Being Jack’s Milk Cow


At 6 am, before the alarm goes off, I awaken slowly and sensually, aware of Jack’s large hand stroking and pulling my nipple. We were sleeping “spooned” together, and I could feel Jack’s large, very hard erection pressing against my ass while he teased my nipple. I arch my back, giving him better access to my breasts, and he responds by fingering both my nipples at the same time. I’m beginning to leak milk, and so I roll onto my back. My heavy, milk-swollen breasts are ready for their morning milking, and Jack complies by latching onto the closer one, licking and suckling. My milk lets down immediately, and I can feel it flooding into Jack’s eager mouth. I stretch like a cat, savoring the exquisite sensations, and I know the morning is starting just the way I like it. Jack moves to my other breast, licking up the milk that is flowing unchecked. For a half hour, he alternates between my breasts, suckling gently but firmly. I’m not completely drained of milk yet, but it’s a good start. He pulls me on top of him, impaling me on his big cock. My pussy is dripping with juice, and I moan with pleasure as he penetrates me. As I maneuver one tit into his mouth, I begin to rhythmically squeeze his tool with my pussy, in time with his sucking. We move together, and soon he begins to push harder, deeper into me, ready to shoot his morning load into my hungry pussy. His mouth on my tits and his throbbing cock push me over the edge, and we climax together. I keep him inside me as long as possible; when I finally slide off him, Jack’s cock is still semi-erect, and his mouth is still latched onto a breast. Snuggling and stroking each other, we fall back into a half-sleep until the alarm goes off at 7:00.

We delay getting up for a while, basking in the afterglow that remains. My breasts, emptied of milk, are still tingling in the state of arousal that is almost permanent these days. As Jack kisses me, disentangles himself from our embrace and begins to arise to meet the day, I massage my tits, tweaking my hard nipples. With a little moan, I arise too and move off to the shower. Jack puts on his shorts and goes off to make breakfast while I luxuriate under the warm water, enjoying the sensation on my oh-so-sensitive breasts and plump belly. I love being Jack’s little milk cow.

Emerging from the shower, I wrap myself in the fluffy, warm towel from the heated rack. Once dry, I apply lotion to my belly and breasts, using long, slow strokes, savoring my roundness. Moving back into the bedroom, I see that Jack has laid out what he wants me to wear today. I don’t have to comply, but I always do. As our relationship has deepened, I have become increasingly submissive to Jack’s wishes. I know he always has my best interests at heart, and I love feeling the control he exerts over even the little things, like what I wear. I’m working at home today, and Jack has picked out a soft cotton knit maternity dress. The bodice holds my breasts tightly enough that I don’t have to wear a bra, and the empire waist and full skirt accentuates my rounded belly. I slip it on, gauging how much room is left for me to expand as my belly swells with Diane’s babies. We’re meeting with Diane and Steve on Saturday–tomorrow–and I am sure they’ll agree to letting me be their surrogate.

I admire my reflection in the large mirror; in this dress I could definitely pass as several months pregnant. My tits have continued to blossom as my milk production has increased; at 42DDD, I’m larger than I had imagined I could be at the beginning of our milking adventure. I’ve also gained 35 pounds since I met Jack, and my belly and ass have grown, much to Jack’s liking. My weight gain has stopped since my milk came in; as a matter of fact, Jack has to continue to feed me large fattening portions just to keep my weight stable. I’m giving about a quart of milk daily, spread over 5 or 6 milkings, and the amount of calories used in that production is enormous. Losing weight in order to become pregnant should be no problem with my milk output at this level.

Jack has breakfast ready when I emerge from the bedroom. I show off the new dress, and he shows his admiration by putting his arms around me and stroking my belly with both hands. “You feel as good as you look,” he smiles, moving one hand around to cup my ass. I feel my nipples stiffen at his touch, and press against him, enjoying his erection.

