved a whole lot it could prove to be troublesome to her current mission. I had faith in her though, that she could hold it together for this one unbelievably sexy act.

When she was finished cumming in her panties her instructions were to take them off and bring them to me. I wanted her going commando for the next stages of the challenge! After the handoff she was to go back to her desk and work and wait quietly for me. I would be busy taking her panties to a quiet server closet and, after using her sent to get my cock erect I would shoot a nice heavy load of cum into the crotch of her sexy little panties. After I finished I would ball them up, stuff them into my pocket, and deliver them back to her. She would put them back on with the knowledge that her predictably dripping wet pussy would be swimming in my sperm for the rest of the day! Just the thought of that got me hard as a rock! I hoped that she would be able to find the time to make this erotic challenge a reality for us both.

Thinking about it brought back the memories of the first time I had kissed her. Our offices had been closed for Christmas Eve and –hard workers that we both were- we decided to come in to knock out some work so that we would be ahead of the game after Christmas. I really did plan on accomplishing some work although in the end I failed miserably (at accomplishing work that is).

We talked for several hours as we tended to. She was always so easy to talk with, for some reason I just felt comfortable around her. She would never judge me for anything I said either no matter how dirty. Well, one thing led to another and somehow I found my self holding her tightly against me and looking up at her (she was a couple of inches taller than me). Our lips were so close I could feel her spearmint flavored breath on my face. Who could help themselves? I let my self sink into one of the best kisses I had in recent memory. Wow. I wanted to fuck Beth so badly at that moment. As I ran my finger up and down her pussy I could feel her breathing in my ear and my cock desperately wanted to slide into her warm eager pussy. Truth be told if I had a condom on me at that moment I probably would have fucked her till she passed out from cumming so many times, but alas I did not have one. It was sincerely bad planning on my part indeed. We didn’t really have enough time anyway; I did fuck her silly but not that day, no that day we just kissed and touched which was absolute bliss indeed. As I look back on that moment the only thing İstanbul Escort I regret is that we couldn’t have spent more time together; I think we’ve made up for it since then though.

A beep from my workstation signaled to me that I had received some new mail. It was Elizabeth! She certainly replied fast, I hoped that this meant that she was game with my little dare and was willing to participate fully. Her response to me detailed her willingness to participate. She apparently didn’t have much to do at that exact moment because according to her she already had been rubbing herself at her desk hoping that I would call her for a midday quickie! I suspected that I had provided just the outlet she needed for her sexual tension! I hoped she would cum soon though because the hard on currently residing in my pants was becoming uncomfortable. I squeezed my legs reflexively a few times to massage my cock in my pants but it was only serving to further stimulate the enlarged organ. If I could hold out for just a few minutes I could rub it with the scent of Beth’s sweet pussy flowing though my nose and put that cum to proper use. I secretly wanted Beth to have the same “cum in panties” fetish that I did so that she would get an equal amount of enjoyment from this lewd act that I did. Somehow, I suspected that she would indeed enjoy it.

Twenty agonizing minuets passed by with me squirming in my seat trying to picture what she looked like at that very moment fingering her tight and wet little pussy up there. The phone ring snapped me right out of this little imaginary world I was in and when I saw it was her I snatched up the receiver.

“Hey there you….” I said ever so seductively. Other people were busy working in this room and although they couldn’t see me they could certainly hear me talking if I spoke too loudly.

“I’ll be right down.” She said panting ever so slightly.

“I’ve just finished here and I have a little present for you.” The words sent a sexual jolt right to my cock making it now almost painfully erect. Now more than ever the raw male drive surged inside me.

“I just might have a present ready for you as well” I said and although I knew that she was fully aware of the present that I was planning on giving her I could hear her inhale a bit faster when I told her. For some reason there is a part of each one of us that just needs to hear with our own ears the sexual plans of a partner. One way or the other it was clear we were both on the same page. She was about to feel my sperm on her dripping pussy and clit!

With a click she hung the phone up and I started really getting excited. This might be the most arousing thing I had ever done at work. I didn’t know what else Beth had on her list of sexual adventures but this had to be one for the records.

Her hand brushed my shoulder. I must have lost track of time here she was! I turned around in my chair and, now aware more than ever who else was paying attention to us glanced up to her with my lust filled eyes. Her sultry look said it all to me. If it hadn’t of been for all of the other people in the room at that moment I probably would have bent her over the desk right there and fucked her brains out until I shot a load of cum right to the back of her hot twat. The fucking would have to wait however because it wasn’t a part of the challenge of the moment.

I wondered what her plan was though because I noticed that she didn’t seem to have her panties in her hands and she didn’t have her handbag with her. Was she still wearing them? Could she possibly dare to take them off here? She was wearing a skirt so I assumed that it Anadolu Yakası Escort had to be a possibility. Silently she turned around to face directly away from me and looked to see if anyone could see her or if anyone else was coming, then when she was satisfied that we were out of the common view she flipped up the back of her skirt and thrust out her rear at me placing her hands on her thighs for support. It was now obvious that she had was not wearing any undergarments. What was her plan? What did she want me to do? Seconds went by with her ass and twat exposed to me in the middle of my office. She spread her legs a little more and then I caught sight of it. The smallest hint of fabric protruded from between her pussy lips and all of the sudden it hit me. She had stuffed her panties into her pussy! Of all the dirty things I was expecting this was last on my list! How hot was that! She had carried my gift to me in her pussy!

With a grin on my face I reached out and began to tug on the end. She shook her bottom as if she had a tail as I slowly and exquisitely pulled them from her body. If I had a million dollars I would have gladly paid it to see the look on her face as I dislodged the sodden undergarments from her swollen and wet vagina.

When they dropped free she straightened up and turned around. She then reached out and squeezed my hard cock now obviously pushing out on my pants. Her hand felt so good on my straining body. My relief was only moments away. I could feel my balls surging with their heavy burden. Easy boys, you will have your turn soon enough.

With the sexiest of looks she smiled broadly and quickly turned.

“I’ll need the results for this report as quickly as possible.” She said making sure that everyone in the room could hear her. I blushed horribly and looked back at her as she rounded the corner and headed back up to her floor. Beth knew more ways to turn me on than I thought existed. She had yet to disappoint me!

After she cleared the corner I stuffed Beth’s panties into my pocket and headed for the server room. I knew that the room was guaranteed privacy for this afternoon. Come to think of it this would be a great place to fuck if we ever get the guts to try for a quickie at work. I hoped I would someday get to sample that pleasure from her. For now I had some masturbating to do.

Once locked in I got straight to work. I unbuckled and unzipped my pants and dropped them to my knees. There was no need for foreplay here. My cock was as hard as steel and it needed to cum badly.

I withdrew Beth’s wet panties from my pocket and rubbed them on my penis to get me going, then brought them up to my nose to take in her wonderful scent. God she must have cum hard into these panties because they were wet as hell. I made a mental note to have her do this again sometime for me but let me keep the underwear. They would prove to be a most helpful aid in getting off quickly.

Orgasm speed was not going to be an issue today however; I could feel my sack tighten up in preparation to launch its sweet volley of jizz out. I pumped my veiny shaft harder as I imagined fucking her body for all it was worth. In my head I pumped her hard and gripped my cock harder as I jerked it to perfect completion.

Part of me wanted to know what she was thinking at that moment. She had to know what I was doing and she had no knickers on to boot. If I knew Beth and by know I think I did she was probably back at her desk continuing to frig herself to yet another intense cum.

That was it. I was about to cum! Here it is …..right…NOW! The first of my shots spurted out and Kartal Escort were caught right smack dab on the middle of her crotch. Her clit would be swimming in my sperm from that shot! Spurt after spurt flew from me as I gasped and attempted to maintain my balance.

“Oh…FUCK!” I moaned as I continued to shoot my hot load into her panties. It really turned me on to no end to think about Beth wearing these very garments shortly and smearing my cum all over her wet and hot pussy. She would be bathing her womanhood in the very substance that was meant to be shot into it! The mere thought was enough to turn me to butter. My orgasm slowed and I gently wiped the remainder of my sperm off of the tip of my penis and onto her underwear. When I was finished I balled them up careful to keep her cummy treat in the middle so it wouldn’t rub off in my pocket and stowed them for our journey back to her office.

After putting the panties away I pulled my pants back up and re-attached my belt. It felt so good to have shot that load. I can’t even begin to describe how good it felt to finally have that out of me. It had built up all afternoon and now it rested saturated in Elizabeth’s most personal undergarments. Ones she would have back on her body in short order.

As I made my way up to her office I regained my erection. I knew it wouldn’t take long. The rapidly enlarging penis was now rubbing its drooling head along my left thigh. Perhaps I would get a chance to empty another load from it yet this afternoon, I never quite knew with Beth. She was always just one surprise away from rocking my world.

There she was sitting so professionally in her office. I could smell the faint scent of her pussy as the air in the room washed up her skirt and across her unclothed privates.

“I’ve got those results you asked for.” I announced rather non-privately as she had before. My right hand extended toward her holding her panties in front of me. The boy cum was clearly visible sticking to the front and inside the crotch. Although my body blocked anyone from seeing the sight between us it still felt a little risqué to be holding such a personal item up in that environment much less one soaked in the male reproductive juices!

Beth snatched them right from my hand and without pausing for a second reached down and began threading them up her smooth legs. Right in the middle of her office she was pulling her cum sodden panties on. It was only a matter of pure luck that nobody happened to walk by at that moment. Boy would we have some explaining to do then!

Luckily nobody came in at that moment and her panties made it all the way up to where they belonged. We both visibly shook as the underwear slid home. I knew she could feel my still warm jizz bathing her pussy lips. It must have felt sticky yet relaxing for her. She had this look of utter bliss on her face. I observed her fingers travel down and gently push the panties into the crevice that was her womanhood, slowly massaging the sperm into herself. Her eyes were closed concentrating on her pleasure and the pleasure that my cum was giving her.

She pulled me closer to her body, her swollen breasts touching me.

“I can feel your sperm on my pussy. It’s all over my clit. I can feel it all over me, its making me so wet. Mmmm.” She pulled me even closer so she could whisper right in my ear.

“I need you to shoot another load just like that right up my pussy hole. Now. I need to be fucked so hard by you Jim.” She said this with clenched teeth. The poor girl was a wreck. I knew exactly how she felt too. I too felt that animalistic need to shoot my second load of the day up her wet vagina.

“Meet me in the server room in 5 minutes.” I whispered back at her with a grin. “I’m going to fuck you till you pass out from coming so hard!”

I turned and walked out of the office knowing that this was only the beginning of a really fun afternoon!

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