“You make me feel amazing,” I reply, enjoying the caress of his strong hands. Jack makes sure I eat enough to keep Mardin Escort my weight up: three delicious eggs scrambled with sour cream, rich muffins and bacon. And fruit: fresh mango this morning. I feel full about halfway through, but Jack encourages me to finish the plate he’s prepared me while he massages my full belly.

Jack’s day is busy; he’s off to a remote site for his IT consulting today. Some days, when he’s working from his regular office, he can linger, but today he needs leave earlier. I walk him to the door, admiring his tall, strong body in his black jeans and t-shirt. He turns to embrace me “I’ll be home around 6,” he says, kissing my neck. “Let’s go out tonight.” Giving me one last caress, he’s out the door, and I’m off to my desk.

I check my emails, noting several emails that I’ll respond to later today. Nothing too urgent. The adult breastfeeding website that we participate in can wait until I take a milking break; I find that I’m more inspired to write while I’m hooked up to the pump. My nipples tingle at the thought. Now to my research work; I stay focussed on that for over an hour until I begin to feel my milk filling my breasts. I work away for a bit longer, until I get to a good stopping point, save my work, and switch to the local ABF website. Time for my second milking of the day. Taking down the nursing flaps of my dress, I massage my heavy udders, feeling how much fuller they’ve become since breakfast. I marvel again at how big I’ve become, and how much I like it. Jack would love to see me grow much larger, through pregnancy or not. I’m looking forward to it.

When Jack’s in his own office, we often have a video conference while I’m hooked up to the milking machine. Not today, alas. I decide to use the Chinese vibrating balls to further pleasure myself during my milking. Inserting them, I’m already wet, and I feel the low rumble in my pussy. Mmmm. I insert my udders into the milking cups, and switch the pump onto a speed that harmonizes with the balls in my pussy. The goal is to delay an orgasm for awhile, teasing myself until the milking’s almost done. I lean back in my Aeron chair and give myself over to the exquisite sensations.

When I’m sated and my tits are emptied of their milky delight, I disconnect myself,store my milk in the fridge, and remove the Chinese balls. I drink water regularly throughout the day to prevent dehydration, and I now refill my water glass and resume working. I’ll work for another hour before it’s time for lunch.

Lunchtime and time for a break. I work out for 30 minutes on the treadmill in the corner of my office, then eat a pint of Ben & Jerry’s for lunch. Odd combination, but it works. Being milked this often, I have stopped gaining weight, so the Ben and Jerry’s helps maintain my plump figure. Jack chooses my lunch menu, and I follow his wishes. While I’m enjoying my ice cream, I send a few emails, including one to Liz Halsey, the partner at my old law office. When I was in for my latest meeting, she’d slipped me a note with her private email address, and I hoped we could get together for lunch. We had become work-friends while I was at the firm, and I hoped we could get to know each other better. She’s a redhead, a little shorter than I am, very buxom and very smart. She and her husband both love to travel, and with no kids, manage to indulge their travel-bug often. I invite her to lunch next Monday.

My belly full of ice cream, I really want to take a nap, but really need to finish up the research project today. Back to the computer for a good two hours of work. I’ve learned to stay focussed on my work even with my pussy throbbing, eager for some play. I’d take care of that later during the afternoon milking. Though I prefer Jack’s mouth on my nipples, I also enjoy using the pump. Three o’clock can’t come too soon.

By 3 pm I can no longer concentrate on my work. My breasts are verging on uncomfortably full and are noticeably larger than right after a milking. I buy a little time with some teasing play. Through the soft cotton fabric I massage my tits, feeling how heavy and firm they’ve become. My nipples are erect and very sensitive, and as I pull them, I lean back, thinking about Jack’s warm mouth and tongue. I’m very horny.

In the bedroom, I open the toy chest and select one of the larger vibrators in our collection. It’s 7″ in circumference and 10″ long. I lie back on the bed, and enjoy the sensations of running the hard black vibrator around Mardin Escort Bayan my vulva, teasing my pussy. I’m already very wet, and I can feel my milk beginning to let down, so I get the girls situated in the milking machine (we’ve got one in every room) and switch it on, using an alternating pumping rhythm. I love how long my nipples become in the cups of the pump,and how slutty it must look–me lying back on a pile of pillows, being milked and fucking myself with the vibrator. Over time,Jack has taken pictures of me in various lacivious positions, but this is one of my favorites. I imagine I’m the favored slave in a harem, whose only job in life is to be my master’s milkcow.

My milk is flowing freely now, and I’m incredibly aroused by my fantasy of a life given over to the pleasures of days and nights spent being massaged, milked, fucked and fed, becoming more and more submissive to my master’s every whim and desire. Soon he’d require me to become pregnant, and I would be even more indulged and indolent as my belly blossoms and my breasts grow ever more heavy. He’ll breed me every year,keeping me enslaved to his cock and mouth, dependent on his attentions for sexual release.

I push the vibrator hard into my pussy, in and out, giving myself over to pleasure, as I come hard, moaning and arching my back. As my ardor subsides, I enjoy the feeling of the last drops of milk being pumped from my breasts. Switching off the machine, I bask in the afterglow of my orgasm. Fantasies can be fun, and I’d share this one with Jack sometime soon.

I spend the rest of the afternoon lounging in bed,reading, awaiting Jack’s homecoming. Even after my explosive orgasm, I’m still mildly turned on, and as I read I idly stroke my belly and breasts, enjoying my roundness. After milking, my tits become softer and I massage them and finger my nipples, which are still quite long from the pump. As 6 pm nears, and Jack’s arrival is imminent, I decide to dress up a bit for him. I’ll need another milking before we go out to dinner, so I pulled a silk peignoir from my lingerie drawer. It is a dark pink, low cut to show off my heavy tits, and gathered below my breasts to emphasize my plump belly. The filmy fabric leaves very little to the imagination–my nipples and large dark aureoles are quite evident. I admire myself in the mirror, turning this way and that. I look like a moderately pregnant courtesan. Just the look I want. Jack will like it.

Just after 6, I hear Jack’s key in the door, and I go into the living room to greet him. My milk has mostly returned, my nipples are hard, and I’m happy to see him. Jack kisses me hello, pulling me to him and stroking my back down to my big bottom. I push myself against him and can feel his stiffening cock. “What have you been up to all day? Lounging in bed eating bonbons?” Jack teases me. He stepped back a bit to inspect me. “You don’t look like you missed me at all!”

“I’ll show you how much I missed you,” I smiled. “I had a hard day researching trademarks and patents, and I need a break.” Not exactly true, given my actual activities, but Jack’s mere presence has aroused me, and his touch has made my pussy wet. My nipples were already standing at attention just thinking about his arrival. I take Jack’s hand and guide it between my legs to feel my wetness. “What are you going to do to take care of this?” I pouted. “I’ve been neglected all day.”

“Oh, I doubt that,” Jack laughed. He moved his hand to my breasts, feeling their heft, and flicking a nipple. “You’re not quite ready for your milking, but let’s see what we can do to make you more comfortable.”

“Oh, yes, please,” I respond, pulling him toward the bedroom.

Jack grabs me and walks behind me, pressing himself against my back. His hands cup my breasts, and I wiggle my ass against his hard-on. Arriving at the bed, Jack keeps his hold on me, and maneuvers me to bend me over. My feet are still on the floor, but my tits are pressed against the bed, and my ass is exposed to Jack’s predations. I hear him unbutton the fly of his jeans, and feel his big cock rub against the silk of my gown. “I like this,” he murmurs, stroking my ass with his cock and hands. He grasps my hips, pulling me harder against him and pressing between my cheeks. “Your bottom is getting so nice and fat. Does this feel good to you?” he asks rhetorically, moving the light silk up to expose me and sliding his cock against my crack toward my now drenched pussy. He teases Escort Mardin me like this for what seems like many minutes. I whimper a little, and arch my back, giving him even better access for my inevitable penetration. “You’re awfully impatient tonight, aren’t you?” he whispers.

Just when I think I may come from the foreplay, Jack pulls back a bit and then rams his well-lubricated cock hard into my pussy. “You want it hard, baby?” he growls, pounding in and out of me. I’m a little surprised by his fierceness, but the pleasure greatly outweighs any pain. It takes him little time to bring us both to powerful orgasms, and as Jack comes, he pulls out of my pussy and spurts most of his cum on my ass. I’m out of breath from pleasure and the awkward position. Jack pulls me up and presses himself against my slippery ass. He pinches my stiff nipples, and again the slight pain is nothing compared to the shock wave of pleasure that courses through my body. I’m not sure what this new roughness is about, but I rather like it. “Let’s take a shower before I milk you,” Jack orders, squeezing my breasts, and gauging their fullness. “You should be ready by then.”

In the shower, Jack and I lather each other up, and I pay special attention to his balls, asshole and still-hard cock. My pussy and tits get most of the attention, and I can tell that it’s time for my milking. Since we we’re going out for dinner, I figure that Jack will only partially empty my udders, leaving the rest for later in the evening, and keeping me aching for attention during dinner. When I emerge from the shower, horny again from Jack’s soapy attention, Jack is waiting to wrap me in a fluffy warm towel. Still nude, though now dry, he moves me toward the bedroom. Laying me on my back against the pillows on the bed, Jack kneels beside me, and slowly rubs my breasts and belly with lotion until I’m well moisturized. Soon he begins to nuzzle my tits, licking my long hard nipples. I moan and arch my back, reaching for his cock, but Jack pulls back. “Not just yet, I just want to have an appetizer before dinner,” he whispers. I lean back into the pillows, savoring Jack’s tongue and mouth beginning to suckle. His fingers tease my pussy as he milks me just enough to keep me from leaking during dinner. I’m becoming increasingly aroused, but before it’s too late, Jack arises, and I whimper a bit. “Let’s get you dressed. I want to keep you this hot all night,” he says, pulling me up.

My breasts still ache for attention, but I enjoy the sensation. I feel as though all my nerves are tightly strung and tingling. Jack dresses me in my new silk corset, lacing me a little more tightly than usual. Instead of boning in the front at my belly, this corset has spandex or sometime like it so my belly protrudes in the front, giving me an hourglass figure when I’m seen from the back, but showing off my belly in the front. The boning and lacing also emphasize the size my ass and breasts. All of this is much to Jack’s liking, and he kisses my neck as he ties off the laces. “You are incredibly beautiful,” he whispers in my hair. The dress he’s chosen for me slips on; it’s black and cut to show off my abundant cleavage and my rounding belly. I admire myself in the mirror: I like the look, and also like the feeling of the silk whispering against my bra-less nipples. I will definitely stay hot all evening.

As we cab downtown to the restaurant, I notice Jack smiling to himself. “What’s up?” I murmur. “You look awfully pleased with yourself.”

“Just happy,” he responds.

Soon we arrive at the restaurant, one of our favorites, and the host whisks us away to a small private room with a glass wall looking out over the city lights. The table is set for two, with candles, and a bottle of Champagne in an ice bucket. Our private waiter ushers me into my chair, and then seats Jack. “A cocktail, perhaps?” he inquires.

“I think we’ll start with the Champagne,” Jack answers. “We’re in no hurry.”

I’m now very curious–we’re not usually this opulent in our dining choices. Something’s up, and I can’t wait to find out what it is. The waiter pours our Champagne and leaves to fetch some other tasty delight, and Jack raises his glass. “To a new adventure,” he toasts. I return the salute, enjoying the tiny bubbles that tease my nose. Jack stands walks over to the window. “This is an amazing view–come here and enjoy it with me.”

I join him at the window, and and he pulls me to stand in front of him. Nuzzling my neck, Jack presses against me as we admire the city lights and the river. He puts his arms around me and opens one hand, displaying a ring. A very shiny sparkly ring. “Suzanne, I want to marry you and spend the rest of my life with you. Will you marry me?”

“Oh, yes, please.”

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